Star Trek: Aftermath (Cardassian phase)

Session 2: Campaign Launch
THAT'S our ship?!?

Campaign opens: We begin with a single ship and crew in the Cardassian sector as the events surrounding the Hobus supernova unfold. The USS Endurance, fresh from teardown is ready for refit, assigned all new officers, and has a standard 10% annual crew rotation out to other assignments. The 90% of the enlisted crew remaining onboard are veteran shipboard spacialists, and the crew chief has been drilling them to maintain their efficiancy levels in anticipation of their new captain, command crew, department heads, and their juniors. The ship, like all others in the area, receive their orders directly from Admiral Koderman, Commanding Federation Theater Operations, Cardassian Sector, via his adjutant, through the office of Branch Admiral Florez, Commander Peace Keeping Forces, Cardassian Sector, Via her Adjutant, through the office of Fleet Captain Flanagan, Commander Peacekeeping Group 5, via her Adjutant, through the office of Captain Harkness, Commander Task Force 21, via her Adjutant and 1st Officer Gurta Swinn. Directly. Right to you. Yep. That really is Koderman’s signature, though. Direct enough for a brand new captain and crew. Believe it.

Captain’s Orders:

Session 1: Building Characters
Pre-Session Campaign Information

Star Trek: Aftermath, Cardassian Theater

Session 1: Character Building

Starting Game Situation

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