Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Session 15: Jousting With Klingons

The Endurance shows up, all out of bubblegum

This is long overdue, sorry for the delay:

Following the defense of Atbar, Cpt Seran of the USS Claymore found himself in charge of TF21 and immediately ordered the USS Endurance to his position. Upon arrival the Endurance found the Claymore damaged and fighting a losing battle against a pack of 5 Klingon B’Rel cruisers. The Endurance helmsman dropped the ship out of warp and to a halt within 100 meters of the Claymore, and Ops raised shields and extended them around the Claymore as well, covering the areas where the Claymore had lost shield generators during the nearly 2 hour cat and mouse fight she had endured to this point.

The two ships set out at best Claymore speed towards the Cardassian picket at Taggrut, all the while launching withering joint attacks and using the in-system sensor net to aid them in locating and targeting the cloaked Klingon vessels. Five minutes later a lone, somewhat wounded B’Rel survivor was being escorted by 3 Vor’cha cruisers, limping under cloak back to Klingon territory.

The two crews combined to make emergency repairs on the Claymore and then set course for Atbar. They gave such aid to the planet and ships in orbit as they could and worked to solidify the Claymore’s hurts. Cutters and tugs were busily clearing debris around Atbar when TF21 rolled into the system and entered Atbar orbit. Upon arrival they were advised to maintain shields while in orbit due to the heavy amount of clutter currently in the vicinity. Both ships used their tractor beams to help out as they could and continued repairs.

At one point, Captain Seran beamed over to the Endurance, spoke with Captain Gamble in his ready room, shared a drink and was civil, if not quite respectful, to Gamble, leaving him the bottle after the drink. During the brief meeting (briefing? nah!) Seran established that until he was relieved and/or they were reinforced that he felt the best strategy would be for both ships to travel together to support each other (and stopped just short of saying something critical of Harkness).

After 24 hours in Atbar, and with the arrival of ships from the other 4 Task Groups of PG5 to secure Atbar, the Claymore and Endurance resumed their patrols of the TF21 Ops Area.

Fleet Captain Flanagan
Peacekeeping Group 5
Cardassian Theater of Operations

To all members PG5,

It is with heavy hearts that we acknowledge the loss of ships and personnel of the USS McKinley (TF21), USS Aurora (TF25), the Federation Repair Facility in orbit around Atbar, and the Federation Planetary Outpost on Atbar, as well as the citizens of Atbar who also were wounded or lost their lives. The McKinley was lost in combat with all assigned hands aboard during combat operations in defense of Atbar due to double photon hits to the Engineering compartment, rupturing the warp core before automatic safeties could engage. The Aurora was destroyed while docked in the Federation Repair Facility with only her engineering department, a skeleton crew, and workers from the Repair Facility present when she exploded due to unknown circumstances, now under investigation, taking the Repair Facility with her and initiating hostilities in Atbar. Nearly all of the 93% of the crew of the Aurora, along with various other Starfleet personnel from Atbar Station, were killed in the seven separate market place bombings throughout Atbar City. We mourn the loss of these officers and regret the loss of these ships and facilities. Upon reopening of Atbar Outpost a memorial area will be set aside for any remembrances personnel wish to leave.

At this time Captain Seran of the USS Claymore will assume command of TF21 until made the permanent commander or a suitable replacement found. TF21 and TF25 will be reinforced at our earliest opportunity. The Federation Repair Facility will be rebuilt asap. A minimum of one starship from each Task Force will be on station in Atbar until further notice, TF21 excepted until such time as it is reinforced. Atbar Outpost will resume normal functions ASAP and will be rebuild to the specifications of the Starfleet Core of Engineers. Until further notice, Atbar is off limits as a shoreleave destination.

Extermination of the True Way is now priority number one of the Cardassian government, and the elements of Starfleet that make up the Cardassian Theater. Fleet Admiral Koderman has called for additional resources to give us the ships, capabilities, and personnel to get the job done, and we will make it happen.

With sincere respect,
Fleet Captain Tandra Flanagan

Captain Gamble,

My condolences to you and your crew on the loss of Captain Harkness and the crew of the McKinley. I know you hadn’t served together long, but I am under the impression that you had formed a strong friendship and excellent working relationship with each other. Such losses are our burden to bear at times, part of wearing the uniform, as if that’s any real comfort. Still, you can take some comfort in the fact that she was thinking of you and your crew in her final hours.

I received the following through channels from her just before the Atbar attack. It was the last message she ever sent. For what it’s worth, I’ve honored her request and pushed these through with all rapidity. Please see to the ceremony and your people.

Fleet Captain Tandra Flanagan,
Commander Peacekeeping Group 5


For their efforts in resolving a potentially explosive, and certainly volatile, situation on the planet Taggrut VIII concluded at Stardate 64922.3 the Captain, command crew, and most of the senior officers of the USS Endurance, at the request of and with the help of their Cardassian Liaison intervened in a situation and brought it to a successful, peaceful conclusion. Details of the encounter are found in Starfleet Report Taggrut VIII 64922.3 and followup report attachment Echo India Echo India Oscar. Therefore, the following recognition and commendations are hereby awarded:

Captain William Gamble – Federation Peace Medal
Commander C’Mara – Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
Lieutenant Mary Washington Shaw – Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
Lieutenant Commander Hagan Benner – Citation of Meritorious Service
Lieutenant Samuel L. Starrbon – Citation of Meritorious Service
Dalin Tathon 1st Tier – Joint Service Commendation

Signed this day, Stardate 64926.6
Captain Sarah Harkness,
Commander Task Force 21
Peacekeeping Group 5
Cardassian Operational Theater



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