Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Session 17: Pirate Pinball

Ow! My head!

As with all exciting missions, this one started with a meeting. OK, maybe not, but there WAS a meeting. At that meeting, the pirate distribution and makeup was analyzed and dissected and a strategy formed.

Monas (Orion) Orion Syndicate
Silkassi (Orion) Green Trade (Slaver)
Miskoval (Orion) Mist Assembly
Derot (Cardassian) Oasis Transport
Consuala Brekenridge (Marquis) Entropy
Fownd Merris (Bajoran) Silent Steel
Jansie Mellor (Maquis) Dire Leviathan
Krast Vokassik (Orion) Spite Clan
Fintelx (Bajoran/Maquis) Quantum Vengeance

The organizations, leaders, and races are listed above.

The confrontation began with the Endurance and Redan knowing exactly where all the pirate vessels were located, thanks to the partial stealth sensor buoy system they installed in Taggrut and need to complete sometime in the near future (or will they?). The pirates anticipating total surprise on the unsuspecting Endurance had their expectations rudely disrupted when Captain Gamble made the following transmission in the clear:

Attention: This is Captain Gamble of the Federation starship Endurance to all vessels holding position in the asteroid field. We’ve been tracking your positions for sometime now, thanks to our informants. All Orion vessels, you are not on our list today – Drop your weapon coils on the way out of the belt, and you will not be targeted by allied forces. All other vessels – power down your vessels to standby condition, and signal your surrender. Comply, and I will personally appeal for all consideration that can be offered to you once in custody. Failure to comply means that we cannot guarantee your safety in this system. Your best chance – surrender. You know this offer hasn’t been offered much in the past few weeks. Take it now, before there is no other option but casualties. The war is over. The era of crime in this sector is going to wind down. How do you want this to go?

Two independent pirates immediately broke and ran, the rest of the pirates all began to shout and talk all at once, and Fintelx’ voice was found among them when Frae analyzed it to identify pirates. She’s loose.

The Endurance and Redan executed a short, tight warp jump to the center of the pirate formation and launched anti-matter bursts in both directions down the line of pirates, one direction covered by the Endurance and the other by the Redan. The ships of Green Trade broke and ran at this point, along with Orion Syndicate and Spite Clan.

This is the point where the Cardassian fleet came around the far side of Taggrut and set course for the battlefield in the asteroid belt. The Holographic Cardassian fleet. That no one told the real Cardassian fleet about. That went into higher alert, as they were already at high alert when the Endurance and Redan suddenly began an attack without telling the Cardassians they were about to attack. Cardassian medical has sent a formal complaint to the offices of Fleet Captain Flanagan discussing the heart health of the senior officers of the Taggrut Pickett. It is at this point that Mist Assembly, Silent Steel, and Dire Leviathan all bowed out…at high warp speed.

Now facing only Oasis Transport and Quantum Vengeance, the strongest two factions, remained to fight. The Endurance and Redan each fired upon the ships in the area. The Endurance hitting 3 out of 4 phaser hits with pin-point accuracy against Oasis Transport destroying 2 ships and disabling another, despite manual aiming by Lt Starrbon and spotty sensors due to the anti-matter burst. The Redan chose to launch photons at the asteroids the Quantum Vengeance ships had been anchored to, destroying 3 more, but having a photon misfire meters after launching that blew back into the ship disrupting the EPS power conduit just above sickbay. 6 casualties to their medical crew left them, essentially without a medical crew, 4 of them died of their wounds. Quantum Vengeance decided the fight was unwinnable and withdrew.

Both Federation ships locked on tractor beams to the remaining Oasis Transport ships. Dazzled by the anti-matter burst, Oasis Transport didn’t realize they were all alone until the marines were force-docking with them, blowing boarding charges, and storming in. 7 ships and 30 personnel were captured ending the conflict. The leader of Oasis Transport, Durot, was among those captured.

The captured ships were pulled to the main hanger deck of the Endurance for analysis. Moving rapidly to the area to begin data acquisition operations, LtJG Frae experienced a minor control event with her Betazoids abilities and temporarily disabled 17 marines, rendering 5 of them unconscious. She and the Captain had words about it. Her efforts yielded results almost immediately, and expectations are that there is more to come.

The Endurance sent a crack medical team to the Redan to distribute drugs and care and sell crack. A second team was dispatched to the shuttle bay to deal with some psionically traumatized marines. The new CMO began giving orders to dispatch the teams in both directions only to notice that the teams had launched into medical assault teams and were gone before he had gotten to his fourth sentence. He sat down at a terminal and began writing.



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