Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Session 21: Return, Reinforce, Retaliate

Unexpected Allies

We begin at Atbar where the USS Endurance has arrived for a day of downtime to refurbish its systems after stressing them heavily at Sonebr. Some work was done in Taggrut while a few more buoys were deployed (2/3 done now) but more needs doing. Facilities are together enough to allow 24 hours in a spacedock to work on the stress points the old girl suffered while operating in atmosphere. She’ll occupy one of the 2 slips currently operational. Shoreleave is still restricted on Atbar at this time.

Atbar_II.jpg Atbar II

Taggrut_IV.JPG Taggrut IV

Additionally, the Endurance is taking on new officers and crew, saying goodbye to their engineer and Ensign Ricky, who has been promoted to LtJG and is being sent to the Romulan front lines. We wish him luck and will (more or less) miss him.

Lt Medi Zoalki, Bajoran, is the newly assigned Chief Engineer will be joining the crew along with LtJG Iala, Edoan, the new Computer Chief who is replacing LtJG Frae (who was transported out along with her belongings as soon as Atbar was in range, but all recordings and sensor logs seem to have no record of the event.)

Joined by the Redan, ready to return to Taggrut and finish the buoy chore, the Endurance receives a message from Buva, still on Sonebr. In it he relays information regarding a large slaver fleet that picked up a shipment of 1,200 ‘livestock’ that were in stasis on the planet and departed with them under cover of Klingon protection. Cardassians have arrived in more force at this time, mining is expected to get underway in a weeks time (using the Dominion tech spider bot things), and the refugees are doing much better with hardly any additional losses thanks to the endurance. At this time the Klingons seem to have abandoned the system.

Present concerns:
The information from Daimon Ult on the slavers needs to be checked out.
The information pulled from the pirate vessels needs to be checked out.
The sensor Buoys need to be deployed.
There’s always that haunted prison.
The Huaco system needs to be checked out.
Sonebr has been added to your patrol area.
The Azrael is inbound and will be here in roughly a day. It has applied for the slip Endurance is vacating to make its own repairs.


Assistant Science Officer
USS Endurance
TF21, PG5, Cardassian Theater Military Command


Disposition of the slave trade in our patrol area: Using the data acquired from the Ferengi, and matching it up with our movement and data stores, the map of locations and routes should be fairly accurate and the Ferengi data is validated. Additionally, Atbar has been marked as a likely center for command and control activities. It probably will be a small base hidden in one of the asteroid belts, likely the closest, where it can keep a watch on the goings on of the inner system, particularly Atbar II, aka Thrombo. Size and disposition of ships remains to be confirmed. In essence, they are moving roughly 25,000 people a year to Breen space.

Disposition of the pirates in our patrol area: Active Orion organizations include Monas, Silkassi, Miskoval, Krast Vokassik, Orion Syndicate, and Green Trade (slavers), with the axis of power between Orion Syndicate and Green trade and the others falling into line. They seem to be pursuing a larger goal and they are operating in an organized fashion, but appear to be quite random by using multiple organizations and many of the other pirate factions as hired guns. Derot is the only major Cardassian player and doesn’t seem to be on Team Orion, and neither does Fownd Merris, our lone Bajoran player. They actively avoid each other. The others can be found occasionally in the employ of the Orion faction, but mostly stick to their own rackets. These include, in order largest to smallest, Quantum Vengeance, Spite Clan, Silent Steel, Mist Assembly, Entropy, Oasis Transport, and Dire Leviathan bringing up the rear. Finally, the Maquis seem quite happy with piracy and include Jansie Mellor, Consuala Brekenridge, and Fintelx. They will often fight each over easy pickings, but will turn and act together against any arriving authority.

Disposition of the Maquis in our patrol area: As per above, they seem to have settled into a role as simple pirates, albeit some very high tech ones with very solid training. They will likely be a threat to the area for quite some time, at least until a concerted effort to root them out is undertaken.

Disposition of the Klingons in our patrol area: All sensor logs clearly indicate that the Klingons are routinely in the TF21 area. Our actions and those of the Claymore seem to have blunted a strong move on Taggrut as we did much better than they were expecting. I do not believe that they are through with Taggrut, and will play cat and mouse with the Cardassians both there and at Sonebr to force them to commit more forces to the area. I can’t say with certainty where they will be pulled from but my expectations are that this is a feint to focus attention while they strike in another area.

Disposition of the Romulans in our patrol area: I have little to offer other than they do seem to be actively monitoring us and the other ships of TF21. So far we are the only ones they have ‘communicated’ with or allowed us to realize that they were there. My projections suggest they will be making a move, most likely an overture of cooperation in the next month, if not sooner.

Disposition of the True Way in our patrol area: They are almost certainly holed up in the Huaco system where they have constructed ship manufacturing capabilities. Their prior activities seem mostly to be propaganda actions to demonstrate that they are still a force to be reckoned with, likely to drive recruits. The action in Atbar strongly indicates this. All indications are that they were disposing of older ships in favor of newer ones they have been building and they didn’t want the Cardassians to have any chance of returning them to service (though they did recover 4 of them in Atbar, 2 of which were in orbit with us at Sonebr). They may well have rid themselves of rivals to their command, those that wanted action now and had no patience to wait. The interrogations are proceeding and seem to bear that presumption out so far. There is definite momentum towards something in the near future that we are not going to like.

End Of Report



In Mersoh (the entire system is basically a gigantic asteroid field with strong radioactive particle fields scattered throughout) 2 slaver ships are tracked, one coming in from C52 (and likely Eisae before that), another from the red dwarf designated C47, the two of them looking very much like they will rendezvous. Captain Gamble ordered Captain Aponte and the Redan to intercept the one from C47 (the Hiewan) while he and the Endurance would engage the ship from C52 (the Girma). Using the Endurance’s newly tweaked sensors (recently tuned to better read life signs) these ships were revealed despite their quite sneaky tactics of traveling through areas that normally would hide them from sensor scans very efficiently.

Of course, the Orions were not enthusiastic about heaving to, The marines had some fun onboard and were preparing to transport the entire crew and all slaves (115 personnel, 10 crew 105 slaves held in ‘pain fields’ for mental conditioning) when the Klingons uncloaked.


The particulars of the area of space the Orions were traveling in made it much easier for the Klingons to sneak up and surround the Endurance and the Girma with 5 Vor’cha Type A’s (88 ss, 138 power). Led by Captain Kerrogh of IKS Mangghom Bey, the Klingons uncloaked and locked on to the Endurance, ordering them to lower their shields and surrender. The Endurance refused, maneuvered in tight with the Girma surrounded her with their shields and called the Redan to warp to them to provide support. There was posturing. New and improved posturing, in fact.

Things got ugly for a bit, then it started to look like the Klingons would attack, in spite of the arrival of the Redan. The Hiewan (no slaves on board by the way) got its engines back online and started to move away under half impulse (likely working on improving that speed) after the Redan moved to assist the Endurance. As things reached a high degree of tension and weapons locked all around, fully loaded and charged, and Captain Kerrogh had acquired a sufficient degree of crazy in his expression to indicate that ‘this was a good day to die’, or at least murder some Starfleet chumps, the Romulans uncloaked.


The 5 Romulan D’Deridex Leviathans (110 ss, 148 power) (sensor analysis confirmed these were the same ships the Endurance had been observed by and had tracked on several occasions) uncloaked around the Klingons, powered and locked their weapons on them. Anger, posturing, and bluster ensue, but no one is really enthusiastic to pull the trigger because no one here can get out of it without losing ships they can’t replace. The Klingons don’t manage to blow up the transport vessel, and eventually cloak and leave. The Federation and Romulan ships let them. The Endurance recovers its people and more entertaining computer data on ships, personnel, and movements associated with this particular Orion Slaver ship. The Redan takes off to recapture the Hiewan when it’s clear that the Endurance is under no immediate threat, providing another ship computer core to pillage for intel.

The Romulans stay behind and the Endurance captain and crew gets to meet Commander Tacranaal (Tac-ra-naal), “Greetings Captain Gamble, officers and crew of the Endurance. We are happy to have been of assistance to you. We have no wish to further interfere in your operations. Please, be aware that we will be in the area should those savages choose to return. Our assistance is available should you happen to call for it, and in return we certainly hope to be able to call upon you as well. As you no doubt realize, we are the ships that have been observing you from a… discrete distance for some time now and we are most impressed with how you choose to comport yourselves. I wish the same could be said for all Starfleet vessels in the area.” Captain Gamble inflicted his diplomacy upon Tacranaal for a brief time. After this short visit with Gamble, Tacranall said, “Well, we have business to attend to and you most likely do as well, so we’ll have to save the, um, [looks off-screen, seems to be reading a cue-card] tea and cakes [looks back] for another time. Good Day Captain.”

The Romulans cloaked and left in the direction the Klingons went.

End of Session (please add things I missed in the comments)

SIDE NOTE: Campaign Objectives Achieved So Far….




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