Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Session 11: Cardassians have no sense of humor....

Well, here's another fine mess we've gotten ourselves into

PROLOGUE: As per the request of Tathon, the USS Endurance returns to the site with the 2 damaged and disabled freighters where a small fleet of 6 Cardassian Galors, the new post war upgraded ones, are positioned and a salvage operation is under way. Their commander Gul Brekesht offers thanks, grudgingly, for resolving the situation, returning the surviving crewmen, the bodies of the dead, and especially for the prisoners. “As the Federation has performed this service for Cardassia I will let you know that we’ve been tracking this group for months now without luck. They seem to pop up on space lanes, attract the attention of worthy prey, and kill and steal at will. We had no idea how they were managing to avoid us. Now we do. That information alone is worthy of commodation from our government. Thank you Captain. Well done Tathon, I owe you a drink next time I see you on Atbar.” Upon conclusion of the transfer of bodies and personnel the Endurance resumes it’s patrol.

The USS Endurance received the following message for the Captain about 2.5 hours after breaking orbit from dropping off prisoners, survivors, and bodies from the Cardassian Task Force at the 2 damaged freighters:

CC: COMMANDER, TASK FORCE 21, Dalin 1st Tier Tathon

Captain Gamble,

My office has received a complaint from my counterpart in the Cardassian Defense Force command and the Cardassian Diplomatic Liaison Attache assigned to PG5. While the results of your recent intercession in the TF21 area have been pleasing to all involved (pirate captain and crew officer aside), your motivations and attitudes reflect a distinct disconnect from the orders and objectives of this Peacekeeping Group and Task Force 21 in regard to assisting your Liaison with the execution of the exercise of his legal authority. I have instructed Captain Harkness to make you aware of your responsibilities and the objectives that are of priority to us. I trust this is the last such communication I shall have to initiate.

FCpt Flanagan,
PG5, Commanding
-——————————————————————————————————————————Roughly 3 hours later, the following message arrived for the Captain:

Captain Gamble,

As I’m sure you are aware, I have received instructions from FCpt Flanagan to “make you aware of your responsibilities and the objectives that are of priority to us”. This communication is that instruction.

Star Fleet Objectives in the Cardassian Theater of Command that seem to apply to this situation:

MISSIONS (excerpt):
4. Assist the Cardassians in their efforts to maintain their government and protect their citizens, property, ships, trade, and sovereign territory.
5. Protect civilians and civilian ships from armed threat and piracy.
1. Keep the peace.
2. Prevent the Cardassian government from collapsing.
3. Enhance the working relationship between the Cardassians and the Federation, building a strong relationship for the future.
4. Secret stuff, this is missing, GM can’t find it.
5. Prevent the Romulans from expanding further into Cardassian space.
6. Negotiate Romulan withdrawal from Cardassian space.
7. Prevent the Klingons from expanding further into Cardassian space.
8. Negotiate/force Klingon withdrawal from Cardassian space.
9. Control and eliminate pirates, black market, and exploitive elements (Ferengi, Orions, Pirates) from the area.
10. Contain exploitive elements in Cardassian space, prevent spillage into Federation space.

Nowhere is it stated, implied, or are you authorized to ignore a valid arrest warrant, especially when your liaison, your direct link to the Cardassian government and it’s wishes, tells you that the pirate has an arrest warrant, it is legal in their justice system, and he is wanted for over 30 separate counts, even if those counts are not specified. We are neither here to enforce Federation law, nor to impose Federation ideals upon the Cardassians.

Cpt Harkness,
TF21, Commanding
-——————————————————————————————————————————Approximately 15 minutes later this final message for the captain was received:
(not a text message, but a full viewscreen message of a very agitated and calmly angry Captain Harkness)

Captain Gamble,

Off the record, I understand your frustration with the situation and the rampant embracing of corruption that seems to be a hallmark characteristic of Cardassian government. If your liaison is anything like mine, you’re likely ready to have him escorted to the forward torpedo tubes and fired into space without a suit. You should also know that I have received a very similar letter to the one you received, and that Seran has already collected 4 of them. It seems the Cardassian liaison strategy is to whine us into submission.

You don’t become a Fleet Captain without being a political animal, and Flanagan is definitely a political animal. Don’t read into this very much, but don’t give any indication that you aren’t taking it seriously either in front of your liaison. I am told that we are to be “tolerant of their idiosyncrasies” for the moment, that we are guests in their home territory, and to act as such. Since we technically negotiated a peace treaty and didn’t conquer them, we aren’t treating them as a conquered people, and that’s not the Federation philosophy anyway. The bottom line though, FCpt Flanagan doesn’t feel any differently about this than you and I and Seran do. You’ll notice that what you received is a form letter, and should also note that it is not entered into your permanent record. I personally feel you did a good job in a difficult situation, and if anything were simply a bit overzealous regarding your ideals.

As you were reading your official mail, I’m sure you noticed some re-writing of the information there. I was required to include your liaison in the message and didn’t want them to be too much in the loop. These damned liaisons don’t need to know everything, and orders be damned. Finally, feel free to share the information in your messages and this one as well with your senior officers so that they have a better understanding of the situation.

Harkness, out.

It’s now roughly 7 weeks (game time) since the campaign began. Thanks to our newly released Skill Development System you all suddenly realize that for these last 7 weeks you’ve been accumulating skill points in 6 DIFFERENT SKILLS! Weird how sudden realizations work, eh? Choose 3 Duty Skills (things you use in your job) and 3 Off Duty Skills. Make one of them in each area your primary skill to train. We’ll work out what happened there when the game starts.

Additionally, you each now have 2 plot points. No, you really do. Congratulations!

Oh, what’s a Plot Point? From now on, as the game progresses you’ll collect plot points, you start with two, which can be burned to get your buttocks out of a flexible launching system, gain a bonus to a roll, retcon (retroactive continuity) a mistake, have something funny happen to the other player’s character, or you can burn them to add new Skills, increase one of your Skills, or at the rate of 10 to 1 to increase one of your Stats by 1 point (limit 10 total, no more than 1 point in 1 stat per week, and takes 1 per week to maintain each boosted stat – enjoy that weight training).

Spending Plot Points: An individual or group can spend them at any point they wish, declaring the purpose of spending them. If an individual spends a point or points, others may also contribute or spend against if they wish. NPC’s have no plot points at this time. Samples of plot point expenditures:

Points Spent Result
1 +10% to die roll (before roll is made)
3 +20% to die roll
6 +30% to die roll
10 +35% to die roll
1 Roll luck roll to change your, or someone else’s, fate (Yes, how we’re doing it now)
1 I need a medal
3 No, not a citation, I need an actual medal
6 I need a better medal than that
10 I’m a hero, dammit! Recognize real!
1 Very minor reality alteration “No, I’m in my Starfleet Man-Skirt today”
3 Minor reality alteration “I choose a different route to my station and avoid Tathon”
6 Reality alteration The ship did arrive in time it seems
10 Major reality alteration “He’s dead Jim. Oh, wait a second….”

These are just examples of course. Plot Points are not meant to take the place of die rolls, but they can assist your die rolls at need.

Plot points are awarded by the GM for damned fine roleplaying, doing the right thing, doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, pulling out a worthy victory against all the odds, and just because. Each session you are present for will get your character a shiny new plot point as well. Sadly, you tiny character hands can grasp no more than 10 of these at a time, and if you have no room you don’t get the plot point.

In an effort to boost security from sneaky type smugglers, thieves, pirates, black marketeers, slavers, and other forms of jackassery, the Cardassian government requested that Starfleet place a series of sensor buoys (300 per) around the systems of each of their remaining dilithium producing worlds. In the name of helping our new ally to protect this most valuable and vulnerable of assets (as well as providing a choice opportunity to better keep track of all goings on in their vicinity) Admiral Koderman agreed.

Yea! \o/ The Endurance (again) drew the short straw and was tasked with deploying them in the Taggrut system. Seriously though, Harkness wasn’t going to to THAT job with HER ship – too boring. The Claymore can’t be trusted – they would just sell the probes and claim they were stolen and produce computer records to prove it. Luckily, the Endurance was there to have the task heaped upon its crew.

Quickly, the science department lept into action, but were out of shape and pulled a hammie. After medical treatment, they got to work modifying the sensor buoys to boost their capabilities and slip in some fun tricks. In the initial test several of the buoys (now positioned in space) were coordinated to produce a sensor image of a fleet of romulan warbirds uncloaking, thus upsetting and scrambling the small fleet of defense ships in semi-permanent orbit around Taggrut perpetually on the lookout for cloaked vessels. Kind words were exchanged and the whole laughable matter was quickly resolved.

THAT’S WHEN THIS HAPPENED! (Hoping to finish this before the weekend) An urgent call was received by Tathon and the Endurance from Gul Krabel, commander of the Taggrut Picket, saying that they had an urgent situation and perhaps the Endurance could intervene, but was cryptic about it. Upon rolling up to the planet, a Ferengi BattleCruiser is in orbit around the planet, along with the Cardassian Picket.

Upon contacting Gul Krabel, the Endurance crew got information regarding the situation.

  1. The Ferengi claim to have exclusive transportation rights from the Cardassian civilian corporation, Trakron Supplies.
  2. The president of Trakron Supplies and planetary governor, Grutos Prut (Cardie), has the Daimon and his first officer, Taar Meski, under arrest.
  3. The Ferengi ship, the Mretek is threatening orbital bombardment. This is not good as this mining colony is 1 of only 3 dilithium suppliers to the Cardassians.
  4. The Former Ferengi 2nd officer of the Mretek has now asserted the he is the new Daimon of the Mretek and is demanding that the Daimon and Taar now in custody on the planet be immediately returned to him. (Turning in the Daimon on a failed merchant mission will solidify his command of the Mretek.)
  5. Prior to beam down, then-Daimon Zort had beamed Grutos Prut’s family onboard the Mretek for ‘safekeeping’ as his hostages, thus leading the Prut arresting him when he beamed down.
  6. Zort had beamed down to renegotiate the terms of the transportation agreement with Prut when everything went to hell.
  7. Zort has had 4 different communication devices found on him after passing a scan showing no devices and then communicating anyway. He claims to have the Dilithium Mine rigged to explode and will trigger it if he is not released, and it’s possible he does and will.
  8. Densin Prut (Grutos uncle) is the Chairman of the board, though Grutos had 51% of voting shares and proxies. He has had Grutos declared incompetent to act as president in this situation due to his anxiety over his hostage wife and children.
  9. The Cardassians are the wild card, and want to blow up the Daimon’s ship to end the stalemate. Gul Krabel is disgusted with how the ‘governor’ acquired his position and contract and just doesn’t care and he has only one simple mission: The Dilithium Must Flow. He has 1 PW Keldan, 2 PW Galors, and 4 PW Destroyers, along with 30 patrol cutters at his command to guard this facility.
  10. Cardassian reinforcements have been requested and are on the way from Atbar to Taggrut, have the elimination of the Ferengi strongly in mind, and will arrive in 2 hours.
  11. Tathon has asked the Endurance to intercede in this matter.

At this point the new Daimon Ferengi has been spoken with, seems quite reasonable (for a Ferengi), and allowed the hostages to be seen, examined, and their conditions inspected, all of which show that they are being treated with kid gloves in luxurious conditions.

Please forward additions/deletions/corrections to me for updating and posting. Thanks!


All caught up and I’d like to say….

I think I’ve been transfered to the wrong ship. You see, I signed up for a career not a disaster.

Oh boy….


What you can’t do both?


There are laws against dual timezone againstance I thought.


So I had no idea my Commander was signing up to ride a roller coater. I could have sworn this was a starship XD


Swearing at the ship already? Not to worry, you’ll swear at it again.


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