Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Session 20: Rebuilding A Planet

The priorities of survival are the priority

Still on Sonebr, picking up where we left off last week.

We begin with Dr. Shaw (aka Wash) on the planet doing triage. At various times she is doing life saving surgery, and it’s not pretty. Her commbadge fell off at one point and into a patient and was not noticed, but was later beamed out and back to her, none the worse for wear. She was assisted by various medics while on Sonebr, particularly 3 cardassian medics following behind her and euthanizing patients she had saved because they would be an unwarranted drain on medical resources, they would serve no useful function in society due to their wounds, were mentally unstable, etc, calling it ‘mercy’ in the custom of their people. Wash initiated a confrontation and they became more…restricted…with their mercy, but did continue.

As she worked, Wash was seen speaking with a Tall human of Indian descent who was assisting her. He did make a few statements and ask her a few questions:
You do get around Lt. Shaw. Isn’t it curious how the Klingons just up and left? What a mess they’ve made. The Cardassians will be pouring resources down this hole for some time to come, don’t you think? Won’t it be fun for them to guard? I wonder what will get left unguarded?

Shaw grunted a few non-committal answers to him as she was rather busy, and he continued.

Well, I have a bit of information for you to chew on while you work. Not to come off like Charles Dickens, but your captain and crew will be visited by three Ferengi this eve. Let’s call them the Ferengi of business past, the Ferengi of business present, and the Ferengi of business future. Each of them will offer a different deal, and they should be listened to. Sadly, there will not be a life lesson from these encounters:

The Ferengi of Business Past turned out to be none other than former, now restored, Daimon Zort and Taar Meski, now 49% shareholder of Trakon Supplies (Grutos Prut owns 51%, new board of directors), wants to build out the mines on Sonebr and there isn’t a moment to lose. The Cardassians are eager for this deal and are more interested in it than they are in helping their people (at the command level). They can offer the Endurance detailed intel on the Klingon forces in the area, how they are deployed, conditions of the other planets, and the nature of their relations with the pirates in the area plus evidence of the planning to create the ‘crisis in Sonebr’ naming names, dates, places, and recordings of conversations. The entire affair in “Meeting the Guv’nor” was really a carefully orchestrated ploy by Zort to arrange for him to be in this position at this critical moment. Surely you can see that hoo-mon?

The Ferengi of Business Present: It’s the Captain’s old friend, Daimon Girn of the Mretek. From the Taggrut incident. He’s doing well, really well. He has the missing key components, including the very large parts, needed to put the cities power systems and water purification plant back online. They are stored in the 5 terribly delicate Ferengi Cargo Liners with the overpowered engines and ludicrously heavy shields. He would simply appreciate fair compensation for having safeguarded the critical pieces of such vital systems from the Klingon’s plans to permanently destroy this infrastructure: compensation for their costs plus a healthy plus bonus plus negotiation fee plus storage fee plus security deposit plus a long term (50 years) contract to supply food, clothing, luxury goods, alcohol, fuels, and other such supplies as are needed or may be needed. He also brings:
1. Water desalination and purification system.
2. Pieces and parts (incomplete, can replicate the rest) for a civic basic food replicator system.
3. 200,000 non-diseased blankets, 500,000 rations, 10,000 cargo units of drinking water, medicinal supplies.
4. The Cardassians have some but not enough of all that and simply want to take it by force from the Ferengi who ‘stole’ it to begin with.

The Ferengi of business Future: Daimon Ult of the Ferengi Salvage Confederation has all the inexpensive, well-loved and cared for, slightly used products that would be needed to put a world like Sonebr back on it’s feet in no time (3 months more or less). He has a cousin that specializes in low cost dome construction as well to give the citizens a nice-ish place to live. He can be here in a week and have a city level dome in place in roughly a month if people aren’t sentimental about existing structures. He very much wishes an introduction and recommendation of his services from Starfleet to the Cardassians to help them solve their problems. He would be willing to part with information regarding the Orion slave network in the bottleneck area, where their operations are located, who the players are, the routes they like to take, who they are selling to and where the slaves are being taken. He really doesn’t mind since he was cut out of the deal.
1. If the Captain will help with this situation (help him get in to see the Legates, out alive, and make a profit) he will give the Captain the most precious thing the Captain could possibly want: Information.
2. He knows the slavers bases of operations, ships warp signatures, who is who, how their network is laid out, and how much they stiffed him for.

In other news: Reports of hostilities between Claymore Vs. Klingons and Pirates working together. Azrael assaulted by a similar force while en route to meet up with the Claymore suffered a systems glitch and the pirates got a few shots in. Claymore continues to sport it’s special markings.

Sonebr Problems – The crew suffered through and found solutions to the problems listed below (full details can be found in their individual logs):
A. Engineering: Clean water source. Air is mildly toxic and progressively becoming moreso, this is the garden spot of Sonebr IV. Power – there is none and no infrastructure.
B. Tactical: Track various pirates, Klingons, slaver strike groups, and unknowns still in system. Fight off a couple of sneakies. How can this planet best be attacked and how to defend against that? There’s an old Cardassian defense satellite net around the planet, but it’s unpowered and non-functional at this time….
C. Medical: Save as many as you can. It’s massively overwhelming.
1) Those who won’t/can’t release their dead children/loved ones.
2) Those who insist they are fine but aren’t at all.
3) The dying that simply can’t be saved.
4) The dying that can be saved that require resources that would save 10 others.
5) The suicidal.
6) The severely brain damaged.
7) The horribly disfigured.
8) The cardassian mercy policy of putting down those listed from 3 to 6.
9) The people looking for specific survivors.
10) The religious zealots demanding that all medical assistance be rejected by the people.
11) The people listening to the religious zealots. The children of these people.
D. Science: How bad is the planet, can it be saved and if so what will it take? The life on the planet has lost its vitality, it’s dying. The food chain doesn’t exist and the toxins are killing all life except for the most extreme extremophiles. The toxins need to be extracted and purified, new life seeded and tended, the planet basically terraformed.
E. Marines: Still combatants on the planet.
1) Klingons that wouldn’t leave. (they were found and rooted out by the cardassian soldiers)
2) Dug in Cardassian Soldiers, sneaky, terrorists, don’t know the Dominion war is over (as per Japanese). They launch a small pirate ship, mimic transponder of the actual small pirate ship the Endurance is using, dock and slip aboard the Endurance. Sabotage ensues. (they didn’t get that far)
3) Crazy civilians. With sticks. And knives. And a rock.
4) Collaborators the population wants to kill.
F. Pirates and slavers:
1) There’s not much to take, but there are pirates that have stashes here and they want those stashes. They don’t all have transporters and they are attempting to land and retrieve their goodies. There’s the typical gold press latinum, special liquors, art and jewelry, and there’s also special medicines, rare plants and animals, along with weapons and supplies the pirates need for their base(s).
2) The slavers have people stored here to pick up. They are in stasis and don’t show up on scans, the storage facilities are below ground and shielded form EM detection. They are here to pick up their inventory: 1,200 head of livestock. (not found, see following week’s adventure log)


What rolls do you need out of me for me to see if I can make something more useful than a wheel barrow out of these three small transports we stole?

Session 20: Rebuilding A Planet

None. You have an able crew and the resources of the ship. For the most part it’s not if you can do it, but how long it will take. It’s also how much you’ll alter it so that it doesn’t look the part any more or have the same sensor profile and warp signature.

Session 20: Rebuilding A Planet

Additionally, unless you tell me different, they were piloted by various crew members to Taggrut where you guys tossed out a few more Buoys using them along with the shuttles and marine shuttles. Then they flew with you to Atbar where you put the Endurance into drydock for a day of repairs and picked up the Redan. If you want to park them somewhere and keep them secret (-ish) please let me know and let me know where. Taggrut asteroid field 3 is fairly ideal for that sort of thing, FYI.

Session 20: Rebuilding A Planet

Sounds good. I mean… We want something akin to a fast scout ship. I strongly suspect we are not allowed to canabalize the cloaked probes to make a cloaked scout ship. So..what ever we can to to make it “stealth” as possible. Also small fast and minuverable. It seems the goal here is a ship that can sneak at high speeds.

Session 20: Rebuilding A Planet

The probes are Romulan built, you are very close to violating the terms of usage with your current modificatios, in fact you probably are as they weren’t to be opened and examined in any way, but you’ve only opened them enough to get to a power source, and place your holographic projector on the outside of the device making it not as stealthy.

Give up on cloaking – they would shoot you dead immediately if you had a cloak – instead think disguise. No mods needed there, these are pirate ships already, you just need someone who can get you a useful transponder and registry for a pirate organization, codes to let you appear to be ‘one big happy fleet’. Who do you know?

Fly into Atbar with them and it will be noted, by those that note such things.

Session 20: Rebuilding A Planet

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