Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Session 22: Revolting Slaves, And The People Who Sell them

Brunch with an old acquaintance

We pick up where we ended last session having just enjoyed the departure of first the Klingons and then the Romulans. Cpt. Aponte and the Redan went after the retreating slaver ship, the Hiewan, reaching it easily and blocking any transmissions it would have made in the process. They returned to the Endurance shortly with the ship in tow.

The Hiewan

Meanwhile, upon the Girma, the Marines were dealing with the prisoners, all cardassians from Eisae (captured in a local bar after end of shift) who were harnessed into some type of pain booth thingy. They released the first prisoner from it, and he became agitated according to the onsite commander, Marine 1st LT Kaita Joole so they strapped him back in. (in actually it was later discovered that he had a seizure from being released without the proper protocol, placing him back into the pain field solved the seizure problem until medical could deal with it). None the less, Major Jackson was not amused and, um, expressed herself in the LT’s general direction.

The Girma

After a little planning, the prisoners were transported to the Endurance to receive immediate medical treatment after their release into the emergency care unit (a converted cargo bay that the crew has gotten so skilled at setting up recently). It is interesting to note that none of the prisoners seemed to object in any way to Lt Peren’s ritual scar of shame.

From the computers the exact destination of both ships was determined to be a large, vaguely spherical asteroid of roughly 350 meters diameter. Plans with unloading instructions were also acquired.

Orion Slave Base

Thus began the planning. They planned, oh how they planned. LT CMDR Samuel L. Starrbon promotion to Lt. Commander came through. Still they planned. The Starrbon was elevated to 1st Officer of the Endurance. Every detail was eventually planned for. Lt Meda Zoalki was named Second Officer. The final details were ironed out. It took a few minutes. Then the plan was scrapped in favor of a frontal assault.

In essence, the base was running an internal scattering field to prevent transport and to prevent emission of electronic signals that would give the base away. The base has (it’s ours now, and they are still there) extremely rudimentary sensory apparatus consisting of passive devices not much more sophisticated than a CCTV setup. Sensor probes were used to pinpoint the controls for for the scattering field, all at a single console in their engineering room with a single person monitoring and operating it (poor bastard).

Captain Aponte from the Redan called about then to let the Endurance know that another ship matching Kssvosse was in the area as well, and Wash made a call to him and had a brief chat and worked out a trade and somehow involved the captain in a 3-way (conversation).

The Marines were loaded on transporter pads to be beamed to the asteroid via relays that CWO Ssscritcha, (unpronounceable) Bob the Edoan Transporter Chief, had cobbled together with pattern enhancers strapped to sensor probes with old shoelaces (yes, still used in the 24th century) launched to 4 specific points along the way. The officers had fresh promotions and new command positions in hand. Medical was ready for more action. That’s when the Captain, whose player was high on drugs from a dog induced awkward tumble resulting in the near amputation of his leg, gave the order, “Uh, you guys can go now if you want to.” Just like that, it was on.

Starrbon fired the Endurance’s lone phaser shot with ludicrous accuracy (really), punching through the Asteroid’s outer layer and powered just right to not erupt out the other side of the asteroid, voiding the atmosphere, thus killing everyone inside and robbing the Endurance crew of any possibility of entertaining prisoners. It destroyed the console and power relays for the scattering field, somehow not entirely killing the person operating the system who was RIGHT FREAKING THERE when the beam hit. He has most of an upper torso and a bit of one of his arms left, not much left of his face though, but technically still alive and with exciting brain activity, particularly in his pain center.

Marines began to cycle through the transporter system 6 at a time and Bob was heard to mutter, “I’ve always wanted to try this….” as he poured sentient flesh and minds through his hastily assembled and completely untested transporter relay system. Upon arrival on the asteroid, intact as far as any else knew, they immediately began to marine about. Which is to say, ass was kicked, then kicked again for good measure, harsh language was flung about, and the pantry was raided – not necessarily in that order. The area was secured in less than a minute as the 50 residents of the asteroid were still recovering from the phaser strike and the scattering field system overload and thinking they had been hit by another large space rock.

Large Space Rock

Having secured the asteroid and the prisoners, the GM was tired and stopped writing until tomorrow (or later) when he will regale you with tales of Brunch-like conversations with Kssvosse in part II of our exciting recap of today’s events.

Refreshed, rejuvenated, filled with memory enhancing drugs (thank you coffee!), and prompted by the wise counsel of senior members of our group (though clearly not senior enough to suffer my memory issues) the semi-dauntless, but partially-dauntable GM has returned at long last to finish his post (no offense to the people of Finland).

The Captain, having dangled a massive carrot


in front of Kssvose (in the form of 2 captured medium Orion freighters that needed new ownership and somehow were listed as scuttled), had Wash invite him to enjoy a meal with the Captain and his senior officers. Not wishing to endanger what he was clearly so close to obtaining, the Orion smuggler was quite cooperative and happily answered all questions put to him. In fact, he intended to answer more fully than he actually did as the questions came in faster than he could distribute his information, and the questions were so basic that most of the answers were of no threat to anyone. That was not true of all the answers.

Kssvose tried several times to warn the Captain off of his line of questions. He asked, repeatedly, is these were things he really wanted to know and that he would not be happier or more secure if he knew these answers. That he really should consider continuing as he had, business as usual. When the Captain did not relent Kssvose became…informative.

This time with Kssvose was used by the Captain and senior officers to gain an inside ‘lay of the land’ of the TF21 operations area, what was going on behind a lot of the movement being seen, who the players were, and so on. The first of these gems of knowledge was the scope of the slave trade and the relationship of the Breen to the slavers as the primary buyers of Cardassian ‘stock’. Taken from unprotected and unpatrolled systems, the slavers were farming the area to meet a contract to supply a certain number of slaves to the Breen. Whether this was to be a one time contract or a continual supply remains unknown as does the purposes the Breen have for the slaves they are purchasing. The Breen are paying over the market value for this commodity, and much of this extra amount is going towards the Klingons in the area who are facilitating safe passage for the Orions and using the funds to employ smugglers to shore up their own supply situation.


Nothing of this has appeared in Starfleet reports indicating either ignorance, which is unforgivable, neglect, which is also unforgivable, or intentional withholding of information, though a viable purpose for doing so defies imagination. Intel being the most heavily indicated as having issues of some sort, it was not alone as Starfleet and Federation activities, goals, and operations, even diplomatic activities all show odd inconsistencies.

Starfleet Intelligence (unofficial Logo)

Cardassian behaviors were also brought into question. It was indicated that Buva, Tathon’s former attendant, might be of use in that regard. Kssvose did say that questioning him directly was unlikely to yield results, but he could be leveraged.

Kssvose made no secret of both the fact that he used to be an intelligence operative (which the Endurance officers already knew, which Kssevose already knew they knew, etc) or that he had served with Captain Seran of the Claymore (which was definitely NOT common knowledge).

The meal ended before Kssevose was fully interrogated due to his anxiousness to take command of his 2 new Orion freighters, the players running out of time that day, and one of the players being pain medicated to what the GM assumes was well into the hallucinogenic realm (he kept calling himself Captain and giving commands to people!).


Nice detailed adventure log. I like the pics and images that compliment it.


A racey logo. I’m sure Kirk would be up for it!


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