Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Session 19: Triage At Sonebr

"...hmmm, that's a weird blip..."

What do you mean you’ve ‘acquired’ a case of black market Klingon prune juice?

If I haven’t chronicled the exploits of one or more of you adequately from last week please do post what I missed in the comments section here please.

With only 3 players in attendance due to some football festival that my team wasn’t taking part in, things played out in more of an individual and duo format, much of which hasn’t been inflicted upon the players yet. All players are encouraged to play their characters ‘offline’ in the comments section of this post below. They will be posted sequentially so events may become a bit disjointed for the casual reader but we will know. Yes, we will know.

Sonebr IV is now in cardassian hands, and the Sonebr system out to its ort cloud is now cardassian space. While diplomats argue and borders are redrawn, uninhibited passage is guaranteed for any vessel en route from Taggrut to Sonebr. Meanwhile, 48,200+ cardassians remain on t he planet, starved. severely dehydrated, nearly dead or dying, along with Sonebr’s biosphere.

The Cardassian commanders at Sonebr formally request (directly since you have no liaison) that the Endurance lend a hand on Sonebr to help ease the population through this crisis whenever and wherever you see fit to help save as much of the population as possible. Computer census put puts them at 48,362 with some anomalous reading at areas of the city edge and in the nearby foothills. In general, a large percentage of this population is on the brink of death, mostly due to starvation, dehydration, and exposure. They lack food, water, shelter, and clothing, and have for some time now, and a good many are diseased and/or have serious injuries.

Pirates continue to come and go and the Klingons are very obviously in the area providing “protection for all ships”. This is keeping the Cardassian ships in tight around their vulnerable vessels and restricting their operations to this city while looting of other sites is obviously continuing. These would be the more brazen and/or desperate pirates by the way. Some of them you’ve seen before. The Breen and Ferengi ships are in the area as well.

Things happening are broken up by position and start on the planet with Dr. Shaw (aka Wash) who is attempting to save lives. She is dealing with the worst of the worst in a group of 48,300+ people who are all in a condition very much like a Jewish WWII German prison war camp survivor when the allied forces found them. Less than 2% who are older than 8 years of age are male, the rest are females of all ages. As Wash works various people assist her. At some point she realizes one of her helpers is someone she knows named Mr. Jones who she briefly converses with, though no one is sure what the conversation is about.

Tactical: On board the ship, Tactical noted several ships in orbit, approaching, or simply in the area. These include 3 Breen cruisers, 3 separate Ferengi groups (all moving towards the planet), 25 Klingon attack craft, the Cardassian rescue flotilla, the Endurance herself (Yes, they noticed themselves), and roughly 20 small transport craft and 5 freighters, all unknown.

Additionally, Lt Starrbon discovered a ring of Cardassian defense satellites orbiting the planet that appeared dead or offline at least, 87 in all. Consulting with Lt. Grant from engineering, they went to work (after wresting 1 shuttlecraft from ops, the only one that could be spared and even that one would be sorely missed) checking out the ring. Lt. Grant, knowing that power sources would be useful on the planet, viewed the ring as a ready built reserve of power sources available for harvesting. Going into the first one (spacesuited and physically opening the cover and tinkering) he discovered that the main power connectors to the charging device and been severed with an energy beam, and also that it was booby-trapped. He managed to get a few feet away before the obvious chemical explosive charge went off.

Working on other means to harvest them, a scan revealed that the next one in line seemed to not have the same damage to it and so Jackson went out again, removed the panel, found no damage and just a simple on/off switch. He turned it on, it didn’t explode, but it was completely drained of power. Finding a small active panel, he set the system to begin charging and was looking for a way to reprogram it when a small data interface chip designed to plug into Cardassian technology was beamed directly in front of his faceplate, lightly startling the wearied war veteran. He plugged it in and Frae told him she had set the shuttle, with Ensign Ricky still inside, as a hostile target. The turret immediately locked onto the shuttle, and Ensign Ricky pooped a little. There was not enough power for a weapons discharge, as Frae was aware, and she reset the shuttle to friendly, thought the weapon was still trained on the shuttle, it’s last target. They subsequently activated 3 more defense satellites and progress (the GM assumes) continues.

Pirate transport capture:

Various small town surround the main city. While the city doesn’t have any buildings remaining, and not even many stand alone walls – really no shelter at all, these small towns do represent some opportunity for shelter for at least some of the residents. The residents are thirst-starved, food starved, naked, and without shelter in a mildly toxic environment. This area was occupied by the Klingons who kept the local atmosphere toxin free, and took that equipment with them when they left.

More recently, Starrbon made contact with each of the three Ferengi ships/groups inbound to Sonebr IV. The closest of them is former, now restored, Daimon Zort, Taar Meski, who is now 49% shareholder of Trakon Supplies (Grutos Prut owns 51%, new board of directors), wants to build out the mines on Sonebr and there isn’t a moment to lose.

The second of them is the Captain’s old friend, Daimon Girn of the Mretek. From the Taggrut incident. He’s doing well, really well. He has the missing key components, including the very large parts, needed to put the cities power systems and water purification plant back online. They are stored in the 5 terribly delicate Ferengi Cargo Liners with the overpowered engines and ludicrously heavy shields.

Finally, there is Daimon Ult of the Ferengi Salvage Confederation has all the inexpensive, well-loved and cared for, slightly used products that would be needed to put a world like Sonebr back on it’s feet in no time (3 months more or less). He has a cousin that specializes in low cost dome construction as well to give the citizens a nice-ish place to live. He can be here in a week and have a city level dome in place in roughly a month if people aren’t sentimental about existing structures.

Engineering: The Endurance crew and Cardassian military personnel are fitted with respirators, a simple and effective means of protecting against the atmosphere at the current levels of toxicity (which is steadily rising). What could those do for the weakened population if they were made available, and what would it take to make them?

To drive much of the larger projects that will be needed to save the population the planet will need a source of power. The Endurance’s Auxiliary Power systems are 2 high efficiency fusion power plants built right into her hull. The ship carries the pieces and parts to do a near full replacement including all critical components. If the ship is totally without power it gives the people onboard the chance to put power of some kind online and thereby survive. Rugged and durable and designed to function even when damaged, it’s an optimum solution to powering a small city fully. Tathon and Jackson started having the parts sent down.

Still, it’s hard to set up a fusion plant in a rubble field. Taking a que from the Cardassians who were using ship weapons to clear and flatten sections of the ruins to set up temporary shelters, Starrbon followed suit and did the same 2km away from the refugee population. Creating an area a half kilometer in radius, he then set about flattening a road to where the people were. Those on the ground and in space contacted the Endurance to shut the operation down as it approached a point 200m from the populace. The unfortunate part of this is the efforts of Starrbon and the Cardassians did kick more toxic particulates into the immediate atmosphere.

Additionally, Starrbon dropped a small engineering team into the nearest and least toxic (due to proximity) of the small towns. There the e-team pulled the shield generator from the shuttle (much pilot complaining was heard) and then the shuttle was released to return to shuttling materials to the planet. The engineering crew (2 ratings and an NCO) set to work to modify the shield generator to put a large but very light ‘shield dome’ over that community. Not designed to do much more than prevent additional toxins from entering, the town, it’s nearly ready and ready to power. With the addition of an atmospheric scrubber (like the kind the ship uses) all the toxins within it could be cleared in a couple of hours.

The same system scaled up could cover could be deployed in the area of the population to generally reduce the toxins in the open air to tolerable levels and eliminate the need for the breathing masks.



Marines: There’s rebels in them there hills, maybe. There’s something there, the sensor’s say so.


To the Ferengi:
I’ll tell you what. I am in a hurry to get rid of this stack of Latinum. It’s taking up valuable seating space that we need. You get those parts back down to the planet, install them, have the water purifier working and provide us with the schematics of its finished state, this whole stack is yours.

To Frae:
I’d like that transport released from your custody to be used as soon as you are able. Take whatever measures you need that still leaves it safe to use afterward.

To Bob and Bob’s Marine Delivery Service:
Can you get us another of these transports?

Session 19: Triage At Sonebr

To Medical:
The transport we are docked with has some exotic lifeforms onboard, both plant and animal, that I assume are from this planet. Do what you can to keep them alive so they can possibly be reintroduced to the planet. Also please see what you can do about getting some soil samples of anything alive. There is a pretty good chance we are going to have to rebuild the ecology.

To Security teams:
We have a freighter weighted down with weapons docked with us. Empty it and tear down anything that isn’t unique. Turn the power cells over to engineering to be transported to the surface. As well as anything other pieces they asked for.

Session 19: Triage At Sonebr

As Dr. Shaw works, she comes across an emaciated cardassian male that she realizes she knows shortly into his treatment. He was involved with several of her interrogations – no one significant, just a helper to the primary interrogator. She also notices that he recognizes her.

Starrbon – The Ferengi are polite and thank you for your offer and that it’s clear that you have the means to back up your ideals and that you mean business. They look forward to meeting you in person once they have concluded their business with your Captain, or at least your first officer. “We go way back, you know.”

Lt Jackson – Unless you’re doing something else, you’ve successfully disarmed another 3 rigged satellites and put 11 online in addition to the other 4 you had. You believe you’ve also discovered a particular configuration of markings, non-cardassian and non-klingon that indicate those that have been tampered with. If true, it should start to go faster now.

Maj Jackson – You have coordinates in the foothills for some interesting indirect evidence of bi-pedal lifeforms hiding in the area, somehow sheltered from sensors – mostly. There is thinking that they may be Cardassian resistance of some kind. Ensign Ricky thinks they may be Klingons that stayed behind to mount terrorist attacks.

In other news your Marines are gently(?) dealing with the more mobile and insane of the population who are assaulting other refugees. Crazy civilians. With sticks. And knives. And a rock. In particular they are attacking alleged collaborators, assaulting the Endurance’s medical staff, the engineers, each other, their rage lashing out at any passing target. There aren’t many that are that mobile. Then there are the Cardassian soldiers ideas of how to handle these ‘unruly civilian curs’.

Session 19: Triage At Sonebr

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