x Lt Bree LeBlanc

Asst. Chief Engineer

NAME: Bree LeBlanc RACE: Human GENDER: Female AGE: 32
Strength: 58 Endurance: 60 Intellect: 81 Dexterity: 61
Charisma: 61 Luck: 91 Psionic: 69
Attitude: 69 Compliant Coolness: 60 Composed
Motivation: 85 Aspiring Willpower: 52 Average
Morality: 66 Conscentious Ethics: 81 Proper
Energy: 80 Animated Composure: 67 Composed
Bravery: 70 Bold Empathy: 72 Spontaneous
Humility: 37 Smug Political: 55 Mainstream
Social: 65 Influential Financial: 66 Well Off

Live Parents: 2 Old Bro: 2 Nuclear Fam
2 Children

Prior: Service: Star Fleet Branch: BCS Engineering RANK: Lieutenant

Administration:10/46 Physical Sciences – Robotics:9/45
Artistic Expression – Writing:10/46 Physical Sciences – Temporal Mech:65/73
Carousing:20/41 Planetary Sciences – Geology:10/46
Comm Sys Operation:20/51 Sensor Analysis:10/46
Comm Sys Technology:10/46 Sensor Technology:46/64
Computer Operation:70/76 Shuttlecraft Pilot:11/51
Computer Technology:40/61 Shuttlecraft Tech:10/46
Damage Cont Proc:48/65 Small Equip Sys Op:30/56
Deflector Shld Op:20/51 Small Equip Sys Tech:16/49
Deflector Shld Tech:10/46 Small Vessel Eng:5/43
Electronics Tech:20/51 Social Sciences – Culture/Human:10/46
Enviro Suit Op:10/36 Social Sciences – Fed History:15/48
Gaming – 3-Dim Chess:9/45 Social Sciences – Fed Law:15/48
Holodeck Op Proc:10/46 Social Sciences – Hist/Human:10/46
Holodeck Sys Tech:10/46 Social Sciences – Law/Human:10/46
Instruction:10/51 Social Sciences – Religion/Human:5/43
Language – Galacta:40/61 Space Sciences – Astrogation:40/61
Language – Human:40/61 Space Sciences – Astronautics:48/65
Language – Trill:15/48 Space Sciences – Astrophysics:26/54
Leadership:15/43 Sports – Track/Field:20/40
Life Sciences – Bionics:10/46 Starfleet Regs:23/52
Life Sup Sys Tech:20/51 Starship Combat Strat/Tactic:10/46
Marks – Modern:10/36 Starship Helm Operation:60/71
Mechanical Eng:30/56 Starship Services:27/54
Negotiation/Diplo:30/57 Starship Weapon Ops:2/42
Pers Comb – Unarmed:20/41 Starship Weapon Tech:10/46
Pers Weapon Tech:15/48 Theoretical Propulsion:102/92
Physical Sciences – Computer Science:15/48 Transporter Op Proc:11/46
Physical Sciences – Gravitics:10/46 Transporter Sys Tech:10/46
Physical Sciences – Mathematics:33/57 Trivia – Obscure and improvised power sources (like potatoes):71/76
Physical Sciences – Metallurgy:15/48 Warp Drive Tech:109/95
Physical Sciences – Physics:42/62 Zero-G Operation:10/36

4.0 Starfleet Academy
Gen Event: Your grandparent fanatically joined a popular religion
Gen Event: You owe a superior friend a huge favor
1.5 BCS Branch School
Competed in Academy-wide Misc contest – Champion!
Gen Event: Became pregnant accidentally-decide to keep child
Gen Event: Became pregnant accidentally-decide to keep child
Good Event: Helped relative/friend of a low level military authority – he/she ow
3.0 Engineering Branch School
Competed in Brigade-wide Misc contest – Placed!
Serv Event: Present dissertation to Federation Science Council
0.5 Cruise: Carrier Escort Duty
Ship: NCC-26517 Excalibur, Ambassador class Explorer
Karagite Order of Heroism
Silver Shuvalis
Grad Cum Laude
Competed in Brigade-wide Misc contest – Placed!
Gen Event: Your grandparent got married, arranged
2.2 1: Generic Cat 1 OER: Outstanding
Granted Open Access Security Clearance
Tour Event: Infected by parasitic organism – majority of your crew
2.1 3: Carrier Escort Duty OER: Outstanding
Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
Competed in Division-wide Misc contest
Good Event: Develop new weapon engineering process – minor

1.1 3: Cardassian Peacekeeping Force OER: Outstanding
Ship: USS Endurance, NCC-83812, Saint Louis class Cruiser
Competed in Ship-wide Track & Field contest – Placed!
Good Event: Participated in the development of new shield technology – minor
Tour Event: Participated in court martial of Starship Captain – witness
Tour Event: Participated in court martial of her own Captain – witness

x Lt Bree LeBlanc

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