Ship's Counselor

NAME: Charlie RACE: Tellarite GENDER: Male AGE: 37
Strength: 59 Endurance: 55 Intellect: 71 Dexterity: 57
Charisma: 48 Luck: 71 Psionic: 13
Attitude: 42 Independant Coolness: 62 Composed
Motivation: 60 Motivated Willpower: 73 Resolute
Morality: 52 Average Ethics: 50 Average
Energy: 64 Active Composure: 82 Patient
Bravery: 64 Daring Empathy: 56 Emotional
Humility: 39 Smug Political: 60 Leans Liberal
Social: 47 Average Financial: 50 Middle Class

Live Parents: 2 Nuclear Fam
Prior: Service: Star Fleet
Branch: BCS Counselor RANK: Lt. Commander
Dept. Head

4.0 Starfleet Academy
  • Gen Event: Your friend was arrested, misdemeanor conviction
  • Serv Event: Field test of new scientific process -As expected results
  • Good Event: One of your parents gained a large inheritance

1.5 BCS Branch School

  • Competed in Brigade-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition – Placed! (sandbagged)
  • Good Event: An ex-significant other gained a large inheritance
  • Tour Event: Discover new life form – primitive

3.0 Counselor Branch School

  • Competed in Brigade-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition (sandbagged)
  • Serv Event: Present dissertation to Federation Science Council

0.8 Serv Event: Participate in a project for the Federation Science Council

0.5 Cruise: Shipping Lane Patrol

  • Ship: NCC-62048 Bellerephon, Nebula class Strike Cruiser

0.5 Recycled – Repeat Officer Training

  • Gen Event: One of your parents fanatically joined a fringe religion

0.5 Cruise: Starbase 74 – Staff

  • Graduated
  • Serv Event: Field test of new scientific process -As expected results
  • Tour Event: Negotiate Peace Treaty
  • Gen Event: Your grandparent caught minor illness, recovered
  • Good Event: A close relative gained a large inheritance

1.1 Cataloging/Charting – Unexplored OER: As Expected

  • Ship: NCC – Norway, Norway class Cruiser
  • Granted Open Access Security Clearance
  • Competed in Brigade-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition (sandbagged)
  • Tour Event: Discover lost ship – derelict allied vessel
  • Gen Event: Your friend fanatically joined a cult
  • Promoted

1.8 Patrol – Threat Area OER: As Expected

  • Ship: NCC-90112 Drammen, Norway class Cruiser

1.0 Department Head School

0.5 Contact Training

  • Gen Event: One of your parents got married, out of species
  • Promoted

3.9 Shipping Lane Patrol OER: Excellent

  • Ship: NCC-77209 Wasp, Airie class Carrier
  • Tour Event: Planetary Quarantine/Interdiction
  • Promoted

1.1 Cardassian Peacekeeping Force OER: Outstanding
Ship: USS Endurance, NCC-83812, Saint Louis class Cruiser
Tour Event: Participated in court martial of Starship Captain – witness
Tour Event: Participated in court martial of her own Captain – witness

Administration:50/61 Planetary Survival – Forest:15/53
Artistic Expression – Ndlepnt/Embroidy:32/45 Planetary Survival – Savannah:20/55
Artistic Expression – Writing:10/41 Planetary Survival – Urban:20/55
Carousing:45/47 Security Procedures:20/46
Cloaking Procedures:10/41 Sensor Analysis:30/51
Comm Sys Operation:40/56 Sensor Technology:11/41
Comm Sys Technology:10/41 Shuttlecraft Pilot:22/50
Computer Operation:65/68 Small Equip Sys Op:11/41
Damage Cont Proc:11/41 Social Sciences – Comp Theology:30/51
Deflector Shld Op:20/46 Social Sciences – Culture/Klingon:24/48
Enviro Suit Op:10/34 Social Sciences – Culture/Native:41/56
Instruction:10/43 Social Sciences – Culture/Tellarite:26/49
Interrogation:51/57 Social Sciences – Fed History:15/43
Language – Cardassian:43/57 Social Sciences – Fed Law:15/43
Language – Ferengi:25/48 Social Sciences – Fed Temporal Policy:20/46
Language – Galacta:40/56 Social Sciences – Hist/Cardassian:24/48
Language – Klingon:26/49 Social Sciences – Hist/Tellarite:18/45
Language – Orion:25/48 Social Sciences – Law/Cardassian:22/47
Language – Tellarite:55/63 Social Sciences – Law/Klingon:15/43
Leadership:50/57 Social Sciences – Law/Tellarite:10/41
Life Sciences – Exobiology:42/57 Social Sciences – Religion/Bajoran:35/53
Life Sciences – Genetics:17/44 Social Sciences – Religion/Tellarite:5/38
Marks – Modern:28/43 Space Sciences – Astrogation:30/51
Medical Sciences – First Aid:20/46 Space Sciences – Astronautics:10/41
Medical Sciences – Gen Med/Tellarite:4/38 Space Sciences – Astrophysics:10/41
Medical Sciences – Psych/Cardassian:61/66 Sports – Wrastlin:10/35
Medical Sciences – Psych/Human:45/58 Starfleet Regs:22/47
Medical Sciences – Psych/Klingon:65/68 Starship Combat Strat/Tactic:10/41
Medical Sciences – Psych/Tellarite:23/47 Starship Helm Operation:40/56
Negotiation/Diplo:115/78 Starship Services:26/49
Pers Comb – Armed – Stunstick:20/39 Starship Weapon Ops:15/43
Pers Comb – Armed – bat’telh:20/39 Streetwise:30/39
Pers Comb – Unarmed:91/74 Surveillance:21/46
Pers Weapon Tech:11/41 Transporter Op Proc:21/46
Physical Sciences – Chemistry:10/41 Trivia – Puzzles:10/41
Physical Sciences – Drafting:10/41 Zero-G Operation:10/34
Planetary Sciences – Agronomy:10/41


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