Cmdr Dr Berran Ronne

Chief Engineer, USS Marathon

Name: Berran Ronne Race: Trill Gender: Male Age: 39
Strength: 62 Endurance: 62 Intellect: 91 Dexterity: 60
Charisma: 71 Luck: 91 Psionic: 55
Attitude: 63 Team Player Coolness: 69 Calm
Motivation: 84 Aspiring Willpower: 67 Resolute
Morality: 74 Conscientious Ethics: 69 Honorable
Energy: 71 Energetic Composure: 78 Patient
Bravery: 69 Bold Empathy: 49 Average
Humility: 26 Conceited Political: 27 Conservative
Social: 63 Privileged Financial: 62 Upper Class


  • Engineering Academy
  • Dept Head
  • BCS
  • Advanced Research Engineering School, Phd in Engineering
  • Advanced Tactics Training
  • A8 Computer Certification


  • Preston Award for Engineering
  • Andorian Star
  • Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
  • Cochrane Award for Engineering
  • Service Ribbon for Engineering
  • Betar Prize for Musical Composition


  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • Outstanding
  • Outstanding
  • Excellent
Admin: 92/92 Phys Sci – Temp Mech: 44/68
Art Expression – Music: 61/76 Planet Sci – Geology: 10/51
Art Expression – Writing: 43/67 Planet Sci – Meterology: 15/53
Carousing: 41/56 Planet Surv – Jungle: 22/60
Carrier Ops: 44/68 Planet Surv – Mountain: 20/59
Cloaking Dev Tech: 44/68 Sensor Analysis: 42/67
Comm Sys Ops: 41/66 Sensor Tech: 44/68
Comm Sys Tech: 45/68 Shuttle Pilot: 21/57
Comp Ops: 102/97 Shuttle Tech: 41/66
Comp Tech: 104/98 Small Equ Sys Op: 41/66
Cryptology: 42/67 Small Equ Sys Tech: 45/68
Deflect Shld Op: 44/68 Small Vess Eng: 42/67
Deflect Shld Tech: 42/67 Small Vess Pilot: 15/55
Dmg Cont Proc: 42/67 Small Vess Weap Ops: 15/55
Elec Tech: 48/70 Soc Sci – Culture/Trill: 43/67
Enviro Suit Ops: 42/64 Soc Sci – Fed History: 18/55
Fleet Tactics: 15/53 Soc Sci – Fed Law: 29/60
Gaming – 3D Chess: 43/67 Soc Sci – Hist/Trill: 23/57
Holo Sys Ops: 41/66 Soc Sci – Law/Trill: 24/58
Holo Sys Tech: 47/69 Soc Sci – Polic Sci: 25/58
Insruction: 45/69 Space Sci – Astrogation: 47/69
Lang – Binar: 15/53 Space Sci – Astronautics: 86/89
Lang – Galacta: 36/64 Space Sci – Astronomy: 43/67
Lang – Trill: 27/59 Space Sci – Astrophysics: 43/67
Leadership: 40/59 Starfleet Regs: 12/52
Life Sci – Bionics: 44/68 Starship Combat Strat/Tact: 41/66
Life Sup Sys Tech: 42/67 Starship Helm Ops: 75/83
Marks – Modern: 41/51 Starship Services: 20/56
Mech Eng: 50/71 Starship Weap Ops: 16/54
Med Sci – 1st Aid: 21/56 Starship Weap Tech: 41/66
Neg/Dip: 43/49 Stealth: 26/43
Pers Comb Armed – Dagger: 18/39 Streetwise: 14/43
Pers Comb Unarmed: 26/43 Surveillance: 21/56
Pers Weap Tech: 44/68 Theoretical Propulsion: 91/89
Phys Sci – Comp Sci: 96/94 Transporter Op Proc: 40/66
Phys Sci – Drafting: 48/70 Transporter Sys Tech: 43/67
Phys Sci – Gravitics: 42/67 Vehicle Op – Motorcycle: 41/51
Phys Sci – Math: 86/89 Warp Drive Tech: 99/96
Phys Sci – Metallurgy: 46/69 Zero-G Ops: 43/65
Phys Sci – Physics: 42/67

The Ronne symbiont is one of the younger ones that the Trill Science Ministry manages. Its first host was a civilian Reporter for the Trill Govt by the name of Mariana Ronne. She covered the entrance of Trill to the Federation as one of her first stories, a young, cub reporter for her local network. She lived a long live and covered stories all over the quadrant, from the signing of the Treaty of Algernon to the Bolians joining the Federation. She was at the ground breaking of the Daystrom Institute on Galor IV and the first talks between the Cardassians and the Federation, however unsuccessful they might have been at the time. She died on assignment, investigating an incident on Mizar and the symbiont was almost lost, but the Ministry managed to get to it in time and transplant it into a new host, Dalis Ronne.

Dalis Ronne was a simple man who enlisted in Starfleet in Flight Support at a young age and spent most of his short life in and around the Terra system, working in the yards and at Titan and Utopia Planetia. He met his untimely end at Wolf 359, defending the Alpha Quadrant from the Borg and the symbiont was passed along to Berran Ronne.

Berran Ronne is a spectacular genius, and his intellect made the most of the Ronne symbiont, tapping into its memories and using them to help him fly through Starfleet Academy, graduating with honors at the top of his class. His first assignment was Seran-T One, on the engineering staff, working in the transwarp theoretical space, finding alternatives to the standard warp practices. He spent a year there, coordinating efforts with the Vulcan Science Council, working out the preliminary science. His work there earned him his Preston Award for Engineering Excellence.

His next assignment was aboard the USS Freedom, a Freedom-class Light Frigate, doing escort duty along the Romulan Neutral Zone. It was here that he began to get recognition for his musical/mathematical computer models and he placed in a division-wide orchestral composition tourney. He sees music as a natural extension of mathematics and has been known to sit and listen to the “music” of mathematics to help him solve a problem, much to the chagrin of his teammates who often don’t understand the cacophony as music at all. In the last year of this assignment, he was pulled off to lead parts of the STWC project at the Vulcan Science Academy, putting into reality some of the theories that he’d help develop.

After a year on Vulcan, he was transferred to the USS Citadel, a Sovereign-class cruiser, where he spent the next four years as asst chief engineer. He used this time to further expand upon his computer modeling, especially in the field of transwarp theory and was awarded a Cochrane Award for his simulations that helped the STWC project overcome several obstacles and begin their implementation. While on galaxy exploration assignment he was promoted to Chief Warp Engineer, and was shuttled off for seminars and advance training to further his research.

Returning to Starfleet, he was assigned to Starbase 74 as a Computer Services Researcher, continuing his work in the STWC project as well as honing his models. Always looking for ways to see the music in his science, he developed a modeling program that converted the mathematics of Transwarp engines into an orchestral composition that inadvertently won him the Betar Prize for Music. This has given him a bit of celebrity that he was not expecting from a direction he did not intend, and he tends to shun the “popular” attention to focus on his engineering exploits.

His current assignment is as Chief Engineer aboard the USS Marathon, where he will be helping extend the STWC.

Cmdr Dr Berran Ronne

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