Cmdr Dr Walon Burress

CMO, USS Endurance

Name: Cmdr Walon Burress Race: Tellarite Gender: Male Age: 41
Strength: 65 Endurance: 76 Intellect: 92 Dexterity: 58
Charisma: 57 Luck: 91 Psionic: 18
Attitude: 31 Stubborn Coolness: 65 Composed
Motivation: 33 Unmotivated Willpower: 63 Firm
Morality: 35 Corrupt Ethics: 40 Dishonest
Energy: 23 Lazy Composure: 69 Composed
Bravery: 62 Daring Empathy: 29 Rational
Humility: 26 Conceited Political: 44 Leans Conservative
Social: 56 Privileged Financial: 54 Middle Class


  • Medical Doctor
  • Dept Head
  • Contact


  • None


  • Graduated at the 53 percentile of his class, failed his first cadet cruise due to being on Risa and missing it
  • Medical Staff, USS Nagato – Outstanding (with comments)
  • Surgeon, USS Maryland – As Expected (with comments)
  • Chief Surgeon, USS Maryland – As Expected (with comments)
  • Asst Chief Medical Officer, Starbase Lya III – As Expected (with comments)
Administration: 80/86 Med Sci – Surgery: 101/97
Art – Origami: 41/50 Med Sci – Toxicology: 40/66
Art – Writing: 10/51 Negotiation/Diplomacy: 45/44
Carousing: 41/49 Pers Comb – Lirpa: 40/53
Cloaking Proc: 10/51 Pers Comb – Unarmed: 40/53
Computer Ops: 45/69 Pers Weap Tech: 5/49
Damage Cont Proc: 10/51 Phys Sci – Chemistry: 40/66
Environ Suit Op: 10/34 Planet Sci – Hydrology: 10/51
Gaming – Dabo: 61/81 Planet Surv – Forest: 20/58
Instruction: 10/53 Planet Surv – Jungle: 20/58
Lang – Ferengi: 25/59 Security Proc: 20/56
Lang – Galacta: 40/66 Sensor Analysis: 41/67
Lang – Klingon: 15/54 Sensor Tech: 10/51
Lang – Telarite: 40/66 Shuttle Pilot: 15/55
Leadership: 42/54 Small Equip Sys Op: 41/67
Life Sci – Bionics: 45/69 Soc Sci – Cult/Telarite: 10/51
Life Sci – Biotech: 41/67 Soc Sci – Economics: 32/62
Life Sci – Botany: 10/51 Soc Sci – Fed History: 15/54
Life Sci – Ecology: 10/51 Soc Sci – Fed Law: 25/59
Life Sci – Exobiology: 43/68 Soc Sci – Hist/Telarite: 10/51
Life Sci – Genetics: 45/69 Soc Sci – Law/Telarite: 10/51
Life Sci – Zoology: 10/51 Soc Sci – Law/Ferengi: 40/66
Life Sup Sys Tech: 20/56 Soc Sci – Political Science: 20/56
Marks – Modern: 10/34 Space Sci – Astrogation: 10/51
Med Sci – 1st Aid: 55/74 Space Sci – Astronomy: 10/51
Med Sci – Forensics: 41/67 Starfleet Regs: 10/51
Med Sci – Gen Med/Andorian: 40/66 Starship Services: 15/54
Med Sci – Gen Med/Human: 60/76 Streetwise: 41/49
Med Sci – Gen Med/Klingon: 43/68 Trade and Commerce: 41/67
Med Sci – Gen Med/Romulan: 40/66 Transporter Op Proc: 10/51
Med Sci – Gen Med/Telarite: 45/69 Trivia – Puzzles: 43/68
Med Sci – Pathology: 81/87 Value Estimation: 41/67
Med Sci – Pharmacology: 46/69 Zero-G Operation: 10/53

Walon Burress was born on stardate 2346 on the planet Telar to Engineer parents in the public sector. His childhood was unremarkable because his family was unremarkable. The biggest dream he had as he was growing up was that he would one day be someone of note, a hero, someone that people looked up to and respected. This lasted until his teens when he realized that all he really wanted was girls.

Considered charming for his race, and more hedonistic than most, Walon devoted his life to correcting to image to the rest of the galaxy’s women that Telarites were crass and obnoxious, and he spent a great deal of time around Telar’s starports during his misspent adolescence proving that point, one woman at a time. It was around this part of his life that he realized that, if he really wanted to pick up women, he needed to be in uniform, because girls really flocked to a guy in uniform. Being someone who didn’t dream small, he realized that the only thing girls flocked to more than a guy in uniform was a DOCTOR in uniform. Walon despised engineering because his entire family (parents, uncles, aunts, siblings) were all engineers, so to spite them all he applied to Starfleet Medical.

Walon squeaked through the Academy application process, mostly because he was one of the very few Telarites who applied to Medical and Starfleet has a strict affirmative action policy for any candidate that qualifies, even if only barely. He performed his coursework adequately, disliking the amount of work required but finding a natural aptitude to the subject matter, finding it amusing that the Telarite “innate understanding of how things worked” somehow translated to organic “machines” as well. He spent more time partying than studying and slept (hungover) through the attempted coup while he was in Medical School. His grades were adequate, graduating him in the middle of his class. The only black mark on his record was that he missed his first Cadet Cruise, having gone on leave to Risa with friends and forgot to return in time (though the “official story” was that there was technical difficulties with his return trip). They pushed his cruise back a year and he graduated with the next class.

On his first tour of duty, he was assigned to the medical staff of the USS Nagato, a Sovereign Class Cruiser. He spent four years serving in the sick bay there and received an outstanding review, his superior officer noting in his record that he seemed to be able to do the work of four officers. It wasn’t until he was transferred to another ship that the CMO of the Nagato discovered the truth, that Walon was a master of delegation and managed to delegate the majority his workload to other personnel, managing them masterfully while he slacked off. There was no doubting his skill, especially on the operating room table, but the CMO put a note in his record about this, which he carries to this day.

Walon’s next assignment was aboard the USS Maryland, a Norway Class cruiser, as a surgeon. He spent eight years on the Norway in two tours, moving up from surgeon to chief surgeon, receiving As Expected for his review because of his behavior. He received numerous positive notes in his reviews because he was a brilliant surgeon and doctor and did impeccable work…when he did it. However he was often late to shifts, spent a great deal of time in the forward lounge socializing and womanizing, had been spoken to by the ship’s Counselor for borderline inappropriate behavior on numerous occasions, and for delegating work that was explicitly assigned to him. He was well-loved by his crewmates (unusual for a Telarite) and managed the people under him (and many not under him) extraordinarily well, which is why he was promoted.

After so long on a ship, Walon was very happy to find himself assigned to Starbase Lya III on the medical staff of Starfleet Command. A cushy job on a station with a lot of personnel to manage, Walon was in heaven and spent almost two years making a nest for himself, with multiple mistresses and a great deal of shore leave time down on the planet and on Risa. Unfortunately, he did such a good job managing the group that, due to the shortage of ships and crew, he was promoted and put back on a ship.

His current assignment (under protest) is the USS Endurance as its Chief Medical Officer.

Cmdr Dr Walon Burress

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