x Lt Cmdr Cyril Dupont

Chief Engineer, USS Endurance (Prior Campaign)


NAME: Cyril Dupont RACE: Human GENDER: Male AGE: 39
Strength: 59 Endurance: 54 Intellect: 81 Dexterity: 71 Charisma: 52 Luck: 91 Psionic: 25
Political: 57/57 Leans Liberal Social: 62/62 Priviledged Financial: 59/59 Upper Class
Attitude: 51/56 Team Player
Coolness: 62/69 Calm
Motivation: 58/70 Determined
Willpower: 71/72 Resolute
Morality: 54/58 Good
Ethics: 54/58 Honest
Energy: 58/57 Active
Composure: 57/67 Composed
Bravery: 63/64 Daring
Empathy: 44/42 Unemotional
Humility: 57/41 Smug

Live Parents: 2 Old Sis: 2 Old Bro: 1 Nuclear Fam
Prior: Service: Star Fleet Branch: BCS Engineering RANK: Lt. Commander
Dept. Head Contact
Comp Rating: A2

4.0 Starfleet Academy
Competed in Brigade-wide Poker tournament – Placed!
Rom Event: Love affair with problems – your family hates them
Tour Event: Knowing Participant in Unethical Event at Academy-not caught
1.5 BCS Branch School
Competed in Brigade-wide Poker tournament – Champion!
Gen Event: One of your parents became infamous, politically
Gen Event: One of your siblings started a fringe religion
Good Event: Helped relative/friend of a moderately influential political authority – he/she
owes you a favor
Serv Event: Field test of new engineering process -As expected results
Good Event: Helped relative/friend of a low level military authority – he/she owes you a favor
Tour Event: Host Diplomatic Event
3.0 Engineering Branch School
Gen Event: One of your parents became infamous, politically
0.5 Cruise: Shakedown of New Ship
Ship: USS Sovereign, Sovereign Class Heavy Cruiser
Competed in Brigade-wide Poker tournament – Placed!
Tour Event: Host Diplomatic Event
3.9 Theoretical Propulsion Group – Admin OER: Excellent
Prantares 1st class
Granted Open Access Security Clearance
Competed in Division-wide Poker tournament
Serv Event: Field test of new engineering process – Excellent results
1.6 Shakedown of New Ship OER: Outstanding
Ship: USS Titan, Prometheus Class Heavy Cruiser
1.0 Department Head School
0.5 Contact Training
Competed in Division-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition
Good Event: Develop new starship weaponry engineering process – minor
Tour Event: Communications Relay – Upgrade and maintenance
Tour Event: Discover new life form – sentient
Good Event: Develop new small equip engineering process – major
4.4 Utopia Planetia – Design OER: As Expected
Achieved Computer Expert Rating of A1
1.0 Advanced Research Engineering School
Competed in Division-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition – Placed!
Tour Event: Negotiate Peace Treaty

Administration: 53 Physical Sciences: Robotics: 47
Artistic Expression: Holophotography: 20 Physical Sciences: Temporal Mech: 47
Artistic Expression: Writing: 18 Planetary Sciences: Geology: 10
Carousing: 28 Planetary Survival: Forest: 20
Cloaking Device Tech: 19 Planetary Survival: Urban: 20
Cloaking Procedures: 10 Security Procedures: 20
Comm Sys Operation: 20 Sensor Analysis: 10
Comm Sys Technology: 44 Sensor Technology: 34
Computer Operation: 85 Shuttlecraft Pilot: 16
Computer Technology: 10 Shuttlecraft Tech: 45
Damage Cont Proc: 11 Small Equip Sys Op: 31
Deflector Shld Op: 20 Small Equip Sys Tech: 45
Deflector Shld Tech: 40 Small Vessel Eng: 5
Electronics Tech: 40 Social Sciences: Comp Theology: 10
Enviro Suit Op: 10 Social Sciences: Culture/Human: 10
Gaming: Poker: 49 Social Sciences: Fed History: 15
Holodeck Op Proc: 44 Social Sciences: Fed Law: 15
Holodeck Sys Tech: 51 Social Sciences: Fed Temporal Policy: 20
Instruction: 10 Social Sciences: Hist/Human: 10
Language: Binar: 15 Social Sciences: Law/Human: 10
Language: Galacta: 40 Social Sciences: Probability Eth: 20
Language: Human: 40 Social Sciences: Religion/Human: 5
Leadership: 30 Space Sciences: Astrogation: 30
Life Sciences: Biotechnology: 10 Space Sciences: Astronautics: 51
Life Sup Sys Tech: 10 Space Sciences: Astrophysics: 20
Marks – Modern: 10 Starfleet Regs: 10
Mechanical Eng: 40 Starship Combat Strat/Tactic: 10
Medical Sciences: First Aid: 20 Starship Helm Operation: 60
Negotiation/Diplo: 74 Starship Services: 20
Pers Comb – Armed: Dueling Stick: 20 Starship Weapon Tech: 45
Pers Comb – Armed: Sword(s): 20 Streetwise: 10
Pers Comb – Unarmed: 64 Theoretical Propulsion: 82
Pers Weapon Tech: 19 Transporter Op Proc: 41
Physical Sciences: Computer Science: 41 Transporter Sys Tech: 43
Physical Sciences: Gravitics: 45 Trivia: Puzzles: 31
Physical Sciences: Mathematics: 44 Warp Drive Tech: 84
Physical Sciences: Metallurgy: 41 Zero-G Operation: 44
Physical Sciences: Physics: 43

Born in London on Earth in 2347 to scientist and engineering parents, Cyril was always fascinated with how things worked and what made things “go”. Constantly taking apart and putting back together his toys and anything else he could get his hands on, his room was regularly filled with odd bits and pieces. His parents, both technical types in the civilian world, encouraged this behavior, buying him “kits” and project toys for him to disassemble, reassemble, and improve upon. They ensured he was enrolled in the best engineering schools available and had visions of him one day working at the Daystrom or Cochrane Institutes, which is why they were both surprised and dismayed when he announced his desire to enroll in Starfleet. After months of negotiations, he finally won them over to his side with the simple explanation that he felt the highest points in engineering and science were simply unavailable anywhere else. Unable to argue with this logic, they conceded the point and supported his petition.

Many of history’s more mundane engineers felt they were born in times where all the really big discoveries had been made. Cyril, who could not disagree more, always felt the really big discoveries were yet to be found, and that he was one of the men who could discover them. In the Academy, he had the pleasure of meeting, if not getting to know overly much, a cadet by the name of Ro Laren, one of the first Bajoran’s to attend Starfleet Academy. He found them quite fascinating and learned what he could of the culture, though none of them were taking engineering curriculum so they did not run in the same circles. He also spent a bit of time with a late-coming underclassman by the name of Wesley Crusher, who had some interesting theories on warp mechanics, and Cyril always felt was well ahead of his age and peers in the Academy.

Wesley and Cyril worked on a number of teams together, Crusher regularly being assigned to upperclass teams, though rumors were that it was due to influence his family exerted, Cyril always felt that was poor form as Crusher’s competence was always without question. They worked together on a research project to create a simulation on the use of solitan waves for propulsion, proving in their research that, while it was possible, it was not efficient nor was it safe. The research was cited on Bilana III when they attempted the field tests and the ship was destroyed, killing the pilot, but it was dismissed as the work of cadets, disappointing both Crusher and Dupont.

Cyril’s one regret during his Academy days was the Red Squad incident. The cadets came to him, an upperclassman, and asked his assistance in tuning the ships for a maneuver they were doing. Always interested in tuning for performance, he assisted the cadets in getting their ships ready. The following day, they attempted the maneuver and one of their number was killed in an accident (not involving the ship or performance, but due to lack of skill, Cyril made sure that was the case). There was a massive investigation and Cyril assumed he’d be implicated, ending his career, but at no point was he engaged. He carries his guilt for participating in that to this day. The other engineering student who was involved, B’elanna Torres, dropped out shortly after the incident.

During his graduate studies in the Engineering branch schools, he did a tremendous amount of work in interphasic warp, especially after General Order 32 was put into place, limiting maximum warp to 5 in high-traffic areas (then extended to all space) due to the damage it was causing to subspace. He and his team did significant research in this arena and was part of the first interphasic field trials for the technology that would eventually go to be introduced in the Intrepid class ships. He got to be part of the apprentice research teams for both the Intrepid and Sovereign launches because of his work on the technologies and his cadet cruise was the shakedown cruise of the USS Sovereign, the first capital ship that utilized the interphasic technology. As with all new technologies, it had its problems, but it was a promising start to what Cyril knew would become a fundamental change in the way Starfleet moved its ships around. It was on this journey that he received a note from young cadet Wesley Crusher, indicating he was taking a leave from Starfleet Academy to “travel”. He seemed somewhat oblique about it, and promptly vanished off the map, which disappointed Cyril greatly as he always liked the young man and thought he showed immense potential.

After his cruise Cyril returned to Earth to take an engineering science position at the Advanced Theoretical Propulsion Group where he was doing advanced research on both transphasic and interphasic technology when the Breen attacked the planet. His work on emergency power systems and recovering facility and base power during and after the attack, along with his cool head in the face of the invasion, earned him a number of awards and citations. It was part of his work during this time that was to become the modular gel pack technology that would later be added to Starfleet ships to speed up their reaction time, an upgrade over the Intrepid class packs that, after their initial deployment, showed unexpected signs of decay and vulnerabilities to infection. He was also a part of the research team that was assigned to unraveling the mysteries of the Voyager Intrepid class vessel that returned from the Alpha quadrant after being presumed lost. While it would take years for everything that could be extrapolated from the technology to be made implementable, Lt Torres’ and Ms Hansen’s (7 of 9) body of work was most extraordinary, especially given the limitations of their situation.

As a result of his work, he earned himself an engineering position on the shakedown cruise of the USS Titan, commanded by Capt William T Riker, alongside Wesley Crusher, who had apparently returned from his “travels” and completed his education. With an Outstanding Officer Efficiency Rating from that cruise, he was recommended for engineering command and spent the next few years gaining the required training. Afterwards he was given the position of Assistant Chief Engineer of theoretical propulsion in the Utopia Planetia Design Labs on Mars, where he served for 5 years, attending the Advanced Research Engineering School while there.

Most recently, he has been assigned to the USS Endurance as Chief Engineer, though he is still keeping his hands in the research arena, using the USS Endurance as his own field testing platform, with the understanding that his priorities are 100% functionality before theory…it is a combat starship in a warzone after all.

x Lt Cmdr Cyril Dupont

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