Eyrrol Thuen

1st Officer of USS Marathon, 2nd Officer USS Endurance


Male Trill, 38 years.
STR: 68 END: 68 INT: 75 DEX: 62 CHA: 56 LUCK: 71 PSI: 1

Attitude: 58/58 (Team Player) Coolness: 63/67 Calm Motivation: 63/71 Determined
Willpower: 72/73 Resolute Morality: 55/58 Good Ethics: 47/51 Average
Energy: 67/66 Energetic Composure: 58/65 Composed Bravery: 62/64 Daring
Empathy: 57/54 Average Humility: 44/36 Smug
Political: 49/49 Mainstream Social: 56/56 Priviledged Financial: 42/42 Lwr Mid Class

Live Parents: 2 No siblings. Grandfather (Paternal)

Prior: Service: Star Fleet Branch: BCS Security Rank Lt. Commander
Dept. Head Command Contact

Administration 66
Artistic Expression, Acting 16
Carousing 20
Carrier Operations 13
Cloaking Procedures 10
Comm Sys Operation 45
Comm Sys Tech 11
Computer Ops 65
Computer Tech 6
Damage Cont Proc 41
Deflector Shld Op 59
Deflector Shld Tech 10
Electronics Tech 21
Enviro Suit Op 43
Fleet Tactics 27
Gaming, Kalevian Montar 14
Gaming, Ktarian Game 5
Instruction 22
Intelligence Proc 3
Language, Acamarian 5
Language, Deltan 7
Language, Galacta 24
Language, Pakled 9
Language, Scalosian 15
Language, Trill 26
Leadership 43
Life Sciences, Bionics 6
Life Sciences, Ecology 10
Life Sciences, Exobiology 3
Life Sciences, Genetics 10
Life Sup Sys Tech 18
Marksman Modern 40
Mechanical Eng 17
Medical Sciences, First Aid 20
Medical Sciences, Gen Med/Klingon 6
Medical Sciences, Gen Med/Trill 4
Medical Sciences, Psych/Trill 17
Negotiation/Diplo 80
Pers Combat Armed, Artonian Laser 20
Pers Combat Armed, Khaiya 7
Pers Combat Armed, Lirpa 20
Pers Combat Armed, Ahn-Woon 20
Pers Combat Unarmed 105
Pers Weapon Tech 19
Physical Sciences, Chemistry 6
Physical Sciences, Computer Science 22
Physical Sciences, Drafting 30
Physical Sciences, Mathematics 24
Physical Sciences, Physics 4
Physical Sciences, Robotics 25
Physical Sciences, Temporal Mech 6
Planetary Sciences, Geology 6
Planetary Sciences, Hydrology 22
Planetary Sciences, Meteorology 10
Planetary Survival, Aquatic 20
Planetary Survival, Urban 20
Security Procedures 70
Security Systems 22
Sensor Analysis 10
Sensor Technology 14
Shuttlecraft Pilot 72
Shuttlecraft Tech 2
Small Equip Sys Ops 31
Small Equip Sys Tech 6
Small Unit Tactics 28
Small Vessel Eng 13
Small Vessel Pilot 26
Small Vsl Weap Ops 15
Social Sciences, Trill Architecture 3
Social Sciences, Trill Culture 23
Social Sciences, Fed History 20
Social Sciences, Fed Law 50
Social Sciences, Romulan History 10
Social Sciences, Trill History 3
Social Sciences, Trill Law 5
Social Sciences, Trill Religion 5
Space Sciences, Astrogation 40
Space Sciences, Astronautics 3
Space Sciences, Astronomy 19
Space Sciences, Astrophysics 23
Sports, Parrises Squares 20
Starfleet Regs 40
Starship Combat Strat/Tactics 85
Starship Helm Operation 56
Starship Services 43
Starship Weapon Ops 55
Starship Weapon Tech 3
Streetwise 24
Transporter Op Proc 11
Transporter Sys Tech 9
Trivia, Historical Toys 4
Vehicle Operation, Railed 17
Warp Drive Tech 13
Zero-G Operation 43


Eyrrol grew up on the southern continent of Trill. He was born Stardate 23490311.5. As a youth, he was tormented by his peers because of his grandfather’s beliefs, and learned to protect himself from bullies.

His paternal grandfather is a leader in a controversial return to an ancient Trill religion that depicts the symbiotes as malevolent creatures. No one in the past 10 generations of the family has even entered into the Initiate Program.

Unhappy with his home, he decided to enter into Star Fleet. During his second year, he broke into the security mainframe to play a prank on a classmate, but was not caught, only admitting to the event years later.

He next went into BCS Branch School, and for the first time competed in an unarmed combat competition. When he went through Security Branch School, he placed for the first time in competition.

Meanwhile, on stardate 23730813, his Grandfather was arrested for breaking into one of the trill pools with several sonic emitters, that could have permanently damaged all the symbiotes there.

After graduation from schools after almost 8 years in school, he was assigned as a security officer on the Andor Star, an Airie Class Cruiser, and was serving there when the Breen dignitaries were brought to the post war conference onboard the Andor Star. On their return to Breen space, Thuen helped to foil a Tzenkethi plot to assassinate the Breen Diplomats, even taking a severe laser wound to his leg while saving a diplomat. As a result, the personnel involved in the event were all awarded the Andorian Star of Valor, and Eyrrol and another ensign were awarded the Andorian Star with Dagger for their putting their lives on the line in an attempt to foster peace.

It was during his time on the Andor Star that his father became more involved in the fringe religious movement on Trill. His father asked Eyrrol to return and become a minister of the old ways, but he declined, stating his life in Star Fleet was too important to him. At around the same time, the Trill Commission was investigating Eyrrol’s beliefs to see if he was also a menace to the Trill way of life. Ens. Thuen made it clear at this point that his beliefs were much closer to those of his mother, who spent her whole scientific career investigating the nature and origin of the symbiotes, and maintaining a fair level of mistrust as to their alleged innocuity.

On stardate 23821109, he was promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, assistant Tactical officer onboard the USS Lakota, on a charge of Galaxy Exploration in the Gamma Quadrant. During this time, his superior officer recommended him for Department Head School, and he was included in several first contact situations.

On stardate 23830527, the Bajoran Ambassador, charged with escorting various diplomats to and from Bajor in preparation for its inclusion into the Federation, decided she wanted someone who had demonstrated that they would put their own life on the line to protect important delegates, and Thuen’s early record came into her notice. He was promoted and put in charge of security/tactical onboard the USS Nez Pierce, an Akira Class cruiser, where he served admirably for several years. It was during this time that he prepared for command school, and received advanced tactics training. At the tail end of this endeavor, when Bajor was officially welcomed into the Federation, he took the Ambassador on a tour of all the Federation Homeworlds to officially greet the newest, potentially most important, member planet’s delegate.

He was recalled to Earth by Captain Yu and promoted to Lt. Comm on stardate 23870621 and placed as second officer of the USS Endurance.

On stardate 23870711, Thuen was nearly spaced, along with the rest of the bridge crew, in an ambush set up by the Cardassian Military rebels, the True Way. Riddled with scarring from the injuries he received as an ensign on the Andor Star, his leg was further damaged and had to be removed, throwing him into a brief psychological turmoil.

On stardate 23870824, Thuen disobeyed orders when Captain Sakon requested that the Endurance kidnap the legitimate governor of _____, along with other civilians both on planet as well as aboard ships in orbit, but acquiesced when threatened with a court martial. Instead, he began to privately take notes on the Captain’s behavior for future reference.

On stardate 23871004, Thuen spoke with several officers regarding Captain Sakon’s recent erratic actions. He convinced their Cardassian Military Liason to remain onboard and allow him to serve as a conduit to the Captain, due to Sakon’s irrational anger towards the Federation’s Guest. His official reports were neither supportive nor damning, but they left out no detail of Sakon’s actions and threats.

On stardate 23871109, Thuen was ordered by high command to arrest Captain Sakon, pending his court martial. He was temporarily promoted to first officer, and was charged with gathering all official data, crew logs, and even relative personal logs and communiques regarding the Captain’s behavior.

Eyrrol Thuen

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