Master Chief Petty Officer Kor'val Keth Endilev

Crew Chief, Engineering Chief


NAME: Kor’val of Keth Endilev RACE: Andorian GENDER: Male AGE: 41
Strength: 81 Endurance: 71 Intellect: 73 Dexterity: 72 Charisma: 61 Luck: 81 Psionic: 52
Political: 64/64 Leans Liberal Social: 48/48 Average Financial: 51/51 Middle Class
Attitude: 61/64 Team Player
Coolness: 81/84 Cool
Motivation: 65/80 Aspiring
Willpower: 71/71 Resolute
Morality: 56/59 Good
Ethics: 55/65 Honorable
Energy: 63/59 Active
Composure: 87/91 Calm
Bravery: 71/71 Bold
Empathy: 80/80 Impulsive
Humility: 56/34 Conceited

Live Parents: 2 Old Bro: 1 Ext Family
Polygamous[0 mate(s)]
Prior: Service: Star Fleet Branch: Engineering RANK: Mast Chf Petty

1.0 Naval Boot Camp
Serv Event: Field test of new engineering process -As expected results
1.0 Engineering Spec School
Gen Event: Your grandparent became infamous, religiously
3.3 Intelligence Tech Services – Tholian OER: As Expected
Andorian Star
Competed in Ship-wide Chaka competition – Champion!
Tour Event: Host Diplomatic Event
Tour Event: Infected by parasitic organism – your crew was seriously injured by it
Gen Event: One of your parents lived through a crisis, but changed dramatically
Tour Event: Infected by parasitic organism – you
Tour Event: Infected by parasitic organism – majority of your crew
Gen Event: One of your siblings got married, out of species
3.1 System Defense Duty – Frontier World OER: Outstanding
Ship: NCC-77802 Falcon, Tarsus class Assault Carrier
Andorian Ribbon
Gen Event: Your grandparent cut you out of their will
2.1 Jupiter Station Research OER: As Expected
Denebian Swan
Competed in Brigade-wide Brewing exhibition – Placed!
Good Event: Develop new holo engineering process – minor
Gen Event: One of your siblings lost a small fortune
Gen Event: One of your siblings was arrested, you bailed them out
Serv Event: Field test of new engineering process -As expected results
Gen Event: One of your siblings fanatically joined a fringe religion
1.4 Deep System Survey – Unexplored OER: As Expected
Ship: NCC-50015 Wallensteind, Wellington class Light Cruiser
Granted Open Access Security Clearance
Competed in Division-wide Brewing exhibition
Gen Event: Your grandparent joined a popular religion
4.6 Galaxy Exploration – Capital Ship OER: As Expected
Ship: NCC-21031 Warlock, Soverign class Heavy Explorer
Nobel Prize in Physics
Competed in Fleet-wide Brewing exhibition
Tour Event: Chart Spatial Anomaly – Unexplored
Serv Event: Emergency Eco-Restoration
Gen Event: One of your siblings entered the merchant service
2.1 Military Operations OER: Outstanding
Ship: NCC-11574 Ajax, Apollo class Light Cruiser
Competed in Fleet-wide Brewing exhibition
Rom Event: You have a one night stand/short term sexual encounter with an attractive person
Rom Event: Love affair with problems – your family hates them
0.3 Deep Space Exploration OER: Outstanding
Ship: NCC-20000 Sagan, Oberth class Surveyor
Granted Classified Security Clearance
Competed in Fleet-wide Brewing exhibition
Serv Event: Emergency Eco-Restoration
4.2 San Francisco Shipyards – Design OER: As Expected
Silver Shuvalis
Star Cross
Andorian Medal of Honor
Competed in Fleet-wide Brewing exhibition (sandbagged)
Good Event: Develop new communications engineering process – minor
Gen Event: Your grandparent fanatically joined a fringe religion
Good Event: Develop new starship weaponry engineering process – minor
Gen Event: One of your siblings needed a small favor, you could not help them

Administration: 41 Physical Sciences: Chemistry: 16
Artistic Expression: Brewing: 96 Physical Sciences: Mathematics: 37
Artistic Expression: Writing: 10 Physical Sciences: Metallurgy: 15
Bribery: 13 Physical Sciences: Physics: 15
Carousing: 44 Small Equip Sys Op: 28
Comm Sys Operation: 10 Social Sciences: Culture/Andorian: 10
Comm Sys Technology: 95 Social Sciences: Fed History: 5
Computer Operation: 15 Social Sciences: Hist/Andorian: 10
Electronics Tech: 41 Social Sciences: Law/Andorian: 10
Enviro Suit Op: 10 Social Sciences: Religion/Andorian: 5
Forgery: 5 Space Sciences: Astronautics: 44
Holodeck Op Proc: 58 Space Sciences: Astronomy: 4
Holodeck Sys Tech: 100 Starfleet Regs: 5
Instruction: 6 Starship Services: 15
Language: Andorian: 40 Starship Weapon Tech: 11
Language: Galacta: 40 Streetwise: 46

Born on Andor in 2345 to keth Endilev in the city of Lor’Vela in the province of Dhara, the cradle of Andorian civilization. The Endilev clansmen have well deserved reputations for being cheerful family businessmen, good brewers and brawlers, and excellent hosts, and Kor’val’s family was no exception. From birth Kor’val was surrounded by happy family and worked in the clan’s brewing centers from age 10, helping make the gold, frothy Andorian Ale that the clan was known for. As a child in the technologically advanced region of Dhara, Kor’val had access to educational opportunities that many other Andorians did not, and found himself drifting into engineering interests, though regularly swearing to his clansmen that he would always brew, under threat of them finding him, dragging him behind a warehouse, and teaching him the error of his ways for disgracing the keth…he’s pretty sure most of them were kidding, but one can never be sure.

Not having the discipline to go for officer training, Kor’val enlisted in Starfleet as a Recruit, attending his Boot Camp on Earth. While he had a rough time adjusting to the climate, he made friends readily, especially around mail call time when his packages from home would arrive. This ability to make friends would carry him through most of his career, along with his ability to make or find people any alcohol they desired. He continued on to Engineering Specialist School and was assigned to Tech Services for Starfleet Intelligence, responsible for the engineering administrative tasks in the Tholian branch.

Normally a quiet assignment, with the Tholians relatively inactive, his group was called up to investigate the attack and destruction of the colony on Jouret IV by the Borg, and his group was subsequently broken out to focus on Tech Intelligence Services for the Borg. He subsequently worked on a number of Borg projects, developed a few processes that helped understand the Borg, and served on the Saratoga at Wolf 359 as a Tech Specialist, going down with the ship and abandoning it like so many others. During that fight the Saratoga was boarded and many of the crew infected with the assimilation nanites, including Kor’val, though the process was stopped before full assimilation could occur…Kor’val still has the treatment scars.

Once he’d recovered from the Saratoga, Kor’val was assigned to the USS Falcon, a Tarsus Assault Cruiser, which was System Defense Duty near the Pleiades Cluster. During this time he developed his holodeck brewers still, a private program that allowed him to continue his brewmastery while serving on a ship. The Falcon had many engagements with pirates and random aliens in the area, but nothing of any serious note, though Kor’Val did collect the Andorian Ribbon by serving with bravery on a Federation vessel under combat, which made his keth proud.

Once the tour was complete, he was sent Sol-ward and assigned to Jupiter Station due to his holodeck expertise. There he worked with Lt Reginald Barclay and Dr Lewis Zimmerman on extensions and expansions on Dr Zimmerman’s initial EMH programs. A lot of what went into the later generations of the Emergency Hologram programs was developed by Kor’val in those labs.

Back into space, aboard the USS Wallensteined, a Wellington Light Cruiser, he was assigned to communications systems where he was recruited by Project Pathfinder, a project being run by Admiral Paris and including Lt Barclay again. The group, working from multiple remote sites, were tasked with re-establishing contact with Voyager, who it turns out was not lost after all, just stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

His next ship was the USS Warlock, a Sovereign Class Heavy Cruiser, where he continued his work with Project Pathfinder. Kor’val provided a great deal of communications technology expertise in the development of the system that was used to re-establish contact with Voyager and won the Nobel Prize for Physics as a result of it, something that made is keth proud, but not as proud as the brew he submitted winning second place across Starfleet (priorities, after all). He was also called upon when Dr Zimmerman became ill and apparently the only one who could save him was his own creation, 1,000’s of light years away. It was Kor’val and Barclay’s communications and holodeck experience that allowed the Voyager EMH to be uploaded from Voyager to a ship in the Alpha Quadrant and have him treat Dr Zimmerman, saving his life.

When Voyager returned, Kor’val was pulled in as part of the team to examine the ship and assimilate all it had learned. Of particular interest to Kor’val was the Doctor’s mobile emitter. Kor’val was part of the team that explored it and, apart from the power source (which is still being researched), the technology was able to be integrated into the current emitter systems, providing a significant increase in yield and resolution, as well as opening up a host of other possible applications.

Kor’val did a short stint on the USS Ajax, an Apollo Class Light Cruiser, and an even shorter one on the USS Sagan, an Oberth Class Surveyor, taking various engineering roles as needed when specific problems called for his skills. As one of the senior enlisted in Starfleet, he often found himself put places for brief stints to help resolve issues, either technical or personnel related.

As Starfleet was ramping up after the loss of ships during the Dominion conflict, Kor’val was called back to San Francisco to work in the Design Office in the ship yards. He found himself, in this role, travelling all over the Federation, helping to trouble shoot ship issues and repair ships in trouble in support of the Rapid Deployment Fleet as a trouble shooter. His bravery and coolness under fire saw him receive many medals and awards. In light of this, and his skill set, he was assigned the Crew Chief position aboard the USS Endurance and sent into the Cardassian Sector to lend his considerable skill and experience to the conflict there.

Master Chief Petty Officer Kor'val Keth Endilev

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