z Lt Cmdr Cole Maletski

Chief Med Officer, Lt Cmdr, Human

NAME: Cole Maletski RACE: Human GENDER: Male AGE: 33

Strength: 54Endurance: 63 Intellect: 68
Dexterity: 56 Charisma: 60Luck: 28Psionic: 37

Attitude: 60 / 61 Team Player Coolness: 71 / 72 CalmMotivation: 65 / 69 Determined
Willpower: 54 / 54 AverageMorality: 39 / 41 ExploitiveEthics: 50 / 55 Average
Energy: 43 / 41 InactiveComposure: 57 / 63 PatientBravery: 65 / 65 Daring
Empathy: 44 / 46 AverageHumility: 21 / 21 Self Important
Political: 62 / 62 Leans LiberalSocial: 38 / 38 PlebianFinancial: 45 / 45 Lower Middle Class
Live Parents: 2Old Bro: 1Nuclear Family

Prior Service: Star Fleet Branch: BCS Medical RANK: Lieutenant Commander
Additional Training: Department Head First Contact Protocol

2372-2375: Starfleet Academy
Serv Event: Emergency Eco-restoration
Tour Event: Discover new life form – primitive, hostile/dangerous
Tour Event: Caught in local political situation – Civil War

2375-2377: BCS Branch School
Competed in Brigade-wide 3-Dimensional Chess Tournament
Serv Event: Emergency Eco-restoration

2377-2380: Medical School
Tour Event: Caught in local political situation – Civil War
Gen Event: One of your parents lost a prestigious position
Serv Event: Field test of new scientific process – Disastrous results

2380-2381: Cruise: System Survey – Explored
Ship: NCC-50021 Nathaniel Green, Wellington Class Light Cruiser
Tour Event: Discover space-travelling life form, passive, killed
Gen Event: A close relative fanatically joined a popular religion

2381-2383: Outpost Seran-T One – Staff (OER: Excellent)
Granted Open Access Security Clearance
Competed in Brigade-wide 3-Dimensional Chess Tournament (Sandbagged!)
Tour Event: Caught in local political situation – Civil War
Promoted: Lieutenant Junior Grade

2383-2385: Merchant Lane Support (OER: Outstanding)
Ship: NCC-91846 Warwick, Shi-Kahr Class Frigate
Department Head School
First Contact Protocol Training
Service Event: Planetary Surveillance – Passive
Promoted: Lieutenant

2385-2386: Tango Sierra Science Station – Researcher (OER: Excellent)
Tour Event: No memorable events on record, double duty as assistant CMO and staff research scientist
Serv Event: Emergency Eco-Restoration
Promoted: Lieutenant Commander

2387 – Peacekeeping Group 5, Taskforce 21
Ship: NCC-83812 USS Endurance, St. Louis Class MK II Heavy Cruiser
Current Duty Assignment: Chief Medical Officer

Officer Skillset Portfolio – Starfleet Assessment Record H017945335
Administration: 50Negotiation/Diplo: 65
Artistic Expression: Writing: 19Pers Comb – Armed: Dueling Stick: 40
Carousing: 67Pers Comb – Unarmed: 60
Cloaking Procedures: 10Physical Sciences: Chemistry: 20
Comm Sys Operation: 20Physical Sciences: Drafting: 20
Computer Operation: 81Planetary Sciences: Meteorology: 10
Damage Cont Proc: 11Planetary Survival: Forest: 20
Deflector Shld Op: 20Planetary Survival: Jungle: 20
Enviro Suit Op: 10 Sensor Analysis: 30
Gaming: 3-D Chess: 62Sensor Technology: 11
Instruction: 10Shuttlecraft Pilot: 26
Language: Ferengi: 35Small Equip Sys Op: 21
Language: Galacta: 40Security Procedures: 20
Language: Human: 40Social Sciences: Culture/Human: 10
Language: Human: 47Social Sciences: Fed History: 25
Leadership: 56Social Sciences: Fed Law: 15
Life Sciences: Bionics: 5Social Sciences: Hist/Human: 10
Life Sciences: Biotechnology: 10Social Sciences: Law/Human: 10
Life Sciences: Botany: 10Social Sciences: Political Science: 42
Life Sciences: Ecology: 10Social Sciences: Religion/Human: 5
Life Sciences: Exobiology: 39Space Sciences: Astrogation: 30
Life Sciences: Genetics: 35Space Sciences: Astronautics: 10
Life Sciences: Zoology: 10Starfleet Regs: 10
Life Sup Sys Tech: 20Social Sciences: Probability Eth: 25
Marks – Modern: 18Space Sciences: Astrophysics: 10
Medical Sciences: First Aid: 35 Starship Combat Strat/Tactic: 10
Medical Sciences: Forensics: 15Starship Helm Operation: 40
Medical Sciences: Gen Med/Andorian: 9Starship Services: 20
Medical Sciences: Gen Med/Cardassian: 46Streetwise: 28
Medical Sciences: Gen Med/Human: 92Transporter Op Proc: 11
Medical Sciences: Gen Med/Klingon: 35Zero-G Operation: 10
Medical Sciences: Gen Med/Romulan: 5
Medical Sciences: Pathology 78
Medical Sciences: Pharmacology: 10
Medical Sciences: Surgery: 92
Medical Sciences: Toxicology: 10

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z Lt Cmdr Cole Maletski

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