Lt Cmdr Lyran Dahl

Counselor, USS Marathon

Name: Lt Cmdr Lyran Dahl Age: 35 Race: Betazoid Gender: Male
Strength: 65 Endurance: 54 Intellect: 91 Dexterity: 56
Charisma: 75 Luck: 91 Psionic: 129
Attitude: 70 Compliant Coolness: 70 Calm
Motivation: 75 Determined Willpower: 60 Firm
Morality: 68 Conscientious Ethics: 69 Honorable
Energy: 44 Inactive Composure: 61 Controlled
Bravery: 57 Daring Empathy: 79 Impulsive
Humility: 30 Conceited
Political: 49 Mainstream Social: 57 Privileged Financial: 44 Lwr Mid Class
  • BCS Counselor
  • Command
  • Dept Head
  • Contact
  • Adv Tactics Training


  • Medal of Valor
  • Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry with Cluster
  • Denebian Swan


  • Magna Cum Laude from Starfleet Academy, numerous recommendations/citations from professors in his Academy records
  • Carrier Escort Duty aboard the USS Vanguard, Airie Class Carrier – Outstanding
  • Asst Counselor in an Envoy to the Klingon Empire – Excellent
Administration: 43 Pers Comb – Unarmed: 41
Artistic Expression/Writing: 44 Pers Weapon Tech: 5
Carousing: 57 Phys Sci – Temp Mech: 20
Carrier Ops: 5 Planet Sci – Agronomy: 10
Cloaking Procedures: 10 Planet Surv – Forest: 20
Comm Sys Ops: 47 Planet Surv – Urban: 20
Comm Sys Tech: 10 Security Proc: 42
Comp Ops: 45 Sensor Analysis: 41
Damage Cont Proc: 45 Sensor Tech: 11
Deflect Shield Op: 45 Shuttle Pilot: 43
Disguise: 49 Small Equ Sys Op: 43
Environ Suit Op: 10 Small Vessel Pilot: 43
Fleet Tactics: 25 Small Vessel Weap Ops: 41
Gaming/Poker: 63 Soc Sci – Comparative Theology: 45
Holodeck Op Proc: 40 Soc Sci – Culture/Betazoid: 25
Instruction: 24 Soc Sci – Culture/Klingon: 35
Interrogation: 40 Soc Sci – Fed History: 20
Lang – Andorian: 25 Soc Sci – Fed Law: 40
Lang – Betazoid: 40 Soc Sci – Hist/Betazoid: 10
Lang – Caitian: 25 Soc Sci – Law/Betazoid: 10
Lang – Cardassian: 25 Soc Sci – Law/Cardassian: 10
Lang – Galacta: 40 Soc Sci – Law/Klingon: 46
Lang – Klingon: 42 Soc Sci – Law/Romulan: 10
Lang – Vulcan: 25 Soc Sci – Political Science: 43
Leadership: 40 Soc Sci – Religion/Betazoid: 20
Life Sci – ExoBiology: 12 Soc Sci – Religion/Klingon: 25
Marks – Modern: 42 Space Sci – Astrogation: 40
Medical Sci – 1st Aid: 27 Space Sci – Astronautics: 10
Medical Sci – Gen Med/Betazoid: 17 Starfleet Regs: 42
Medical Sci – Psych/Betazoid: 44 Starship Combat Strat/Tact: 65
Medical Sci – Psych/Cardassian: 42 Starship Helm Ops: 55
Medical Sci – Psych/Human: 40 Starship Services: 45
Medical Sci – Psych/Klingon: 45 Starship Weapon Ops: 43
Medical Sci – Psych/Romulan: 42 Streetwise: 41
Negotiation/Diplo: 120 Transporter Op Proc: 47

Lyran Dahl was born on Betazed in 2352 to Candace and Jeremy Dahl, the middle child of their eventual five. Unlike the vast majority of Betezoid telepaths (99.5%) who develop their telepathy during puberty, Lyran was born with his mental abilities, and they were far in excess of the average telepaths in power, marking him as rare and unusual, and putting him on the path to mental instability and early insanity, typical for empathic births. Not wanting this for their child, Lyran’s parents chose a rather unique approach for his upbringing. Before his fourth birthday, Lyran’s parents relocated to the Vulcan city of ShirKahr and sought a Vulcan mentor for the child.

Consulting with the masters of the many schools in the city, Lyran’s parents sought to find a way for him to control his abilities and preserve his sanity. Through a process of elimination, the schools were ruled out one-by-one for various reasons. It was inconceivable that Lyran could follow the path of the Kolinahr (the eradication of all emotion), nor were the schools of Jarok or Hakihr viable as they were far more harsh. In the end, the school of Surak was the only logical choice. They approached the school and through pure persistence managed to convince them to allow him to attend, at great personal expense to the family.

For the next four years the child attended the school under the tutelage of one of the older Masters, who accepted the challenge that the child represented. The goal of the school of Surak was to teach the Vulcan to identify their emotions and control them, but Lyran’s problem wasn’t just controlling his own emotions, but identifying and controlling the emotions of everyone around him as they were inflicted upon him against his will. The teachings and meditations Lyran learned, combined with being surrounded by the emotionally/mentally disciplined Vulcans, (as opposed to his emotionally flamboyant Betazoid kin), allowed him to make it through his childhood with a semblance of sanity and the skills he needed to continue to hone his abilities and keep them under control.

His family returned to Betazed and Lyran attempted to integrate into his peers, but to his mind the entire planet was a cacophony of thoughts and emotions, completely uncontrolled and undisciplined, constantly assaulting him. His skills allowed him to keep them at bay, but he never fully rejoined his people, simply going through the motions of life on Betazed, isolated from his class mates, protected in his meditations.

As he neared his majority, his teacher from Vulcan contacted him and recommended that he join Starfleet. His discipline and control combined with the intensity of his abilities would give him significant advantages as a counselor or ambassador. Lyran respected his teacher’s wishes and applied to Starfleet, his aptitude scores sending him directly onto the path of Starfleet’s Counselor Corps.

While at the Academy, his abilities came into sharp focus when he found himself in the middle of the attempted coup by Admiral Leyton. With chaos reigning around him and the Academy’s Red Squad being used to propagate the propaganda, Lyran helped resolve the solution with minimal violence, earning him the attention of the United Federation of Planets Ambassadorial staff. A Consul from the staff approached him, offering a position in the prestigious Ambassador’s Office once he completed his training. Lyran considered this offer at length, but something troubled him about it.

He had read that war was simply diplomacy using different means, and that violence picks up where diplomacy leaves off. To his mind, that meant that there was a delicate point in any negotiation where both diplomacy and war were possible, but that that point often occurred in space, with ships, and not involving the Ambassadorial Office. When the Ambassador and diplomats are called, the negotiations had reached a formal stage, planned, and safe, but more often than not there were situations in space where diplomacy was called for but not necessarily available, not to the degree he could provide it. He decided to politely reject the Consul’s offer and continue on his course as a Counselor. He presented his theories to his advisors, all of which found the concept fascinating and supported him.

While in school, his home planet of Betazed was invaded. He was assigned to the effort to reclaim the world, and working alongside the most powerful telepaths on the planet they were able to reclaim their home, though his father was killed during the invasion and occupation. He carries many scars from the conflict, most of them not visible to the naked eye.

He continued his Academy training and, for his cadet cruise was assigned to assist the Klingon Envoy going to Cardassia space to negotiate the disposition of a number of worlds that the Klingons had claimed during the occupation that the Cardassians wanted back. There were more than a few situations where outright war between the Klingons and the Cardassians could have broken out but Lyran’s insights aided the team in resolving them peacefully, earning him a commendation. He graduated at the top of his class and was assigned to the Vanguard, an Airie class Carrier on the Romulan Neutral zone as part of the Counselor staff.

During his tour there, the Romulan Senate was assassinated, the Remans staged a coup of the empire, the Klingon Empire charged across into Romulan space to claim worlds, and the Vanguard was caught in the middle. Finding themselves daily in situations where war seemed imminent, Lyran’s skills helped his Capt and crew keep the peace and avoid unnecessary escalations, again earning him significant recognition. His success there had him sent back for more training, and his superiors quietly talked among themselves about the possibility of a Counselor/Ambassador Captain in the future, a relatively new concept in Starfleet and a Starfleet answer to the Ambassador’s Office. This was not mentioned to Lyran, but it is in his profile, Command-eyes only.

Upon leaving his training, Lyran was assigned to be the Assistant Counselor in a diplomatic envoy into Klingon space. He spent more than four years trying to undo the diplomatic damage done by the Klingons surge across into Romulan space during the Reman coup, and his team tried, with some success, to negotiate with Kur’gek to pull the entire Alpha Quadrant back from the edge of war. Lyran and his team were present when it all fell apart, when the Hobus system exploded and Kur’gek gave platitudes to the diplomatic team while ordering his ships across into Romulan space yet again. Lyran’s insight gave the diplomatic team a chance to get out before they were “accidentally” shot as collateral damage.

Lyran returned to the Academy for his Command certification training, then was assigned to the Counselor position aboard the USS Marathon, operating near Klingon space.

Lt Cmdr Lyran Dahl

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