Lt. J. G. Helora Rixx

BCS Helm, USS Marathon

NAME: Helora Rixx RACE: Bolian GENDER: Female AGE: 29
Strength: 46 Endurance: 58 Intellect: 71 Dexterity: 82 Charisma: 78 Luck: 76 Psionic: 5

HP: 58 (MaxHP)|Stun: 58 (CurHP)|Heal Rate: 2|Fatigue Heal Rate: 5|

Attitude: 67/67 Compliant Coolness: 67/70 Calm Motivation: 62/68 Determined
Willpower: 63/63 Firm Morality: 57/60 Good Ethics: 56/59 Honest
Energy: 61/62 Active Composure: 67/72 Composed Bravery: 68/70 Bold
Empathy: 56/56 Emotional Humility: 56/52 Average
Political: 70/70 Liberal Social: 45/45 Plebian Financial: 64/64 Upper Class

Live Parents: 2, Old Sis: 1, Old Bro: 1, Ext Family
Polygamous [0 mate(s)] 1 Child, male, Morenn Rixx (living with her parents)

Service: Star Fleet Branch: BCS Rank: Lt. J.G.
4.0 Starfleet Academy
Service Event: Participate in Bridge Officer Examination
Ribbon: Perfect Attendence
1.5 BCS Branch School
Tour Event: Starbase 84, Shuttlecraft Systems failure, corrected before crashing
0.5 Cadet Cruise: Starbase 84, 3 Helmsman on USS Tragut, Starfleet Tug
Grad Cum Laude
Good Event: An opportune situation causes your superior to owe you his career
4.74 System Defense Duty – Frontier World OER: As Expected
Ship: NCC-64923 Budapest, Norway class Cruiser
Granted Open Access Security Clearance
Gen Event: Your grandparent fanatically joined a popular religion
TBD Special Operations – Stable TransWarp Conduit cutting operations" OER TD
Ship: NCC-72007 Marathon, Pulsar (modified) class Exploration Cruiser
Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
Tour Event: Parasitic Infection – you/your crew
Administration: 10 Physical Sciences: Physics: 10
Air Strat/Tact: 18 Planetary Sciences: Agronomy: 26
Artistic Expression: Redacted: 30 Sensor Analysis: 25
Artistic Expression: Writing: 10 Sensor Technology: 11
Carousing: 13 Shuttlecraft Pilot: 11
Comm Sys Operation: 45 Small Equip Sys Op: 11
Computer Operation: 50 Social Sciences: Culture/Bolian: 10
Damage Cont Proc: 29 Social Sciences: Fed History: 15
Deflector Shld Op: 24 Social Sciences: Fed Law: 15
Enviro Suit Op: 10 Social Sciences: Hist/Bolian: 10
Fighter Pilot: 19 Social Sciences: Hist/Romulan: 10
Holodeck Op Proc: 15 Social Sciences: Law/Bolian: 10
Instruction: 16 Social Sciences: Religion/Bolian: 5
Language: Bolian: 40 Space Sciences: Astrogation: 53
Language: Galacta: 55 Space Sciences: Astrophysics: 10
Leadership: 18 Sports: Swimming/Diving: 10
Life Sciences: Biotechnology: 29 Starfleet Regs: 5
Life Sciences: Exobiology: 10 Starship Combat Strat/Tactic: 21
Marks – Archaic: Pistol: 12 Starship Helm Operation: 70
Marks – Modern: 15 Starship Services: 20
Medical Sciences: Gen Med/Romulan: 8 Starship Weapon Ops: 26
Medical Sciences: Psych/Cardassian: 4 Streetwise: 30
Negotiation/Diplo: 36
Pers Comb – Unarmed: 20
Pers Weapon Tech: 5

She has a naturally introverted personality, yet she is bold and unhesitating when action is called for. She’s good and she knows it, and is fairly arrogant about it – for a bolian. She’s very compliant with her superiors and driven to succeed, and details matter greatly to her – much more so than they seem to matter to others. As a result, she tends to get on the nerves of her peers and especially her subordinates, to whom she is an unrelenting martinet, badly in need of additional leadership training. Her empathy prevents her from being completely oblivious to her effect on those around her, but she feels what she does is in the best interest of helping them to be better Starfleet personnel, and so it’s ok. She needs people skill development before she can ever expect to be promoted.

In her free time she works on her skills in hopes of advancing some day. To relax she will practice her redacted

Lt. J. G. Helora Rixx

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