USS Claymore - Lieutenant Commander Nadira Farrad

Chief Science Officer of the Endurance


RACE: Human GENDER: Female AGE: 39 ASSIGNMENT: USS Claymore, CSO
STR 59 END 54 INT 71 DEX 56 CHA 71 LUCK 49 PSI 24

Attitude: 65/66 (Compliant) Coolness: 48/58 (Composed) Motivation: 67/81 (Aspiring)
Willpower: 42/45 (Average) Morality: 64/70 (Conscientious) Ethics: 65/72 (Honorable)
Energy: 54/51 (Average) Composure: 48/64 (Controlled) Bravery: 55/56 (Daring)
Empathy: 55/53 (Average) Humility: 65/51 (Average)
Political: 54/54 (Mainstream) Social: 52/52 (Average) Financial: 59/59 Upper Class

Live Parents: 2 Younger Brother: 1

Prior: Service: Star Fleet Branch: BCS Science Rank Lt Cmdr
Dept. Head Command Contact
Computer Rating: A5

Administration 57
Artistic Expression, Acting 17
Artistic Expression, Dancing 18
Artistic Expression, Writing 10
Carousing 45
Carrier Ops 5
Cloaking Procedures 10
Comm Sys Operation 51
Computer Operation 85
Computer Technology 42
Damage Cont Proc 42
Deflector Shld Op 44
Electronics Tech 20
Enviro Suit Op 40
Fleet Tactics 25
Gaming, Poker 10
Instruction 10
Language, Galacta 40
Language, Human 40
Language, Romulan 35
Leadership 44
Medical Sciences, First Aid 20
Medical Sciences, Gen Med/Klingon 12
Medical Sciences, Toxicology 30
Negotiation/Diplo 83
Pers Combat Armed, Ferengi Whip 20
Pers Combat Armed, Bat’leth 20
Pers Combat Unarmed 71
Pers Weapon Tech 11
Physical Sciences, Chemistry 21
Physical Sciences, Computer Science, 41
Physical Sciences, Mathematics 45
Physical Sciences, Physics 39
Physical Sciences, Robotics 19
Planetary Sciences, Agronomy 13
Planetary Survival, Jungle 17
Planetary Survival, Mountain 37
Planetary Survival, Arctic 20
Security Procedures 20
Sensor Analysis 40
Sensor Technology 41
Shuttlecraft Pilot 43
Small Equip Sys Op 15
Small Vessel Pilot 15
Small Vsl Weap Ops 15
Social Sciences, Human Culture 14
Social Sciences, Fed History 20
Social Sciences, Fed Law 25
Social Sciences, Human History 10
Social Sciences, Cardassian Law 26
Social Sciences, Romulan Law 18
Social Sciences, Human Law 10
Social Sciences, Political Science 22
Social Sciences, Human Religion 5
Space Sciences, Astrogation 51
Space Sciences, Astronautics 14
Space Sciences, Astronomy 48
Space Sciences, Astrophysics 45
Starfleet Regs 20
Starship Combat Strat/Tactics 73
Starship Helm Operation 55
Starship Services 42
Starship Weapon Ops 26
Streetwise 41
Transporter Op Proc 21
Trivia, Collecting 8
Vehicle Operation, ATV 11
Vehicle Operation, Automobile 10
Vehicle Operation, Motorcycle 10
Vehicle Operation, Railed 77
Zero-G Operation 44


Nadira was born on stardate 26203.8, to a fairly wealthy Mars-bound businessman and his lawyer wife. She grew up attending preparatory schools for her to go into politics, which she had a real penchant for, but she decided that her heart belonged in the stars. She applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy.

When she started at the academy, she had never given much of an interest to the sciences, thinking she would study law, remain planetside, and work with the politics of Star Fleet. Her time at the prep schools had taught her a thing or two with a phaser, and, on a dare, she entered the Academy-wide Marksman competition her senior year and was crowned champion.

She graduated just as the Dominion War broke out, and her plans changed. She was stationed with the Tenth Fleet at Betazed, and was one of only a handful of officers left on Betazed while the Fleet went on training maneuvers, on the fateful day that the Dominion launched a sneak attack on the unguarded Betazed system and took it in a matter of hours. Ens. Farrad assisted many of the top Federation Officials to evacuate the planet on the USS Tecumseh. She spent a 4 day trip in close quarters with Dignitaries, Officers, Nobles, and Scientists, including Dr. Rafe Macchia, an expert Astrophysicist. Their talks during the troubling times served to give her a purpose again, invigorating her to study physics, astrophysics, and astronomy.

At the beginning of the Dominion War, her younger brother, Amer, joined a group of civilians protecting Federation interests near Cardassian space. Within a few months, he rose to become a very powerful figure in the war effort, running a de facto base of operations and safe haven on Kesla 4, far from any inhabited systems or starbases.

When the war finally wore down, she took advantage of the downtime to transfer from her studies of law to sciences and began to truly excel. It was during a deep space excursion that she discovered an intelligent and hostile life form on an arctic moon in the Korian Sector. Also during Sciences Branch School, she entered more marksman tournaments, and placed once more. After this point, however, the competitions became less important to her, and she allowed herself to slack when competing, only doing it because it was fun.

Her first assignment out of Sciences School was on Deep Space 5, as a junior Scientist. She had never yet served in space, and found the 6 month cruise an abrupt adjustment. In addition, her Mother and Father were divorced, and her Mother announced she was getting remarried, this time to a Grazierite Lawyer. She was emotionally stumbling and her superior officers noticed, recommending her for Recycling.

After being put in a mentoring program, she was assigned to the Rapid Response Fleet as an astronomer, aboard the USS Firebrand, a Freedom Class Light Frigate. Here, she was able to flourish and used her skills to aid in the predicting of solar flares threatening the Vulcan world of P’Jem. For saving countless millions of lives, she was awarded the Andorian Star. Following in her footsteps, her youngest sister, Lakshmi, entered Starfleet Academy.

On Stardate 59080.0, Starfleet Intelligence contacted Ens. Farrad regarding her relationship with Dr. Rafe Macchia. Apparently, it had a careless communique from his lab on Betazed that had tipped off the Dominion Fleet on when would be a good time to attack, allowing them to prepare weeks in advance. He was ruined professionally, but it was decided that the Dominion had already been planning the attack months before, and they would have seen visual confirmation of the Tenth Fleet’s withdraw from Betazed even from the Nebula.

On Stardate 60653.3, Nadira was promoted and transferred to the USS Ursool, a Freighter class Cargo Carrier as a junior Science officer. Here, she received Department Head Training and First Contact Training. While on this mission, her father’s business fell into ruins, and he asked her to come back to help him reorganize. She could not leave her career in Starfleet, and told him no. Later in the same year, word reached Nadira that her sister Lakshmi had been killed in a training accident.

The next year, Nadira was promoted to full Lieutenant, and transferred to a shakedown of a new ship, the USS Imza, a Sovereign class cruiser as the assistant Science officer. It was here she went through Advanced Tactics Training and through Command School. The Imza was stationed near the Bynaus System, and an ongoing project from the Federation Science Council was to study the gamma ray emissions of Bynaus B during the particularly eventful year in its 26-year cycle.

Finally, she was recalled to Earth by Captain Yu and placed as chief science officer of the USS Endurance.

USS Claymore - Lieutenant Commander Nadira Farrad

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