z Lt. Peren

Medical Assistant of the Endurance


GENDER: Male RACE: Cardassian AGE: 32 RANK: Lt. ASSIGNMENT: USS Endurance
STR: 64 END: 71 INT:72 DEX:61 CHA: 44 LUCK: 71 PSI: 24

Attitude: 63/70 (Compliant) Coolness: 69/73 (Calm) Motivation: 70/84 (Aspiring)
Willpower: 42/42 (Indecisive) Morality: 42/49 (Average) Ethics: 67/73 (Honorable)
Energy: 61/60 (Active) Composure: 52/60 (Controlled) Bravery: 63/63 (Daring)
Empathy: 45/48 (Average) Humility: 36/31 (Conceited)
Political: 51/51 (Mainstream) Social: 50/50 (Average) Financial: 45/45 Lwr Mid Class

Live Parents: 0 Older Sister: 1

Prior: Service: Star Fleet Branch: Medical Rank Lieutenant
Dept. Head Contact

Administration 59
Artistic Expression, Writing 12
Cloaking Procedures 10
Computer Operation 55
Cryptology 10
Damage Cont Proc 14
Enviro Suit Op 10
Gaming, 3-D Chess 18
Gaming, Dom-Jot 32
Instruction 10
Language, Cardassian 40
Language, Galacta 55
Language, Mintakan 20
Leadership 30
Life Sciences, Bionics 20
Life Sciences, Biotechnology 10
Life Sciences, Botany 10
Life Sciences, Ecology 10
Life Sciences, Exobiology 52
Life Sciences, Genetics 41
Life Sciences, Zoology 30
Life Sup Sys Tech 22
Marks Archaic, Rifle 17
Marks Modern 10
Medical Sciences, First Aid 45
Medical Sciences, Forensics 25
Medical Sciences, Gen Med/Tzenkethi 20
Medical Sciences, Gen Med/Cardassian 70
Medical Sciences, Gen Med/Klingon 50
Medical Sciences, Gen Med/Trill 40
Medical Sciences, Pathology 15
Medical Sciences, Pharmacology 20
Medical Sciences, Psych/Cardassian 28
Medical Sciences, Psych/Romulan 6
Medical Sciences, Surgery 43
Medical Sciences, Toxicology 10
Negotiation/Diplo 54
Pers Combat Armed, Khaiya 20
Pers Combat Armed, Nisroh 20
Pers Combat Unarmed 40
Pers Weapon Tech 15
Physical Sciences, Chemistry 40
Physical Sciences, Robotics, 23
Planetary Sciences, Hydrology 20
Planetary Survival, Aquatic 20
Planetary Survival, Arctic 9
Planetary Survival, Jungle 20
Security Procedures 20
Sensor Analysis 39
Sensor Technology 10
Shuttlecraft Pilot 25
Small Equip Sys Op 42
Social Sciences, Breen Culture 20
Social Sciences, Cardassian Culture 30
Social Sciences, Fed History 15
Social Sciences, Fed Law 15
Social Sciences, History/Breen 10
Social Sciences, History/Cardassian 10
Social Sciences, Law/Cardassian 15
Social Sciences, Political Science 2
Social Sciences, Religion/Cardassian 14
Space Sciences, Astronomy 10
Space Sciences, Astrophysics 16
Sports, Parrises Squares 10
Starfleet Regs 10
Starship Services 18
Streetwise 10
Transporter Op Proc 10
Vehicle Operation, Railed 32
Zero-G Operation 10


Peren was born on Stardate 33588.7. His father was an enlisted machinist in the Cardassian Military, and his mother was a laundress. He moved on several occasions, following his father’s career, along with his three siblings. When they moved to Loval, where his father was stationed at a communications satellite on Loval III’s moon, Peren was offered an apprenticeship on a Yamok plantation, he jumped at the opportunity.

Peren’s father was injured in a repair job preparing for an Federation Invasion after the war was begun. At 18, Peren went with his older sister, Kattell to visit their father. They were in the medical ward when the attack happened. The Federation secured the system, and slaughtered all the officers onboard the installation. When the marines got to the Medical ward, the doctors tried to resist, and were also killed. Peren and Kattell had both sat down on the ground, awaiting execution, but the soldiers thought them children and spared them. They both watched as their father got up from his bed and tried to strangle a marine, and was shot dead.

Kattell cried out and ran for her father’s body, and was instantly vaporized by a marine who was startled. A doctor entered and saved Peren from a similar fate. Dr. Vitas was under the impression that Peren was a nurse, and Peren was going to do his best to let the Vulcan keep thinking that. He cleaned up wounds and applied first aid to many of the wounded Starfleet officers, while two Marines kept a gun pointed at him all along.

When things had calmed down, Dr. Vitas let on that he knew Peren was not a nurse, and inquired- away from the guards- what he had been doing there. “It is most unfitting to waste your deft hands on vegetation.” When the Marines wanted to take Peren away for interrogation, Dr. Vitas refused, saying that he needed the Cardassian ‘Nurse’ here to help him acclimate to the Medical Ward. Peren ended up assisting Dr. Vitas for four months at the Loval base before the Dominion came back to reclaim it. With his family dead, his future unclear, he chose to go with the one person he felt he could trust- Commander Vitas. At the end of the war, Vitas Sponsored his application to go to Starfleet Academy.

He was accepted, but due to anti-Cardassian sentiment, it was decided that he should start out at a mirror school. While there, he became well-liked, and found that few, besides some old racial foes, disliked him. When his transfer to the main, San Fransisco campus went through, the first thing he said was, “New orders from the Detapa Council- We’re going to undo years of bad mistakes by sending a single Cardassian unarmed into hostile territory.” The phrase, “New orders from the Detapa Council” quickly became synonymous with decisions that seemed to fly in the face of danger or stupidity, and many a cadet or even crewmen were cited for saying it disparagingly about work or orders they had been given.

It was also at this time that he discovered that his eldest sister, Markra, had survived the coup and the war, but had been very ill and malnourished. He asked a favor of his mentor, Dr. Vitas, and the Federation doctors on Loval were able to take care of her.

Upon entering Medical school, Peren stumbled upon a group of classmates who planned to cheat on their first year quizzes by using ‘Teamwork’, using a series of harmonics to let one another know the answers. The class was hard, and Peren did try it with one quiz, but was unable to continue, knowing that if the first ever Cardassian was kicked out for cheating, there may be repercussions for all of the Cardassian Union. Months later, the four remaining cheaters were caught, and although they indicated that others had done it previously, they took full responsibility and were flushed out.

His former short-term flame, Adakimbe Jones, found himself suddenly rich from a large credit inheritance and chose to drop out of Starfleet. And on his return to Loval after nearly 10 years, he finally got to see his sister, Markra. He found himself caught in Loval’s civil war to divorce itself from the Cardassian Union and join as a protectorate of the Federation, essentially joining the Demilitarized Zone. He chose not to get involved, but his sister had already chosen her side and was rallying against the military, and hoping to use her brother as a reason for Starfleet and the Federation to step in. His relationship with her became strained.

While studying lifeforms in the caves below Risa, Peren and his team of fourth year medical cadets were infected by a parasitic organism and nearly died in the caves, but were rescued and healed.

Upon Graduating, Ens. Peren was assigned to the Rapid Response Fleet, on the USS Cochran, a Sovereign class Heavy Explorer. During this 6 month tour, he competed in his first ever Dom-Jot tournament, Dr. Vitas contracted the beginning stages of Benai Syndrome, but recovered, and Markra got married to the Lieutenant Governor of the new Federation Protectorate, Loval.

His most recent assignment was aboard the USS Rochambeau, an Intrepid Class Cruiser. Here, He was promoted to Lt. Junior Grade, as well as earning a Citation for Outstanding Medical Achievement, and recieved Department Head School and First Contact Training.

The only stain on his record from this time is that he failed to negotiate a trade agreement for planetary resources with Loval, as his personal relationship with his sister has been strained to its stretching point. Further trade negotiations have proven successful.

Finally, he was recalled to Earth by Captain Yu and promoted to full Lieutenant, and placed as assistant Medical Officer of the USS Endurance.

z Lt. Peren

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