Rear Admiral Thora Burtell

Commander Starbase 234 Special Operations

NAME: Thoris Burtell RACE: Human GENDER: Female AGE: 51
Service: Star Fleet Branch: BCS Security RANK: Rear Admiral
*Training Schools: * Department Head School Command School Flag School First Contact Training Advanced Tactics Training


Strength: 54 Endurance: 68 Intelligence: 73 Dexterity: 62 Charisma: 69 Luck: 77 Psionic: 72
Attitude: 70/75 Accommodating Coolness: 67/76 Cool Motivation: 68/88 Obsessed Willpower: 60/74 Resolute Morality: 62/71 Conscientious Ethics: 64/77 Proper
Energy: 67/63 Active Composure: 68/81 Patient Bravery: 68/71 Bold Empathy: 57/54 Average Humility: 55/25 Conceited
Political: 60/60 Leans Liberal Social: 55/55 Average Financial: 43/43 Lwr Mid Class

Live Parents: 2, Nuclear Family, no siblings, single, no children

4.0 Starfleet Academy

Rom Event: You become engaged to be married

1.5 BCS Branch School

Tour Event: Caught in local political situation – Terrorist Act
Serv Event: Military Adviser – Civilian Activities

2.0 Security Branch School

Competed in Division-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition
Serv Event: Participate in Bridge Officer Examination
Gen Event: Your grandparent cut you out of their will
Gen Event: Your grandparent became infamous, politically

0.5 Cruise: Galaxy Exploration – Capital Ship

Ship: NCC-21602 Freedom, Sovereign class Heavy Explorer
Promotion, Magna Cum Laude
Competed in Division-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition
Serv Event: Military Advisor – Civilian Activities

1.5 3: Sabbatical/Personal Development Retreat OER: Outstanding

Karagite Order of Heroism

1.0 Department Head School
0.5 Contact Training

Granted Open Access Security Clearance
Serv Event: Military Liaison – Task Force Coordinator

3.2 1: Ambassador (Enemy) OER: Excellent


0.5 Advanced Tactics Training
1.0 Command School

Granted Classified Security Clearance
Competed in Fleet-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition (sandbagged)
Tour Event: Mediate Territory Dispute

2.5 1: Shakedown of New Ship OER: Outstanding

Order of Memory Alpha
Anastas Medal
Rom Event: Weren’t able to spend holidays with SO
Good Event: You make a new friend/buddy.
Tour Event: Negotiate Peace Treaty

3.2 2: Rapid Response Fleet – Exec OER: Excellent

Anastas with cluster
Denebian Swan
Gen Event: Complications during pregnancy—child found to have potential birth defects, aborted pregnancy

2.1 1: Envoy (Enemy) OER: As Expected

Federation Peace Medal
Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
Good Event: One of your teammates gained a large inheritance
Serv Event: Participate in Bridge Officer Examination

3.4 3: Galaxy Exploration OER: Excellent

Ship: NCC-2010 Ajax, Excelsior class Exploratory Cruiser

0.5 Flag Training

Granted Top Secret Security Clearance
Tour Event: Render aid to colony, from man-made disaster
Good Event: You’re popularity soars – several commanders position themselves to bring you into their command.

1.4 1: Starbase Lya III SFC – Command OER: Excellent

Recognition – Special Operations Award
Serv Event: Participate in Bridge Officer Examination

3.8 2: Shipping Lane Patrol – Sector Command OER: Excellent

Ship: NCC-71201 Prometheus, Nebula class Strike Cruiser
Gen Event: Your grandparent became someone that can affect your career, minor

Administration: 91 Planetary Survival: Forest: 20
Artistic Expression: Writing: 45 Planetary Survival: Mountain: 20
Carousing: 82 Security Procedures: 90
Carrier Operations: 45 Security Systems: 20
Cloaking Device Tech: 13 Sensor Analysis: 35
Cloaking Procedures: 10 Sensor Technology: 11
Comm Sys Operation: 53 Shuttlecraft Pilot: 74
Comm Sys Technology: 10 Small Equip Sys Op: 31
Computer Operation: 75 Small Unit Tactics: 39
Damage Cont Proc: 48 Small Vessel Pilot: 45
Deflector Shld Op: 63 Small Vsl Weap Ops: 25
Deflector Shld Tech: 10 Social Sciences: Culture/Bajoran: 10
Electronics Tech: 31 Social Sciences: Fed History: 20
Enviro Suit Op: 49 Social Sciences: Fed Law: 30
Fleet Tactics: 81 Social Sciences: Fed Temporal Policy: 44
Gaming: Kalevian Montar: 72 Social Sciences: Hist/Bajoran: 10
Gaming: Starship Combat Simulation: 60 Social Sciences: Law/Bajoran: 10
Holodeck Op Proc: 15 Social Sciences: Law/Klingon: 42
Instruction: 63 Social Sciences: Political Science: 72
Intelligence Proc: 42 Social Sciences: Probability Eth: 66
Language: Human – Spanish: 50 Social Sciences: Religion/Baptist: 25
Language: Galacta: 55 Space Sciences: Astrogation: 57
Leadership: 80 Space Sciences: Astronomy: 16
Life Sciences: Genetics: 22 Space Sciences: Astrophysics: 60
Marks – Modern: 66 Sports: Swimming/Diving: 10
Medical Sciences: First Aid: 20 Starfleet Regs: 48
Medical Sciences: Gen Med/Cardassian: 13 Starship Combat Strat/Tactic: 94
Negotiation/Diplo: 84 Starship Helm Operation: 64
Pers Comb – Armed: Sword, Cutlass: 30 Starship Services: 20
Pers Comb – Armed: Hrisal: 19 Starship Weapon Ops: 43
Pers Comb – Armed: Nisroh: 20 Streetwise: 44
Pers Comb – Unarmed: 91 Transporter Op Proc: 44
Pers Weapon Tech: 44 Trivia: Collecting: Earth Currency 26
Physical Sciences: Gravitics: 10 Vehicle Operation: ATV: 5
Physical Sciences: Mathematics: 10 Vehicle Operation: Automobile: 3
Physical Sciences: Robotics: 10 Zero-G Operation: 48
Physical Sciences: Temporal Mech: 7
Planetary Sciences: Meteorology: 10

Rear Admiral Thora Burtell

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