x Major Simon Bolivar

Marine Commander


NAME: Simon Bolivar RACE: Human GENDER: Male AGE: 34
Strength: 67 Endurance: 69 Intellect: 81 Dexterity: 78 Charisma: 62 Luck: 100 Psionic: 55
Political: 64/64 Leans Liberal Social: 61/61 Priviledged Financial: 41/41 Lwr Mid Class
Attitude: 67/68 Compliant
Coolness: 72/77 Cool
Motivation: 66/78 Aspiring
Willpower: 62/63 Firm
Morality: 58/59 Good
Ethics: 61/65 Honest
Energy: 61/59 Active
Composure: 82/86 Calm
Bravery: 75/77 Stalwart
Empathy: 56/52 Average
Humility: 64/44 Smug

Live Parents: 2 Yng Bro: 1 Nuclear Fam Married
Prior: Service: Star Fleet Marines Branch: Combat Opns RANK: Major
Field Command Line Officer Special Forces

1.0 Marine Officer Academy
Competed in Brigade-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition – Champion!
Tour Event: Host Diplomatic Event
Tour Event: Host Diplomatic Event
Rom Event: Weren’t able to spend holidays with SO
Tour Event: Caught in local politcal situation – Civil War
1.0 Combat Operations Training
Competed in Brigade-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition
Serv Event: Military Advisor – Civilian Activities
Gen Event: One of your parents started a cult
Serv Event: Military Advisor – Civilian Activities
0.5 Cruise: Garrison – Border World
Gen Event: One of your parents joined a resistance movement, captured, released
3.7 Colonial Operations OER: Excellent
Company Service Medal
0.5 Special Forces Trn
Granted Open Access Security Clearance
Tour Event: Host Diplomatic Event
4.0 Colonial Operations OER: Excellent
Joint Service Commendation
Distinguished Flying Cross
Hero’s Medal
1.0 Field Command Officer
Gen Event: One of your siblings received an minor injury, recovered
Good Event: Your hero gained a large inheritance
Good Event: Your mentor gained a large inheritance
Gen Event: One of your siblings lost spouse/significant other, died, murdered
Gen Event: One of your siblings lost a prestigious position
2.9 Carrier Escort Duty OER: As Expected
Ship: NCC-3003 Kola, Royal Sovereign class Battle Cruiser
Silver Star
Company Service Medal
Good Conduct Medal
1.0 Line Officer
Competed in Fleet-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition – Champion! (sandbagged)
Gen Event: S.O. Became Pregnant Accidentally-decide to give up child for adoption

Administration: 84 Planetary Sciences: Meteorology: 10
Air Strat/Tact: 5 Planetary Survival: Forest: 41
Artistic Expression: Writing: 10 Planetary Survival: Jungle: 43
Carousing: 56 Planetary Survival: Mountain: 30
Clandestine Ops: 40 Sensor Technology: 10
Combat Construction: 41 Small Equip Sys Op: 60
Comm Sys Operation: 50 Small Equip Sys Tech: 20
Computer Operation: 65 Small Unit Tactics: 102
Computer Technology: 10 Social Sciences: Culture/Human: 10
Demolitions: 42 Social Sciences: Fed History: 15
Electronics Tech: 5 Social Sciences: Fed Law: 15
Enviro Suit Op: 94 Social Sciences: Fed Temporal Policy: 25
Gaming: Poker: 41 Social Sciences: Hist/Human: 10
General Logistics: 82 Social Sciences: Law/Human: 10
Instruction: 50 Social Sciences: Political Science: 13
Interrogation: 5 Social Sciences: Religion/Human: 5
Language: Cardassian: 20 Space Sciences: Astronomy: 10
Language: Galacta: 40 Sports: Swimming/Diving: 45
Language: Human: 40 Starfleet Regs: 40
Large Unit Tactics: 90 Starship Services: 10
Leadership: 91 Stealth: 56
Life Sciences: Botany: 10 Streetwise: 61
Marks – Modern: 91 Surveillance: 48
Mechanical Eng: 15 Transporter Op Proc: 10
Medical Sciences: First Aid: 43 Trivia: Hist Bat/Tac/Fig: 43
Pers Comb – Armed: Sword(s): 93 Unit Security Proc: 57
Pers Comb – Unarmed: 98 Vehicle Operation: ATV: 40
Pers Weapon Tech: 42 Zero-G Operation: 63
Physical Sciences: Metallurgy: 10

Simon Alexander Bolivar was born on Alpha Centauri in 2353 to Marion and Richard Bolivar, both Starfleet officers. Young Simon travelled a great deal and he grew up, for the most part, on stations and ships. His childhood was unremarkable but his parents wanted to give him stability so when the colony of Setlik opened up, his mother retired from Starfleet and his family moved planetside to help build it up. Simon, always excelling in sports and tactical simulations, did quite well in his schooling and made many friends among the colonists. He began his training in Aikido on the colony, under the tutelage of a Master of the Art, who also came to the colony.

Simon’s father, seeing the increasing tensions with the Cardassian Empire, relocated his family to Tandar, just 2 months ahead of the Cardassian’s invasion fleet. The Cardassian’s seized the world and refused to surrender it and, when the Federation was finally able to push them back, the appeasers in the United Federation of Planets conceded the worlds to the Cardassians as the price of peace, dooming the colonists to slavery and imprisonment. In a fit of rage, Simon’s father surrendered his command and joined the Maquis, becoming part of one of the many terrorist cells that hunted the border, destroying and disruption the Cardassian’s operations.

The loss of his friends and alienation of his father upset Simon, but the young Bolivar truly believed in what the Federation stood for, though he never fancied starships overly much, so instead of following in his father’s footsteps, he joined the Starfleet Marine Academy, with an eye towards becoming a ground commander. He spent the next year being trained in Marine Combat operations. While at school his mother sadly reported that his father’s ship had been captured and the crew was imprisoned. She was doing all she could to convince Starfleet to rescue them, but for Simon to stay in school and not let this disrupt his career…his father had chosen his path, Simon must choose his own. He continued his martial arts training while in school, becoming an assistant instructor in his art, and competing in many tournaments, winning the North American title and earning his Sensei title.

During his Combat Operations Training on Earth, there was an attempted military coup of the UFP and the Marines were scrambled to keep the peace. While there was minimal fighting, this made the fragility of the structure above him quite clear. It was also during this time that he met (and married) his wife, a young Betazed medical cadet by the name of Wyrna Faulks. They dated for months before tying the knot, and had two marriages, one on Earth and the other on Betazed (traditional), both attended by his mother, if not his father.

After completing his training, Simon was assigned to his first squad command on the planet of Lyshan, on the Cardassian border. He was on garrison duty when the Cardassian and Dominion forces surged across the border in the first strikes of the war. He spent several years in an ongoing struggle to keep the world in Federation hands, often having to resort to guerilla tactics to keep the upper hand. He spent 8 years, climbing the ranks, getting his special forces training, earning multiple decorations, and fighting in the trenches until the Federation was finally able to break the Dominion and drive them off. He was able to make time to see his wife several times during that period, taking leave whenever he could be spared.

While on Lyshan, he completed his Sifu training in Aikido and began offering training to all personnel, on the base and from ships in orbit. One of his students turned out to be his commanding officer, Col John Traynor. Col Trayner became a mentor and hero to Simon, helping to guide his career and his decisions in the hopes of grooming him for a command. At the end of his tour, Col Trayner had been promoted and sent back to Earth to be part of Starfleet Marine Command, and recommended that Simon get some shipboard duty to round out his skill set. Simon’s younger brother, Maxwell, was on Betazed when the Dominion attacked it, losing his wife, home, and job all in the same year. He moved to Tandar to maintain his parent’s holdings while he recovered.

Simon’s next assignment was as Company commander for the USS Kola’s Marine contingent, a Sovereign Class Battle Cruiser on Carrier Escort duty as part of the Rapid Deployment Fleet. The Fleet moved about Federation space, responding to threats from various sources and Simon got a great deal of ship-to-ship, boarding party, and command experience. He also competed in (and won) the Starfleet-wide Aikido championship, earning him his Sigun title and his red belt, marking him as one of the great Aikido artists in the Federation and earning him the title of Master. In celebrating this momentous occasion with his wife, the two of them were a bit less careful than normal and she became pregnant. Both agreeing that a child could not fit into their lives, they spoke with his family and gave the child up to be adopted by his brother. The child lives with his family on Tandar.

With his promotion to Major, Simon has been assigned as the Marine Company commander for the USS Endurance and assigned to Task Force 21.

x Major Simon Bolivar

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