z USS Azrael NCC-72021

! of 2 Destroyers reinforcing TF21, Cpt Kevial of Keth Dra


Construction Data:
Model Number: Mk I
Date Entered Service: 4/6811
Hull Data:
Superstructure Points: 82
Length: 365 m
Width: 267 m
Height: 62 m
Standard Six Person- 4
Emergency 22 Person- 4
Cargo, small- 2
Cargo, large- 1
Crew: 70 Officers
571 Enlisted
Passengers: 22
3,000 evacuation limit
Shuttlecraft: Type 6 Personnel (4)
Type 9 Personnal (2)
Type 16 Shuttlepod (6)
Engines and Power Data:
Total Power Units Available: 160
Movement/Point Ratio: 5/1
Warp Engine Type: FUWR-1
Number: 2
Power Units Available: 56
Cruising Speed: 6
Emergency Speed: 9.75
Impulse Engine Type: FIG-1
Number: 2
Power Units Available: 24
Auxiliary Power: 16
Reserve Power: 8
Weapons and Firing Data:
Beam Weapon Type: FH-10
Number: 15
Firing Arcs: 6 f/p/s, 3 f/p/a, 3 f/s/a, 3p/s
Chart W
Max Power: 7
+3 (1-10)
+2 (11-17)
+1 (18-20)
Missile Weapon Type: FP-10
Number: 8
Firing Arcs: 4 f/p/s, 4 a
Chart S
Power to Arm: 1
Damage: 10
Shields Data:
Deflector Shield Type: FP-10
Shield Point Ratio: 1/6
Max Shield Power: 22/side
Combat Efficiency:
Point Value: 177


In 2360, Starfleet undertook a massive fleet-wide retirement of older ship classes to cut costs and streamline operational efficiency. At the same time, the vessels that had for so long served as the military backbones of the fleet were gone and the larger multimission
starships were called upon in their place. Instead of partaking in research or exploration missions, these valuable vessels would more often than not be found patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone or escorting a convoy near Orion space, and the Federation’s scientific programs were suffering for it. To help stem the tide of vessels being moved to defensive missions, the Akira and Steamrunner-class starships were drawn up as a stopgap, designs capable of scientific and military missions that were deemed to trivial for the larger “prestige” vessels to be bothered with. Without question, the project has been a phenomenal success and both designs figured in prominently in the defense of the Federation during the Dominion War of the 2370s.
Classification: Upon commissioning, the Steamrunner was designated a destroyer. However, her mission profiles of the last two decades would more closely those of a light cruiser.
Design: At a glance, the Steamrunner was clearly designed as a vessel that one would not wish to trifle with. To protect her vital systems, the nacelles are enclosed in housing in the primary hull with the field coils trailing to the aft of the ship. Like the Akira, the
Steamrunner’s bridge deck is buried in a structural well that protects it from incoming fire unlike most other Federation designs. Descending from the nacelles are twin pylons supporting the external deflector array, a design that not only optimizes its effectiveness
but frees up a massive amount of room in the primary hull.
Engineering: The Steamrunner incorporates the FUWR-1 warp drive that was so successfully introduced by the Akira-class just a few years before. The drive coil assembly is a boon to the Steamrunner’s design as the placement of the two impulse drives dramatically increases the vessel’s maneuverability. With the mass saving features of the FUWR-1, the Steamrunner is as surprisingly nimble vessel for a starship of her size. Her top speed of warp 9.75 for twelve hours makes her ideal for task force operations and she
was a favorite of fleet commanders in the Dominion War.
Tactical: The inspiration for the tactical system aboard the Steamrunner came from the venerable Renaissance-class cruiser, a starship that has proven itself time and again in engagements over the last forty years. Like the Renaissance, the Steamrunner’s phaser array utilizes two power streams in the standard firing volley, a standard banked pair and with an additional third stream providing a 33% increase in power throughput. If a rapid-fire mode is desired, the three beams can split off into a group of two with a
follow-up up single beam punch. This versatility has made the Steamrunner a favorite for task force operations. Although her FP-10 torpedo compliment is limited by a low rate of fire, her flexibility on the battlefield is unmatched.
Crew Support/Computer Systems: Because of her complicated primary system requirements, the Steamrunner is a manpower intensive vessel making her fairly crowded by modern standards. However, the Steamrunners are popular with their crews and duty
aboard one is considered a prime assignment. The computer systems are a scaled down version of the type developed for the Galaxyclass with starships launched after 2375 receiving bioneural processors for some of her primary computing needs.
Development and Construction History: Of the thirty-five Steamrunner-class cruisers constructed, eighteen remain in active service. Most of her operational losses are attributed to almost nonstop deployment during the Dominion War, and should not reflect
any defect in her overall design. New vessel production was suspended in 2378 with the last two hulls entering service in 2382.
Historical Notes:
Sirius Destroyed by Jem’Hadar forces in the Chin’Toka System on 4/7506.
Demologos Destroyed by Jem’Hadar forces in the Chin’Toka System on 4/7506.
Opkapi Destroyed by the Borg at the Typhon on stardate 4/7305.
Nightingale Destroyed by Dominion forces at the Battle of Chikakera on stardate 4/7401.
Annapolis Destroyed by Jem’Hadar forces at the Second Battle of Koral Madine on stardate 4/7412.
Galena One of 98 Seventh Fleet ships destroyed by the Jem’hadar in an attack against a Dominion communications array in the Argolis Cluster on 4/7402.
Madrid Destroyed by Jem’hadar raiders in an attack against the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars on stardate4/7507.
Gladiator Destroyed by the Borg at the Typhon on stardate 4/7305.
Tiberius Scrapped after an attack by Jem’hadar forces near Vulcan on stardate 4/7411.
Rajendra Destroyed by Dominion forces near Bajor on stardate 4/7312.
Sagamon Destroyed in an attack on a Dominion shipyard near the Gakare Nebula on stardate 4/7408.
Crommelin Destroyed by Dominion forces near starbase 375 on stardate 4/7401.
Blackout Destroyed by Dominion forces at the Battle of Trager’s Inferno on stardate 4/7406.
Haruna Scrapped after an attack by Cardassian infiltraters at the Starbase 42 repair yards on stardate 4/7504.
Ranseur Destroyed in a border skirmish with a Jem’hadar patrol on stardate 4/7510.
Earhart Declared lost, presumed destroyed while patrolling the Cardassian Occupation Zone on stardate 4/7702.
Leopoldville Destroyed in an attack with Orion Syndicate privateers on stardate 4/7809.

z USS Azrael NCC-72021

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