z Captain William "Bill" Gamble

A veteran of the Dominion War who has been given his first command - USS Endurance.

NAME: William “Bill” Gamble RACE: Human GENDER: Male AGE: 44 (DOB: 15 March 2343)
Strength: 57 Endurance: 62 Intellect: 67
Dexterity: 71 Charisma: 69 Luck: 97 Psionic: 62
Attitude: 60 / 65 Team Player Coolness: 75 / 79 Cool Motivation: 67 / 83 Aspiring
Willpower: 58 / 58 Firm Morality: 49 / 54 Average Ethics: 72 / 79 Proper
Energy: 56 / 53 Average Composure: 90 / 93 Calm Bravery: 47 / 49 Average
Empathy: 64 / 64 Emotional Humility: 55 / 33 Conceited
Political: 50 / 50 Mainstream Social: 61 / 61 Priviledged Financial: 72 / 72 Well Off
Live Parents: 2 Old Sis: 2 Yng Bro: 1 Nuclear Fam
Prior Service: Star Fleet Branch: BCS Security RANK: Captain
Additional Training: Department Head Command School First Contact Protocols

    2361-2364 Starfleet Academy
  • Competed in Academy-wide Hist Bat/Tac/Fig contest – Placed!
  • Good Event: Advantageous Religious Celebrity Encounter
    2365 BCS Branch School
  • Competed in Brigade-wide Hist Bat/Tac/Fig contest
  • Rom Event: You have a one night stand/short term sexual encounter with an attractive alien
  • Tour Event: Caught in local political situation – Coup
  • Serv Event: Military Advisor – Civilian Activities
  • Tour Event: Host Diplomatic Event
  • Gen Event: Your grandparent became famous, professionally
  • Good Event: Vacationed at Risa
    2367-2368 Security Branch School
  • Competed in Brigade-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition – Placed! (sandbagged)
  • Serv Event: Military Advisor – Civilian Activities
  • Gen Event: Your grandparent lost a small fortune
    2368 Cruise: Starbase 74 – Staff
  • Silver Shuvalis
  • Grad Cum Laude
  • Competed in Brigade-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition – Placed! (sandbagged)
  • Tour Event: Unwitting Participant in Unethical event at Academy-not caught
    2369-2372 System Defense Duty – Frontier World
    OER: Outstanding

    Ship: NCC-42296 Hood, Excelsior class Exploratory Cruiser
  • Citation
  • Ribbon
  • Granted Open Access Security Clearance
  • Competed in Brigade-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition – Placed! (sandbagged)
  • Gen Event: You damaged one of your parents’s career, major setback, accident
  • Promoted (Lieutenant (jg))
    2372-2375 Galaxy Exploration – Capital Ship
    OER: As Expected

    Ship: NX/NCC-62497 USS Akira, Akira Class Heavy Cruiser
  • Order of Memory Alpha
    2376 Department Head School
    2376 First Contact Training
  • Tour Event: Deliver Emergency Medical Supplies – Member Planet
  • Serv Event: Military Advisor – Civilian Activities
  • Promoted (Lieutenant)
    2377-2380 Patrol – Threat Area
    Ship: NCC-62497 USS Akira, Akira Class Heavy Cruiser
    OER: Outstanding

  • Medal of Valor
    2381 Command School
  • Granted Classified Security Clearance
  • Serv Event: Planetary Surveilance – passive
  • Promoted (Lieutenant Commander – Senior BCS/Second Officer)
    2382-2386 Rapid Response Fleet – Executive Officer
    OER: Excellent

    Ship: NCC-71807-A USS Yamato, Sovereign Class Explorer
  • Citation
  • Tour Event: Battle: Ship-to-Ship, Stand off
  • Promoted (Commander)
    2386-2387 Ambassadorial Aide (Federation Embassy on Vulcan)
    OER: Excellent

  • Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
  • Competed in Division-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition – Champion! (sandbagged)
  • Gen Event: Coin a popular phrase, catches on throughout the quadrant.
  • Good Event: Helped relative/friend of a low level criminal authority – he/she owes you a favor
  • Gen Event: One of your siblings entered a religious service
  • Gen Event: Coin a popular phrase, catches on throughout the quadrant.
  • Promoted (Captain)
    2387 – Military Operations – Peacekeeping Group 5, Taskforce 21
    Ship: NCC-83812 USS Endurance, St. Louis Class MK II Heavy Cruiser
    OER: Pending*

  • Tour Event: Supervised yard refit of USS Endurance
  • Tour Event: Battle: Ship-to-Ship, Victory. Fought against True Way Ambush at Cardassia Prime.
  • Tour Event: Battle: Ship-to-Ship, Victory. Defeated Pirate Squadron.
  • Tour Event: Hostage Negotiation. Successful resolution with no casualties.
  • Tour Event: Battle: Ship-to-Ship, Victory. Defeated True Way Forces at Battle of Atbar. 12 enemy cruisers destroyed, 5 damaged/inoperable. Loss of USS Aurora, USS McKinley.
  • Tour Event: Battle: Ship-to-Ship, Victory. Commanded USS Endurance in the rescue of USS Claymore, and repulsion of Klingon forces at the Battle of Taggrut. 5 enemy vessels destroyed, 3 damaged.
Administration: 50 Planetary Sciences: Meteorology: 23
Artistic Expression: Ndlepnt/Embroidy: 14 Planetary Survival: Arctic: 20
Artistic Expression: Writing: 19 Planetary Survival: Desert: 20
Carousing: 40 Planetary Survival: Forest: 8
Cloaking Procedures: 10 Security Procedures: 60
Comm Sys Operation: 47 Security Systems: 41
Comm Sys Technology: 19 Sensor Analysis: 22
Computer Operation: 69 Sensor Technology: 11
Damage Cont Proc: 44 Shuttlecraft Pilot: 45
Deflector Shld Op: 61 Small Equip Sys Op: 38
Deflector Shld Tech: 18 Small Unit Tactics: 33
Electronics Tech: 25 Social Sciences: Culture/Human: 23
Enviro Suit Op: 40 Social Sciences: Economics: 10
Fleet Tactics: 20 Social Sciences: Fed History: 20
Gaming: Dabo: 7 Social Sciences: Fed Law: 30
Gaming: Ferengi Tanngo: 38 Social Sciences: Hist/Human: 36
Instruction: 35 Social Sciences: Law/Human: 23
Language: Galacta: 41 Social Sciences: Political Science: 32
Language: Latin: 60 Social Sciences: Religion/Human: 7
Language: Orion: 15 Space Sciences: Astrogation: 49
Language: Romulan: 18 Space Sciences: Astronautics: 13
Leadership: 55 Starfleet Regs: 20
Life Sciences: Bionics: 10 Starship Combat Strat/Tactic: 74
Life Sciences: Exobiology: 11 Starship Helm Operation: 41
Marks – Archaic: Crossbow: 10 Starship Services: 29
Marks – Modern: 40 Starship Weapon Ops: 21
Medical Sciences: First Aid: 28 Transporter Op Proc: 11
Negotiation/Diplo: 90 Trivia: Hist Bat/Tac/Fig: 36
Pers Comb – Armed: Knife: 20 Vehicle Operation: Automobile: 25
Pers Comb – Armed: Staff: 13 Vehicle Operation: Motorcycle: 19
Pers Comb – Armed: Baton: 20 Vehicle Operation: Tracked: 33
Pers Comb – Unarmed: 78 Zero-G Operation: 19
Pers Weapon Tech: 48 Warp Drive Tech: 18
Physical Sciences: Computer Science: 30 Streetwise: 14
Carrier Operations: 6 Air Strategy & Tactics: 3

Childhood (2343)

Born to Phillip and Antonia Gamble, William Gamble was the third of 4 children raised in an exceptionally conservative, Catholic home in Providence, Rhode Island. With a prominent grandfather and other family members active as clergy and administrators within the Vatican’s sphere of power, life for Bill and his siblings was incredibly influenced by a diminished, and by many peoples’ standards, irrelevant dogma. Whether it was from the Irish or Italian sides of his family, there was considerable pressure for young Bill and his siblings to adapt to and eventually enter the ‘family business’.

Enthralled by the shuttle trip to an orbital, Starfleet museum as a school child, Bill studied hard and hoped one day to apply to Starfleet academy. To help substantiate his path forward, Bill studied his own family’s history and noted connections to prominent industrialists and military officers of the 19th century. Indeed, a Gamble was not someone destined for life within an ancient religious order that struggled to remain relevant in a galactic society with warp speed spaceships and subspace access to the cultural beliefs and history of thousands of other planets.

The contrasting nature of culture, beliefs and politics of the many worlds in the United Federation of Planets continued to lure Bill away from ecclesiastical studies through his teen years. He felt deeply betrayed by the family’s beliefs when his oldest sister Samantha joined an ultra-orthodox cloister of nuns. Bill could not conceive of why Sammie would willingly choose to lock herself away for the rest of her life. While his other sister rebelled to a career of musical celebrity, Bill dedicated himself to either becoming a Starfleet Officer or an accomplished boxer.

The former path opened itself up to him when a research project he had worked on, “Lewis and Clark: Connecting the story of American exploration to the military conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries”. Though the work was still that of a young student, several conclusions caught the attention of a local friend of the family, Captain J. Conner O’Malley (USS Wisconsin, Ret.) and a recommendation to Starfleet Academy was the result.

Starfleet Academy and Security Services Training (2361-2368)
Bill’s tenure at the Academy was largely noted for his impressive showing in the annual Kobayashi Maru tournament. Although Starfleet Academy uses many other tests of character in the 24th Century, this one event is held in legendary esteem by nearly all cadets and future officers. Bill’s solution to wage a defensive battle towards stalemate went on record as having the largest, duration before destruction in nearly 70 years, at 6 hours 44 minutes.

His family situation moved into and out of his time at the Academy as well. He continued to be isolated from most of his family, aside from the significant event of his brother, Mark, being ordained as a Cardinal at St. Peters. His correspondence to his sister Sammie continued to be a one-way affair, but he did meet frequently with his younger sister, Mary, who had begun a wildly successful career in disruptive music and celebrity society.

After entering his specialization track in Security services, Bill was assigned to ceremonially protect a visiting Orion trade delegation – the first of its kind in many years. Ancient rivalries between Orion castes reared their ugly heads and Bill found himself rescuing the Orion Ambassador’s daughter, Princess Isuna, from an assassination attempt. Ordinarily, such a feat from a Cadet would be worthy of significant honours, however, when Federation Security caught up with the Cadet and the Princess, they were locked firmly in each other’s embrace. After several closed door meetings, the incident was largely hushed up, Bill was grudgingly allowed to stay within Starfleet Academy but was assigned to take an additional course in Xenorelations.

During this course, Bill would meet one of his long-time associates and friends, Mary Washington Shaw, or simply “Wash”.

During his final years in Security services training, Bill would enhance his effectiveness in the areas of civilian facing operations, specifically, anti-smuggling/piracy, supply chain security, and emergency response missions.

Prelude to War (2369)

z Captain William "Bill" Gamble

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