Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Session 23: Phase 1 Wrap Up

People, Places, and Events

Here’s the quick and dirty of what was to go down during the last 2 sessions (the plan anyway) represented as well as I understand character motivations.

Phase 1 Wrap Up Events

Discussion with Kssevose on the Endurance (last session)

Drop off prisoners and victims at Atbar

Seren confronts Gamble, orders him and the Endurance to butt out of the slaver situation

Gamble sends a report up the chain to protest the orders, is loudly not replied to

Endurance heads out of Atbar en-route to Sonebr with a fleet of cardassian transports hauling relief supplies fights off a few pirates that weren’t expecting a Star Fleet presence – they run

On Sonebr Starrbon tracks down Buva and threatens him with having Raife deported (Kssvosse tip), Buva talks (See below for details)

On Sonebr Wash comes across a dire medical case while assisting in their local clinic. The patient turns out to be her old tormentor, badly mauled by some beast, no eyes (or face really), she treats him anyway, but leaves word so that he doesn’t know it was her who treated him. She may have accidentally rendered him permanently impotent as well.

Leaving Sonebr, the Claymore ambushes the Endurance, wounding her, but the Claymore is also badly damaged as the Endurance fights back, driving her into retreat

The Endurance makes repairs and limps towards Atbar, Gamble filing a formal complaint with Flanagan, who strongly advises Gamble to reconsider strongly, sleep on it, then make his decision (all via coded channel), the stakes here are insanely high, there will be no backing out of it, and the Claymore has filed no report at all.

While pondering, the Romulans uncloak at Atbar and transmit 5 separate views of the combat between the Claymore and the Endurance, corroborating the Endurance’s view with sworn testimony from the commander of the Romulan task group.

End of Phase I

Starrbon confronts Buva who refuses to answer questions. Starrbon explains to Buva that all he has to do is call a guard over and point out that Raife is off world from Cardassia and without papers and she will be captured and deported. Buva is hostile but relents. It’s still like pulling teeth to get anything from him. Excerpts from his statement to Starrbon:

“How do you most easily control a star faring state? With hostages, of course. Good ones – nothing but the best! Why were all the important Cardassians and their families moved back to Cardassia, do you think? Of course, individuals come and go all the time, even ships full of individuals, all leaving loved ones behind on Cardassia, unable to leave. Travel restrictions due to terrorist activities indeed.

“The True Way were captured, were conquered, were dead, but back from the ashes they came. Killed again, but back again. How? Who stands to gain from a terrorist organization being active in Cardassian space? Not the Cardassians. Not the Klingons or Romulans, they grabbed territory and worlds and wealth. No, the ones with their fingers on the buttons, and the will to push them, use this terrorist threat to keep all their lovely hostages right where they want them, right on Cardassia ‘where it’s safe’.
“With their families here and under threat, the new Detapa Council is controlled. With their families here the military is controlled. They use key people in specific places to keep us just strong enough to continue and just weak enough to remain under their control. Only those that have to know are told the price Cardassia will pay if they fail to comply.

“This is not paranoia, it’s real. You know Tathon’s family is on Cardassia. We’re the only ones he could get out, so he did what he could. Our work here is to engineer a means to rescue his wife and child. You coming here and drawing attention to us is not helping!

After Raife’s identification and deportation is dangled again, Buva explains. “Fine. You want me to say it? I’ll say it: Your Admiral Koderman implanted 28 tri-cobalt devices into the deep continental crust of Cardassia Prime. 28! 3 are enough to make the surface uninhabitable for thousands of years! It seems he didn’t want any special operations forces to be able to find and destroy or disable just a few. He put in 28 of the damned things. 28 that we know of! There are other countermeasures in place as well, on both the planet and installed on each of our ships. And apparently he’s kept it secret from Star Fleet Intelligence and the Federation Council as well. How? Everyone is in on it, so how? It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.

“If you want to know more you’ll have to take it up with Kssvosse, he knows a hell of a lot more than he told you, I guarantee that. Here’s a little payback from me to him – do some research, find out how old he really is. And what species. You’ll love what you discover. Now leave me, and Raife, the hell alone. I see you again, I’ll kill you. We clear?”

In the meantime, Major Jackson had a little girl talk with Raife, perhaps a little rougher than most, but girl talk nonetheless. The follow is the Major’s synopsis of the conversation:

  • Buva was a master spy for Tathon, Raife was his assassin, pushed a button, boom, dead Ferengi.
  • Buva and Tathon grew up together, maintained illusion of master/servant, were best friends.
  • Tathon’s wife and child are on Cardassia as hostages.
  • High command knows everyone on Cardassia is a hostage.
  • After end of Dominion war new government began consolidating all people of power and influence on Cardassia to control them to include government, military, industry, along with their families.
  • People enter Cardassia but do not leave, fear of assassins used to keep them in place.
  • Taking advantage of this, the Federation mined Cardassia with Tri-Cobalt warheads (at least 28, exact number unknown).
  • Raife is a good fighter, but not better than me.



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