Campaign of the Month: August 2017

Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Phase II, Session 7: The Long Road Home

Cat and Mouse with Klingons

With the Captain and 1st officer indisposed the 2nd officer and chief engineer took over command. His first official act was to transfer command function to engineering where he could more effectively do both jobs. Just before the Klingons appeared, the chief counselor reported that the two sane-ish Ipsus survivors were actually doing worse emotionally now than when they first entered the ship and that there was little that could be done for them at this time. The Captain had wanted reports on their condition, so this was his report. Then he simply sauntered away.

The Chief Operations Officer received an openly broad but encrypted communication from Starbase 134, thus blowing radio silence, notifying the Marathon that Battlegroup 28 was headed their way at warp 9 and that a warp tug was moving to them at warp 7.

About those Klingons…. 2 Vor’cha entered sensor range and rapidly closed with the USS Marathon and matched her warp speed. Chief Science Officer Jog scanned and discovered they were accompanied by a third cloaked Vor’cha, and it was running a normal cloaking device. They bumped up their speed and began to close with the Marathon. At roughly this moment the 1st officer, having recently been returned to duty by medical made his dramatic and imposing entrance onto the bridge and promptly assumed command, much to the relief of the 2nd officer who then threw his full attention into the engineering functions. The results of his renewed attention was a spectacular effort that allowed the ship to drop from warp 5 to warp 3 twice as rapidly as any ship should sanely do so, especially when damaged as badly as the Marathon was. The XO gave it the token, “Make it so” sort of thing (it was actually, “Yeah, ok, do it”) and the Marathon’s sudden deceleration caused the Klingons to blow right by and many times the speed of light relative velocity.


IKS Uvas Shalloss

When next the Klingons matched speed with the Marathon they were accompanied by a second group consisting of 1 Vor’Cha battlecruiser and 1 B’rel Cruiser separated by 500,000km, no ships were cloaked as far as Lt Jog could tell. Again, the Chief Engineer did miracles with the engines and the Marathon out accelerated both groups of Klingons.

The group with the B’rel cruiser, now identified as the IKS Soikra and mounting the Starfleet sensor pod from the USS Bull Run, and the Vor’cha battlecruiser IKS Uvas Shalloss were the first to catch up with the Marathon. The first officer ordered the ship to attack and the Helmsman (no character info available) brought the ship around as the Chief Tactical Officer readied what remained of the ship’s weaponry (nothing functional on the port side).


IKS Soikra

The Klingons closed on the Marathon but held their fire until they were very close, as did the Marathon, both ships intent on making these shots count. The XO’s superior tactical skill won out enabling the Marathon to get the first shot off, and Lt Th Azyron put everything into exacting vengence upon the Soikra, the ship that caused the TW Domain that nearly killed them 2 scant episodes ago. The 4 phasers punched a hole in the Klingon’s inferior shielding that allowed a full volley of 8 photon torpedoes through, utterly destroying the Soikra. The explosion wasn’t close enough to the Marathon to damage it thanks to extensive ship to ship combat training and the lessons learned there. However, the Uvas Shalloss wasn’t prepared for the sudden destruction and she had only her forward shields up allowing the full impact of Soikra’s explosion to hit her hull directly, nearly destroying her. What the Marathon didn’t yet attempt and the Soikra didn’t fully accomplish, the chief engineer aboard the Uvas Shalloss managed via a critical fumble roll for his ship at the worst possible moment for the Klingons – and their ship also exploded. Thus, the USS Marathon racked up its first two combat kills and avenged itself upon those that had so injured it and her sister ships.

The Marathon got underway again and the Engineer managed to get Warp 6 out of her by cutting the port nacelle completely off from the EPS power feed and reconfiguring the starboard nacelle for single engine flight operation. The crew of the Marathon kept the ship ahead of and out of the hands of the Klingons until roughly 34 minutes after the battle they were joined by Task Force 28. As doing ‘warp jumping’ with a fleet of ships is problematic, especially across multiple warp bands, Commander of Battlegroup 28 Captain Harlan Mattix chose instead to engage in a running fight. At the height of the battle there were 6 Klingon Battlecruisers and 5 Nausican raiders attacking BG28 trying to get at the Marathon, who continued to shoot at them along with BG28.

Organization: Battlegroup 28
Commander: Harlan Mattix, Captain
Commander Ship Type
Captain Harlan Mattix USS Lynx Akira Cruiser
Captain Masuus Eashan USS Huntley Streamrunner Destroyer
Captain T’Lairan USS Ivanhoe Streamrunner Destroyer
Captain Dewrnot Saine USS Voodoo Spitfire Destroyer
Captain Murali Kilaru USS Wrath Spitfire Destroyer

The groups sniped at each other until the arrival of the Warp Tug USS Ob arrived, throwing off the rhythm of BG28’s defensive patterns. Once the Ob locked on the the Marathon she was able to disengage the drive and put full warp power into shields (Extending them around the Ob) and weapons while the tug towed her at warp 7, speeding up the entire Battlegroup and dramatically enhancing their lethality (though the Klingons quickly learned to stay to her port side). In the end 2 Nausican raiders were destroyed and the rest moved off, and 3 Klingon ships were destroyed while the survivors harried BG28 and the Marathon all the way to Starbase 134. Among the Starfleet vessels, the Ob took some minor structural damage, the Huntly sustained serious damaged but was able to keep up and maintain the ability to fight, and the Voodoo was badly damaged, having to eject its warp core and transporting the crew to other ships, but it is salvagable and was towed by the Lynx.

Upon arriving at Starbase134 Admiral Burtell communicated with the Officers of the Marathon and her Captain (now more or less conscious and on the bridge). She gave coordinates of the specific space dock for the Marathon, that her crew was not to leave the ship, no one in or out. That Starfleet Intelligence was setting up to process the entire crew and weed out all compromised elements. That the ship would be undergoing a full component by component inspection to ensure no more issues. Finally that there would be more instructions as time passed and to take these instructions very seriously, as all personnel would undergo full interrogation under psionic conditions to ensure the safety of the ship and crew.



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