Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Session 17: Pirate Pinball
Ow! My head!

As with all exciting missions, this one started with a meeting. OK, maybe not, but there WAS a meeting. At that meeting, the pirate distribution and makeup was analyzed and dissected and a strategy formed.

Monas (Orion) Orion Syndicate
Silkassi (Orion) Green Trade (Slaver)
Miskoval (Orion) Mist Assembly
Derot (Cardassian) Oasis Transport
Consuala Brekenridge (Marquis) Entropy
Fownd Merris (Bajoran) Silent Steel
Jansie Mellor (Maquis) Dire Leviathan
Krast Vokassik (Orion) Spite Clan
Fintelx (Bajoran/Maquis) Quantum Vengeance

The organizations, leaders, and races are listed above.

The confrontation began with the Endurance and Redan knowing exactly where all the pirate vessels were located, thanks to the partial stealth sensor buoy system they installed in Taggrut and need to complete sometime in the near future (or will they?). The pirates anticipating total surprise on the unsuspecting Endurance had their expectations rudely disrupted when Captain Gamble made the following transmission in the clear:

Attention: This is Captain Gamble of the Federation starship Endurance to all vessels holding position in the asteroid field. We’ve been tracking your positions for sometime now, thanks to our informants. All Orion vessels, you are not on our list today – Drop your weapon coils on the way out of the belt, and you will not be targeted by allied forces. All other vessels – power down your vessels to standby condition, and signal your surrender. Comply, and I will personally appeal for all consideration that can be offered to you once in custody. Failure to comply means that we cannot guarantee your safety in this system. Your best chance – surrender. You know this offer hasn’t been offered much in the past few weeks. Take it now, before there is no other option but casualties. The war is over. The era of crime in this sector is going to wind down. How do you want this to go?

Two independent pirates immediately broke and ran, the rest of the pirates all began to shout and talk all at once, and Fintelx’ voice was found among them when Frae analyzed it to identify pirates. She’s loose.

The Endurance and Redan executed a short, tight warp jump to the center of the pirate formation and launched anti-matter bursts in both directions down the line of pirates, one direction covered by the Endurance and the other by the Redan. The ships of Green Trade broke and ran at this point, along with Orion Syndicate and Spite Clan.

This is the point where the Cardassian fleet came around the far side of Taggrut and set course for the battlefield in the asteroid belt. The Holographic Cardassian fleet. That no one told the real Cardassian fleet about. That went into higher alert, as they were already at high alert when the Endurance and Redan suddenly began an attack without telling the Cardassians they were about to attack. Cardassian medical has sent a formal complaint to the offices of Fleet Captain Flanagan discussing the heart health of the senior officers of the Taggrut Pickett. It is at this point that Mist Assembly, Silent Steel, and Dire Leviathan all bowed out…at high warp speed.

Now facing only Oasis Transport and Quantum Vengeance, the strongest two factions, remained to fight. The Endurance and Redan each fired upon the ships in the area. The Endurance hitting 3 out of 4 phaser hits with pin-point accuracy against Oasis Transport destroying 2 ships and disabling another, despite manual aiming by Lt Starrbon and spotty sensors due to the anti-matter burst. The Redan chose to launch photons at the asteroids the Quantum Vengeance ships had been anchored to, destroying 3 more, but having a photon misfire meters after launching that blew back into the ship disrupting the EPS power conduit just above sickbay. 6 casualties to their medical crew left them, essentially without a medical crew, 4 of them died of their wounds. Quantum Vengeance decided the fight was unwinnable and withdrew.

Both Federation ships locked on tractor beams to the remaining Oasis Transport ships. Dazzled by the anti-matter burst, Oasis Transport didn’t realize they were all alone until the marines were force-docking with them, blowing boarding charges, and storming in. 7 ships and 30 personnel were captured ending the conflict. The leader of Oasis Transport, Durot, was among those captured.

The captured ships were pulled to the main hanger deck of the Endurance for analysis. Moving rapidly to the area to begin data acquisition operations, LtJG Frae experienced a minor control event with her Betazoids abilities and temporarily disabled 17 marines, rendering 5 of them unconscious. She and the Captain had words about it. Her efforts yielded results almost immediately, and expectations are that there is more to come.

The Endurance sent a crack medical team to the Redan to distribute drugs and care and sell crack. A second team was dispatched to the shuttle bay to deal with some psionically traumatized marines. The new CMO began giving orders to dispatch the teams in both directions only to notice that the teams had launched into medical assault teams and were gone before he had gotten to his fourth sentence. He sat down at a terminal and began writing.

Session 16: New Friends
...or are they...?

It’s 3 weeks from our last adventure(s) in real time, 2 weeks game time (apply to your training). The Endurance continues to endure operations with the Claymore. Combat operations that is. Nothing but combat.

“An alien is hailing us.” “Weapons free, fire for effect!”

“An unknown ship is crossing our path at the edge of sensor range.” “Maximum warp, drop out of warp at maximum effective range, open fire, then hailing frequencies.”

“My coffee is cold.” “Lock on to the Endurance and fire. <sigh> OK, belay that, find another target and THEN fire! You there, close comms!”

“Small rocks off the port bow Sir.” “Launch the Marines.”

The Romulans are seen (when they want to be) as you go about your duties.

In the process of guarding a freighter that is making repairs after being attacked by pirates (subsequently blown up by the Claymore, the pirates that is, they let the freighter live… for now) a distress call is picked up on long range scans. Claymore leaves the Endurance to protect the Freighter and heads to the source of the signal at maximum warp. Morale is immediately improved, the senior officers put away their booze. Just as the Claymore exits sensor range a pair of Klingon Vor’Cha battlecruisers exit warp and drop cloak, slowly approaching your position. They open hailing frequencies, “This is Cpt Kerrogh of the IKS Mangghom Bey. May we speak without weapons fire?”

1. Captain Kerrogh of IKS Mangghom Bey wished communication with Endurance without the Claymore around, waiting to uncloak until the Claymore was out of Federation sensor range.
2. “I have something to communicate to you, Federation.” He only referred to the Endurance and Gamble as Federation. “We wish…” he struggled on the words and seemed to be choking a bit while his first officer completely failed to notice, “…negotiations. With you. ONLY you! Not that…OTHER…Federation. Contact me on this frequency when you are ready. 2 weeks, no more. That is our window.”
3. He closes comms, they cloak, they leave.

Upon the return of the Claymore the Freighter immediately contacted Cpt Seran to complain loudly about the 5 Vor’Cha that uncloaked around them, that the Endurance then talked to and they went away. Seran contacted the Endurance right away to get the details of the conversation with the Klingons, no doubt to see how he could turn it to his advantage. Afterwards, when it was obvious that there was no work-around for him to exploit, he grudgingly gave Captain Gamble a “Let me know how that works out” and dismissively closed the channel.

After repairs, Seran had TF21 set course for Atbar to greet their reinforcements.

For the past 2 weeks the Endurance has (under orders) followed the Claymore around the TF21 Ops Area like a puppy dog, going from one crappy situation to the next as Seran bullied (as best he could) everyone he ran into, especially the legitimate (?) merchants in the area under the theory that at least some of them were basically up to no good. The law of averages being what it is, he was no doubt correct. However, poor sentiment toward the Federation in general and the Claymore and Endurance specifically is at an all-time high, which actually seemed to be his purpose.

Quickly into their journey it became apparent that Seran was looking for any excuse he could possibly manufacture to replace the Endurance’s command crew with officers of his choosing and several such requests were quietly forwarded to Captain Gamble from “a friend” in Fleet Captain Flanagan’s offices. Several reprimands for completely unreasonable lack of actions on the part of Gamble to participate in the bully sessions were filed, though nothing ever seemed to come of them.

At long last the two Saint Louis Cruisers journeyed back to Atbar to meet up with their reinforcements. Seran wanted to be there in time to greet the USS Azrael and the USS Redan as they arrived. Upon arriving in Atbar orbit the bridge crew of the Endurance noted the skeletal structure of the new Starfleet Repair and Refitting Station. A modular design, the units to plug into it were on the way now and were expected in another week. A few days after that it was expected to be online and viable.

Upon arriving in Atbar things are looking a bit more settled than last time the Endurance was here. With the arrival of the USS Azrael NCC-72021 and the USS Redan NCC-50339 Seran calls for a meet and greet aboard the Claymore. (Wow, that last sentence had all the ships names in it!) The command crews (Captain, 1st Officer, and 2nd Officer), but not the liaisons (though Claymore’s liaison Mukigo was there) were invited (ordered) to attend and go over a few things:
* The Captains of the Azrael and Redan want to know about their upgrades.
* Refit yards in Cardassia are 5 weeks behind right now and additional yards are being built.
* They were given their tactical software upgrades to self-install, which they did, and they’ve been cleared for its use.
* Their new shielding has been packed into their cargo bay and shuttle bay, both are full, and they were told they would be installed at Atbar.
* No facilities here. What do we do?
* Obvious solution: 4 ships, 4 engineering crews, the upgrade can be done with them acting as a makeshift yard using the tractors of 3 ships on the 4th. There was a bit of debate over this.
* Obvious issue: This makes these 4 ships a target. While there have been no incursions in Atbar over the last 3 weeks, there have been bombings and sabotage claimed by the True Way.
* Contributing to the debate was the fact that there are signal sources in the Atbar system that are unexplained and can’t be tracked down when investigated:
 Ships on guard from the other TF’s of PG5 have rolled out, scanned, found nothing conclusive, then returned to Atbar.
 Other ships of PG5 have been busy picking up the slack of the missing ships and have had no opportunity to investigate.
 Cardassian Space Fleets are stretched just as thin.
* Eventually Seran made a command decision that the shielding would be done by TF21 in Atbar and other issues were discussed.
* The sensor buoy network needs to finish being deployed. The Cardies are screaming about it, Flanagan is out of excuses, it needs to be done.
* Finally, now that TF21 is reinforced, as well as TF25 with the addition of the Lightening under command of Captain Rubins, it is expected to begin contributing to the defense of Atbar. (On duty now are Bosque County – TF23, London – TF24, and Resolution – TF25)
* Seran announced to the captains and crews of the Redan and Azrael, "Until you get your feet wet and learn the area a bit this duty will be performed by our destroyers. Whichever destroyer is not guarding Atbar will be attached either to the Claymore or the Endurance. This is a semi-permanent fleet deployment to allow your ships to learn to work as a team. The Redan will be assigned to work with Gamble and the Endurance, the Azrael will be with the Claymore. “The Azrael will take first shift on guard duty until relieved in 1 week by the Redan.”
* The final order of business was food (which was excellent), booze (which was real and excellent), and dancing lead by Captain Gamble and Commander Yari Kim, XO of the Claymore. It is notable to those who attended from the Endurance, there was no funny smell aboard the Claymore in spite of all expectations.

The next day shield rigging for the two destroyers got under way. Once it was obvious what was going on, Captain Angelo of the USS Resolution and commander of TF25 requested the same service for the USS Lightening and contributed his ship’s and and the Lightening’s personnel to the cause of all 3. There was no significant difference in completion time to to install 3 sets of shielding rather than 2 as a result. Seran was magnanimous in his agreement to this arrangement. All ships got regenerative shielding.

In Atbar to drop sensor buoys, things could have gone very differently, but checking the logs of the sensor buoys already in place revealed the presence of nearly 50 ships that had positioned themselves among the Asteroid belt near Atbar. Apparently the destructiveness of the Claymore and, by implication, the Endurance over the last several days had outraged several pirate groups and caused them to think of these Starfleet ships as a real threat to be dealt with. The Endurance officers inferred that the pirates, knowing that both had been in this system on multiple occasions over the last few weeks it seemed a natural location for an ambush and their efforts were rewarded with the presence of the Endurance and another, unknown, Starfleet vessel (the Redan).

Examination of the Buoy logs indicated that there are at least pirate groups plus several smaller groups and solo ships. Sensor records show getting into position and powering down systems to hide their presence in the system.

Since the pirates seem to not know that the Endurance and Redan are on to them, Captain gamble opted to contact the Klingons in consideration of the 1 week of time remaining to do so. They conversed and Captain Kerrogh informed Captain Gamble that the Klingons were prepared to release the dilithium mining planet of Sonebr from their control and return it to the Cardassian Union, no strings attached. Based on Kerrogh face as he spoke, he appeared to be passing a large collection of hooved animals, as well as the majority of his family fortune, through his lower intestines at that very moment. He seemed uncomfortable and unhappy. The date and time and location of the transfer ceremony was given, and Gamble was advised to bring food, temporary shelter, medical supplies, and perhaps transport for 50,000.

Now, about those pirates….

GENERAL INFORMATION (I served with him in the ’Nam):

Sonebr IV – Mining colony and minor dilithium supplier. Common ores are abundant and easily mined, contributing to the planets gravity despite its size. While there is little natural life above a microbial level on the planet, there are substantial dilithium deposits here as well. Due to the presence of the valuable crystal, the Cardassians kept a large garrison of troops on Sonebr IV. The Klingons laid siege to the planet and essentially starved the garrison out during their take-over following the Dominion war. Of almost 50,000 Cardassian troops stationed on the planet, less than 5,000 remain alive, and those that do are used in the mines as labor.
• Class – M
• Satellites – 1
• Planetary Gravity – 1.08
• Planetary Size – 64.8% of Sol
• Land Area – 74%
• Planetary Rotation – 20 hours
• Atmospheric Density – Thin, breathing gear required
• General Climate – Arctic
• Mineral Content – Common metals, abundant dilithium.
• Population – 230,000 civilian, 64,000 troops.

Taggrut – Orbiting a red supergiant are 8 Terrestrial planets, 3 belts, 8 gas giants, 8 ice cores occupy this solar system which is one of the largest (in volume) in Cardassian space at 2.3 times the volume of the Sol solar system. Arranged from the star: T, T, B, T, T, T, B, T(M), G, T, G, B, G, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I.

Session 15: Jousting With Klingons
The Endurance shows up, all out of bubblegum

This is long overdue, sorry for the delay:

Following the defense of Atbar, Cpt Seran of the USS Claymore found himself in charge of TF21 and immediately ordered the USS Endurance to his position. Upon arrival the Endurance found the Claymore damaged and fighting a losing battle against a pack of 5 Klingon B’Rel cruisers. The Endurance helmsman dropped the ship out of warp and to a halt within 100 meters of the Claymore, and Ops raised shields and extended them around the Claymore as well, covering the areas where the Claymore had lost shield generators during the nearly 2 hour cat and mouse fight she had endured to this point.

The two ships set out at best Claymore speed towards the Cardassian picket at Taggrut, all the while launching withering joint attacks and using the in-system sensor net to aid them in locating and targeting the cloaked Klingon vessels. Five minutes later a lone, somewhat wounded B’Rel survivor was being escorted by 3 Vor’cha cruisers, limping under cloak back to Klingon territory.

The two crews combined to make emergency repairs on the Claymore and then set course for Atbar. They gave such aid to the planet and ships in orbit as they could and worked to solidify the Claymore’s hurts. Cutters and tugs were busily clearing debris around Atbar when TF21 rolled into the system and entered Atbar orbit. Upon arrival they were advised to maintain shields while in orbit due to the heavy amount of clutter currently in the vicinity. Both ships used their tractor beams to help out as they could and continued repairs.

At one point, Captain Seran beamed over to the Endurance, spoke with Captain Gamble in his ready room, shared a drink and was civil, if not quite respectful, to Gamble, leaving him the bottle after the drink. During the brief meeting (briefing? nah!) Seran established that until he was relieved and/or they were reinforced that he felt the best strategy would be for both ships to travel together to support each other (and stopped just short of saying something critical of Harkness).

After 24 hours in Atbar, and with the arrival of ships from the other 4 Task Groups of PG5 to secure Atbar, the Claymore and Endurance resumed their patrols of the TF21 Ops Area.

Fleet Captain Flanagan
Peacekeeping Group 5
Cardassian Theater of Operations

To all members PG5,

It is with heavy hearts that we acknowledge the loss of ships and personnel of the USS McKinley (TF21), USS Aurora (TF25), the Federation Repair Facility in orbit around Atbar, and the Federation Planetary Outpost on Atbar, as well as the citizens of Atbar who also were wounded or lost their lives. The McKinley was lost in combat with all assigned hands aboard during combat operations in defense of Atbar due to double photon hits to the Engineering compartment, rupturing the warp core before automatic safeties could engage. The Aurora was destroyed while docked in the Federation Repair Facility with only her engineering department, a skeleton crew, and workers from the Repair Facility present when she exploded due to unknown circumstances, now under investigation, taking the Repair Facility with her and initiating hostilities in Atbar. Nearly all of the 93% of the crew of the Aurora, along with various other Starfleet personnel from Atbar Station, were killed in the seven separate market place bombings throughout Atbar City. We mourn the loss of these officers and regret the loss of these ships and facilities. Upon reopening of Atbar Outpost a memorial area will be set aside for any remembrances personnel wish to leave.

At this time Captain Seran of the USS Claymore will assume command of TF21 until made the permanent commander or a suitable replacement found. TF21 and TF25 will be reinforced at our earliest opportunity. The Federation Repair Facility will be rebuilt asap. A minimum of one starship from each Task Force will be on station in Atbar until further notice, TF21 excepted until such time as it is reinforced. Atbar Outpost will resume normal functions ASAP and will be rebuild to the specifications of the Starfleet Core of Engineers. Until further notice, Atbar is off limits as a shoreleave destination.

Extermination of the True Way is now priority number one of the Cardassian government, and the elements of Starfleet that make up the Cardassian Theater. Fleet Admiral Koderman has called for additional resources to give us the ships, capabilities, and personnel to get the job done, and we will make it happen.

With sincere respect,
Fleet Captain Tandra Flanagan

Captain Gamble,

My condolences to you and your crew on the loss of Captain Harkness and the crew of the McKinley. I know you hadn’t served together long, but I am under the impression that you had formed a strong friendship and excellent working relationship with each other. Such losses are our burden to bear at times, part of wearing the uniform, as if that’s any real comfort. Still, you can take some comfort in the fact that she was thinking of you and your crew in her final hours.

I received the following through channels from her just before the Atbar attack. It was the last message she ever sent. For what it’s worth, I’ve honored her request and pushed these through with all rapidity. Please see to the ceremony and your people.

Fleet Captain Tandra Flanagan,
Commander Peacekeeping Group 5


For their efforts in resolving a potentially explosive, and certainly volatile, situation on the planet Taggrut VIII concluded at Stardate 64922.3 the Captain, command crew, and most of the senior officers of the USS Endurance, at the request of and with the help of their Cardassian Liaison intervened in a situation and brought it to a successful, peaceful conclusion. Details of the encounter are found in Starfleet Report Taggrut VIII 64922.3 and followup report attachment Echo India Echo India Oscar. Therefore, the following recognition and commendations are hereby awarded:

Captain William Gamble – Federation Peace Medal
Commander C’Mara – Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
Lieutenant Mary Washington Shaw – Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
Lieutenant Commander Hagan Benner – Citation of Meritorious Service
Lieutenant Samuel L. Starrbon – Citation of Meritorious Service
Dalin Tathon 1st Tier – Joint Service Commendation

Signed this day, Stardate 64926.6
Captain Sarah Harkness,
Commander Task Force 21
Peacekeeping Group 5
Cardassian Operational Theater

Session 14: True Way Attack On Atbar
Thrombo's bad day

Stardate: 64930.1


A surprise attack both above and on the Cardassian world Atbar, and the Federation outpost in Atbar City as well, has resulted in the loss of life of over 5,000 sentient souls. A statement was released by an unidentified individual claiming to represent the True Way movement confirms that this attack was planned, engineered, and executed by members of that movement. Much is still under investigation and officials are not forthcoming regarding details of the attack. However, casual observation and eye-witness accounts confirm the following:

Ships Destroyed:
Federation Cruiser USS McKinley
Federation Destroyer USS Aurora
True Way Cruisers (unidentified) 17

Ships Damaged:
Federation Destroyer Bosque County

Facilities Destroyed or Damaged:
Federation Orbital Repair Facility and Drydocks (from explosion of USS Aurora)
Federation Regional Headquarters:
Power Generation Facility – Destroyed
Communications Facility – Destroyed
Main Cafeteria – Destroyed
Hangers – Damaged
Prisoner Detainment Facility – Damaged
General Facility – Damaged
Collateral Damage to Atbar City
Primary Marketplaces (7) – Destroyed
Residential Areas – Negligible
City Facilities – Negligible (Schools, Hospitals, Police, Fire, Government Buildings, etc)
Planetary Governor’s Home – Destroyed
Other Planetary Governing Facilities – Negligible

The specific facilities were all destroyed by pre-planted explosives and timed or triggered to all go off within 10 seconds of each other, beginning with the sabotage of the USS Aurora. The crew of the Aurora was mostly on planet enjoying shoreleave, however, a large percentage of them were in the marketplaces and were injured or killed in the explosions there.

Federation forces have arrived in some force to lend aid and protection to Atbar space, Atbar City, and the Federation HQ.

Reposted (with some small edits for accuracy) from Ship’s Log, Rusty401:

=/\= Starfleet Command – After Action Report =/\=
Reference: Battle of Atbar
Stardate of Action: 64929.7
Posted by: Captain Gamble, W.F., CO USS Endurance NCC-83812, TF21, PKG5

1. Situation

True Way forces simultaneously launched operations against Cardassian and Federation targets, ground side and in orbit of Atbar on Stardate 64929.7.

At appx. 1727hrs, ship time, True Way forces attacked primary targets on both the surface and in orbit of Atbar. USS Aurora was destroyed, taking with it the Federation Repair and Drydock Facility it was currently docked in, both lost with all hands (though most of the Aurora crew was groundside at the time), while under repair in repair station 4. On the surface, a coordinated attack through the colony occurred, with demolition charges being detonated at key infrastructure points, and command and control points, as well as several key civilian sites throughout Atbar City. Senior staff of TF21 vessels USS McKinley and USS Endurance were attending a function on the orders of Captain S. Harkness, TF21 CO, at ground station Atbar, when the attack commenced.

2. Mission

Hostile orbital forces constituted 17 pre-war Galor class vessels, appx. 18 system patrol Hideki class cutters, stolen from actual Atbar cutter crews. Ground forces constituted an unknown, but initially estimated 100-200 True Way operatives staged across the colony.

Allied forces constituted USS McKinley (Korolev Class), USS Endurance (St. Louis MK II Class), USS Boston County (County Class), embarked Marine combat personnel, ground and orbital station personnel in conjunction with Cardassian planetary garrison. USS Aurora (Hurricane Class) was destroyed, suspected sabotage, in the opening moments of the action.

From the outset, the mission of myself and my crew was to secure the local ground situation to the best of our capabilities, before returning to USS Endurance to secure the orbital front. Civilian safety and defense of Starfleet and Cardassian installations and vessels was our top priority.

3. Execution

Safety systems at Ground Station Atbar deployed after the initial blasts, sealing TF21 command staff and senior officers in the reception hall. When USS Aurora was simultaneously destroyed in orbit, True Way ships which had gathered on the other side of Atbar moved into attack formation and began to engage Starfleet and local defense ships at long range. True Way cruisers established a blockade perimeter, while up to 18 smaller, cutter type ships disrupted response operations at close range. Distinguishing these smaller vessels from legitimate Cardassian forces proved challenging, giving True Way a preliminary advantage.

Sensor logs show that enemy used an initial orbital approach cresting the southern pole of Atbar and using magnetic interference to remain hidden as long as possible. This is only possible if monitoring satellites were tampered with prior to the assault. How the ships approached Atbar without being seen is also a matter of keen speculation.

Reports from Endurance indicated that for a short while (T+0 to T+5 minutes, appx) the situation was volatile, but manageable. Long-range fire was being managed by ship’s shields, and pinpoint return fire was being used to avoid endangering civilian ships (appx 375 in the combat zone). Initially, our senior crews were unable to return to our vessels to direct a response. I did give orders at this time to continue to return fire, clearing a path for civilian ships to withdraw, while at the same time to prepare all Marine forces for deployment.

On the ground, officers collaborated to distribute weapons and to override the blast shields that had sealed the reception chambers off from the rest of the compound. I directed Lt. Starrbon to lead a tactical team (as best we could muster) to secure the immediate corridors. It soon became evident that there were concentrated attacks on the compound’s main gates, detention facilities and support craft hangar. Captain Harkness took her team to help secure the main gate and hangar, while I lead a team to secure the detention facility.

A main goal of the attack at our area of the ground station was to release select prisoners from Cardassian detention [See Attached Files]. Other prisoners were not released. Within a short time, the central compound was secured, although engineer McGregor conveyed that their primary power systems were completely destroyed and that the facility would have to make extensive repairs.

At this time (T+15 appx) I received an update from Endurance that the True Way attack in orbit was becoming more intense. Without a coordinated response, incoming relief ships would be entering a literal shooting gallery. I ordered Commander C’Mara to secure a shuttlecraft for Endurance crew members from the nearby hangar while we collected Dr.’s Burress and Shaw from where they had been tending to the wounded. Having noted that some support from transport-capable, Federation facilities had already been engaged to treat the most severely injured, I felt it apt to return our officers to the ship, given their success in stabilizing the wounded.

Captain Harkness and her crew continued to secure the compound at that time, freeing my team to attempt a return to Endurance. I made a decision to pilot the shuttle in this rendezvous flight as I had flown a similar mission at 2nd Chintoka (Ref. Stardate 52107.4), and transporter use would have subjected the ship to unnecessary risk.

On approach, the shuttlecraft came under fire from True Way cutters. USS Endurance provided covering fire, however, the shuttle received damage prior to landing aboard ship. Although the shuttle was heavily damaged, emergency landing protocols safeguarded all handles aptly, and the senior crew was quickly beamed, site to site, to the bridge.

Realizing the hostile cutters could only be neutralized effectively, with matching capabilities, I ordered all Marine shuttle to disembark, and engage in close range combat with the enemy cutters. USS McKinley quickly followed suit.

At appx. T+25 minutes, USS Boston County came into range and began to provide supporting fire. True Way ships began inflicting heavy damage on the destroyer, as anticipated. I ordered Endurance to begin precision fire to disable engines and power systems of enemy cruisers, while moving out to create a firing line that Boston County could fall behind. McKinley joined the formation, and in our opening volley, 6 True Way cruisers were destroyed or rendered inoperable. I issued an open order on hailing frequencies for True Way vessels to stand down at this time.

USS Boston County fell into formation and began emergency repairs, and continued to provide supporting fire over the next several minutes while Endurance and McKinley directed heavy fire at the True Way cruiser formation. All ships received enemy fire during this time, while additional True Way ships were disabled.

Captain Harkness and her senior staff returned via transporter to USS McKinley at T+37 minutes into the action. USS McKinley was hit with a coordinated volley of enemy fire at roughly T+40 minutes into the engagement. The ship was quickly overcome from its damage and was destroyed with a loss of all hands.

It was clear at this time that enemy forces were attempting to recover personnel from the damaged ships, but were otherwise willing to give no quarter whatsoever. At this time, I authorized the use of Quantum munitions, directing Mr. Starrbon to neutralize remaining, functional enemy combatant vessels.

Remaining vessels were disabled or destroyed through joint fire from Endurance and Boston County. Although I ordered the disabled enemy vessels to surrender, very few enemy crew were captured by local authorities at that time. Evidence suggests that hundreds of True Way crew managed to evacuate via transporter to Atbar Colony or other locations as yet determined [See attached sensor logs].

4. Conclusion

Significant compromise in the local Cardassian garrison security resulted in a massive, coordinated attack on Atbar. The scale of the attack might be on par with historic events such as the 1968 Tet offensive in the Vietnam War on Earth, or the attempted Bolian Insurrection of 2316 – these events are significant not only for their attempted, military objectives but also for significant political objectives. It should be considered that Atbar was a colony world largely supportive of the Cardassian government in exile during the last months of the Dominion War, and has been a ideological symbol of betrayal from the True Way’s perspective.

Although the attack was repulsed, with asymmetric losses for True Way, we must not assume that this loss of precious cruisers in their cause will necessarily diminish their ongoing, and what must now be referred to as a proper insurrection or guerrilla war against the Cardassian Union. Given the pathology of the True Way cause, it may be that the loss of two Starfleet vessels will be overplayed as a call to action for True Way sympathizers.

Additional Points of Conclusion:

i) USS Endurance suffered minor damage only to ship and crew, and has been ordered by Acting TF21 CO, Captain Seran (USS Claymore) to regroup at Taggrut, where an apparent probing attack by Klingon Forces is underway.

ii) USS Boston County suffered heavy damage but continues operations in conjunction with additional Starfleet and Cardassian reinforcements that have arrived following the primary engagement.

iii) Civil authorities on Atbar report an elevated number of sporadic attacks and events likely relating to the exodus of True Way operatives to the planet’s surface from their doomed starships.

iv) The Marine detachment from USS McKinley has been redeployed to support Ground Station Atbar. McKinley detachment was able to quickly swap 2 marine shuttles with Endurance detachment to keep our team fully combat effective on our mission to Taggrut. Their dedication in the face of the loss of USS McKinley is overwhelmingly appreciated.

v) Endurance personnel determined that multiple sensor ghosts, possible cloaked ships, were present in the Atbar system at the time of the battle. Disposition of these forces has not been confirmed at this time, though it is suspected that several of them are shadowing Endurance to Taggrut.

5. Specific Recommendations

i) Reinforce Atbar with additional defense forces.

ii) Prepare to deploy additional forces to hold Taggrut, pending confirmation of Klingon assault.

iii) Ensure allocation of additional vessels to TF21.

iv) Coordinate with Cardassian Union forces to secure Atbar colonial facilities.

v) Develop and deploy advanced IFF countermeasures to prevent stolen and re-purposed True Way vessels from confusing allied response efforts.

vi) Increase the variety and capability of combat support craft available to Starfleet outposts and vessels in this theater. It should be noted Marine shuttles were highly effective in countering fighter/raider tactics from the True Way, thus keeping lanes open for retreating civilian vessels. Carrier operations may greatly extend Starfleet effectiveness in this sector in this light as well.

6. Further Recommended Actions

i) Investigate destruction of USS Aurora to determine exact cause of vessel’s destruction and loss of crew.

ii) Investigate loss of USS McKinley and crew.

iii) Recommend dispensation of full honors to all Starfleet personnel lost defending Atbar.

iv) Application to endorse appropriate decorations for all hands involved in this engagement is pending. [[OOC: Russ needs more time to look at this with Stan]]

v) Application to commemorate loss of USS McKinley, USS Aurora crews pending.

vi) Application to commemorate loss of Captain Sarah Harkness, a veteran of the Dominion War, and advocate for peacekeeping missions like that of TF21 is pending.

Session 13 (figures!): It happened, only not....

We very nearly gamed. It was very nearly exciting. We very nearly had the technology to do It UP, but then we didn’t, it wasn’t and we didn’t. Still, a couple of things did happen:

The Endurance received orders to return to Atbar with it’s Ferengi Asylum seekers. Upon receiving this order, the captain LEPT into ACTION and called a meeting. Then the gremlins hit and we had technical difficulties and the game ended. Still, things are in motion and here’s what’s up:

1. The McKinley was there just finishing up whatever their business and enjoying a half day of shore leave when the Endurance arrived, as well as the Aurora, a Hurricane Class Destroyer from TF25 and commanded by Captain Marika.
2. Upon arrival, official greetings from the McKinley are received and Harkness invited the Captain and his Senior Crew to her TF21 Commander’s table for dinner, too bad Claymore isn’t here to take part.
3. While the channel is open, her marine commander challenged the marines and/or anyone else from the Endurance to a full contact football game that afternoon. Cpt Mussaab, the Marine XO, on behalf of Major Tobenamedlater, heartily accepted and the melee was scheduled. As with all marine sponsored sporting events it ended about halfway through the ‘game’ in a brawl in at mid-field. There was boasting, ‘Oh, yeah?’ was shouted from many, then there were injuries and the medical staff got a work out. The crowd, not knowing what this game was supposed to be in the first place cheered and stamped their feet until the poorly and hastily built stands collapsed and the medical staff got an even better work out.
4. The science departments buzzed back and forth with data from their various projects, not even considering the concept that getting together face to face would be productive or useful, so focused on the work were they.
5. A fond farewell was paid to LtCmdr Benner as he departed the ship and LT Lorian-Krin was welcomed aboard as the new BCS Chief. Other Jr. Officers were welcomed aboard as well to serve as Assistant Department Heads. They will be named shortly. They are currently on duty as the Command Staff and Department Heads attend Cpt Harkness’ Commander’s Table type I Dinner.
6. At the commander’s table after the game (and after sick bay for those involved – you know who you are!) Harkness addresses the Sr. Officer Staffs of the ships present:

“I have an update on our area of operations from Starfleet Intelligence and the Cardassians via Koderman’s staff", she said, beating on a helpless glass with her table knife (it’s fine by the way) to get everyone’s attention, and standing up to address the assembled occifers. She may have started drinking early, but no one noticed, as per TF21 protocol.

“Item 1. There is strong speculation of the True Way forces working with the Klingons to disrupt the area around Taggrut.
Item 2. Black market sales are up an estimated 325% since we began patrolling our area.
Item 3. Piracy has dropped roughly 40% in our area.
Item 4. Slavery harvesting has dropped 65%.
Item 5. Dilithium production has not been interrupted.” She smiled and nodded her approval at Captain Gamble and the Endurance officers.
“Item 6. All signs indicate that the Klingons are stepping up their efforts around Taggrut. This changes nothing for us immediately and our orders remain
unchanged, but be ready should this change.
Item 7. The Romulans are staying in their fence and hiding. Item
8. The True Way is becoming more aggressive and overt. They are suspected of
having ship building facilities somewhere in our zone.
Item 9. That was a hell of a football game.
Item 10. After recharging your goblets I have a few awards and citations to pin on all of you. However, The bar is open, let’s hit it!

Captain Gamble, what’s Ensign Ricky doing this evening? I have a special medal for him", she ‘joked’.

And that’s when the USS Aurora exploded.

Captain Harkness was hosting her senior officers and command crew and those of the Endurance in her formal TF21 commander’s offices located in the Starfleet compound on Atbar – her first official use of them. The meal was excellent, the drinks plentiful, and the liaisons well behaved and pointedly not sitting with each other (hmm…).

Within 2 seconds of the explosion of the Aurora followed several ground explosions, though none were particularly near the TF21 commander’s offices. This was clearly a well coordinated attack, but by whom?

The situation onboard the Endurance (to be continued)….

Those of you building characters, I need them asap please. Thank you.

Session 12: Meeting The Guv'nor
How to fillet a Ferengi

In light of the situation, and totally not at all due to panic, the Captain held a brief briefing in the briefing room with his senior officers, all of whom had regained consciousness, where he reviewed the situation, gave orders, and sat back to wait for them to heroically leap into action (which they eventually did).

Lt Benner and Lt Starrbon, Samuel L. Starrbon, beamed down with a squad of marines on a leash and a very sedate group of bomb squad marines (who are never enthusiastic about starting work for some reason) to the gaping maw of the dilithium mine, or at least one of the gaping maws. They all packed into the lift (which was FILTHY) and rode into the mine. Releasing the hounds, or marines in this case, they never-the-less took off at a rapid pace into the mine, going different directions, clearing fog of war on the Starfleet officer’s PADD as they went. Suddenly, we shifted our focus to….

Team 2, consisting of Commander C’Mara and Lt. Washington, along with the brave and noble Dalin 1st Tier Tathon, beamed down to the gaping maw of corporate headquarters. With a quick glance at each other, they steeled themselves for the horrors that no doubt lay within, and entered the plush facility. As expected, the plushness infestation was everywhere, though the heroic band did successfully ignore it’s siren call, instead focusing on the souless being residing behind the reception desk.

“We’re here to speak with…Densin Prut I believe it is”, spoke the bold, yet svelte C’Mara, 1st Officer and very big deal of the USS Endurance.

“Do you have an appointment?”, asked the corporate puppet and government worker. At this point Tathon spoke a few polite and kind words to the gentleman receptionist who quickly hurried to obey. Performing a brief summoning ritual, Mr. Receptionist (not his real name) waived over a security-ish person and gave him instructions to lead this resolute party of various races and aromas to the chambers of Densin Prut on pain of whatever corporate security shills are terrified of (probably not getting a full lunch break or something – who knows, they’re so inscrutable).

Ignoring the secretarial barrier Densin had erected outside his office, to much spluttering and dismay you may rest assured, they checked for traps and then burst into his office without even knocking, so brave and brazen were they.

“What’s the meaning of this?” demanded Densin, dumping his, um, assistant(?) from his lap as he stood up. The three quickly made their meaning clear and Densin gave up the location of the prize which they sought, somehow getting stunned by Tathon’s hand beam casting device thingy in the process. Much about this mythic confrontation is shadowy and may never be known.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, “I thought I told you to kill that thing.” “Aw, Pa!”

Meanwhile, back in the mine, the main group had found a central stopping point from which to monitor their ‘hounds’ as they ran through mines searching for explosives and not finding any nor anything else of interest, when SUDDENLY… the Endurance called and got a status update. Shortly after that one of the hounds, then another, and a couple of minutes later (no doubt just feeling left out) another reported seeing something ‘weird’. Capturing video of the event, then tormenting the poor captured video as marines are wont to do, they sent it to their Starfleet handlers for analysis.

The video showed what looked like a mass of hundreds of thousands of mechanical spiders about 8cm tall, all of whom were covered in something that resembled a clear gel that enveloped the mass of them entirely with room to spare. It was obvious that no one was getting any sleep that night. It was also obviously weird. The hounds were ordered to return, but the mass of spider goo with spiders de mechanical flowed past them and continued moving towards the central gathering of Starfleet officers and anti-explosive marines (those marines were really opposed to exploding).

About this time the ship lost contact with them, and fearing the worst, began preparations for a memorial service. Later when contact was reestablished this was laughed off as a drill. Coincidentally, the group in the mine also noticed that their contact with the surface and with the ship was cut, no doubt to the flow of spiders and goo overhead moving at a healthy clip towards the surface. Scans revealed the gel surrounding these ‘spiders’ to contain copious amounts of microscopic dilithium crystals. Turns out they were simply mining bots that had collected 100% of all dilithium deposits via the gel, brought it up from the depths where they deposited it into their rendering machinery to extract the dilithium, recrystallize it into useful size, and release the spiders for another cycle. The marines were inconsolable as they realized they would not get to shoot at the spiders.

That was when the surface party finally arrived at the cell of the prisoners they had come to rescue(?), having lethally dealt with all opposition en route to the location (there wasn’t any). The Ferrengi (former) Captain Daimon Zort and his (former) 1st officer Taar Meski both occupied a cell far underground beneath the Trakon Supplies HQ building and Governor’s Palace dual function building. Clearly, Trakon does a brisk business in miscellaneous imprisonment as all 26 cells had from 4-8 prisoners each in them – a bit crowded for a 6′ × 8′ cell. Even so, everyone knows that you always separate Ferrengi prisoners – never put them into the same cell together.

Having searched them ‘thoroughly’, the crack security team that Trakon employed still caught them no less than 4 times with contraband communication equipment, even though they searched the prisoners after every incident. This is likely why, when Lt. Shaw scanned them with her Starfleet issue tricorder they both lit up like an over-decorated hooyup tree at the Accumulation Festival. No less than twenty-three (23) separate gadgets were extracted from various locations on their bodies (the extraction video is horrid to watch, even if it did go viral).

After (and during) this extraction process the pair were questioned, briefed on the situation, and apparently the Daimon decided that it was time to cut and run, his 1st Officer agreeing with him, and he formally requested asylum for false imprisonment at the hands of the Cardassian Government. Oddly, Tathon agreed that this was an acceptable course of action, clearly proving that he was, in fact, Q in disguise.

After a quick consultation with Captain Gamble, the pair of Ferengi were brought on board the Endurance where they were subjected to every invasive procedure the full medical staff membership decided they needed some practice with. Burress stopped them short of full dissection and reconstruction procedures.

Now in possession of half of the puzzle, the First Officer’s team beamed down (again with mild marine support), passing the mine team on the way back from determining that the mine was not, in fact, going to explode and that the Ferengi were bluffing after all.

After beam down C’Mara, with Tathon’s help, quickly ascertained the location of Densin Prut in the facility’s medical facility. After a couple of polite Tathon questions it was discovered that Grutos Prut was being held in an isolation room nearby on suicide watch. The team quickly discovered his location, examined him (bound in his black and uncomfortable Cardassian straight jacket), notified the ship, then beamed him to the Endurance (still in the straight jacket, shouting obscenities and making demands to be released).

With this piece in place the Captain contacted the (new) Captain of the Ferengi vessel, Daimon Girn, to let him know that both the Governor and his former Captain were onboard the Endurance and invited him to beam over, with the Governor’s wife and children, to complete his negotiations. He accepted (with much creepy Ferengi glee).

Upon arrival, all were assembled in the ship’s Four Aft lounge for negotiation ceremonies. The Governor was released from his sheik fashion wear (the straight jacket) and reunited (coldly and formally) with his family. Tathon was there as well, having rapidly donned his best formal mullet and dress uniform (it’s nice to have people to dress you) and quietly overlooked the negotiations, as did Captain Gamble, for a time.

As the negotiations began to drag out, Captain Gamble made contact with Gul Krabel to let him know that things were under control, tensions were defusing, and could he please power down his weapons and un-target the Endurance. Gul Krabel declined. Could he please call off the inbound fleet from Atbar coming to glass the mine and a few hundred miles around it and also destroy the Endurance? No. And that was the end of the conversation.

We all pretended that tensions mounted as negotiations reached a crescendo and climaxed with 1.5 minutes to spare. I wasn’t really even close. The new Cardassian fleet arrived and took up station keeping around the Endurance, all parties beamed out to their respective destinations of choice, Daimon Zort and Taar Meski were unaware of proceedings as they basked in their guest quarters/the brig/wherever the hell they got stored, and Girn, it turned out, filed a brief in the local Cardassian court and the Federation consulate branch office on Atbar to have them remanded to his custody – the legalese made the bureaucrats weep at it’s beauty, though they didn’t authorize anything except a long lunch to discuss the waitresses various attributes and potential negotiation tactics revolving around the attributes topic.

That evening the Captain had the mess staff assemble the Captain’s Table (ostensibly a beige and purple oval with the Federation logo in the center of it, it’s actually a convoluted affair with all sorts of hidden buttons that activated gadgets of every imaginable dining function and which the enlisted personnel assigned to the task whined about incessantly) in the ship’s Four Aft Lounge. There many disgusting foods and beverages were served and sampled and tossed at each other later in the evening (when the booze had kicked in) and even Tathon joined (and tried to poison the lot of them with his Kaverall Silth, having his manservant Buva attend to everyone choosing to partake, but sadly poisoning no one).

The following morning, as the Captain enjoyed his first cup of steaming [ coffee? ] he found the following in his inbox:


Captain Gamble,

It is with some satisfaction that my Cardassian counterpart here read Tathon’s report on how he defused the situation at Taggrut. It seems he’s to be decorated for his actions in the affair. Oh, and it seems that the Endurance provided some minor assistance with a few trivial details and provided a barely adequate meeting facility for him to assist the Ferengi and Trakon Supplies to hammer out their new agreement.

Apparently some of your personnel were a bit rough with the Governor’s Uncle but he’s graciously not asking that charges be pressed at this time and has, how was it put, oh yes, talked his superiors down from any legal actions.

The gloating should last for the rest of the week – they haven’t had many victories.

As per my orders from Admiral Koderman’s offices, you will proceed to Atbar and there drop off your “passengers” for processing at the Federation Consulate Branch Office despite Cardassian claims that they are to be considered terrorists for their bomb threat of infrastructure vital to the well-being of the Union. While there take care of any details needed and then get back to setting that buoy field ASAP, it’s not going to set itself you know.

That bit with the ‘merchant’ indicating that the agreement that started this whole affair from from True Way operatives is most interesting. Kudos Captain.

FCpt Flanagan,
PG5, Commanding

Session 11: Cardassians have no sense of humor....
Well, here's another fine mess we've gotten ourselves into

PROLOGUE: As per the request of Tathon, the USS Endurance returns to the site with the 2 damaged and disabled freighters where a small fleet of 6 Cardassian Galors, the new post war upgraded ones, are positioned and a salvage operation is under way. Their commander Gul Brekesht offers thanks, grudgingly, for resolving the situation, returning the surviving crewmen, the bodies of the dead, and especially for the prisoners. “As the Federation has performed this service for Cardassia I will let you know that we’ve been tracking this group for months now without luck. They seem to pop up on space lanes, attract the attention of worthy prey, and kill and steal at will. We had no idea how they were managing to avoid us. Now we do. That information alone is worthy of commodation from our government. Thank you Captain. Well done Tathon, I owe you a drink next time I see you on Atbar.” Upon conclusion of the transfer of bodies and personnel the Endurance resumes it’s patrol.

The USS Endurance received the following message for the Captain about 2.5 hours after breaking orbit from dropping off prisoners, survivors, and bodies from the Cardassian Task Force at the 2 damaged freighters:

CC: COMMANDER, TASK FORCE 21, Dalin 1st Tier Tathon

Captain Gamble,

My office has received a complaint from my counterpart in the Cardassian Defense Force command and the Cardassian Diplomatic Liaison Attache assigned to PG5. While the results of your recent intercession in the TF21 area have been pleasing to all involved (pirate captain and crew officer aside), your motivations and attitudes reflect a distinct disconnect from the orders and objectives of this Peacekeeping Group and Task Force 21 in regard to assisting your Liaison with the execution of the exercise of his legal authority. I have instructed Captain Harkness to make you aware of your responsibilities and the objectives that are of priority to us. I trust this is the last such communication I shall have to initiate.

FCpt Flanagan,
PG5, Commanding
-——————————————————————————————————————————Roughly 3 hours later, the following message arrived for the Captain:

Captain Gamble,

As I’m sure you are aware, I have received instructions from FCpt Flanagan to “make you aware of your responsibilities and the objectives that are of priority to us”. This communication is that instruction.

Star Fleet Objectives in the Cardassian Theater of Command that seem to apply to this situation:

MISSIONS (excerpt):
4. Assist the Cardassians in their efforts to maintain their government and protect their citizens, property, ships, trade, and sovereign territory.
5. Protect civilians and civilian ships from armed threat and piracy.
1. Keep the peace.
2. Prevent the Cardassian government from collapsing.
3. Enhance the working relationship between the Cardassians and the Federation, building a strong relationship for the future.
4. Secret stuff, this is missing, GM can’t find it.
5. Prevent the Romulans from expanding further into Cardassian space.
6. Negotiate Romulan withdrawal from Cardassian space.
7. Prevent the Klingons from expanding further into Cardassian space.
8. Negotiate/force Klingon withdrawal from Cardassian space.
9. Control and eliminate pirates, black market, and exploitive elements (Ferengi, Orions, Pirates) from the area.
10. Contain exploitive elements in Cardassian space, prevent spillage into Federation space.

Nowhere is it stated, implied, or are you authorized to ignore a valid arrest warrant, especially when your liaison, your direct link to the Cardassian government and it’s wishes, tells you that the pirate has an arrest warrant, it is legal in their justice system, and he is wanted for over 30 separate counts, even if those counts are not specified. We are neither here to enforce Federation law, nor to impose Federation ideals upon the Cardassians.

Cpt Harkness,
TF21, Commanding
-——————————————————————————————————————————Approximately 15 minutes later this final message for the captain was received:
(not a text message, but a full viewscreen message of a very agitated and calmly angry Captain Harkness)

Captain Gamble,

Off the record, I understand your frustration with the situation and the rampant embracing of corruption that seems to be a hallmark characteristic of Cardassian government. If your liaison is anything like mine, you’re likely ready to have him escorted to the forward torpedo tubes and fired into space without a suit. You should also know that I have received a very similar letter to the one you received, and that Seran has already collected 4 of them. It seems the Cardassian liaison strategy is to whine us into submission.

You don’t become a Fleet Captain without being a political animal, and Flanagan is definitely a political animal. Don’t read into this very much, but don’t give any indication that you aren’t taking it seriously either in front of your liaison. I am told that we are to be “tolerant of their idiosyncrasies” for the moment, that we are guests in their home territory, and to act as such. Since we technically negotiated a peace treaty and didn’t conquer them, we aren’t treating them as a conquered people, and that’s not the Federation philosophy anyway. The bottom line though, FCpt Flanagan doesn’t feel any differently about this than you and I and Seran do. You’ll notice that what you received is a form letter, and should also note that it is not entered into your permanent record. I personally feel you did a good job in a difficult situation, and if anything were simply a bit overzealous regarding your ideals.

As you were reading your official mail, I’m sure you noticed some re-writing of the information there. I was required to include your liaison in the message and didn’t want them to be too much in the loop. These damned liaisons don’t need to know everything, and orders be damned. Finally, feel free to share the information in your messages and this one as well with your senior officers so that they have a better understanding of the situation.

Harkness, out.

It’s now roughly 7 weeks (game time) since the campaign began. Thanks to our newly released Skill Development System you all suddenly realize that for these last 7 weeks you’ve been accumulating skill points in 6 DIFFERENT SKILLS! Weird how sudden realizations work, eh? Choose 3 Duty Skills (things you use in your job) and 3 Off Duty Skills. Make one of them in each area your primary skill to train. We’ll work out what happened there when the game starts.

Additionally, you each now have 2 plot points. No, you really do. Congratulations!

Oh, what’s a Plot Point? From now on, as the game progresses you’ll collect plot points, you start with two, which can be burned to get your buttocks out of a flexible launching system, gain a bonus to a roll, retcon (retroactive continuity) a mistake, have something funny happen to the other player’s character, or you can burn them to add new Skills, increase one of your Skills, or at the rate of 10 to 1 to increase one of your Stats by 1 point (limit 10 total, no more than 1 point in 1 stat per week, and takes 1 per week to maintain each boosted stat – enjoy that weight training).

Spending Plot Points: An individual or group can spend them at any point they wish, declaring the purpose of spending them. If an individual spends a point or points, others may also contribute or spend against if they wish. NPC’s have no plot points at this time. Samples of plot point expenditures:

Points Spent Result
1 +10% to die roll (before roll is made)
3 +20% to die roll
6 +30% to die roll
10 +35% to die roll
1 Roll luck roll to change your, or someone else’s, fate (Yes, how we’re doing it now)
1 I need a medal
3 No, not a citation, I need an actual medal
6 I need a better medal than that
10 I’m a hero, dammit! Recognize real!
1 Very minor reality alteration “No, I’m in my Starfleet Man-Skirt today”
3 Minor reality alteration “I choose a different route to my station and avoid Tathon”
6 Reality alteration The ship did arrive in time it seems
10 Major reality alteration “He’s dead Jim. Oh, wait a second….”

These are just examples of course. Plot Points are not meant to take the place of die rolls, but they can assist your die rolls at need.

Plot points are awarded by the GM for damned fine roleplaying, doing the right thing, doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, pulling out a worthy victory against all the odds, and just because. Each session you are present for will get your character a shiny new plot point as well. Sadly, you tiny character hands can grasp no more than 10 of these at a time, and if you have no room you don’t get the plot point.

In an effort to boost security from sneaky type smugglers, thieves, pirates, black marketeers, slavers, and other forms of jackassery, the Cardassian government requested that Starfleet place a series of sensor buoys (300 per) around the systems of each of their remaining dilithium producing worlds. In the name of helping our new ally to protect this most valuable and vulnerable of assets (as well as providing a choice opportunity to better keep track of all goings on in their vicinity) Admiral Koderman agreed.

Yea! \o/ The Endurance (again) drew the short straw and was tasked with deploying them in the Taggrut system. Seriously though, Harkness wasn’t going to to THAT job with HER ship – too boring. The Claymore can’t be trusted – they would just sell the probes and claim they were stolen and produce computer records to prove it. Luckily, the Endurance was there to have the task heaped upon its crew.

Quickly, the science department lept into action, but were out of shape and pulled a hammie. After medical treatment, they got to work modifying the sensor buoys to boost their capabilities and slip in some fun tricks. In the initial test several of the buoys (now positioned in space) were coordinated to produce a sensor image of a fleet of romulan warbirds uncloaking, thus upsetting and scrambling the small fleet of defense ships in semi-permanent orbit around Taggrut perpetually on the lookout for cloaked vessels. Kind words were exchanged and the whole laughable matter was quickly resolved.

THAT’S WHEN THIS HAPPENED! (Hoping to finish this before the weekend) An urgent call was received by Tathon and the Endurance from Gul Krabel, commander of the Taggrut Picket, saying that they had an urgent situation and perhaps the Endurance could intervene, but was cryptic about it. Upon rolling up to the planet, a Ferengi BattleCruiser is in orbit around the planet, along with the Cardassian Picket.

Upon contacting Gul Krabel, the Endurance crew got information regarding the situation.

  1. The Ferengi claim to have exclusive transportation rights from the Cardassian civilian corporation, Trakron Supplies.
  2. The president of Trakron Supplies and planetary governor, Grutos Prut (Cardie), has the Daimon and his first officer, Taar Meski, under arrest.
  3. The Ferengi ship, the Mretek is threatening orbital bombardment. This is not good as this mining colony is 1 of only 3 dilithium suppliers to the Cardassians.
  4. The Former Ferengi 2nd officer of the Mretek has now asserted the he is the new Daimon of the Mretek and is demanding that the Daimon and Taar now in custody on the planet be immediately returned to him. (Turning in the Daimon on a failed merchant mission will solidify his command of the Mretek.)
  5. Prior to beam down, then-Daimon Zort had beamed Grutos Prut’s family onboard the Mretek for ‘safekeeping’ as his hostages, thus leading the Prut arresting him when he beamed down.
  6. Zort had beamed down to renegotiate the terms of the transportation agreement with Prut when everything went to hell.
  7. Zort has had 4 different communication devices found on him after passing a scan showing no devices and then communicating anyway. He claims to have the Dilithium Mine rigged to explode and will trigger it if he is not released, and it’s possible he does and will.
  8. Densin Prut (Grutos uncle) is the Chairman of the board, though Grutos had 51% of voting shares and proxies. He has had Grutos declared incompetent to act as president in this situation due to his anxiety over his hostage wife and children.
  9. The Cardassians are the wild card, and want to blow up the Daimon’s ship to end the stalemate. Gul Krabel is disgusted with how the ‘governor’ acquired his position and contract and just doesn’t care and he has only one simple mission: The Dilithium Must Flow. He has 1 PW Keldan, 2 PW Galors, and 4 PW Destroyers, along with 30 patrol cutters at his command to guard this facility.
  10. Cardassian reinforcements have been requested and are on the way from Atbar to Taggrut, have the elimination of the Ferengi strongly in mind, and will arrive in 2 hours.
  11. Tathon has asked the Endurance to intercede in this matter.

At this point the new Daimon Ferengi has been spoken with, seems quite reasonable (for a Ferengi), and allowed the hostages to be seen, examined, and their conditions inspected, all of which show that they are being treated with kid gloves in luxurious conditions.

Please forward additions/deletions/corrections to me for updating and posting. Thanks!

Session 10: A Dissatisfying Conclusion
TF21 Under Assault?

A freighter uncloaked. Surprising. It ejected 4 more Maquis Raiders into the combat. Even more surprising. It re-cloaked and left the area. Hardly surprising.

The fleet tactics of the pirates were unsound as they failed to mass for an assault on the Endurance, barely managing to even hit her once and never even coming close to breaching her shields.

The Endurance, on the other hand, destroyed all but 2 of the 7 vessels, crippling the ‘flagship’ of the little armada and capturing 3 prisoners, including the pirate leader. This was primarily due to the creativity of the Science department in quickly slapping together an ‘anti-transporter chaff’ sensor probe at the urging of the Captain, which proved to be most effective and preventing the survivors of the command from beaming out (had they been conscious) or being beamed out.

The two freighters seem to have been brought to this area, coordinates Foxtrot Uniform Foxtrot Echo Delta 133 EIEIO (Cardassian coordinate methodology), which is an insignificant patch of space, from where they were disabled in another insignificant patch of space. The only real difference is that this is a more trafficked space lane than where the initial assault took place. Interesting that Kssvosse knew that they would be here.

In the debrief of the pirate captain in sickbay, monitored by the betazoid ship’s counselor, Fintelx expressed no concern in her predicament, nor any concerning the tender mercy of the Cardassian interrogation committee to appear in her near future. She was being truthful about that. She claimed to not know any Kssvosse, asked for a picture of him and identified his as (can’t remember the name we used, so Bob) but didn’t really know anything about him. Fintelx revealed that the crews of the freighters were sold to Orion slavers. She also told Captain Gamble that there was much more going here than he was aware of. Counselor Kestra reported afterwards that Fintelx was quite amused at the captain’s attempt at interrogating her, not in his abilities to do so as much as in his assumptions about her and her past.

Checking the computer logs revealed the coordinates of the original attack and Gamble ordered the Endurance to that location. Upon arriving, the Endurance sensor scans revealed 43 dead people in spacesuits floating in the location, but another 3 were still alive. They were taken into sickbay in a semi-suspended animation state having been in space for roughly 3 days.

Tathon is quite pleased with the outcome of events, though he is still unhappy about letting Kssvosse go. It seems the Cardassian ships he sent for was part of a ready-ops force that happened to be at Taggrut at the time. Their arrival at the location of the freighters is imminent.

TF21 Update –
USS McKinley – Attacked by True Way forces, putting in at Atbar for repairs, expected time down is 2 days.
USS Claymore – Attacked by unknown forces, suspected pirates, 22 fighters launched from a freighter using a false registry, destroyed 15 of them and the rest retreated but Claymore’s engines temporarily offlined and they could not pursue. Back on patrol.
USS Endurance – Attacked by pirates in 7 Maquis ships, 4 transported by a freighter with a cloaking device, in what appeared by be a set trap that attracted larger prey than they could handle. 1 vessel escaped and the Endurance did not pursue, choosing to look into the situation of the disabled Cardassian freighter’s crews instead. Cardassians requesting prisoners and surviving freighter crews be released to them.

Attention: Commander, USS Endurance


This is a formal request of the Liaison of the government of the Cardassian Union for the transfer of prisoners to the custody of the Cardassian forces now located at the site of the wounded freighters, coordinates Foxtrot Uniform Foxtrot Echo Delta 133 EIEIO (you know, where the fight was – GM) with all reasonable haste. Further request is made that the surviving crew of the Cardassian freighters and the bodies of the deceased be turned over as well.

The Cardassian Union government is grateful for your assistance in resolving this matter.

Sincere Regards,
Dalin 1st Tier Tathon

Session 9: Retcon-O-Rama
Chaos on Atbar and beyond

This session was partly a retcom to introduce new player characters into the campaign before picking up where we left off last time. Please submit any errors of detail to me for inclusion in this astonishing account of heroism, horror, sorrow, victory, joy, duty, camaraderie, friendship, pain, pleasure, opportunism, poisoning, adventure, fluffy animals, scary monsters, and foreign chocolate. RETCON FOLLOWS;

While waiting for their newly assigned ship to make port call at Atbar, and not realizing that they each were joining the crew of the Endurance, Lt Cmdr Hagan Benner, the new 2nd Officer and Chief BCS Officer, and Lt Angus McGregor, the new Chief Engineer, both found the one dive bar at the Federation Outpost on Atbar, technically called Starbase 583, but known to those stationed there and based out of there as "Thrombo’, meaning, “slow moving clot” – no one remembers why.

In the bar, The Gettle’s Tooth (a black market reference not dissimilar to The Rhino’s Horn as an example, and to date no member of the crews of TF21 have realized this place even has a name), the two (the only members of Starfleet present at the time) met and chatted more or less amiably. A few minutes later, Cmdr Zaran wandered into the Gettle out of curiosity and mild hallucinatory images from a strange blue chocolate she was eating. She had barely begun to address the things she was seeing and greet the Starfleet officers when a woman’s scream was heard outside followed by a concussion grenade being lobbed into the place as someone shouted, “True Way forever!” The explosion lodged Lt Cmdr Benner into the wall above the bar (it landed as his feet), Cmdr Zaran dove behind a table only to be buried in rubble and 2 cardassian patrons, and Lt McGregor found himself seated against the back wall of the building after being blown there but having not spilled a single drop of his beverage – his beard was in some disarray however.

First to recover because he was neither lodged in a wall nor buried in bodies and rubble, McGregor set he drink down, got to his feet, and pulled Zaran from her pile of rubble and cardassians (it seems the cardies were left there to fend for themselves). As Zaran had a strategically torn tunic, McGregor removed his shirt and gave it to Zaran to wear and revealing himself to be classified as ‘fur bearing’ due to his excessive body hair. While Zaran helped Benner out of the wall and down from the top of the bar shelving (and discarding McGregor’s tunic at some point in there) McGregor went outside where he found a woman with a large knife stuck into her gut and the attackers seemed to have beamed out. He called on an open channel for help and the Endurance responded, beaming Lt. Peren down to assist the woman as a cordon of Starfleet security, led by 2Lt Jonas Nobodyinparticular, established a perimeter. The streets rapidly cleared.

Zaran and Benner (he with a minor head wound but more or less ok otherwise) exited the Gettle and joined Angus as Peren and the woman beamed to the ship. Cmdr Zaran contacted the Endurance to see what they thought was going on and was greeted by a surprised, then agitated Lt Grant Jackson, taking a turn as Officer of the Day as the majority of the crew took shoreleave and he found no way out of the duty (in spite of no chief engineer and major repairs underway in engineering, hmmmm). Zaran wanted to know where the terrorists had gotten off to and Lt Jackson engaged the services of Lt Frae to determine that there had been a triple point beaming to try to confuse people as to their actual final destination. As Lt McGregor headed back inside to retrieve his beverage Cmdr Zaran gave the order to beam everyone, yes, that’s right, EVERYONE around her wearing a commbadge to the last transport location Frae had found, which Chief Ssscritcha did. Angus was within 4 inches of his beverage when the beam out hit him.

The Commander, Lt Commander, Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant, and security team sudden standing in the mouth of a cave, a road stretching out to one side and the cave to the other. Benner suggested that the terrorists were likely deeper in the cave and that they should investigate. The shirtless Lt McGregor pointed at the nearest 2 security guards (helping to form a secure perimeter) and said, “You and you, you’re with me. We’re team 1.”, and then strode meaningfully into the cave a bit. 2nd Lt Nobodyinparticular looked confused and indecisive, having no idea what was going on, having met these men only 20 minutes ago, and this being the second day of his cadet cruise.

Lcmdr Benner, seeing McGregor’s success at assimilating the security officers (residence is further, something like that), pointed at two other security types and said, “You and you are with me, we are team 2.” He then pointed at two others and said, “You and you are with the Commander, you are team 3. The rest of you are team 4.” Angus and Hagen then set about manufacturing ineffective weaponry, though Hagen did manage a nearly pointy stick, while the security team, armed with phasers and wearing security armor, looked on. Zaran, having her own ideas, commandeered team 4 into her team as well, relieved the 2nd Lt of his phaser, told her new entourage, “You’re all with me”, and started walking down the road with a confused gaggle of 7 security people behind her.

Working on the stick and beard launcher apparently did take some time. After roughly a mile of walking Zaran contacted the ship and informed them that there was a problem down here and to send help. “In fact, send everything. EVERYTHING!” Upon hearing this, Lt Jackson contacted Commander Brannigan, only to get 1LT Dari Pron (andorian) who was in charge while the commander was on shoreleave. He gave her the order and her marines were launching in under 2 minutes for the planet’s surface. Meanwhile, Lt Jackson successfully talked LtJG Rixx out of attempting to land the ship at the given coordinates.

Upon landing (Pron’s platoon at Zaran’s location, the other platoons at the ‘terrorist cell’ site), Pron spoke with Zaran, who gave her some very disturbed and weird looks (probably the antennae, then continued her march down the road through all the friendly animals, many of which also had antennae now. Pron moved her forces to the prime site.

Upon landing at the prime site, 1LT Jane Goodall (sporting a bloody nose for some reason) had everyone presently at the mouth of the cave disarmed, put face down into the dirt, and held there until she and the 2 platoons (more or less) stormed the cave. By the time is was over the marines holding the Starfleet officers and security personnel at the mouth of the cave had finished the process of verifying their identities, though that information wasn’t shared and they were kept face down for the entire 2 minutes the operation took, no doubt for their own safety (is how it will be written up). Afterwards, 1Lt Goodall took Benner and McGovern into the cave to show them what they had found and that it was, indeed, a terrorist cell of the True Way. Pron was onsite with her forces, who established a perimeter, when Benner and McGovern exited the cave. Overhearing that these marines were from the Endurance, they decided to hitch a ride in marine shuttles (cramped doesn’t begin to describe the conditions and they flew in different shuttles to be able to fit in at all).

Commander Zaran continued her walk as the animals she was seeing became darker, more aggressive, and more frightening. Eating the blue chocolate gave her comfort (and, perhaps, brain damage – we shall see).

Aboard the Endurance at long last, Lieutenant Angus McGovern disembarked a marine shuttlecraft, filthy from lying face down, sticks and leaves in his beard and body hair, hair and beard a wild mess, shirtless, and completely full of himself, said nothing to anyone and stalked straight to main engineering where he immediately demanded to know what everyone in the room was doing to his engines. Someone made a call to the bridge, Lt Jackson took the call and sent a security detail to detain the madman of deck 29. The computer was unresponsive inside the cell in the brig, Angus was soon to discover.

Meanwhile, Lt Commander Benner made his way to sickbay to get his increasingly difficult headache looked out. Lt Peren helped him when he got there, placing him in the bed next to the woman recovering from her stab wound. Performing an examination he discovered that Benner had a mild concussion and a foot ailment (grenadeus explodititus). He gave Benner a painkiller and mild sedative and repaired a small break of a foot bone and the concussion and contacted the bridge about this unknown Lt Cmdr aboard the ship.

At some point Lt Jackson became concerned for the whereabouts of Commander Zaran who seemed to have disappeared after everyone else (including 2 unknown personnel) returned to the ship. A quick scan revealed her moving on the surface of the planet at a walking speed, with occasional stops, along a roadway, alone. She was contacted and requested to be beamed aboard. Lt Peren was summoned to meet her in the transporter room, determined (somehow) that she was not her normal, sane self, and escorted her to sickbay where she was treated for toxin poisoning (the blue chocolate is toxic to trill hosts). After a short time he released her to return to her quarters where she promptly took a very long nap, completely sleeping through the chime and shouting of the captain at her door later that day.

The captain, having just returned from drinks in the Gettle’s Tooth (freshly swept and repaired and any damage seemed to blend right into the place) received word of Benner’s being on board and came to sickbay to meet the officer. Having determined that he was one of the transferees he was to receive at Atbar he had Lt Peren awaken him, and welcomed him to his new ship and new position. He activated him as an officer aboard the ship and sent him to the bridge to familiarize himself with the ship, customize his console, get his department in order, review his personnel, scratch his elbow, meet LtJG Rixx (still fuming that she was not allowed to attempt to ‘land the ship’ when the marines went in), and relieve Lt Jackson, who was very relieved indeed to get back to sickbay. Benner sat in the commanders seat and, summoning all of his considerable authority as a department head on the ship as well as the second officer and member of the command crew, took command.

Shortly thereafter, a Cardassian (not the doctor) stalked onto the bridge in full cardassian uniform, stood in front of him, and glared. For 10 full minutes. Benner smiled at him. For 10 full minutes. The Cardassian stalked off.

The Captain went to check on the first officer, but she failed to notice the door chime or shouting due to unconsciousness induced by good drugs and bad chocolate.

Frustrated in what, perhaps, was a mating attempt, the Captain went to check on his other new officer in the brig. He was cheerfully escorted to the cell of Angus McGregor, who was released, his appearance discussed, protocols discussed, told to get dressed, activated as an officer aboard the ship and sent to main engineering to assume his role as chief engineer. Lt Jackson welcomed his appearance as another wonderful surprise in a day of such surprises, barely containing his giddiness. He eased the transition of the new Chief Engineer into his position and introduced the crew to him as they got started on the daunting task of repairing the engines from their long voyage at too high a speed.

The cardassian returned and paced back and forth in front of Benner, stopping now and then to glare at Benner, who smiled back, before resuming his pacing, and finally leaving again. A few minutes later the captain returned to the bridge, and Benner rose to release command to the captain and take his seat at his station. Exchanging some light conversation for a brief moment was all the time Tathon needed to occupy the Captain’s seat before he noticed. HERE ENDITH THE RETCON.

PRESENT DAY, IN SPACE, BETWEEN ATBAR AND HUACO: “Gather ‘round, kids. OK, there we were, deep in cardassian space, armed with nothing but a massively overpowered federation starship, full moral authority to use it, and our wits. Here’s what happened….”

The drama unfolded a bit in the hostage situation as the Endurance command staff debated options and the captain made his decisions. Sensors revealed nothing alive aboard the transports, and strong scans followed by significant computer processing showed no more than 10 potential hostages aboard the 3 ships – the pirates were lying. Either the freighters were manned by skeleton crews or the other hostages are already dead.

The captain got the Pirate leader, Fintelx, to talk to him eventually, and the Betazoid ship’s counselor ‘listened in’, though the distance did limit her abilities. She did ascertain that the pirates were stalling, were anxiously waiting for something that was to happen soon, that they didn’t fear the thing that was going to happen.

As Kssvosse finished undocking from the Endurance, fully prepared to provide a distraction as he bravely ran away, 4 marine shuttles launched right behind him. During this time the sensors picked up an inbound cloaked ship, As it approached the pirate location, they all turned towards the Endurance, powered engines, weapons, and locked on the Endurance. As they began to advance on the Endurance’s position the ship uncloaked between the freighters, it also being a freighter (with a cloaking device?).. The captain prepared for combat ops and decided to move on the pirates, towing the shuttles with tractors and including them in the warp bubble of the Endurance. Then, suddenly, there was….

Roll20 Drama – We dealt with connection and sound problems for a while on Roll20 – I think everyone had a good time with it but probably won’t schedule another one of these events for a bit as they do get old pretty fast.

Session 8: Old Friends, New Friends, And Toxic Chocolate
The USS Endurance's mission begins....

What happened….

After 2 weeks of travel at high warp velocity (warp 7) the ships of TF21 took a day to repair and tune their warp drives after arriving at the Federation Outpost at Atbar II. Those not working on the repairs and tuning were given limited shore leave. While Dr. Shaw declined to go down to the planet (for some unknown reason) she did ask the Captain to grab some specialty chocolates, powders, potions, and things (no doubt for some delicious witches brew for the Halloween season), which he did.

Returning from his adventures in chocolate shopping with very few stab wounds, and possible none at all, the Captain ran into an old acquaintance, a fellow midshipman from his cadet cruise he hadn’t seen in roughly 20 years. Jamison, “Jamie” Flicto (ginger), now a Commander and 1st Officer of the Thurfir, a Norway Class Cruiser and Flagship of TF17, commanded by Cpt Jarred Calder stopped Gamble in the main outpost corridor to catch up for a couple of minutes. Interesting who you run into in Starfleet.

Following his encounter with Flicto, he joined Harkness and Seran in a (the) dive bar at the planetary outpost for drinks of what turned out to be actual alcohol. It was a cheerless waste of 43 minutes thanks to Seran.

Meanwhile, being both bored and curious (never a good combo for our first officer), and acting on the advice of Lt Shaw, Commander Zaren went out for a stroll among the merchants planetside and also in search of chocolate. Following the directions she got from “Wash” (that’s Dr. Shaw to you Mr!) and she returned with several varieties of chocolate, one of which was blue. She consumed the majority of her purchase on the way back, receiving few, if any, stab wounds along the way. However, the blue chocolate turned to be mildly toxic and a touch hallucinogenic to Trills. Things were very interesting aboard ship again, especially the helpful greeting holo’s that seemed to be everywhere on board these days. She eventually went to help the engineering crews with the warp drive, coming up with a couple of profound and highly unusual fixes to problems that had been plaguing the ship. No bees were harmed in the repairing of these systems.

Initially intending to head to Sira IV to check out the “haunted (abandoned) prison”, Tathon was waiting on the bridge (in the captain’s chair) for the Captain. Tathon (after vacating the seat) gave Gamble the likely coordinates of a smuggler and black marketeer at the extreme edge of the Mersoh system and a Cardassian arrest warrant for Captain Kssvosse and his crew. Though the warrant had multiple counts against this captain and crew, the specific crimes were not listed, just 32 counts, which later became a point of contention.

Traveling at high warp, the Endurance indeed did catch the small freighter who rabbited (tried to run away), but came to (pulled over) once he realized that it was a Federation ship and not Cardassians or Cardassians in a Federation vessel (does that even happen?). He and his crew submitted to a health and welfare and cargo inspection with Dr. Shaw doing the basic physicals. The ship had no cargo (the security team was thorough, perhaps a bit too thorough as a piece of suspected Borg tech turned out to be…non-threatening) all were in basic good health, though the Kssvosse’s bad habits were showing up in his health and he received a stern doctor lecture. While the two of them were alone on the bridge, he made an overture to Dr. Shaw regarding how good it is to have friends out here, (handed her a data tab) there there were very bad people out here (like the pirates and their information on the data tab) and that he could be counted on as an occasional data source in exchange for the Endurance overlooking certain minor indiscretions on the part of him and his crew. Dr. Shaw seemed interested and prescribed Kssvosse a variety of tea for his condition(s).


Tathon, having joined the Captain on the bridge for the operation, became more and more impatient that the ‘criminal’ had not been arrested. It seemed to him to be a perfectly simple and legitimate request, one that the Captain had consented to, and now was clearly in the process of not doing for some completely unfathomable Federation reason. The captain had a different idea of what should happen in this situation, having found no evidence of illegal cargo or activities on board the transport. He eventually arrived at the point of saying that the transport captain would not be arrested by his forces, but Tathon was welcome to go arrest the person and his crew if he wished. An exasperated Tathon beamed over and proceeded to do just that.

On board the Orion Transport, Vasse Marto,Tathon declared that all crew were under arrest and would be going to the Endurance’s brig, but was delayed in his efforts by Commander Zeran, who explained at length and several different ways that there were other considerations. Tathon eventually made his way to the bridge, escorted by Zeran, where he immediately put Kssvosse into a very painful arm-bar hold and announced that he was under arrest. Dr. Shaw showed Tathon the data Kssvosse had volunteered and implored that he let the freighter captain go, but he did not.

In the meantime, Captain Gamble contacted Captain Harkness regarding the situation, but she really didn’t have much time to talk as the McKinley was at that moment engaged in a firefight of some kind. Dr. Shaw contacted the Captain right after that, and the Captain ordered that Tathon be released, that they be kept under house arrest, and that their ship be stuffed into the shuttle bay of the Endurance. Out of anger and spite and contempt for the Federation and criminals, Tathon released Kssvosse violently, breaking his upper arm in 3 places and damaging his shoulder as well before storming out, beaming to the ship, entering the bridge and having a ‘what the hell was that’ conversation with the captain.

As Dr. Shaw tended to the Captain’s wounds, his ship was piloted (with only minor scraping on the hanger deck) where it was locked down. The endurance crew returned to the Endurance proper, medical staff entered the freighter, and Captain Gamble was quickly briefed regarding the pirate situation. Gamble ordered a course set and made it sew at maximum warp to the location.

Upon arrival the pirates had 3 Maquis Raider ships arranged around 2 disabled Cardassian transports, badly damaged and in mid-looting activities. The pirates transported over the Cardassian crews (roughly 60 personnel) to their 3 ships giving them hostages to protect their activities and ensure an easy get away if needed. Additionally, sensors indicate that all transporters are jammed with the Raiders are running some kind of high energy field and shields.

One transmission is received from the pirates upon their sensor alert of the Endurance’s presence: “I absolutely promises to start killing these hostages if anything comes near or fires upon us. Now stay the hell back!”

Starfleet personnel records match voice and face recognition to Captain (former Starfleet Intelligence Lt. Cmdr) Fintelx Janara (Bajoran), 56, left Starfleet Intelligence to join Maquis, turned pirate and shunned the Federation’s amnesty offer. She and her less than merry band are wanted for piracy (28 counts + this one), wanted for Maquis war crimes by Fed and Cardies (13 counts total, mostly Federation), and her tactical officer is a (more or less, mostly less) recovered borg drone (M, 48) and considered very dangerous.

Tathon chose this moment to demand that the Endurance must rescue ALL the hostages AND capture ALL the pirates AND their ships, and later that they must ALL be turned over to the Cardassian Defense Force. The captain invited Tathon to get over it and leave the bridge if he didn’t feel up to being civil. Tathon left the bridge, heading for his VIP quarters, pondering a very angry email he was going to send (it would be scathing! Oh, how it would scathe! Scathe! A scathing of legend to be sure!). He was heard to shout at his manservant for a hot beverage and a pillow as he descended the ramp.

Frae called to the bridge to let them know that she believed she had worked out a technique to mask the signatures of the marine shuttles using active sensors and holography, which the captain seemed to not hate very much.

Discussions between Gamble and Kssvosse began to determine how to proceed, as his ship was blocking off egress for the marine shuttles. This is where we ended the session.


Captain’s log, USS McKinley – These True Way bastards were waiting for us. An ambush hiding in the magnetic shadow of a red dwarf between Atbar and Taggrut, roughly 5 hours out from Atbar at warp 6. This wasn’t a small thing, it was well planned. Am I being paranoid in thinking this trap was set for us? We were enough of a prize to spring it on, to be sure. Thank God for the new shields!

3 Galors, 2 prewar, 1 postwar. Newsflash, they have postwar vessels! They charged at us from the outer edge of the system using long range hit and run tactics, then broke onto a course towards the red dwarf. We picked up signs of a firefight happening in close to the star and a warp signature of the Claymore so we hailed the Claymore and charged after them thinking the True Way vessels were going to help attack her. As we closed on the location the Claymore responded to our hail, which took some dime due to distance – it was faked, the Claymore was half a light year away.

The 3 Galors rounded on us, joined by 6 others. We fought them as well as we could, and reviewing sensor logs we did wound 4 of them, 2 of them seriously. However, it was just a matter of time. It wasn’t long before things were getting pretty desperate and it seemed like we were out of options. My first officer, Gurta Swin called out to the bridge crew for suggestions and one officer, only one, answered. Ensign Cathos, our helmsman shouted, “The star, Sir! Take her into the star!” Holy hell, the new shields. He was right! I gave the order, “Into the star, Ensign.” The kind of order you never imagine yourself giving. Ever.

Suddenly, here we go, right into the thing. I just knew we were all dead, but the shields held. Ensign Cathos was rock steady, taking us in 2km, enough to block all sensor from tracking us, then piloting around the interior of the edge of the star to a point opposite of where we came in and looked back at me. We had no sensor readings at all other than the plasma horror going on outside and could only hope they didn’t guess our intent.

On my command we popped out of the star, hit maximum impulse away, and as the sensors cleared discovered that the True Way vessels must have thought we were dead as they weren’t pursuing at all and likely didn’t detect us for a minute or two, allowing us to warp away.

I’m putting Ensign Cathos up for a commendation and early promotion.

On a side note, at the height of the battle in the heaviest of the fighting the Endurance hailed us with some damned issue. Guess I’d better see what’s going on there.

End log.


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