Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Session 5: A funny thing happened on the way to Cardassia....
transwarp and a (not very) well laid trap

As per your orders you are to travel to Cardassia, arriving no less than 4 weeks from the start of your ship refit (or would it just be a ship fitting at this point?) which was 23 days ago. The trip via the Stable TransWarp Conduit system (SWTC system) takes 7 days with current traffic levels. Other travel times will take months of travel.

At the start of today’s fun you currently have 5 days until you are in violation of your orders.

Going into this session, a few standard things you would know that are relevant:

  1. In system, near inhabited worlds you don’t warp. 1/4 impulse is standard speed. At your tonnage, that’s roughly 15 miles per second, just over twice planetary escape velocity, and more power is required to travel faster. The mechanism of the engines is such that they don’t accelerate according to Newtonian physics as they are essentially a gravity drive grabbing and pulling nano-patches of spacetime around the ship to accelerate and decelerate, which is why the ship seems to respond aerodynamically in space rather than by Newtonian laws of physics. more power
  2. In system, away from planets and traveling about, warp 1 is max safe speed and also the standard speed for Starfleet.
  3. In system, unless the Borg are attacking or some other horrendous event is taking place, Warp 2 is emergency speed as there is a LOT of stuff to be avoided here.
  4. In deep space (not in a solar system) the speed limit is warp 5 except for emergencies. Properly fitted ships may travel at warp 6. Your ship is so fitted though it is NOT calibrated and calibrating it en route is something you will be expected to do.
  5. The trip out is an excellent time to familiarize yourself with the Cardassian Theater Intelligence briefing if you haven’t already, and to do so again if you have.

Familiarize yourself and crew with STWC entry and exit procedures before doing it:
Inserting and exiting requires a sensor roll, a helm roll, -20% for each. If either is failed the ship fails to insert and goes to the back of the line and a fail on an exit is an ejection to some random point 1d10 ly away with 1d10 SS damage and d100 crew casualties. Stop for repairs 1 hr per SS, travel to nearest STWC destination to try again. Tuning your ship will take 4 days if all goes well, and with each day of tuning the penalty is reduced 5%. A failure in the STWC will cost you a day of tuning and add 5% to the penalty. I will be working hard to find ways for you and your crew to win including luck rolls, poetry readings, and the morality rap stylings of LtJG Rixx. Be aware that Administrative rolls may help with long lines, priority orders and all.

What happened….
Travel via the STWC (Stable TransWarp Conduit) network shaved some time off their trip turning what is a typical 148 day trip at warp 5 into a 7 day trip:: Sol to STWC 12 hours then a wait of 13 hours (-7 hours with good Admin roll), STWC travel 1 hour, crossing starbase 74 space 24 hours, no delay, STWC travel 1 hour, crossing Draylon space 18 hours, no delay, STWC travel 1 hour, crossing Trill space 12 hours, waiting your turn at Trill 36 hours (-18 hours with good Admin roll), STWC travel 1 hour, crossing Bajor system 24 hours + 2 hour stop at DS9 for Marines, no delay, STWC travel 1 hour, travel from SWTC exit to Cardassia 12 hours.

The crew rejoiced as the Endurance broke Mars orbit and headed for the STWC point to leave the Sol system. On the way, the engines were stabilized a bit, allowing a maximum speed of Warp 6. At the entry point of the STWC one of the officers running the entrance to it (one ship at a time to limit exposure should it fail) was someone Lt. Shran knew briefly from a prior tour in Starfleet Intelligence. This, combined with a healthy bribe of excellent real coffee (plus their priority orders) got them moved up in the line of waiting starships so they only had to wait 6 hours for their turn instead of 13, gaining some of their lost time back.Began crossing Starbase 74 space via wide arc over system to use higher warp speeds and shave another 6 hours off their time. Continuing through Starbase 74 space, Lt. Garcia initiated the start of a 3 day Marksmanship Modern (Phaser) tournament, which many of the crew participated in. The Endurance traveled to Draylon space via STWC near the end of the day. Crossed Dralan space. Phaser tournament continued, traveled to the Trill system via STWC, negotiated 18 hours away, moving halfway up the line. Spotted the USS Claymore 5 ships from the front of the line when they entered the que and made the quick decision to contact them and send their greetings. Oddly, the Claymore’s automatic Quarantine protocol activated as their turn was coming up, though it disengaged after 10 minutes or so (very suspect, that) and they took their turn to enter the STWC. Lot of time sitting in line while Lt Rixx fidgeted. The Endurance got it’s turn to travel the STWC to Bajor at the end of this day. The Phaser tournament wrapped up with MCPO Jacek Skanokovich taking 1st place and Lt. Shran taking second. There was a YOGA session led by Wash as well. Traveled to DS-9 taking half the day, picked up a company of marines (125 units of jarhead) and headed to the Cardassia SWTC arriving in system 6 hours late for their ‘must report by’ date, with 12 hours travel to Cardassia Prime still ahead of them.

After arriving the Endurance checked in with Starfleet Command at Cardassia and got orders to report to Fleet Captain Flanagan. 2 hours into their 12 hour trip they ware hailed by 2 pre-war Galors on an intercept course identifying as Cardassian Defense Force,
Gul Joret Dal of the CDS Rajan and Gul Audnes Toran of the CDS Nestern, who have been ordered to escort the Endurance to Cardassia Prime as a favor to Admiral Florez. This is normal for Cardassians, though a bit out in the boonies, but who knows what circumstances lead to this being the best place to meet up with you. Their credentials checked out.

Of course these are True Way vessels leading the Endurance into a trap. 2 hours after beginning the trip to Cardassia with their new escorts, one third of the way from the STWC exit and at closest approach to badlands the Endurance picks up a distress call from another Galor. Gul Lang of the CDS Velain claims to be under attack by 2 Klingon Vor’cha and Gul Dal demands the Endurance move with them and render aid. Communications with the Ship are spotty but they report that they are basically fine with light damage, claiming the Klingons ran when the relief fleet came within sensor range, but that they have sustained some engine damage and could use support while they effect repairs. Sensors show it is venting charged plasma which is interfering with other sensor scans at this distance. The Endurance joins to help and all 3 move towards the disabled ship, shields up, weapons armed. When all 3 came in range sensors and computer work combined to reveal the ruse just before they will open up on the Endurance. Luckily these are pre-war Galors or the Endurance would be in real trouble.

Still, tuning flaws in the targeting array reared their ugly head and the entire opening folly of all forward weapons on the Endurance missed their target. The two Galors flanking opened on the Endurance, blowing down it’s forward shield and their aft port shield, inflicting serious damage. If not for the valiant efforts of the damage control teams it would have been much worse. After a little maneuvering the Endurance launched it’s full spread of aft torpedoes destroying one of the Galors. The Galor that pretended to be hurt moved within weapons range but was ineffective. Just then, the Claymore appeared , closing on the distant Galor.

To be continued….

Session 4: Warp drive issues, inquiries, Orions, and quarantine
Field testing, shakedown, and Claymore Shennagins

Continuing on the time table, Currently 1 day behind schedule:
You have a full schedule of tasks that may or may not be completed in time and you are already 1 day behind schedule:

  • Day 10-11: Full warp core power up, rough tune dilithium matrix, EPS test, warp engine power up, rough balancing of engines, begin 36 hour test cycle to create tuning profile, finish starship services equipment installs.

It didn’t want to power up. Tried, failed, repaired. Lather Rinse repeat. 4 tries to finally succeed. Even then, it was shaky. Eventually got the 36 hour engine tuning cycle started. Lost a day here.

  • Day 12-13: Board essential crew and officers, tow from stardock to Phoebes testing range for full warp power up and fine tuning, warp core dilithium matrix fine tuning, full sensor tuning powered from Impulse and Auxiliary only, light weapon testing and calibration, transporter system test.

More Warp issues, weapons testing was fine, but transporters had glitches. Didn’t fall further behind, much.

  • Day 14-17: Warp shakedown runs and continued fine tuning.

Flew around the Sol system trying to work out a serious shimmy at warp 5. Got it down to a low vibration by the end. Still not good.

  • Day 18: Full shielding test, full weapons test, full sensor test, deflector test, red alert test.

Shield testing had issues as well, this ship is fighting the crew every step of the way it seems. Weapons test went fine, sensor test went fine, deflector test and red alert test successful. No time lost.

  • Day 19: Full crew boarding and ship systems fine tuning back at Utopia Planitia.

Crew moved in, brought their crap, and no one failed to report.

  • Day 20: Continued fine tuning and repairs, take on armament, take on shuttle compliment, take on marine landing craft (x2 40 man ship to ground transport vessels), marines board, final preparations for departure.

Captain Yu has sends a formal summons to Captain Gamble through channels and the office of the Judge Advocate General’s office basically saying, “Please report to my office at 09:00 hours tomorrow.”

Upon arrival Yu informs Captain Gamble the USS Claymore left the system the day before, on time. Before leaving, Captain Seran of the Claymore filed a grievance with Captain Yu against the Endurance, it’s crew, and captain for a series of trumped up charges:
1. Captain Gamble waits for 25 minutes in a conference room adjacent to Captain Yu’s work office. Probably catching up on his texting and downloading cat videos.
2. Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Kreef (no image available), female Vulcan with a husky voice, enters the room, doesn’t acknowledge the captain, arranges her stuff on the table, seats herself, activates a recording device and says: “Please state your name, rank, and assignment for the record.” – He does. She is efficient and as worthwhile to talk to as most teapots. She is on her script and doesn’t vary from it.
3. “I will now read the charges brought against you and your ship: 1) That crew members of the USS Endurance did willfully appropriate materials and components assigned to other ships construction for the benefit of the Endurance’s own timetable and construction. 2) That the Officers of the USS Endurance did willfully reroute materials both various and numerous away from the construction yards and through warehouse Echo Alpha Alpha 889208 Bravo as a collection point before choosing specific components out and sending them on to the USS Endurance to be fitted immediately and bypassing various systems, methods, and processes designed to coordinate, track, and and record the deployment and receipt of said materials. 3) That transportation officers assigned delivery of materials, notably warp engines, were harassed, assaulted, and forced at phaser-point to vacate their assigned Slow Tug Boat that they were the lawful skipper of, in particular one Harvy Sosae (pronounced so-say). 4) That the timetable of the critical launch window of the USS Claymore was interrupted by the interference of various officers of the USS Endurance unlawfully entering the USS Claymore for said purposes. 5) That the Captain of the USS Endurance, Captain William Gamble did knowingly authorize or otherwise refuse to curtail each of these incidents and actively engaged Captain Hitaki Yu in order to “run interference” for his crew and their activities in this conspiracy. How do you plead Sir?
4. “You have the right to have an advocate here if you wish Captain. This is simply an exploratory briefing. Do you feel the need to exercise this right at this time?" He declined.
5. She went through the charges 1 by 1 taking his side of the story while being as pointlessly Vulcan as possible. Gamble bristled, in an efficient, proper, Starfleet Captain sort of way.
6. She wraps up: “Very well Captain.” Turns off recorder. “You should be aware that Captain Yu arranged this meeting after Captain Seran requested an investigation into the role the Captain and Crew of the Endurance played in the difficulties experienced by the Claymore, as is his right as a Starfleet Captain. If you should wish to make a similar request, or even prefer charges and have a full investigation launched, that is your right. I would point out captain that neither of you would seem to have time for such proceedings but it is your right should you wish to do so anyway. Therefore, these are your options:
A. You may write up reports and submit evidence. The Claymore will be recalled and the officers of both ships will be retained and transferred to Starbase 1 and a full investigation launched leading to courts martial proceedings for one or both Captains and perhaps various members of their crews. Other officers will be selected and given these ship and command slots.
B. You may, instead, choose to let it go. I am authorized to inform you that a quiet investigation is underway already, your testimony will be added to that, I will ask you to take affidavits from your senior officers and transmit them to me within 1 week, you keep your command and ship slots, and you launch as soon as you can with Captain Yu doing his utmost to accommodate you.
“What do you wish to do?”
Captain Gamble, shockingly, choose option….B.

Upon exiting Captain Yu let Captain Gamble know that there was a situation upon his ship that needed his immediate attention. Gamble phoned home, got the bad news, and went to see what could be done about it. Yu promised to help all he could as Gamble left.

While he was having his fun and exciting deposition the Endurance was enjoying a visit from Starfleet Intelligence. Two properly identified LTC’s, Smith, and also Smith, requested entrance to the ship from the rating on duty after properly identifying themselves and their organization and flashing scary paperwork at the poor fella (who, to his credit, peed not one little bit, as he tells the tale). He escorted them through the ship, to the turbolift, and up to the bridge. They presented themselves from the turbolift and made no effort to stroll onto the bridge. 2nd Officer (also Chief of Security and Chief Tactical Officer – really long signature line on his correspondence) LtCmdr Shran immediately enacted ‘Unwelcomed Hostile Naughty People Nearly On The Bridge Protocol’ and did not offer them either coffee nor entry to the bridge. A flurry of activity ensued as badges were flashed, protocols were inflicted, arrest warrants were flourished, the 1st Officer was alerted, coffee was drunk, feet were dragged, insincerely polite smiles were offered, chests were puffed out, security arrived as not much happened, and a low ranking enlisted rating sneaked away to resume his post outside the ship at the entryway to the gangplank (which is actually a tube between the station and the airlock).

Eventually the 1st and 2nd Officers conferred and determined that they would escort these Smiths (still smiling insincerely) to the galley and would not allow their shoes to soil the freshly laid bridge carpeting. There they would be presented with their quarry – it seems they were here to take the two Orion members of the crew into custody. Their orders checked out as authentic, but were classified, leaving little room for maneuvering for the gallant command staff or the Endurance to thwart their presumed evil intentions. As per “the plan” they were led, by the longest and most circuitous route imaginable (their Starfleet equivalents of Fitbits chirping happily at them as they got plenty of steps that day). They were even taken by sickbay where the CMO insisted on accommodating them with complimentary anti-parasite full body cavity searches and injections, as per many a Starfleet regulation he happened to be versed in.

They (eventually) arrived at the galley, were met by LtJG Daevohse, Assistant Chief Tactical Officer, and Lt Cmdr Josco Tanari, Chief Engineer, who were both escorted, quite respectfully, by Endurance Security folk and presented to the SI Smiths who informed them of their situation took them away without fanfare or handcuffs. LtCmdr Shran placed a call to an old friend from Starfleet Intelligence who was posted here on station.

The Captain arrived back at the ship shortly after their departure, called a hasty staff meeting to discuss how to get the officers back, options to cover them so they could still meet the launch schedule if they couldn’t get them back, what a jackass Captain Seran is (hey, it’s in the log!), etc. Towards the end of the meeting Shran got a call from his SFIntel friend who asked for a quick meeting in a specific bar on station.

With the ship preparing to leave for it’s warp flight certification test, Shran hurried to the meeting, met with his buddy Jones, shared a quick drink, and basically found out that Captain Seran has friends in Starfleet Intelligence who were holding the Orions for questioning on trumped up charges for a period of 21 hours, implying that a favor was being repaid or favors had been exchanged for this. Shran Thanked him, beamed back to the Endurance as it was in final departure preparations, and just before Captain Yu came aboard to administer the warp flight certification test.

  • Day 21: Warp flight certification test, released from Utopia Planitia command, depart.

The Endurance moved smoothly up to and through warp 4 and shimmied it’s way to warp 5. Captain Yu hid his anxiety well, having been on more than a few of these rides. Eventually the trip came to an end back at Mars, the warp drive was certified, and Captain Yu had a (very) brief commissioning ceremony for the USS Endurance on the bridge. As the ship approached the station for docking the quarantine protocols were activated, locking down the ship, putting it at station keeping, and preventing anyone from entering or leaving the ship.

Thinking ahead to the traditions of the ship and events of the day, the Chief Of The Boat, aka Crew Chief Skanokovich, had procured and set aside, in a quite secure area, a beverage in quantities sufficient for a ship’s crew level celebration of the commissioning of the USS Endurance. With nothing better to do, the party got started. There were toasts, there was dancing (though no music, at first anyway), there was a vicious rumor of the 1st Officer attempting to drag Lt Garcia away for a private health and welfare inspection. Both were saved by the quick thinking of the Chief Science Officer, LT Mary Washington “Wash” Shaw, PhD., aka “Wash”. Wash had earlier participated in the finer points of an excessively dense health and welfare report and ongoing parasitic sterility action play submitted by her and Cmdr Dr Walon Burress. The results of this report are that the 48 hour quarantine was lifted after only 4 hours (pretty much first thing the next morning by that time). The Orion officers were allowed to be beamed aboard the Endurance, Captain Yu said his adieu and beamed out, and the Endurance was released to embark upon it’s mission.

Session 3: Where the hell did we leave that warp core this time?
How to fillet a panda (or a selat)

Lt Farrad, Nadira
Chief Science Officer
USS Endurance
Task Force 21
Peace Keeping Group 5
Cardassian Theater Command

Lt Farrad,

You are hereby relieved of duty aboard the USS Endurance and will report to USS Olympic Glory by stardate (12 hours from now) for reassignment to DS-5 as Chief Science Officer. You will report to Commander Tranoff upon arrival for duty assignment.

Thank you for your service in Cardassian Theater Command and best of luck in your new duties.

Branch Admiral Brandon Mitchel, Adjutant
Cardassian Theater Command
Lt Shaw, Mary Washington
Civilian At Large, Starfleet Ready Reserve
Prior Service Endorsement

Lt Shaw,

You are hereby reinstated to active duty, rank of Lieutenant. You are ordered to report for duty aboard the USS Endurance, NCC – 83812 and will report to Captain Gamble by stardate (7 days from now – today game time) for assignment to USS Endurance as Chief Science Officer.

Thank you for your service in Cardassian Theater Command and best of luck in your new duties.

Branch Admiral Brandon Mitchel, Adjutant
Cardassian Theater Command
Continuing operations to source out the disruption of supplies and components by the officers and crew of the Endurance are almost completely successful with the notable exception of the Starboard Pylon (the stick thingy that connects the warp engine to the hull of the ship). Said component was instead routed to the Claymore and was already being installed when LtJG located it (after beaming aboard the Claymore and wandering around for several hours unsuccessfully looking for someone to answer her questions) and finally reported in.

During the period from day 6 through day 10 of the refit the investigation was stepped up and much computer modeling and network tracing was inflicted upon both the station and the Claymore by LtJG Frey. Frey, who was very close to sorting through the mess, ‘accidentally’ opened a sealed record of a unnamed (officially, it was Captain Seran of the Claymore) but quickly discovered the mistake made through the use of overly aggressive algorithms (she’s sticking to that) and used her expertise to quickly reseal the file without reviewing any of the content of said file. (Ahem.)

Suspecting members of the Claymore crew were being overzealous in the efforts to refit their ship at the expense of other vessels timetables, a plot was hatched, an evil scheme became apparent (raising schemes is such a hassle), and, based on information that had ‘come to light’, and ‘item’ of high desirability came to the notice of the crew of the Claymore while the officers of the Endurance both watched, and waited (wringing their hands and laughing creepy little laughs). It was 3 days before the patient perpetrators started to make subtle moves towards acquiring the remaining Selat being held at Utopia Planetia.

Being less patient than the crew of the Claymore, 1st Officer Zaran launched her own investigation. She discovered that the animal was, in fact, in good health, that it’s cage was, in fact, in good working order, and that it was, including the Selat along with its own weight, quite heavy. Somehow the Selat managed to get a swipe at her and medical attention was rendered. She and the Captain discussed her adventure, then she got back to her duties.

A meeting with Captain Seran and Captain Gamble was called by Captain Yu for the next morning in Yu’s office after Gamble, Frey in tow, delivered to Yu come compelling evidence for what might be going on down on the refit docks. Apparently someone down there may have seen a bat the size of a man, but that’s just a rumor. Captain Seran seemed surprised and concerned about what seemed to be happening right under his very nose. When Gamble mentioned the Selat Captain Seran didn’t seem to know exactly what Gamble was talking about but was concerned to know how He was aware that Seran had a pet Selat as a child. The meeting ended shortly thereafter with Seran vowing to start his own investigation aboard the Claymore.

The following day, as the shiny new Starboard Pylon was being installed on the Endurance, Seran and his Chief of Security marched into Yu’s office and told him that the 3 crewmen responsible had been apprehended, evidence of their guilt found, and there should be no more Tom Foolery going on from people assigned to his ship. It seems that these crewmen spent their last tour aboard the Endurance and likely had a grudge or something. (I think I served with a Thom Phoularie back in the ‘Nam, but I can’t be sure). Gamble, upon being notified of the arrested crewmen notified his senior personnel, at which point the Master Crew Chief of the Boat and All He Surveys (when not on shore leave) who served with these men last tour informed the Captain that these men were excellent crewmen, would not have done this, and did not have the technical expertise to pull off anything like this in any event. Someone somewhere (resembling a bald and very handsome GM fellow) suggested that this may have been a message of some sort from the Captain and Crew of the Claymore to the Captain and crew of the Endurance.

Other than some initial power up test issues with the Port engine, an initial power up issue with the Impulse engines and a small difficulty with the shield installation, things went smoothly from there and all the technical problems were resolved efficiently and rapidly. All said and done the Endurance is 1 day behind schedule at this time.

Sickbay is running smoothly and efficiently, though the CMO has not been seen outside of the 4-Aft lounge or the hallways between there and his quarters.

At some point towards the end, which my goldfish-like memory is not producing for me, a revelation that quite a few members of the crew of the Claymore, especially among the officer ranks are former Maquis. Captain Seran’s status in that regards is unknown (more or less), but you know how that Bajorans can get….

Session 2: Fun with Warp Engines
How to steal a tug boat and make it their fault....

The Officers arrived (eventually) and work on the actual refitting of the USS Endurance began. There were problems with supply but seemed to sort themselves our. There was a scene where the 1st Officer want to Cpt Yu for some help and explanation only to discover 4 Captains angry and yelling at Yu in his office. She forced her way to the front, joining the fray, staying after it dispersed, attempting to get something helpful from Yu, but there was little he could, or would, do.

As things began to smooth out LtJG Frae discovered some oddities in the logistics of the computer records regarding the shorted items and brought this to Cmdr Jeren’s attention. Following up on this, the Crew Chief and the 1st Officer Jeren secured a warehouse (legally), had all shipments to the Endurance routed there via transporter for inspection and verification, then to be be beamed to the Endurance (which slowed things down, but not much). As this project was under way, they jumped aboard the Slow Tug SS Crawfish (legally), captained by Lt Harvy Sosae, to travel out with it to their warp engines which it was to tow to the Endurance for later fitting. On the way out, the 1st Officer produced a phaser and, engaging in an act of high piracy, took command of the Slow Tug. Whether by circumstance or design, the Pilot of the Slow Tug was ejected into space (in a space suit) where he was eventually (8 seconds) beamed into some kind of a bar and some smooth talker tried to convince him to, “get drunk or something”.

The ‘heroic’ 1st Officer then, using some white-knuckle maneuvering, towed the first of the two warp cores to their warehouse, avoiding the notice of anyone buy some unknown means (suspected witchcraft). The engine was determined to be the correct one for the Endurance and checked out fine. Cmdr Jeren surrendered the pilot seat (it got boring) to Grant Jackson who then flew the tug to the destination that Lt Sosae was given which turned out to be the USS Claymore, not the Endurance.

Under Jeren’s orders the engine was flown to the Endurance and dropped off, then the Slow Tug went back for the other warp nacelle. Upon arrival it was nowhere to be seen. Contacting the station they received transponder codes for both warp engines (they had the same code since they were paired. One showed up on the view screen at the Endurance’s location, the other was moving away from the engine storage facility towards the various mobile ship repair facilities, and specifically closing on the position of the Claymore. The Crawfish was prodded forward (beaten like a rented mule) at best speed until it caught up with the Slow Tug towing the second nacelle, which was fairly easy once a security team was beamed aboard and they convinced (intimidated) the Specialist piloting it to bring it to a halt.

Via comms (I think, hard to remember during the shock and awe phase of this) Cmdr Jeren had the security detail checked the destination of the nacelle to confirm that it was bound for the Endurance and was indeed being taken to the Claymore. With a bit of persuasion (coercion) the nacelle was rerouted to it’s proper location.

That’s the point where Lt Jackson noticed their first nacelle was moving again, and away from the Endurance. The Crawfish scampered over to it (as only a Slow Tug can) and using their strategy (alarming tactics) managed to get the Slow Tug hauling IT away to stop, then take it back after discovering it was being taken to the USS Murmann. And that’s when….the session ended.

Things that happened:

Time Table:
a. Day 1: Select ship components. Components pulled and assembled for installation, umbilicals attached, computer cores installed.
b. Day 2: Computer cores attached to core systems and powered from umbilicals, core engineering consoles installed and tied to computer if available, otherwise lose a day. If successful, warp Core installed, EPS Systems installed, Auxiliary power (2 fusion plants) brought online, if all parts are available, else lose 1 day.
c. Day 3: Begin installation of ships services (replicators, turbolifts, airlocks, internal doors, internal force field projectors, replicator consoles, large medical equipment, security equipment, internal sensors, external hull sensors, etc. This will continue on an ongoing basis during and around other component installation. Some parts are available, others aren’t, rather expected at this stage and they are installed upon arrival.
d. Day 4: Impulse engines arrive and begin 3 day installation process, if available, lose day(s) if not, transporter component upgrade installation, photon and quantum launcher installation. Recheck availability daily.
e. Day 5: Space seal accomplished under any circumstances, deflector array install, sensor array equipment install and connection, life support established under ship power or umbilicals. Everything gets easier and faster from here, for the most part. Engines arrive, precheck begins, positioned for installation.

Things expected to happen next time:

Time Table (Continued)
a. Day 6: Port warp engine (if available) installed, bond welded to pylon mounts and pylons bond welded to both inner and outer hull connectors and superstructure, connected to EPS power supply.
b. Day 7: Starboard warp engine (if available) installed, bond welded to pylon mounts and pylons bond welded to both inner and outer hull connectors and superstructure, connected to EPS power supply. It should now looks like a ship.
c. Day 8: Impulse engine power up testing, first M/AM reaction of the new warp core conducted inside class 3 engineering force field. If successful EPS testing and tweaking begins, warp engines low power circuit test, cooldown, and offline. Bridge equipment installed.
d. Day 9: Shielding connections and initial low power testing, deflector array test, cabin furnishings, marine equipment, phaser array installation, finish all console installs. Yellow alert test.
e. Day 10-11: Full warp core power up, rough tune dilithium matrix, EPS test, warp engine power up, rough balancing of engines, begin 36 hour test cycle to create tuning profile, finish starship services equipment installs.
f. Day 12-13: Board essential crew and officers, tow from stardock to Phoebes testing range for full warp power up and fine tuning, warp core dilithium matrix fine tuning, full sensor tuning powered from Impulse and Auxiliary only, light weapon testing and calibration, transporter system test.
g. Day 14-17: Warp shakedown runs and continued fine tuning.
h. Day 18: Full shielding test, full weapons test, full sensor test, deflector test, red alert test.
i. Day 19: Full crew boarding and ship systems fine tuning back at Utopia Planitia.
j. Day 20: Continued fine tuning and repairs, take on armament, take on shuttle compliment, take on marine landing craft (x2 40 man ship to ground transport vessels), marines board, final preparations for departure.
k. Day 21: Warp flight certification test, released from Utopia Planitia command, depart.

Session 1: Our ship on her maiden thud
THAT'S our ship?!?

Campaign opens: We begin with a single ship and crew in the Cardassian sector as the events surrounding the Hobus supernova unfold. The USS Endurance, fresh from teardown is ready for refit, assigned all new officers, and has a standard 10% annual crew rotation out to other assignments. The 90% of the enlisted crew remaining onboard are veteran shipboard spacialists, and the crew chief has been drilling them to maintain their efficiancy levels in anticipation of their new captain, command crew, department heads, and their juniors. The ship, like all others in the area, receive their orders directly from Admiral Koderman, Commanding Federation Theater Operations, Cardassian Sector, via his adjutant, through the office of Branch Admiral Florez, Commander Peace Keeping Forces, Cardassian Sector, Via her Adjutant, through the office of Fleet Captain Flanagan, Commander Peacekeeping Group 5, via her Adjutant, through the office of Captain Harkness, Commander Task Force 21, via her Adjutant and 1st Officer Gurta Swinn. Directly. Right to you. Yep. That really is Koderman’s signature, though. Direct enough for a brand new captain and crew. Believe it.

Captain’s Orders:

Session 0: Building Characters
Pre-Session Campaign Information

Star Trek: Aftermath, Cardassian Theater

Session 1: Character Building

Starting Game Situation

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