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Welcome! Feel free to look around and download what you want. If you have an interest in this I’m interested in you. I’d like the opportunity to see what you think about what you see, and perhaps what you are building. I see everything that gets downloaded, I just have no idea who is looking at what and my curiosity is killing me! If you would have any interest in jumping into a campaign via an online system ( would be my choice) I would be happy to run a campaign for you or participate in yours. I’m just looking for some like minded people to game with . Please contact me at and let me know you are downloading and to ask any questions you might have (the Starship Warp Speed Calculator spreadsheet might need some explaining for example). Thanks, help yourself, and enjoy!
- Stan


Grades & Ranks
Personalities of note in this campaign
Racial Profile – Caitian
Name Generators Can’t think of a name for your character? Perhaps one of these will help!
Die Roll Calculator – Calculates all averages of skills, attributes, and personality to let you know your actual die roll target.


(FASA Rules Base, Modified & Added To)Scales of justice
Trek Program Personality Stats Explained
Game Manuals Some of the rules sets we are using. All are available for the asking.
Ship Combat System Full details, all inclusive.
Ship Character Sheet
Ground Combat, Injury, Medical, & Recovery Charts

Injury, Medical, and Recovery


Ships Of Star Fleet
Ships Of The Klingon EmpireGuardian battleship back top
Ships Of The Romulan Star Empire
Ships Of The Cardassian Union
Ships Of The Gorn Alliance
Ships Of The Ferengi Alliance
Ships Of The Orion Syndicate
Ships Of The Marquis
Miscellaneous Vessels
Starship Warp Speed Calculator
Transwarp Technology


Download Campaign Theme Song
Workable StardatesTribbles
General Orders
Starfleet Rules and Regulations
Peace Treaties and Accords
Fleet Organization in Starfleet
Campaign Only Incidents Timeline
Star Trek Combined Timeline Includes all series, movies, books, comic books, and comic strips
Transwarp Dementia
Star Trek on Wikipedia

Galaxy map 800x600

Star Systems of Note
Official Game Map (Click the “Download” button for a larger sized map)

Map of Cardassian space – Key:

  • Romulan Reparation Claims – Green Line
  • Klingon Spoils Of War – Red Line
  • Federation Repatriated Colonies – Blue Line
  • TF21 Operations Area


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