Racial Profile - Caitian

Caitian Racial Profile

With thanks to the Alexander C. Pinckard Historical Society for invaluable fact gathering

Home world: Cait (Ferasa)
Body structure/features: Felinoid race with distinct cat-like features.
Lifespan: 105 – 115 years
Height: 2m – 3m (6’6.74” – 9’10.11”)
Weight: 75kg – 125kg (165lbs – 275lbs, however some Caitians can be smaller and lighter.)
Eye Colors: Red / Gold (majority), Blue / Green (minority)
Fur colors: Brown and gold (majority), but white, black and other tones common to primal and house cats of Earth aren’t entirely unrealistic or unexpected. Striped Caitians represent a minority, but aren’t completely unheard of. Most Caitians have spots at a young age, and a Caitian keeping their spots into adulthood is not unheard of.

Significant racial characteristics:
* Caitians tend to grow long claws and keep them within varying degrees of care. They never use them to attack others and to do so is shameful.
* Caitians have really acute senses, more particularly with hearing, tasting, smelling and seeing. Their hearing is above Vulcan proficiency and they possess the ability of low/night vision, even though their color perception is not quite up to human standards. Their abilities of scent and taste aren’t as good as various canine species, but they are more developed than human levels and they can get scent impressions from close contact with other beings.
* Caitians are extremely fast and agile. Motor movements, fine and gross, are about 2.5-3 times faster than human levels. The Caitians aren’t built for large lifting, but instead are more adept at feats of agility. Caitians can build themselves to be strong, but it requires a strict regimen of diet and exercise, similar to Humans.
* Caitians have digitigrade feet (weight placed on the digits of the foot instead of the heels), similar to the Terran feline species. This allows for the Caitian speed and balance, but because of their feet and legs, the Caitians don’t wear foot or calf coverings. (Shoes/boots). Instead Caitians tend to cover their feet with a spray-on polymer if their footpads don’t prove resilient enough.
* All Caitians grow manes of varying lengths. Females tend to grow their manes longer and ornament them, while males tend to keep their manes at around shoulder length.
* Caitians can speak general English, but their voice is prevalent with purring R’s and hissing S’
* Caitians shed once every six months; it is a natural phase of Caitian life, but as Caitians pride themselves on cleanliness, they tend to be reclusive and embarrassed while they shed, taking frequent grooming breaks.
* Caitian Females experience estrus annually, between one of their shedding seasons, becoming fertile for a period of 3 weeks. All Caitians tend to give off a subtle pheromone indicating that they are single, but Caitian female’s pheromones that are ‘in season’ are much more powerful. Caitians of both genders take drugs when they are off world to avoid the urges that come of this particular part of their racial instincts.
* Caitians go through a bonding process that both is and isn’t a conscious choice. It has to do with an acclimation of pheromones to the point of addiction and bonding. Caitians often see the pheromone addiction and bonding as akin to a proposal. If the affections of a potential mate are unwelcome, the mate is rejected before an addictive bond can occur.
* Caitians cannot heavily drink alcohol or exert large amounts of effort for prolonged periods of time, because Caitians are less hardy than Humans. They are trained / bred more for short bursts of powerful energy, not long bouts of continuous effort.

Habits / Society:
Caitians have difficulties swimming and tend to dislike large bodies of water. Caitians can willfully retune their sleeping schedules, but like an adult Human, they should maintain 6-8 hours of sleep. Caitians emphasize a prolific love for beauty and loyalty. A history of interlocking loyalty and clan relationships contribute to this mentality. While Caitians are proud and often prone to grudges and perceived insults, they are trained not to react violently. Even though their history is painted with paranoia and Xenophobia, they are no longer fearful of the unknown and are more pacifistic. In fact, all Caitians undergo a rite of passage at the age of 12 to foreswear violence, and those capable of violence are rare and considered criminally insane; any sane violent Caitians are outcasts. Many Caitians are uncomfortable with all things military. They tend to call for negotiations before they call for war. They have difficult relations with warlike species (et. Cardassian and Klingon). Caitians are one of the most cooperative and intelligent member races of the Federation. Caitians tend to prefer warmer climate based planets, because their sun is a little warmer the than Earth’s and most of their lives have been spent in a warm tropical environment. Caitians live in close family groups with attachments to larger clans. Grooming is important and to not keep your appearance up is seen as self-mutilation. When in greeting, Caitians clasp one another up to each other’s wrists.
* Caitians, historically are carnivores. Like the large predatory cats of Earth, they had a predator and carnivore dietary relationship. It has been said, by many other articles that Caitians had a historical bias to see vegetarians as weak willed, because the Caitians could not eat greens and/or saw it as a disgrace.
* However, over the past few hundred years, most Caitians now enjoy a vegetarian lifestyle. Some Caitians still enjoy meat, but the abject discrimination of vegetable eaters isn’t consistent in their habits.

The modern universal format for naming is [(One Letter (like M or S)) ‘(the last syllable (ress, kess, ahn etc (as long as It is one syllable)))] even though the apostrophe doesn’t appear in the Caitian spelling (et. M’ress). Some names however, can have another part to them, attached with another apostrophe. (et. K’mon’ahn). Caitian names tend to depict personality and family. However, there are no inherent gendered names. Caitian children aren’t named until they go through the first year of their life and this is because their personality is typically set by this point, letting parents give their offspring a name that is more meaningful to who the child is (Caitians grow quicker than Humans, developmentally). Here’s a list of what each letter means for personality:
* R – strong willed/ stubborn
* P – sympathetic/ empathic
* L – thoughtful
* S – curious
* K – protective/ hunter’s instinct
* M – graceful/ calm
* N – content
* V – impulsive
* T – gregarious

There was one world war in Caitian history that was devastating, but ultimately beneficial in the long run. In the 1800’s (by Terran time) the Caitians had circumnavigated their globe and soon after achieved late industrial era tech. There was never a concerted effort to explore northern seas, because of scary myths of pure white and silvery demons. They were intensely attacked by a northern nation, previously thought to be a myth, which provoked a state of rapid militarization and prolonged xenophobia in the Caitian people (This was an unexpected cultural contradiction, considering the Caitian’s peaceful mentality). M’gramm, helped rally the people and form the first Caitian alliance (CA). They launched an invasion to their northern neighbors in retaliation. On final northern approach, it became obvious that their attackers were diseased. The war/invasion, turned into a rescue mission and a cultural archive effort. The disease ironically sourced from the population that the northern invaders attacked. Of the northern attackers, or the ‘Polar Caits’, 1500 were all that was left of their initial 2 million population. The war resulted in a stagnation of culture advance, environmental stress plagued the war-torn planet, and the CA broke to some degree through blame and deceit. M’gramm threw himself from the highest building in the Polar region.

In the first year of the new Caitian calendar the backslide of war stopped. The daughter of the leader of the polar region, S’rreen (which probably or should have been M’rreen) managed to regain control of the communications network. She begged the people of Cait to stop their infighting, that the Polar Caits had paid for their crimes of ignorance and fear, and the Caitian people who were helping them didn’t need any more issues from them. After her impassioned speech, the next 10 years saw renewal and creation of formal police force following the joining of all peoples under one government. This time of peace and prosperity eventually led to new tech research and led the Caitian race to their own journey to the nearest stars and out into the larger universe. The remaining Polar Caitians have grew all but extinct over time, interbreeding with the general Caitian population, though their coloring does sometimes appear among their descendants. The Polar Caitian’s former capitol city has become a shrine to the Caitian ideal. A shrine that wards off xenophobia and paranoia; a shrine that reminds Caitians of their commitment to peace. The Northern polar city is maintained and explored by Caitians on pilgrimage to remember the history of conflict and paranoia. All adolescent Caitians make this pilgrimage at least once. Criminals are sentenced to maintain the city. This sentence is considered an honorable task for dishonorable Caits and a path to redemption.

* The Planetary government is not that powerful. For the most part, the individual provinces govern themselves, but the planetary government is maintained to prolong and respect the Caitian membership in the UFP.
* The government consists of two branches. One is the K’tarrela, the senatorial council. It is composed of 500 members from around Cait. They aren’t really representative of particular parts of Cait and are allowed to run again only if they prove to be faithful to the Cait people. They create laws and, agencies and control the planetary militia in times of crisis. The other branch, the Novirass, has 13 justices. They are the highest court on the planet and are nominated by members of the K’tarrela. Appeals can be made to the UFP about cases that go on in the Novirass, but they don’t accept off world cases (cases involving off world politics). Instead, they mainly handle critical home world issues. The continental courts serve a similar purpose for less critical issues and smaller courts beneath them handle simpler, more provincial matters.

Racial Profile - Caitian

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