Campaign of the Month: August 2017

Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Session 0: Building Characters

Pre-Session Campaign Information

Star Trek: Aftermath, Cardassian Theater

Session 1: Character Building

1. Have fun, joke, snack, make rude noises, get full contact info for everyone.
2. Start off easy, meet each other.

3. Establish ship positions: Available positions can be found here (Crew Roster) and we can negotiate to see who gets which contested slot.
4. Create characters: Click here and do this stuff before we start please. Also, check out Trek Program Personality Stats Explained
5. Get operational assignment and first mission orders.
6. Meet your ship.
7. Training simulation with new bridge crew & department heads.

Each player is requested to build one primary character and one secondary character. Don’t panic if you are concerned about playing 2 characters, the secondary will basically guest star occasionally and your primary is your main character you will play.

Crew Roster

The available primary positions found on a typical Federation Starship are:
Captain – Starring Ajime as Captain TBD
First Officer – Starring Commander OPEN SLOT
Second officer – Starring UNASSIGNED
Chief Tactical Officer – Starring UNASSIGNED
Chief Science Officer – Starring Joseph as Lt T’Val
Chief Medical Officer – Starring UNASSIGNED
Chief Engineering Officer – Staring Zach as TBD
Ship’s Counselor – Starring UNASSIGNED

Secondary Positions usually have less active participation but can be key contributors. These positions often have less direct role play opportunities but can still add a great deal of quirky fun. These are:

Crew Chief (Chief enlisted officer) – Starring UNASSIGNED
BCS – Bridge Command Specialist, Helm Officer UNASSIGNED

CORE CONCEPT: The game is a D100 based system, which is really easy to use and understand. You use percentile (D100) dice, and the goal is to roll low. The game is skill based, with skills ranging from 1 (barely know anything) to 100+. On an exceptional roll (a 5 or less) there is a chance of actually improving the skill you are using, and on exceptionally high rolls ugly things can. and often do, happen, and they don’t always happen to you. There are modifiers that can adjust your rolls up and down, of course, but a 100 on the die is a 100 on the die and is a massive fail no matter what, just as a 01 is a massive success.

SKILL SYSTEM: A skill level of less than 10 means you have incidental knowledge about the topic (you know something about shuttlecraft for example). A 20+ means you are qualified (can pilot one with no roll necessary under normal circumstances). A 40+ means you are professional (you can pilot one under challenging circumstances). A skill of 80+ means you are expert (you can pilot one under extreme circumstances). A skill of 96+ means you are a leader in the field (you can successfully pilot your shuttlecraft under dire circumstances).

CHARACTER CREATION: The Character Generator you are going to use represents a LOT of work done by my good friend Chris, along with creative contributions from me, and data entry from both of us (and others). The generator takes the FASA creation system and runs it as written, nothing deleted. The generator overlays a personality simulator and event generator onto the FASA character. The events generated have an impact on the personality of the character as the character’s history is built up, and the personality has an impact on the events that are created. It is dynamic; it works well, and creates complex, varied, interesting characters. You are NOT locked into the personality generated, it is a starting point, but if you change, you will need a rationale for some of the events that happened to you if you vary off of it. You may need the rationale anyway; some of the events are really interesting! You can build what you want, and the system will not allow you to build something that goes against the rules or the campaign. Basically, if it came from the system it’s a legal character with the following exceptions:
No Ferrengi or Romulan character above the rank of Lt. Cmdr.
No Cardassian character above the rank of Lt.
No Dominion race characters.
No rescued Borg characters.
No custom race characters please.

  • BUG ALERT * Because we put everything in as FASA wrote it, and they got a little happy about certain skills, these have a tendency to get out of hand and can easily go over 100 if you aren’t careful. These skills are Administration, Computer Operation, and Negotiation/Diplomacy. If you never waste a roll on them you’ll likely be just fine (and sometimes will still break 100). If you do get over 100 we’ll peel points off the top to get the skill to a reasonable level, then you can sprinkle those points where you need them.

ASSIGNMENT: Your ship assignment is integral to the characters. The ship IS a character in the game, has its own stat sheet, and you each play a part of it. You want to take the time to get to know your ship, which is why the tactical simulation.

SOAPBOX: I’ve examined ship to ship combat from 4 different systems, and it’s all complex regardless of which system you use. Therefore, we’ll use the old FASA system which I am most familiar with, have the most material for, is the most logical, and which lends itself to group roleplaying most readily. If you are familiar with it you will see that it’s been adapted somewhat to reflect the time we are playing in and add functionality to our roleplaying situation.

3 CHARACTERS – Each player creates 3 characters (at least 2 anyway) – A command or department head character, a secondary leader role character, and a support character. After reviewing the ship and the combat system we may end the session or go on to the next session.


Some characters have been ordered to report to the Federation Refit Shipyards at Cardassia Prime, Cardassia System, Cardassian Union. Others to Starbase 72 or Starbase 134 to be picked up as the ship moves to its assignment. This is highly unusual, as the characters understand they are being deployed to the REDACTED would normally expect to report to their ship already in that area. They were informed that their ship, the USS Endurance NCC-72002, is a REDACTED.

Chief Engineer, all other engineering crew, all sensor crew, second officer, security crew, and Captain will start here. Medical staff, BCS Staff, Tactical staff, 1st Officer picked up en route at Starbase 72. All other crew retrieved at Starbase 134.

Once in the area of operations, beware of the REDACTED and immediately begin REDACTED.



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