LtJG Curtix Na Zach

Assistant Chief of Science of USS Marathon with computer/cryptology specialization

NAME: Curtix Na Zach RACE: Edoan GENDER: Male AGE: 32
Strength: 61 Endurance: 61 Intellect: 73
Dexterity: 71 Charisma: 61 Luck: 61 Psionic: 1
Attitude: 50/49 Average Coolness: 50/53 Average Motivation: 80/82 Aspiring
Willpower: 61/61 Firm Morality: 60/60 Good Ethics: 70/72 Honorable
Energy: 100/100 Hyperactive Composure: 60/63 Controlled Bravery: 60/59 Daring
Empathy: 40/41 Unemotional Humility: 50/49 Average
Political: 57/57 Leans Liberal Social: 50/50 Average Financial: 32/32 Lower Class
Live Parents: 2 Nuclear Fam
Prior: Service: Star Fleet Branch:BCS Science RANK: Lt. J.G.

General description:

There’s no such thing as being calm and idle for Curtix Na Zach. Completely different than the majority of his species, he simply cannot indulge in doing nothing. His mind is at unease when not engaging in a complex puzzle solving, resolving a mathematical dillemma, cracking a convoluted encryption or implementing an intricate algorithm and his body posture reflects that. Annoyingly to others, Curtix’s typical way of interaction involves bursts of words that some would hardly call a toned conversation. This goes even worse when he’s agitated which, in his field of expertise, is not rare to come by.

He’s not exactly an exemplary officer – while his self-motivation and excess of energy enable him to complete assigned task within his field of study with lightning speed, he often forgets about everything else while doing so. Often, he finds himself poorly motivated when involved in activities that do not peak his interest – this is why had to repeat office training at the Academy twice. His only promotion took years to achieve and all signs and portens seem to indicate that he’s going to be stack at Lieutenant Junior Grade for a longer while.

While it seems there’s no limits to Curtix’s creativity and drive for discovery in his field of knowledge, his ubringing forged a strong sense of morality and ethics in him – perhaps this is why it actually allowed him to progress through the Academy and fruition his dream: to pursue his fascinations in the starts.

Administration: 10 Physical Sciences: Computer Science: 81
Artistic Expression: Writing: 11 Physical Sciences: Mathematics: 80
Carousing: 29 Physical Sciences: Physics: 20
Comm Sys Operation: 29 Planetary Sciences: Meteorology: 23
Computer Operation: 99 Planetary Survival: Forest: 9
Computer Technology: 80 Planetary Survival: Other: 10
Cryptology: 83 Security Systems: 50
Damage Cont Proc: 11 Sensor Analysis: 40
Deflector Shld Op: 27 Sensor Technology: 41
Electronics Tech: 35 Small Equip Sys Op: 19
Enviro Suit Op: 40 Social Sciences: Culture/Edoan: 10
Holodeck Op Proc: 11 Social Sciences: Fed History: 20
Holodeck Sys Tech: 20 Social Sciences: Fed Law: 15
Instruction: 18 Social Sciences: Hist/Edoan: 10
Language: Argosian: 10 Social Sciences: Law/Edoan: 17
Language: Denebian: 20 Social Sciences: Political Science: 6
Language: Edoan: 40 Social Sciences: Religion/Edoan: 5
Language: Galacta: 40 Space Sciences: Astrogation: 55
Language: Romulan: 24 Space Sciences: Astrophysics: 20
Leadership: 10 Sports: Fencing: 10
Life Sciences: Bionics: 10 Starfleet Regs: 10
Life Sciences: Exobiology: 10 Starship Combat Strat/Tactic: 17
Life Sup Sys Tech: 20 Starship Helm Operation: 40
Marks – Modern: 20 Starship Services: 32
Medical Sciences: Gen Med/Cardassian: 3 Transporter Op Proc: 17
Medical Sciences: Psych/Andorian: 20 Trivia: Collecting: 10
Negotiation/Diplo: 30 Trivia: Historical Toys: 17
Pers Comb – Armed: Dueling Stick: 6 Trivia: Puzzles: 12
Pers Comb – Armed: Khaiya: 52 Vehicle Operation: Railed: 36
Pers Comb – Unarmed: 29 Zero-G Operation: 10
Pers Weapon Tech: 5
Physical Sciences: Chemistry: 40
    4.0 Starfleet Academy
  • Gen Event: Your friend became infamous, professionally
    1.5 BCS Branch School
  • Competed in Academy-wide Pers Comb – Unarmed competition – Champion!
  • Serv Event: Participate in Bridge Officer Examination
    4.0 Sciences Branch School
  • Gen Event: Your grandparent wrote you into their will
  • Tour Event: Infected by parasitic organism – your team
  • Rom Event: You have a one night stand/short term sexual encounter with an attractive person
  • Tour Event: Caught in local politcal situation – Civil War
  • Rom Event: You become engaged to be married
    0.5 Cruise: Rapid Response Fleet – Crew
  • Ship: NCC-21202 Challenger, Soverign class Heavy Explorer
  • 0.5 Recycled – Repeat Officer Training
  • Competed in Division-wide Khaiya competition
  • Serv Event: Field test of new scientific process – Good results
    0.5 Cruise: Galaxy Exploration – Capital Ship
  • 0.5 Recycled – Repeat Officer Training
  • Gen Event: You damaged your hero’s career, minor setback, accident
    0.5 Cruise: Merchant Marine Support Services
  • Graduated
  • Competed in Division-wide Khaiya competition
  • Serv Event: Planetary Surveilance – active infiltration
  • Tour Event: Civilian installation evacuation – Disaster
    2.0 4: Patrol – Threat Area OER: As Expected
  • Ship: NCC-1782 Konigsberg, Enterprise class Cruiser
  • Achieved Computer Expert Rating of A4
  • Granted Open Access Security Clearance
  • Gen Event: Your friend got married, out of species
  • Promoted
    0: Assigned to USS Marathon (Assistant Chief Science Officer)
  • Assignment to USS Marathon is regarded as real treat by Curtix. Even though he’s part of the standard crew compliment, he’d die for a chance to be involved in the Transwarp research – the complexity of algorithms responsible of handling the impredicable nature of transwarp conduits is what flares his imagination. He’s set himself a goal to demonstrate his usefulness in all possible means – involving running some research on his own and improving the ship’s systems as his leisure time.

LtJG Curtix Na Zach

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