Lt Jane Williams, Chief Ops Officer, USS Marathon

Chief Ops Officer, USS Marathon


NAME: Jane Williams RACE: Human GENDER: Female AGE: 55
Strength:59 Endurance:63 Intellect:53 Dexterity:65 Charisma:54 Luck:28 Psionic:1

Attitude: 53/48 Average Coolness: 60/61 Composed Motivation: 55/56 Motivated
Willpower: 40/40 Indecisive Morality: 42/39 Exploitive Ethics: 44/44 Dishonest
Energy: 45/38 Inactive Composure: 56/58 Controlled Bravery: 53/55 Average
Empathy: 60/61 Emotional Humility: 65/67 Modest
Political: 52/52 Mainstream Social: 55/55 Priviledged Financial: 56/56 Upper Class
Live Parents: 2 Old Sis: 1 Old Bro: 1 Nuclear Fam

Prior: Service: Star Fleet Branch: BCS RANK: Lieutenant
Dept. Head Contact
Prior: Service: Civ Specialist Branch: Support

4.0 Starfleet Academy
Gen Event: One of your siblings needed a small favor, you turned them down
1.5 BCS Branch School
Serv Event: Generic Service Event
Gen Event: One of your parents showed up for an extended visit
0.5 Cruise: Military Operations
Ship: NCC-77807 Arver, Tarsus class Assault Carrier
0.5 Recycled – Repeat Officer Training
Tour Event: Knowing Participant in Unethical Event at Academy-not caught
0.5 Cruise: Starbase HQ Admin
Serv Event: Participate in Bridge Officer Examination
2.2 6: Planetary Survey – Uncivilized OER: As Expected
Ship: NCC-2525 Minora, Constellation class Exploratory Cruiser
Granted Open Access Security Clearance
Serv Event: Participate in Bridge Officer Examination
Serv Event: Participate in Bridge Officer Examination
3.1 5: Neutral Zone Outpost – Staff OER: As Expected
1.0 Department Head School
0.5 Contact Training
Serv Event: Negotiate trade agreement for planetary/system resources
Prior Rank: Star Fleet RANK: Lieutenant
Transfer to Civilian
4.5 Corps of Engineers – Starbase Const
Serv Event: Rescue Borg drone and restore individuality.
3.0 Onsite Customer Service/Support
Gen Event: One of your parents received an extreme injury, recovered
2.0 Galor IV Daystrom Annex – Staff
Serv Event: Emergency Eco-Restoration
4.0 Jupiter Station – Admin
Tour Event: Caught in local politcal situation – Civil War
4.0 Starbase HQ Admin
Gen Event: Your friend became someone that can affect your career, major
1.0 Jupiter Station – Researcher
Gen Event: One of your siblings needed a large favor, you could not help them
4.5 Galaxy Exploration
Rom Event: You find yourself in love affair

Administration: 50 Planetary Sciences: Agronomy: 10
Artistic Expression: Writing: 10 Planetary Survival: Aquatic: 20
Carousing: 34 Planetary Survival: Mountain: 20
Cloaking Procedures: 13 Security Procedures: 30
Comm Sys Operation: 61 Sensor Analysis: 23
Computer Operation: 76 Sensor Technology: 41
Damage Cont Proc: 46 Shuttlecraft Pilot: 27
Deflector Shld Op: 48 Small Equip Sys Op: 53
Enviro Suit Op: 25 Small Vsl Weap Ops: 19
Holodeck Op Proc: 7 Social Sciences: Culture/Human: 22
Instruction: 40 Social Sciences: Economics: 10
Language: Galacta: 40 Social Sciences: Fed History: 15
Language: Human: 60 Social Sciences: Fed Law: 15
Leadership: 40 Social Sciences: Hist/Human: 10
Life Sciences: Genetics: 10 Social Sciences: Law/Cardassian: 41
Life Sup Sys Tech: 14 Social Sciences: Law/Human: 39
Marks – Archaic: Pistol: 11 Social Sciences: Religion/Human: 5
Marks – Modern: 20 Space Sciences: Astrogation: 31
Mechanical Eng: 4 Space Sciences: Astronomy: 20
Medical Sciences: First Aid: 20 Space Sciences: Astrophysics: 24
Medical Sciences: Psych/Andorian: 7 Starfleet Regs: 10
Negotiation/Diplo: 67 Starship Combat Strat/Tactic: 13
Pers Comb – Armed: Chaka: 20 Starship Helm Operation: 54
Pers Comb – Armed: Dagger: 10 Starship Services: 45
Pers Comb – Armed: Dueling Stick: 20 Starship Weapon Ops: 45
Pers Comb – Armed: Kligat: 6 Streetwise: 12
Pers Comb – Unarmed: 50 Transporter Op Proc: 46
Pers Weapon Tech: 15 Vehicle Operation: Railed: 5
Physical Sciences: Gravitics: 10 Zero-G Operation: 23
Physical Sciences: Physics: 10
Physical Sciences: Robotics: 9


Lt Jane Williams, Chief Ops Officer, USS Marathon

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