Lt. Stilicho Th'azyron of Keth Idrani

Chief of Security / Tactical of USS Marathon


One look at this outrageously tall, white haired Andorian tells the observer of Stilicho’s unyielding will. Every move is precise and toned, showing the man’s personal drive. As a member of Bish’ee Andorian species, his antennae are laid in the middle between his eyebrows and the top of his head, each darting around as if expecting danger – a clear sign of turbulent emotion stirring within the man’s heart. Even so, he strives for perfection, often to self-punishment for failure. Adding to that, a short goatee conceals his vibrant facial expressions – undoubtely the effect of being around Terrans too much.

While he conforms to Starfleet’s code of conduct and behaves in accordance with what an officer should represent, it is in the thick of conflict he truly comes alive. It is rare to see him lose control under fire and obstacles only seem to motivate him to press on. When set in a position where others are under his command, he sees himself at the front line, in the thick of things – where his actions can both bolster his men and become his undoing. Even though his counselling report is clear, the side notes hint at his behavior being at the border of recklessness.

Duty comes first and Stilicho is generally a very serious man, dedicated to his task and, when not working on improving himself, he works on improving those that are under his command. Most his life, he was subjected to interact with other species – this made him develop habits that would connect to other cultures. While proud of his Andorian heritage, his beverage of choice is Vulcan mocha and, when he allows himself a bit of a drink – it is nearly always Cardassian kanar. At times of inner calm, he plays Terran cello. Even so, about every one of this things began as a sort of challenge to overcome – as exemplified by the fact that his preffered sport is swimming and diving.

Stilicho sports a friendly attitude, perhaps a tad too cheerful for your typical Andorian. His outgoing demeanor diminishes at attempts of befriending as beneath his mask of optimism he harbors deep personal loss.

NAME: Stilicho Th’azyron of Keth Idrani RACE: Andorian GENDER: Thaan (Male) AGE: 32
Strength: 81 Endurance: 61 Intellect: 61
Dexterity: 71 Charisma: 51 Luck: 56 Psionic: 20
Attitude: 65/66 Compliant Coolness: 80/81 Cool Motivation: 60/62 Motivated
Willpower: 92/92 Unyielding Morality: 40/41 Exploitive Ethics: 80/81 Proper
Energy: 60/60 Active Composure: 50/53 Average Bravery: 70/70 Bold
Empathy: 30/30 Rational Humility: 40/39 Smug
Political: 60/60 Leans Liberal Social: 44/44 Plebian Financial: 32/32 Lower Class
Live Parents: 1 Yng Sis: 1 Old Sis: 5 Ext Family
Polygamous[1 mate(s)] Married 1 Children
Prior: Service: Star Fleet Branch:BCS Security RANK: Lieutenant
Dept. Head Contact
    Married Children(1)
Administration: 40 Planetary Survival: Arctic: 12
Artistic Expression: Music: 10 Planetary Survival: Desert: 20
Artistic Expression: Writing: 10 Planetary Survival: Jungle: 20
Carousing: 35 Security Procedures: 60
Cloaking Procedures: 10 Security Systems: 45
Comm Sys Operation: 40 Sensor Analysis: 50
Comm Sys Technology: 10 Sensor Technology: 14
Computer Operation: 40 Shuttlecraft Pilot: 35
Damage Cont Proc: 40 Small Equip Sys Op: 35
Deflector Shld Op: 40 Small Unit Tactics: 55
Deflector Shld Tech: 10 Social Sciences: Culture/Andorian: 20
Electronics Tech: 20 Social Sciences: Fed History: 15
Enviro Suit Op: 20 Social Sciences: Fed Law: 26
Gaming: Dabo: 10 Social Sciences: Hist/Andorian: 30
Instruction: 20 Social Sciences: Law/Andorian: 10
Language: Andorian: 40 Social Sciences: Political Science: 5
Language: Galacta: 40 Social Sciences: Religion/Andorian: 20
Language: Vulcan: 15 Space Sciences: Astrogation: 30
Leadership: 40 Space Sciences: Astronomy: 10
Life Sciences: Ecology: 10 Sports: Swimming/Diving: 10
Marks – Modern: 65 Starfleet Regs: 20
Medical Sciences: First Aid: 30 Starship Combat Strat/Tactic: 50
Negotiation/Diplo: 40 Starship Helm Operation: 30
Pers Comb – Armed: Ushaan: 11 Starship Services: 20
Pers Comb – Armed: Dagger: 30 Starship Weapon Ops: 80
Pers Comb – Armed: Improvised: 30 Starship Weapon Tech: 50
Pers Comb – Unarmed: 99 Stealth: 29
Pers Weapon Tech: 20 Streetwise: 17
Physical Sciences: Computer Science: 10 Transporter Op Proc: 11
Physical Sciences: Gravitics: 10 Zero-G Operation: 20
Planetary Sciences: Meteorology: 10
    2355 – born on 19th of June, according to Earth’s calendar that he was born. He sprouted from the loins of of Ekath Th’azyron and Sahsos Ch’ralqe. Vatte Sh’malat was the one who offered her egg. From early days, he displayed his warrior attitude, even though, as Thaan, his path should’ve originally lead him a different path. Zylia Zh’herons, the nurse-mother, complained over his violent turning and it was the birth that would eventually lead to her untimely death in 2361. Even so, his Thaan father, was clearly proud of the son. As a known researcher of Terran history and culture, he would bestow an alien name, in honor of the last great general of Earth’s Ancient Rome – Stilicho. He spent the first 10 years on his homeworld – Andoria – being raised in typical Andorian fashion. He was filled with a sense of pride of his people’s history as well as the grounds for his drive to seek challenges and overcome them.
    2365 – In his teens, his family, the three remaining members of shelthreth and his sisters (1 younger, 5 older), moved to Earth, where his father was offered a teaching position at University of Mississipi. With their new living quarters situated in multi-species compound, Stilicho was exposed to numerous different cultures. He develops interest in different cousine, activies and recreation.
    2367 – Met his future Claan-husband, Thias Ch’madrel.
    2370 – Met his future Shaan-wife, Wen Sh’nidar and his future Zhaan-wife, Erin Zh’rhan.
    2372 – Introduced to Forrester Brown, father’s colleague, who inspired Stilicho to join Starfleet.
    2374 – Enrolled to Starfleet
  • Married Thias Ch’madrel, Wen Sh’nidar and Erin Zh’rhan. Marriage is consummated via shelthreth and a child, Oir Sh’nidar is conceived.
  • Academy-wide Marksmanship – Modern competition (champion)
  • General Event: Mentor got married, eloped
  • General Event: Mentor entered military service, discharged
    2377BCS Branch School
  • Brigade-wide Personal Combat – Unarmed competition (champion)
  • Service Event: Military Advisor – Civilian Activites
  • Tour Event: Caught in local political situation – coup
  • Stilicho’s Chan father dies of disease
    2378.5 – Security Branch School
  • Service Event: Military Liason – Advisor
  • General Event: One of your siblings received an moderate injury, recovered
  • Service Event: Military Advisor – Civilian Activites
    2380.5 – Cruise: Personal Development Retreat – Thias Ch’madrel, Wen Sh’nidar are killed in shuttlecraft accident with and arrive too late to be rescuscitated. Stilicho takes a month of relief to sort out personal matters. This event causes him to drift away from his daughter and Zhaan-wife. He loses himself in his Starfleet career to handle the loss.
  • Graduated from Academy
    2381 – Assignment: Shipping Lane Patrol (USS Enterprise-E, outstanding performance)
  • Granted Open Access Security Clearance
  • Division Wide Personal Combat – Unarmed
  • General Event: a superior fanatically joined a popular religion
  • Promoted to Lt.(jg)
    2384 – Assignment: Galaxy Exploration – Capital Ship (performed as expected)
    2385.5 – Department Head School
  • Stilicho’s Shen mother passes due to genetic sickness that shortens her life. At this point Thaan father withdraws into selusion, his psychological and physical health degrading; it is not expected for him to live long.
    2386.5 – First Contact Training
  • Fleet-wide Personal Combat – Unarmed (sandbagged).
  • Romantic Event: Home for Holidays – quiet celebration at home; family relations seem to improve in the prolonged aftermath of the loss of Thias and Wen
  • Promoted to Lt.

Lt. Stilicho Th'azyron of Keth Idrani

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