Campaign of the Month: August 2017

Star Trek: Aftermath (Klingon Phase)

Captain's Log

Coming out on the other side

Captain’s Log

We have made it out of the other side. We discovered one of the missing starships, but we were unable to acquire any data from the computers onboard. Massive damage and it appears that we have discovered an issue with the psyche of the survivors. We have brought them onboard, but I am still weary of them. I may have security tag them until we reach the Starbase for repairs.

We have contacted the battle unit to escort us safely there, as the damage is too great to move over Warp 5. We have had a few other ships come into our sensors, but they left as fast as they entered it. We have a few hours remaining until the group arrives. Until then, we must do all we can to avoid contact and engagement.

Once we are at the Star Base, we are going to have a complete check of the crew, as we have found yet another crew member that has been brainwashed. As well as the crew was vetted, it appears not as well as I would like. My attitude towards the officers so far has been to do their jobs. I seem to have found myself being short with one or two of them, as I am not an expert in their areas. I need them to understand that they need to give me an overview of the situation to make a command decision. If we are in battle, that is one thing that I have no issues with.

Also, Christina has been around and has shown to be an invaluable member of the Engineering team. I have given some space, as has she, but one of us will soon break the unawkwardness and we will see where that goes.

Until then, we wait for our escort and are in search of a signal coming from the ship.



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