Star Trek Combined Timeline


Editing and Compilation By Alex Rosenzweig (All Years—Old Earth Calendar)

(This history is exhaustive and includes information from all series – including the animated series – and movies, which are canon, as well as the various comic books and comic strip, which are not canon, but are still interesting, and all RPG’s and Star Trek based technical documents, of which we use FASA and Last Unicorn Games as canon for the campaign. The notes in brackets [] explain the background, sources, and thought-processes for this Timeline of Star Trek History. Each listing includes the year, then any sources or deductions that led to the entry in the Timeline for that year. Where a source note says (Modified), it refers to an alteration in the date of an event in order to resolve an error or inconsistency in the timeline from which that event was drawn. By making such modifications, potentially conflicting timelines may be incorporated, resulting in a more complete picture of the Star Trek Universe. All added timeline information for the campaign are in bold and are extrapolated from references to the future in various series, the direction things were going in the movies, and from the Star Trek MMO’s history – it’s set 40 years in the future from Nemesis)

1969—First Terran sets foot upon Luna. [Reality]
1972—Apollo Program concludes. [Reality]
1975—Apollo/Soyuz Test Project marks first cooperative effort between United States and Soviet Union. [Reality]
1981—United States launches first space shuttle. [Reality]
1986—Space shuttle Challenger explodes 73 seconds after liftoff, killing all aboard and setting the U.S. space program back by more than 2 years. Soviets launch Mir space station. [Reality]
1992-1996—Eugenics Wars (World War III?) result from takeovers by genetically-engineered “supermen” led by Khan Noonian Singh. [“Space Seed” and “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”; 23rd and 24th Century historians apparently are in dispute over whether this event or the 21st Century nuclear conflict is more precisely referred to as World War III.]
1996—“Supermen” defeated in joint NATO/East Bloc actions, paving the way for planetary unification. S.S. Botany Bay, a DY-100 interplanetary explorer developed in the early 1990’s, is launched, carrying Khan and over 80 other “supermen” in cryogenic sleep. [“Space Seed” and speculation. It is logical to assume that the Eugenics Wars created the political climate to allow a world government (the New United Nations) to come into being on Earth.]
1997—Space station placed in Earth orbit by NASA/ESA/Japan consortium, with Soviet assistance. [FASA and Reality]
1998—International program returns man to Luna. Intensive mining, scientific, and support operations begin. [Conjecture]
1999—The Voyager 6 spacecraft is launched from Earth. After conducting flyby explorations of the outer planets in Sol System, it subsequently falls into a mini black hole, emerging on the far side of the galaxy. [Star Trek Chronology]
2001—New millennium is heralded by formation of United Earth (governed by a revised and strengthened New United Nations) and UESPA (United Earth Space Probe Agency). [Chuck Graham/Geoffrey Mandel Timeline; “Star Trek Classic” Series; “Encounter at Farpoint”.]
2002—Nomad probe launched into deep space. [”The Changeling"]
2002—Terra’s United Nations Scientific Council releases a 15-year projection estimating offworld and space-oriented industry to grow at an exponential rate. [FASA/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology]
2003—The United Space Initiative is signed in New York, on Terra. This landmark agreement will focus and accelerate Human exploration of the Sol System for the benefit of all Humanity. [Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology]
2003—Using solar sails, Alpha Centaurians begin a concerted effort to explore their stellar system. [FASA]
2004—Farside Moonbase begins operations on Luna. [Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology]
2004—The Andorian colony on Thalassa is destroyed by massive quakes and volcanic eruptions. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2008—First manned expedition to Mars reaches the Red Planet. Others follow within months, per prearranged plan. [Speculation]
2009—Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher commands the first successful manned mission to Saturn. [Star Trek Chronology]
2012—Marsbase 1 begins search for extraterrestrial life. [Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology]
2012—After a series of transportation-related disasters, the Global Transportation Consortium is formed to reestablish confidence in Earth’s transit systems. [“Forgiveness”]
2014—First explorations and investigations of the asteroid belt. [Graham/Mandel Timeline]
2018—Improvements in engine technology make “sleeper ships” unnecessary. DY-200 vessels designed. S.S. Savannah (a DY-100) explores Jupiter. [“Space Seed”/Graham/Mandel Timeline]
2018—Birth of the Dax symbiont. [“You Are Cordially Invited”]
2020—Vulcan scientist Sardax proves the feasibility of interstellar travel using the base camp approach to long-range exploration. Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets is founded. [FASA/Graham/Mandel Timeline]
2022—Death of Jackson Roykirk [FASA/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology]
2024—Reunification of Ireland, after a series of terrorist acts on both sides returns the issue to prominence in the New United Nations. [“The High Ground”]
2024—The Bell Riots, the most violent civil disturbance in American history, take place in San Francisco. They result in a new focus on social issues in the United States. [“Past Tense, Part I”]
2028—Astronomers on Alpha Centauri VII pick up intelligent signals from outside their system. These signals will later be identified as originating from Vulcan. [FASA]
2029—Farside Moonbase detects first intelligent signals from space heard by Terrans. [Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology]
2030—Matriarchal society established on Cygnet XIV after a global political upheaval. [FASA]
2032—Birth of Zefram Cochrane [“Broken Bow”]
2032—The New United Nations commissions Solar Fleet for security and rescue purposes throughout the inhabited Sol System. [FASA]
2032—The Ares 4 Mars mission is disrupted when its command module is consumed by a graviton ellipse. Two astronauts are stranded on the surface for several weeks until rescue vehicles can reach them. [“One Small Step”]
2035—The Tellarites complete a Space Elevator to carry personnel and materials into planetary orbit. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2036—New United Nations declares that no Terran citizen can be made to answer for the crimes of his race or forebears. [“Encounter at Farpoint”]
2036-2037—New space-time researches find holes in the general theory of relativity, making faster-than-light communication and travel theoretically possible, though not yet an actuality. [FASA]
2037—Under contract to UESPA, NASA launches the Charybdis, under the command of Steven Richey. [“The Royale”]
2038—Development of “starliners” for intersystem tourism travel begins. The long-term project is cut short by the conflicts of 2053. [Star Trek Maps (Modified per “Star Trek: First Contact”]
2039—First lunar colonies are founded. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2039—Terran Pluto Base becomes operational. [Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology]
2041-2043—Developments in interplanetary travel continue. DY-300 and DY-400 vessels constructed. [Graham/Mandel Timeline]
2041-2069—The expanding Romulan Empire encounters the Klingons. A series of conflicts halts expansion in that direction. [Decipher RPG]
2042—Professional baseball dies after this year’s season. The final game of the last World Series draws only 300 spectators. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2043-2047—Mind Control Revolts take place on Terra, as the use by some local governments of drugs and behavior implants to control their populations is brought to a halt. [Star Trek: The Motion Picture, A Novel By Gene Roddenberry/“Encounter at Farpoint”]
2044—All contact is lost with the Charybdis. [“The Royale”]
2045—The New United Nations celebrates 100 years of cooperation among the peoples of Terra. People throughout the Sol System take part. [Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology]
2045—The Andorian sport of kochek is invented. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2047—The Nausicaans are uplifted to industrial civilization by the Romulans. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2049—DY-500 vessels appear for interplanetary use. [Graham/Mandel Timeline]
2050—Cait establishes its first world government. [Graham/Mandel Timeline]
2052—A very early Terran attempt to develop transporter technology is unsuccessful. The developer, Colin Blakeney, is lost. [“Forgiveness”]
2052—The Andorians settle the planet Weytahn (aka Paan Mokar) and begin terraforming operations. (Date is approximate.) [“Cease Fire”]
2053—Zancmar Hodgkins publishes his Law of Parallel Planet Development, stating that similar planets develop similar life-forms with similar cultures. [FASA]
2053—A series of conflicts around the world destabilizes the New United Nations on Earth. A series of tactical nuclear strikes begun by the infamous Colonel Green kill over 600 million people. Several major cities are destroyed and many national governments are disrupted. Several areas suffer from a localized “nuclear winter” effect. Despite this, it seems that most of these conflicts were local, and no single global conflict has occurred, despite the worldwide disruptions. [“The Savage Curtain”/”Encounter at Farpoint”/”A Matter of Time”/”Star Trek: First Contact”/Star Trek Chronology (Revised); 23rd and 24th Century historians apparently are in dispute over whether this event or the earlier Eugenics Wars is more precisely referred to as World War III.]
2055—After many years of conflict, one of two warring factions on the planet Heir’tzan leave their homeworld and colonize the neighboring world of Heir’ocha. Unfortunately, this only briefly ends the conflict, which soon begins anew and flares into interplanetary war. [My Brother’s Keeper, Book I: Republic]
2058—V’lar enters the Vulcan diplomatic service. Over the next nine decades, she will become known as one of Vulcan’s finest ambassadors. [“Fallen Hero”]
2059— Dilithium discovered on Jupiter V (Amalthea). Inspired in part by the unique properties of dilithium, Zefram Cochrane begins space warp experiments. [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified per Star Trek Chronology)]
2063—Zefram Cochrane makes the Earth’s first warp flight. His ship, the Phoenix, is adapted from an old U.S. Air Force Titan missile. Backed by Micah Brack and aided by Dr. Lily Sloane, the ship was built at an abandoned military base in northern Montana. The warp signature of the Phoenix is detected by a passing Vulcan survey craft, which diverts course and establishes contact with Cochrane and his companions. This is a turning point in Terran history, and marks the beginning of Earth’s interstellar age. [“Star Trek: First Contact”]
2064—Beginning of Earth-Vulcan cultural exchange [Graham/Mandel Timeline, modified per “Star Trek: First Contact”]
2064—Kzinti reach Sol System and begin first Man-Kzin war. They will engage humankind in wars four times before being ultimately defeated in 2069. [“Slaver Weapon”/Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified per “Star Trek: First Contact”)]
2064—S.S. Bonaventure, the first warp drive vessel, leaves Earth to survey other star systems. [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified per “Star Trek: First Contact”)]
2064-2065—Construction of several Galactic Survey Cruisers by UESPA. [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified per “Star Trek: First Contact”)]
2064—Franklin-series warp-driven message probe becomes operational. [FASA]
2065—S.S. Valiant sent on mission to galaxy’s edge, where it is lost. [“Where No Man Has Gone Before”/Star Trek Chronology]
2066—UESP Enterprise reaches Alpha Centauri and finds the 4th planet already inhabited, apparently by the descendents of the ancient Greeks transported from Earth by the Preservers. [Star Trek Maps/FASA/Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified per Last Unicorn RPG)]
2066—A group of Brek’a split from the rest of their species and establish a new homeworld, where they can live without modern technology. They settle on a world in the area of space known as the Briar Patch and call themselves the Ba’ku. [“Star Trek: Insurrection”/Star Trek: The Magazine/Last Unicorn RPG/Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2067—The Great Awakening takes place on Argelius II, and the planet’s society is transformed into a peaceful one. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2067—The Friendship One probe is launched from Earth. [“Friendship One”]
2067—The Terra Nova colonization expedition departs Earth. [“Terra Nova”]
2068—The Andorian Trilith VII colony vanishes without a trace. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2069—Utopia Planitia Base is founded on Mars. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2069—The Klingon emperor dies. No successor ascends the throne, because the High Council has grown in political power and now effectively controls the Empire. [“Rightful Heir”]
2069—The wormhole originally opened by the New Andoria disaster 163 years earlier collapses, triggering ion storms which induce a premature ice age on Andor. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2070—The Andorian Keth (Clan) Aldin is founded on Cimera III. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2070—Bonaventure returns with vast amounts of new information about other planets and races. Alpha Centauri and Earth begin cultural exchanges. [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified per Last Unicorn RPG)]
2070—The last known transmission from the Andorian colony on Trilith VII is received on Andor. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2072—The ancestors of the Human inhabitants of Okeanos depart Earth. [From the Depths]
2072—Civil War on Harelia restricts the powers of the Harelian Adjudication Bureau. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2073—Andorian scientists complete a network of heat-diverting satellites which holds the new ice age in check, and begin analyzing signals sent from the “lost” colony on Cimera III. From those signals, they learn of the Orions and the fate of their remaining colonies. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2075—The Optimum Movement triumphs in general elections in Great Britain. [Federation]
2075—The Trill are contacted by a L’Dira spacecraft, which enters orbit around Trill seeking a substance called acelon. With the assistance of the Vulcans, who are contacted by Lela Dax, the situation is resolved, and the Trill conclude they must be more open to learning about other worlds and other races. [”First Steps” (The Lives of Dax)/Star Trek Novels Timeline]
2076—The Terra Nova expedition reaches the target planet and colonization begins. The colony is initially very successful. [“Terra Nova”]
2077—The first known case of Bendii Syndrome is diagnosed on Vulcan. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2078—Global political successes by the Optimum Movement again disrupts the still-shaky New United Nations. The Movement collapses soon afterward, however, resulting in a period of international political chaos. [Federation/Speculation]
2078—Adrik Thorsen, leader of the Optimum Movement, is badly wounded in a firefight at Battersea Stadium in London. Officially listed as dead, he in fact leaves Earth to pursue his revenge against Zefram Cochrane, who played a key role in the Battersea incident. A deal with the Grigari will transform him into something long-lived but not completely (and ultimately not at all) Human. [Federation]
2079—Bonaventure lost on third voyage. [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified); “Time Trap”]
2079—Earth recovers from a nuclear conflict. This limited nuclear war is the final use of such weapons on the planet Earth. [Star Trek Chronology/“Encounter at Farpoint”/Speculation]
2080’s—Colonies established in nearby systems. Plans made for further exploration. [Graham/Mandel Timeline]
2081—Following the initial success of the Terra Nova colony, the Terran leadership wishes to send more settlers. The current colonists object strenuously, and several increasingly acrimonious communication exchanges follow. Unbeknownst to Earth, an asteroid strikes the planet at this time, sending a radioactive cloud into the atmosphere and killing all but the very youngest colonists. No further messages are received from the colony, and Earth abandons further attempts to settle the planet. The surviving children on Terra Nova will grow up remembering only the hostility between their “go-befores” and Earth Humans. [“Terra Nova”]
2083—The Lor’Vela, the Andorians’ first successful warp-capable vessel, is launched, reaching Cimera III within the year and beginning the Andorians’ role as an interstellar community. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2084—Andorian radio signals from 2073 reach Cimera III, re-establishing contact. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2084—Warlord Rr’tak’ma creates the short-lived Nausicaan Empire. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2086—The Lornack clan on Acamar III begins a bitter blood feud with its rival clan, the Tralestas. [“The Vengeance Factor”/Star Trek Chronology]
2086—Trading ships of the Vulcanoid Rigellians (from Rigel V) first encounter Andorian warp ships. [Last Unicorn RPG (Modified)]
2088—Birth of Harmon Axelrod, first President of the Federation Council [FASA]
2089—Earth ships discover an empire of slave worlds dominated by the Vegans, a strange, telepathically-linked race. Earth-Vega War ends the Vegan Tyranny. The defeated Vegans mass-suicide, leaving their homeworld, Vega IX, open for colonization. [Graham/Mandel Timeline]
2089—The first of more than 2 centuries of periodic wars begins in the Tabuk Star System. [DC Star Trek #35—“The Tabukan Syndrome”]
2089—The British royal family moves out of Buckingham Palace and into more modest lodgings. They continue their ceremonial roles. The Palace will eventually become a public museum. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2090—First contact with Tellarites. Admiral Abel Niwen leads the exploratory fleet that reaches 61 Cygni. [Graham/Mandel Timeline/FASA]
2091-2101—The Andorian Thalassa colony is re-established. The Trilith VII ruins are explored in a series of expeditions that convinces the Andorians to leave the Trilith System alone. [Last Unicorn RPG (Modified)]
2092—Joan-Marie’s Star and the planet Okeanos are discovered by the U.E.S. Hernan de Soto. [From the Depths]
2092—The Andor/Rigel trade corridor is first established. [Last Unicorn RPG (Modified)]
2092—The Vulcan School of Diplomacy is founded. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2093—The people of Coridan first achieve warp capability. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2094—Andorians revisit the ruins of the Quardis II colony. They decide to rebuild the colony. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2097—Following the placement of an Andorian military outpost on Weytahn/Paan Mokar, the Vulcans annex the planet and remove the Andorian colonists. Extended conflict between Vulcan and Andor is forestalled by a treaty. The planet is left uninhabited. [“Cease Fire”]
2102—The planet Archaria III is setlled almost simultaneously by a Human sect of religious fundamentalists and a group of Peladians. Neither group is aware of the other. [Double Helix Book 1: Infection]
2103—Earth outposts on Mars develop into full colonies. Soon afterward, discovering their capacity for self-sufficiency, the Mars settlements announce Fundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies, declaring independence. Continued trade with Earth builds the colonies. [”The 37s”/“Court-Martial”/Star Trek: Star Charts/Speculation]
2105—New Paris colonized by starliner Lafayette. [Star Trek Maps]
2109—Human and Peladian settlers first encounter each other on Archaria III. A initial series of small wars are followed by a long period of peaceful coexistence. [Double Helix Book 1: Infection]
2111—Birth of Jonathan Archer. [Broken Bow]
2112—Bajorans develop warp capability, and establish semi-regular contact with Cardassia. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2112—A series of border incursions by Andorians into Vulcan-held space takes place. [“Cease Fire”]
2112—The Earth colony vessel Lost Moon is attacked by unknown aliens, and severely damaged. It continues to drift, its autopilot attempting to return the ship to Earth. [Strange New Worlds V—“Remnant”]
2113—The New United Nations, serving as de facto world government on Earth, is finally formally established as the Terran world government. [“Star Trek: First Contact”]
2119—First contact with Orion Colony worlds in Rigel system [Star Trek Maps]
2119—Zefram Cochrane participates in the dedication of the Warp 5 Complex, a facility tasked to design and construct an engine to propel starships at warp factor 5. Soon afterward, he disappears from Alpha Centauri at age 87. [“Metamorphosis” (modified)/”Broken Bow”]
2120—Birth of Charles “Trip” Tucker. [Broken Bow]
2121-2122—The first joint scientific project between Terra, Alpha Centauri, and Vulcan shows tangible benefits when a new series of research probes are launched from all 3 worlds. [FASA (Modified)]
2122—The planet Agaron begins negotiations for an alliance with Vulcan. [“The Seventh”]
2123—The S.S. Mariposa, a heavily modified DY-500 class vessel, leaves Earth. It is bound for the Phicus Sector. [“Up the Long Ladder”]
2125—An unknown disease spreads through Earth’s 200-person research base on Pluto, leaving no survivors. The disease is later linked to a contaminated souvenir brought in by a careless Orion trader. This is the first unpleasant incident between Terrans and Orions, and helps to set the tone for future relations. [FASA (Modified)]
2126—Birth of Travis Mayweather. [“Dead Stop”]
2128—Birth of the Andorian prophet Umarin in the city of Tarsk on Andor. [Decipher RPG]
2132—The Paraagans establish a mining colony. [Shockwave]
2134—Well-preserved remains of the galaxy’s oldest civilization, estimated to be 7.5 billion years old, are found on what will come to be known as UFC-522-IV. [FASA (Modified)/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified)]
2135—Controversial laws are passed on Andor legalizing a tradition which permit “champions” to proxy for the defender in a ritual duel. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2135—T’Pol completes her training with the Vulcan Ministry of Security. [“The Seventh”]
2138—The Betazoid reformer Dainara rises to prominence. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2139—First evidence of extra-galactic life is discovered when an unknown probe is recovered from Sector 24. [FASA (Modified)/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified)]
2139—The Betazoid vessel Avandar breaks the warp barrier. Soon after, first contact is made between Betazed and Terabia. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2143—The Suliban Cabal begins attacks in Tandaran territory. In response, Suliban living in the Tandara Sector are rounded up and moved into detention centers, “for their own protection”. [“Detained”]
2144—Earth establishes a dilithium mining colony on the planet Polluxara IV. [The Last Roundup]
2148—The first permanent Human trading presence in the Rigel System is established on Rigel IV. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2149—Terran scientists develop Earth’s first practical transporter device. It is initially rated only for supplies and equipment. [Decipher RPG]
2150—Australia becomes the final Terran nation-state to formally join the world government, officially establishing Earth as a fully-united planet. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2150—The Betelgeusian Slichez Age begins with their invention of warp drive. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2150—The Terran Academy of Sciences is founded by governmental act. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2151—A colony on Arduin III is wiped out by a catastrophic engineering failure. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2151—Transporters are rated as acceptable for transport of living creatures. [“Broken Bow”/Decipher RPG]
2151—First contact with the Klingons and Suliban, when a Klingon courier crashes on Earth while being pursued by the Suliban. The starship Enterprise (NX-01), the first starship equipped with warp 5-capable engines, is launched under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer, on a mission to return the courier, Klaang, to Qo’noS. After this first meeting, an uneasy peace is established. The results of this meeting lead Star Fleet to adopt a policy of covert surveillance of newly-discovered civilizations before first contact is attempted. Following the mission to Qo’noS, the Enterprise begins an exploration mission. [“Broken Bow”/Star Trek Chronology]
2151—First contact with the Axanar, as the Enterprise encounters an Axanar ship with its crew killed. A second Axanar ship arrives as the Enterprise is attacked by the aliens who killed the crew of the first vessel, and with their aid, the attacking ship is destroyed. [“Fight or Flight”]
2151—The Enterprise investigates the lost Terra Nova colony, and discovers the descendents of the original colonists still living underground. Research reveals the reason for the colony’s silence, which had been unknown to the rest of Human civilization. The crew assists in relocating the surviving colonists to an unaffected area of the planet after finding that radioactive contaminants have gotten into the local water supply. [“Terra Nova”]
2151—First Terran contact with the Andorians, as the Enterprise discovers a Vulcan intelligence facility hidden in a monastery on the planet P’jem, with which the Vulcans are spying on the Andorians, in violation of a treaty between the two civilizations. The discovery occurs when representatives of an Andorian faction attack the monastary. [“The Andorian Incident”]
2151—On Beta Aurigae VII, Enterprise science teams discover evidence that the planet is the homeworld of the ancient Zalkat Union. Among the artifacts discovered are documents describing the four Instruments of Malkus the Mighty. [The Brave and the Bold, Book One]
2151—First contact is made with the Akaali. [“Civilization”]
2151—Starship Enterprise has first encounter with the Klingon Raptor-class scout. [“Sleeping Dogs”]
2151—Following the discovery of the listening post on P’jem, the Andorians destroy the monastery. The Vulcans are given time to evacuate, and there is no loss of life, but in response, the Vulcans place a temporary hold on all joint operations with Earth. Ambassador Soval is recalled to Vulcan. [“Shadows of P’jem”]
2152—The Enterprise makes first contact with the Sarkassian Empire when it encounters a planet on which the Sarkassians are researching an outpost left by an ancient race known variously as the Anu’anshee, Krytallans, or Iraqua. [What Price Honor?]
2152—The Enterprise recovers the last survivors of the Earth colony vessel Lost Moon. [Strange New Worlds V—“Remnant”]
2152—While an Enterprise shuttlepod descends into the atmosphere of a Paraagan colony, a fireball—seeming from the shuttlepod—destroys the settlement. Initially believing the Enterprise crew to be at fault, and under pressure from the Vulcans, Star Fleet Command recalls the ship. When information received from a time traveler from the future allows the Enterprise crew to prove that in fact the destruction was caused by the Suliban, the Enterprise’s recall is cancelled. [“Shockwave”]
2152—First contact is made with the Romulan Star Empire, as the Enterprise enters a star system the Romulans claim as theirs. The Enterprise is ordered away, and after removing a mine from the hull, the ship complies. [“Minefield”]
2152—A series of meetings takes place on Vulcan, attended by delegates of the 5 major spacefaring governments. This attempt to establish a single, unifying government fails to receive popular support because its primary goals and policies are not adequately defined. Diplomats agree to work on defining the roles and responsibilities of the new government. [FASA (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2152—An Andorian force sets down on Weytahn/Paan Mokar, sparking renewed conflict between Andor and Vulcan. The Andorian leader, Commander Shran, requests the intercession of Captain Archer, who is able to broker negotiations between Shran and Vulcan Ambassador Soval, leading to a cease-fire and the beginning of further talks. [“Cease Fire”]
2152—Theta VII colony established. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2153—A colony on Bodhran IV is wiped out by a catastrophic engineering failure. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2153—A bloody insurrection at the colony on Arag III is triggered by Terran nationalists opposed to Earth’s world government. The insurrectionists are quickly removed from power by forces from Earth. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2155—U.S.S. Carrizal enters the 128 Trianguli system and discovers the twin Romulan homeworlds. [The Romulan Way (Modified per the Star Trek Chronology)]
2155—A rebellion organized on the planet Ilcov Prime by a cell of heretically warlike Vulcans is resolved without bloodshed. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2156-2160—Romulan War. The violent conflict is ended by the conclusion of the Treaty of Alpha Trianguli. The treaty is negotiated entirely by subspace radio. [“Balance of Terror”/Star Trek Chronology/The Romulan Way]
2161—Formation of the United Federation of Planets, as Terrans, Alpha Centaurians, Tellarites, Andorians, and Vulcans gather on Babel to ratify the Articles of Federation. [Graham/Mandel Timeline/Star Trek Maps/“The Outcast”/“Gambit, Part II”]
2161—A rift between factions promoting a military vs. a scientific orientation for Star Fleet at its incorporation as a Federation entity is healed somewhat, following an incident in the Oreias system. A squadron of six Christopher-class vessels is dispatched to that system to respond to a series of attacks on Terran colonies on the Oreias planets by an unknown aggressor. While a military response is initially
seen as appropriate, a research effort by Captains Bryce Shumar and Hiro Matsura reveals the reason for the attacks, and paves the way for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and first contact with the aliens, who are revealed to be called the Nisaaren. [Starfleet: Year One]
2161—In the first example of Federation military cooperation, the Alpha Centaurian Djartanna-class destroyer enters service in the Terran United Earth Space Probe Agency. [FASA (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2162—The Klingons establish a presence on the planet al’Hmat and begin to mine topaline. The natives are given jeghpu’wI’ (“conquered people”) status. The Klingons call the planet taD. [Diplomatic Implausibility]
2162—UFP Infonet becomes first Federation-wide news gathering and reporting agency. [FASA (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2162—Daedalus-class cruisers are first commissioned. Captain Hiro Matsura assumes command of the Daedalus. [Last Unicorn RPG/Starfleet: Year One (Slightly Modified)]
2162—The BeTau Sector is first mapped by a Vulcan deep space exploratory mission. [Last Unicorn RPG (Exact date is conjecture.)]
2163—Space buoys are deployed to improve navigation and security within Federation boundaries. [FASA/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2163—Alpha III is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2164—Star Fleet Academy is founded to begin standardized training of personnel. Previously, Star Fleet personnel had been drawn from the space fleets of each member system of the UFP. [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2164—Federation starships first use the prefix “U.S.S.” (United Space Ship). [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2164—The U.S.S. Atlas, a Federation cargo ship operating near the frontier of Federation space, is attacked and destroyed, although this is not known until the recovery of its recorder/marker buoy containing a complete transcript of the events preceding the Atlas’ destruction. 14 days after the attack, when the Atlas fails to arrive as scheduled at the Sector 5D Agricultural Colony, it is listed as missing. [FASA (Modified Per “The Outcast”)
2164—Vega IX is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2164—The period of withdrawal from the Neutral Zone permitted under the peace treaty is over. From this time on, no vessel may cross the Zone. Federation officials release a public survey poll showing rising confidence in the UFP and its ability to perform its intended duties. [FASA (Modified)]
2165—Colonization of Deneva [Star Trek Chronology]
2165—Birth of Sarek [“Journey to Babel” (Subtracting 102 from derived year of that episode)]
2166—A Star Fleet scout ship recovers the recorder/marker buoy from the Atlas. Tapes from the buoy reveal that the transport was not lost in space, but was fired upon by enemy aliens of unknown origin. [FASA (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2166—The Battle of Delta Doradus breaks the Orion pirate fleet, preserving Federation commerce. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2167—U.S.S. Archon disappears during a survey of planet Beta III in star system C-111. [“Return of the Archons”/Star Trek Chronology]
2167—The Daedalus-class cruiser U.S.S. Essex is caught in an electromagnetic storm and destroyed above the Class M moon of Mab-Bu VI.[“Power Play”/Star Trek Chronology]
2167—Cardassians excavate a series of large Hebitian tombs on Cardassia Prime. Among them is a vast treasure. A Cardassian named Dujonian steals all the glor’ya-encrusted artifacts and conceals them off-planet. What comes to be known as Dujonian’s Hoard passes into legend. [Dujonian’s Hoard]
2168—Starbase 1 becomes operational. [FASA (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2168—U.S.S. Horizon visits Sigma Iotia II and leaves “The Book”. [“A Piece of the Action”/Star Trek Chronology]
2168—Anbo-jytsu is developed by Kathar Eltrin of Alpha Centauri. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2168—Colonization of Moab IV [“Masterpiece Society”/Star Trek Chronology]
2169—A Vulcan ship encounters a subspace rupture in the Hanoli System. The crew detonates a pulse wave torpedo into the rupture, inadvertently setting off a chain reaction that destroys the system. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2169—Star Fleet vessels are the first to use a new impulse engine design. This design will remain essentially unchanged for centuries. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2169—Grave robbers steal many priceless artifacts from Hebitian burial vaults on Cardassia. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2170—A group of Native Americans, seeking to preserve their cultural identity, leaves Earth to search for a planet on which they can establish a colony. [“Journey’s End”]
2170—The original Zakdorn homeworld is rendered uninhabitable, when a terrorist group detonates a bomb which creates a chemical reaction and steadily begins destroying the atmosphere. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2171—Star Fleet’s initial network of manned and automated outposts along the Neutral Zone becomes operational. [FASA (Modified)]
2172—First major wave of Triangle settlements begins. [FASA (Modified)]
2172—In the Gamma Quadrant, a planet in the Teplan System, near Dominion space, suffers orbital bombardment from the Jem’Hadar in response to their resistance of the Dominion. The Jem’Hadar also infect the population with a deadly blight that takes years to kill its victims. [“The Quickening”]
2172—First contact is made between the Federation and the Lipuls, Gemworld’s only truly native sentient species, by way of the Lipuls’ dreamships. [Gemworld]
2173—The Bolians make first contact with Iren and Uzor. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2174—Dainara negotiates the Terabian Armistice, reforms Betazoid government, and helps create the Code of Sentience. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2175—Abraham Dannon, author of the Romulan/Federation peace treaty and chief negotiator of its provisions, is assassinated by a spectator at a political rally where he was scheduled to speak.. [FASA (Modified)]
2175—By the time the Zakdorn atmosphere is completely destroyed, an evacuation has moved the population to planets in several nearby systems. The Zakdorn embark on what they call the Grand Project, the construction of an artificial replacement homeworld. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2175—The Blackness passes the planet Nevlin, draining all energy from the planet. The native civilization, the Elah, never recovers, and dies off very soon afterward. [Belle Terre]
2178—Terra Nova is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2179—Colony Terra Five established on Eta Serpentis VI. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2181—Ships of the UFP Galactic Cultural Exchange Project complete their first visit to all Federation member worlds. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2181—Cait is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2183—First Romulan contact with natives of the planet Gullrey. The results are disastrous. [The Great Starship Race]
2183—Izar colony is founded, and quickly admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2184—Arcturus Test Range begins operations, serving as Star Fleet’s newest propulsion and weaponry test facility. [FASA (Modified)/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified)]
2185—Catulla admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2188—Federation membership reaches 100 systems. [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2189—The Terra-Return League is formed on Benecia Colony. It begins the Back-to-Earth movement, whose goal is to dissolve the UFP and return all Humans to Sol System. [FASA (Modified)/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified)]
2189—Alpha Proxima II is colonized by an expedition aboard the S.S. Esperanza. [The Brave and the Bold, Book One]
2190—Tiburon is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2190— Ejul Thelni is discovered by a Federation probe. A joint Federation/Andorian colony is established there soon after the discovery. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2192—Accession of Rigel results in redefinition of Federation boundaries. [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified Per “The Outcast”)]
2194—Edos is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2194—Andor establishes a colony on Vorna II. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2195 (ca.)—Earliest Kauld use of battlebarges. [Chainmail]
2195—Birth of Robert April [“The Counter-Clock Incident”]
2196—Star Fleet withdraws the last Daedalus-class starship from service. It is succeeded by the Horizon and Archon-class variants, named for notable Daedalus-class vessels. [“Power Play”/Star Trek Chronology/Enterprise Evolution Plans]
2197—The largest spacelift in history evacuates 10 million inhabitants from Bayard’s Planet. The planet is in the path of the expanding Phi Puma stellar explosion, and the radiation-front will render it uninhabitable. [FASA (Modified)/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified)]
2200—Birth of Amanda Grayson [Sarek]
2201—Janus VI mining colony established. [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified)]
2201—Death of Umarin [Decipher RPG]
2202—Th’allt, an Andorian colony world, appeals to the Federation Council for economic protection from Tellarite merchants. The Bureau of Interstellar Trade and Commerce fails to take timely and effective action to resolve the situation. [FASA (Modified)]
2202—Beta Rigel system is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2204—Dissatisfaction with the inner workings of the Federation hierarchy creates much criticism of the UFP’s present structure among many member-worlds. [FASA (Modified)]
2204—While conducting “fleet maneuvers” near Th’allt as part of Operation Archimedes, Andorian Admiral Hathari fires on Tellar-registered trading ships. This reveals the Scandal of Archimedes, which emphasizes the unwieldy bureaucracy of the Federation and adds to the popularity of the Terra-Return League. [FASA (Modified)]
2204—The discovery of a dilithium-enriched asteroid starts a prospecting rush in the Beta Carinae star system. [The Janus Gate, Book One: Present Tense]
2204—Federation colonies established on Cygnia Minor and Beta 6. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2205—The Heiren people begin attempts at a reconciliation between their two worlds. [My Brother’s Keeper, Book I: Republic]
2207—Continued discord with UFP policy cripples the Federation’s economic strength and threatens its ability to provide security to all members. [FASA (Modified)/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified)]
2209—Transporter psychosis is first diagnosed by researchers on Delinia II. [“Realm of Fear”]
2210—The Second Babel Conference meets to address a number of issues, including the volatile issues raised by the Terra-Return League. After lengthy speeches, the vote to dissolve the United Federation of Planets fails, leaving the Federation intact. Immediately after the Conference, the Terra-Return League disbands, and its political influence ceases. [FASA (Modified)/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified)]
2211—Improved emitter arrays developed by Grahd of Tellar allow shipboard transporters with the same margin for error as ground-based units. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2215—Planet Selcundi Drema begins disintegration, forming an asteroid belt in its star system. [“Pen Pals”/Star Trek Chronology]
2215—The Klingon Empire encounters the Abbutan. In the ensuing conflict, the Klingons are driven back from three Abbutan colonies. [My Brother’s Keeper, Book III: Enterprise]
2215—Ranger-class cruisers are first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2216—Aldebaran III is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2217—Federation membership reaches 300 systems. [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified)]
2217—U.S.S. Valiant is lost on an exploratory mission to Eminiar VII after reporting that the planet is at war with another planet in the system. [“A Taste of Armageddon”]
2218—An agricultural colony is established on Merak II. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2218—The Klingon Empire clashes with the Renns’ala. The hostilities culminate in a decisive Renns’alan victory at Romenthis III. [My Brother’s Keeper, Book III: Enterprise]
2218—Birth of Christopher Pike [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified)]
2218—The initial Star Fleet survey of Lerik IV takes place. [DC Star Trek #20—“Gods’ Gauntlet”]
2219—Birth of Richard Daystrom [“The Ultimate Computer”/Star Trek Chronology]
2219-2223—Klingon activities near the Federation border decrease drastically during this period, with few Klingon warships seen and the number of routine confrontations dropping by more than 70%. Star Fleet Intelligence later learns from Operation Dixie that the Klingons are fighting a war with an unknown race along their coreward border. [FASA (Modified per Star Trek Chronology and Last Unicorn RPG)]
2219—Othans develop space flight. Soon afterward, they encounter the Klingons. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2220—The Prime Directive is established as Star Fleet General Order No. 1. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2220—The Federation merchant ship Manila Clipper sufffers catastrophic control systems failure and its crew are forced to abandon ship. The life pods make planetfall on Denocet V. Several of the surviving crew interfere with the planet’s native culture, while others adhere to the Prime Directive and do not reveal their extraplanetary origins. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2220—The Romulans first explore and settle in the Tiber Sector. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2221—Sarek becomes diplomatic liaison between the Federation and Freelan. [Sarek]
2222—Colony established on Tarsus IV. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2222—Birth of Montgomery Scott [Star Trek Chronology (Scotty is assumed to have been 44 in the first year of the original 5-year mission.)]
2223—The largest space rescue in history occurs when the U.S.S. Deerslayer recovers the 600 passengers and crew of the S.S. Juliana from an unexplored sector. [FASA (Modified)/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified)]
2223—The Klingons launch a sneak attack on the Federation colony on Ardan IV. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2223—The people of Delta IV first achieve warp capability. They are admitted to the Federation soon afterward. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2224—Discovery of Alpha Majoris system. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2224—An Orion vessel makes Acamar III’s first contact with extraplanetary civilization. After observing the planet’s mineral deposits, the Orions negotiate for mineral rights, whuch they use to begin a vast strip-mining operation. The Acamarians soon begin a campaign to drivethe Orions off the planet. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2224—Birth of Sybok [Star Trek Chronology]
2224—T’Pau becomes the High Priestess of Seleya. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2226—Klingons conquer Beta Thoridar. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2227—Larson-class destroyers are first commissioned. [FASA]
2227—The credit becomes the standard unit of exchange in the Federation. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2227—The Orions withdraw from Acamar III. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2227—Birth of Leonard McCoy [“Encounter at Farpoint”]
2229—The U.S.S. Wells inexplicably travels through time as it returns from a 3-year mission in only 33 days. [FASA (Modified)/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified)]
2229—A study completed for the Federation Council’s Office of Public Information reports that the new starships will eventually permit a thorough exploration of all sectors within the Federation’s sphere of influence. This finding supports Star Fleet’s recent emphasis on its exploration component. [FASA (Modified)/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified)]
2229—The Vulcan science vessel Troon-fah-nor discovers the planet Hibahs (Menk I). [Last Unicorn RPG]
2229—Loknar-class frigates are first commissioned. [FASA]
2230—Argelius II is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2230—Andorian Umarev-class surveyors are first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2230—Betelguese is admitted to the Federation. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2230—Birth of Spock [Star Trek Chronology]
2231—To celebrate 50 years in business, the Cultural Exchange Project throws a Federation-wide fair that is long remembered. [FASA (Modified)/Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (Modified)
2231—Using a communicator’s universal translator software to scramble a commcircuit is established as a Star Fleet field combat protocol. [The Starfleet Survival Guide]
2233—Saladin-class destroyers, Hermes-class scouts, and Ptolemy-class transport/tugs are first commissioned. [Star Fleet Technical Manual (Modified)]
2233—Birth of James T. Kirk [“The Deadly Years”/Star Trek Chronology]
2235—Nelson-class scouts first commissioned. The class vessel is destroyed during testing, and a Saladin-class destroyer is named for it. Impressive performance from this class eventually leads the Hermes-class to be upgraded to Saladin-class specifications. [FASA/Fan Background]
2235—First Aakenn-class freighters commissioned. [FASA]
2236—S.S. Columbia crashes on Talos IV. Vina is the only survivor. [“The Cage”]
2236—The planet Beta Pavonis IV is surveyed, and placed under interdict status due to ongoing religious warfare. [The Wounded Sky]
2236—The people of Valakis VI first achieve warp capability. They are admitted to the Federation soon afterward. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2237—Derf-class tenders and Detroyat-class heavy destroyers first commissioned. [FASA/Detroyat-Class General Plans]
2237—Daran V is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2237—Birth of Hikaru Sulu [Star Trek Chronology (Modified) (Sulu is assumed to have been 29 in the first year of the original 5-year mission.)]
2238—Memory Alpha established. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2238—First Independence-class freighters commissioned. [Federation Reference Series, Vol. 3]
2239—Birth of Nyota Uhura [Star Trek Chronology (Modified) (Uhura is assumed to have been 27 in the first year of the original 5-year mission.)]
2239—Klingons attack the Federation colony on Omus II. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2240—Memory Alpha opened to general public. [FASA (Modified)]
2240—The Federation conducts its initial survey of the Epsilon Tauri System. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2241—Klingons attack the Federation colony on Bandek’s Planet. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2242—The battle of Donatu V is fought. [“The Trouble With Tribbles”]
2243—Dr. Richard Daystrom invents the duotronic computer system. For his breakthrough, he wins the Nobel and Zee-Magnees Prizes. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2244—Sherman-class cargo vessels first commissioned. [Federation Reference Series, Vol. 5]
2244—Construction begins on 14 Constitution-class heavy cruisers at the San Francisco Naval Yards. [“Star Trek: The Next Generation” Technical Manual]
2244—The renewal of intermittent war between the planets Altair III and Altair VI creates the most devastating conflict in Altairian history. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2245—The U.S.S. Enterprise is commissioned. Captain Robert April assumes command. [“The Counter-Clock Incident”/“Star Trek: The Next Generation” Technical Manual]
2245—Birth of Pavel Chekov [“Who Mourns for Adonais”]
2246—Kodos “The Executioner” murders 4,000 colonists on Tarsus IV during a botanical plague. The Enterprise is one of the ships sent to the colony, but it is delayed by an encounter with a Klingon vessel under Commander Kor. [“The Conscience of the King”/”Though Hell Should Bar the Way” (Enterprise Logs)]
2247—Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet founded. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2247—Contact is lost with the Friendship One probe. It is last tracked heading in the general direction of the Delta Quadrant. [“Friendship One”]
2247—Birth of Lenore Karidian [“The Conscience of the King”]
2247—Civil war breaks out on the planet Grex. A Star Fleet aid and support team, stationed on the planet, is asked to leave and must withdraw under fire. [The Janus Gate, Book Three: Past Prologue]
2247—A Vulcan adulthood ceremony in which Spock participates is disrupted when the Vulcan Sered and a squad of Romulans attack Mount Seleya. A number of hostages are taken, including Spock, Captain Nechama Rabin of the U.S.S. Farragut, and her son David. The shuttle bearing Spock and David to Sered’s fortress in the Womb of Fire on Vulcan’s Forge crashes, and the two boys escape. Together, they journey across the desert and reach the fortress, and are able to free the hostages. As a result of these events, Spock decides to enter Star Fleet. [Vulcan’s Forge]
2248—First Surya-class frigates commissioned. [Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)]
2248—Aurelia is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2248—The Federation and Klingon Empire negotiate the Seldonis IV Conventions on the treatment of prisoners. Every major spacefaring power in the region eventually will become a signatory to these conventions. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2249—Risa is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2250—Antares-class surveyors and the Vulcan T’Pari-class surveyors are first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2250—Klingon Klolode-class (D-7A) battlecruisers first commissioned. [Decipher RPG]
2251—Cygnet XIV is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2251—Commodore Robert April retires from Star Fleet to become a Federation ambassador. [“The Counter-Clock Incident”/Fan Background/Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified)]
2251—Andorian Omtil-class starships first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2251—Captain Christopher Pike assumes command of the U.S.S. Enterprise. [Star Trek Chronology]
2251—TacFleet is established on 07 June as a separate, specialized service within Star Fleet. [Ships of the Star Fleet, Vol. 2/No. 1]
2252—Duchiai Expansion and Mal Satz conflict take place. [Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)]
2252—First Coventry-class frigates commissioned. [Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)]
2252—First contact is made with the Bolians when a Federation survey ship arrives in the Bolarus System. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2254—First Cochrane-class colonial transports commissioned. [FASA]
2254—The Enterprise’s Talos IV expedition takes place. [“The Menagerie”/Star Trek Chronology]
2254—The USS Constitution makes first contact at Marus with the Free Worlds of Klinzhai, a cluster of 7 well developed “prime worlds” and 22 newly (to varying degrees) established colony worlds located on the opposite side of the Klingon and Romulan boundary from the Federation. The meeting gets off to a rough start until the Klinzhai ships determine that the USS Constitution is on a peaceful mission and affiliated with neither the Romulans or the Federation. Diplomacy is a very smooth affair due to the fact that the Klinzhai are in almost constant conflict with the Romulans and the Klingons, and their governmental ideology is nearly identical with the Federation. [FASA (Modified)]
2254—The planet Arronia requests assistance from the Federation, and the Enterprise is sent to that world. The titans, creatures with natural warp drives that the Arronians use for interstellar travel, have failed to return from their annual migration to the Devernia system. It is revealed that the titans are proving to be an ecological hazard to the Devernian natives, who are trying to eradicate them. It is discovered that some titans are sick, and the Enterprise medical staff is able to use that to create a mutated virus to control the over-large titan population, reducing the danger to the Devernians without harming the ability of the Arronians to have interstellar flight. [Where Sea Meets Sky]
2254—First contact with the Calligar is made by the U.S.S. Enterprise. [The Rift]
2254—Discovery of Neural. Lieutenant James Kirk of the U.S.S. Farragut leads the initial survey of planet. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2254—Mark Rousseau assumes command of the U.S.S. Richard Feynman. [The Better Man]
2255—The Neshilev Settlement Project, an experimental habitat, is constructed on the edge of the Blue Taiga, on Andor. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2255—The planets Heir’tzan and Heir’ocha, in the Beta Bora Star System, are admitted to the Federation. Soon afterward, following an old custom, signatories to a reconciliation agreement, along with two telepaths—one from each side—gather in the capital city on Heir’tzan in an attempt to end the conflicts between the two worlds. Despite attempts to undermine the attempt by those opposed to peace, the agreement is achieved, thanks in part to actions by Cadets James T. Kirk and Gary Mitchell, from the starship U.S.S. Republic, which was on hand to observe the event. [My Brother’s Keeper, Book I: Republic]
2255—In preparation for an all-out war with the Federation, the Klingon and Romulan Empires found the Chal colony as a supply base. Its people are genetically-engineered to survive in the aftermath of total destruction, should the war result in such. [The Ashes of Eden]
2255—Four-Years’ War with Klingon Empire begins. [FASA/Fan Background/Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified)]
2255—First Bonhomme Richard-class heavy cruisers commissioned. [Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)/Enterprise Evolution Plans (Modified)]
2255—A Blood Many vessel (commanded by Ennengand, Shucorian’s father) and a Kauld battlebarge engage one another in Belle Terre’s system, and during the combat are drawn through a gateway in space-time. In an alternate continuum, they and their descendents will spend nearly 11,000 years on a bizarre, inhospitable world before they are able to make the attempt to cross back over. [Chainmail]
2255—The Treaty of Armens is concluded between the Federation and the Sheliak Corporate. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2255— Mark Rousseau assumes command of the U.S.S. Manhattan. [The Better Man]
2256—The Federation establishes a new colony in the Alpha Centauri system, to accommodate burgeoning population growth. [Starfleet Academy]
2257—A cloud creature attacks the U.S.S. Farragut at the planet Tycho IV, killing the ship’s captain and 200 of the crew. One of the survivors is Lieutenant James T. Kirk. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2257—Mary Ann Rice assumes command of the heavy cruiser U.S.S. Endeavor. [Decipher RPG/Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)]
2257—Mantilles is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek Maps (Modified)]
2257—The starship U.S.S. Hood makes the first Federation contact with the planet Gullrey. [The Great Starship Race]
2257—Captain Pike, aboard the Enterprise, destroys the surface of the planet Eridios to abort the disintegration of space-time. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2257—The first survey of Beta Damoron V—Modala—takes place. Although progressing well, the planet is deemed not yet ready for formal affiliation with the Federation. [“Star Trek: The Modala Imperative” #1]
2257—A Federation astronomy outpost is established by treaty on Nova Empyrea. [The Better Man]
2258—Discovery of the planet Elysia by the U.S.S. Clarion. [Metamorphosis]
2258—The U.S.S. Eagle is presented to the Andorians to adapt for a primarily-Andorian crew. Its first commanding officer is Captain Igrilan Kor. [Last Unicorn RPG (Modified)]
2258—First Coronado-class through-deck cruisers are commissioned. [Ships of the Star Fleet]
2258—The U.S.S. Coronado, commanded by Captain Thomas Riccioli, first discovers Cestus III. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2258-2260—The U.S.S. Betelgeuse studies the Ostrogoth Nebula. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2259—Four-Years’ War ends with Axanar Peace Mission. Limited diplomatic channels are established between the 2 sides and concessions are obtained from each side to create new UFP/Klingon boundaries. A second colonial expansion begins into the Triangle, resulting in a trade boom unequalled in known history. [FASA (Modified)/Fan Background/Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified)]
2259—The people of Ardana first achieve warp capability. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2259—An attempted takeover of Sordinia IV by the N’shaii is frustrated by the U.S.S. Constitution. Over the next several years, the N’shaii will engage Star Fleet vessels on five occasions. [My Brother’s Keeper, Book II: Constitution/Star Trek: The Novels Timeline]
2259—Deneb (Deneb Kaitos) system is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2259-2260—Klingon citizens required to relocate in compliance with the Treaty of Axanar are transported to planets on their side of the newly defined Federation/Klingon border. [FASA (Modified)/Fan Background]
2260—First contact with the Chyrellkans [Renegade]
2260—The Emarni Lake ruins are discovered on Andor, bringing into question the evolutionary origins of life on that planet. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2260—Birth of Peter Kirk [Sarek (Modified)]
2260—Birth of John Harriman [The Captain’s Daughter]
2260-2272—12 Federation-class dreadnoughts are constructed. [Federation Reference Series, Vol. 1 (Modified)]
2261—The S.S. Beagle is damaged by meteors in the FGC-892 Star System. The survivors abandon ship and beam down to the system’s fourth planet. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2261—Draqqana is conquered by the Iach’tu. [Enterprise Logs—“The Avenger”]
2261—Captain Mark Rousseau assumes command of the U.S.S. Lexington. [The Better Man]
2262—Birth of David Marcus [Star Trek Chronology (Modified)]
2262—The starship U.S.S. Intrepid is authorized for an all-Vulcan crew. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2262—The Romulans clientize Gentara. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2263—Linear warp drive first developed. It will not be put into regular use for another decade. [Ships of the Star Fleet; Federation Reference Series, Vol. 1]
2263—Ardana is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2264—Starbase 27 becomes operational. [FASA (Modified)]
2264—The Rimbor Engagement takes place, in which the U.S.S. Farragut is engaged by three Klingon vessels. Heavy casualties are sustained, but the Farragut manages to disable one Klingon vessel and escape. [Worf’s First Adventure]
2264—The Klingons arrive on Sicon III to place an outpost there, and encounter the human colonists known as Danurians. After an initial period of conflict, an uneasy semi-alliance begins. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2264—Romulan explorers arrive on Tegedaar, the Tarquin homeworld. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2264—The Andorian survey vessel Thelanakirak is lost with all hands in the vicinity of the Stelblindi Nebula, sending no distress call and leaving no trace. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2264—Captain Mark Rousseau retires from Star Fleet and becomes a Federation ambassador. [The Better Man]
2264—Birth of Tuvok [“Flashback”]
2265—UFP intervention abolishes trade in green Orion slave women outside strict limits of Orion neutrality areas. [FASA (Modified)]
2265—Klingons complete base at Mastocal. This base is located very close to Federation space, in an area of Klingon territory gained as a result of the Four-Years’ War. [FASA (Modified)]
2265—The Draqqi force the Iach’tu off their world, ending the occupation. [Enterprise Logs—“The Avenger”]
2265—Ingraham B civilization destroyed by flying parasites. [“Operation: Annihilate!”]
2265—An earthquake sinks the Vulcan city of K’lan. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2265—Federation and Klingon forces clash along a wide expanse of space claimed by both sides. [FASA (Modified)/Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified)]
2265—The Cestus Home colony is established on Cestus III. [Last Unicorn RPG (Modified per Star Trek: Star Charts)]
2265—Captain James Kirk assumes command of the U.S.S. Enterprise. [“Star Trek Classic” TV Series/Star Trek Chronology (Modified)/ ”Q2” (Icheb’s report in the “Voyager” episode establishes the year in which the 5-year mission concludes. The year that it begins can then be derived.)]
Begin Original series
2265—The Borg destroy the El-Aurian homeworld. A small number of survivors scatter through the galaxy. [Star Trek Chronology]
2266—First contact with the Medusans [Graham/Mandel Timeline (Modified)]
2266—The Triangle’s strategic location, continued population growth, and available resources become apparent to Star Fleet Command. Star Fleet Intelligence adds the Triangle Sector Intelligence operating apparatus. [FASA (Modified)]
2266—Armed conflict erupts between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets. Both sides suffer heavy casualties and prepare for full-scale war. Klingon Thought Admiral Krador zantai Rrilac is reassigned to a military governorship on Muldor IV. [FASA (Modified)]
2266—The Neshilev Settlement Project is shut down in the wake of several brutal murders. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2266—The starships Enterprise and Constellation respond to a distress call from the colony on Alpha Proxima II. The colony has been stricken by a plague. The medical staffs on the two starships are able to develop a cure, and it is discovered that the plague was caused by one of the Malkus Artifacts. The artifact is recovered and transferred to the Rector Institute on Earth. [The Brave and the Bold, Book One]
2266—The complacency of Star Fleet toward the long-dormant Romulan problem is shattered when a Bird of Prey-class cruiser, using a cloaking device to shield it from detection, destroys 4 Neutral Zone border outposts with a new, powerful plasma weapon. The U.S.S. Enterprise pursues the Bird of Prey into the Neutral Zone and picks up images from the Romulan ship’s bridge, revealing the Romulans to be Vulcanoid in appearance. After taking heavy damage from the Enterprise, the Romulan ship self-destructs. [“Balance of Terror”]
2266—Miri (FGC-347601 III) is established as a Federation protectorate. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2266—The Ruling Council of Acamar is formed, an event commemorated as “The Reconciliation”. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2267—The Star’s End settlement is colonized with the assistance of 42 Cochrane-class colonial transports, forming the largest colonial convoy to date. [FASA (Modified)]
2267—During a routine database update of several Federation colony worlds, including Tyrtaeus II, an old, undetected virus is accidentally downloaded, which destroys the colonial databases and subspace communications software. The U.S.S.Enterprise travels to those colonies to repair the communications systems and supervise a new download of database information. While in the Tyrtaeus System, the Enterprise makes contact with an alien vehicle that has a station in the heart of the system’s star. [Heart of the Sun]
2267—Representatives from the Federation and Klingon Empire fail to reach a peaceful resolution to their differences. Warships from the Klingon Empire invade space claimed by the Federation. A Klingon battle group under the command of Commander Kor seizes the planet Organia and transports occupation forces to the planet’s surface. The U.S.S. Enterprise responds to Organia. James Kirk and his first officer are captured after attacking Klingon military installations on Organia. As a Star Fleet task force approaches the planet, the Organians intervene to end the conflict. They impose the Organian Peace Treaty on both Federation and Klingon forces, thus averting the Second Klingon War. [“Errand of Mercy”]
2267—Establishment of Nimbus III, the so-called “Planet of Galactic Peace”, as a joint project of the Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Star Empire. [“Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”]
2267—After a number of years during which control of Signi Beta is disputed by the Federation and Klingon Empire, a contest is arranged, under the terms of the Organian Peace Treaty, to determine which group can work the planet more efficiently. Ambassador Ninties of Sandpinia is chosen to judge the contest. [Treaty’s Law (modified)]
2267—The U.S.S. Enterprise discovers the DY-100-class vessel S.S. Botany Bay carrying the surviving Eugenic Supermen. After a failed attempt to capture the Enterprise, Khan Noonian Singh and the others are left on Ceti Alpha V to colonize the planet, in lieu of formal rehabilitation. [“Space Seed”; “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”]
2267—The U.S.S. Enterprise makes the first Federation contact with the Gorn Alliance, after the Gorn destruction of the Federation colony on Cestus III. [“Arena”]
2267—The Enterprise conducts a follow-up survey of Modala. A rebellion against the tyrannical regime of the Krisaian faction, surreptitiously aided by Enterprise officers, reveals that the Krisaia have acquired advanced energy weapons from an unknown source. The Enterprise departs with the rebellion achieving success, but the planet is deemed still unready to join the Federation. Several months later, the Krisaian regime is overthrown. [“Star Trek: The Modala Imperative”]
2267—First contact is made with the group of races known as the Furies. Defeated in a war several millennia ago, they were banished from their home sectors and exiled to the other side of the galaxy. At this time, a scout vessel–precursor to an invasion–is sent through a spatial rift to determine if the area near Klingon and Federation space is in fact their home. The initial Fury incursion is turned back by a Klingon task force, aided by the Enterprise. [Star Trek: Invasion – First Strike]
2267—Zefram Cochrane is discovered by several officers of the Enterprise traveling aboard a shuttlecraft, still alive on a planetoid in the Gamma Canaris Region. His life has been extended by a being known as the Companion. His presence is kept secret. [”Metamorphosis”]
2267—Capella IV is established as a Federation protectorate. [Friday’s Child”/Star Trek: Star Charts]
2267—Coridan question settled at Babel conference. Coridan is admitted to the Federation. [“Journey to Babel”/Star Trek: Star Charts]
2267—6 months after the Enterprise leaves Ceti Alpha V, Ceti Alpha VI explodes, disrupting the orbit of Ceti Alpha V and creating devastating climatic changes. [“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”]
2267—The starship U.S.S. Constellation is destroyed by a Doomsday Machine. The Machine is subsequently destroyed by the Enterprise crew. [“The Doomsday Machine”]
2267—First Achernar-class heavy cruisers commissioned. [Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)]
2267—6 months after the shuttle’s departure, Zefram Cochrane is kidnapped by a group of Klingons operating in league with Adrik Thorsen and using a hijacked Federation passenger liner. Cochrane is rescued by the Enterprise, which—following a running battle with a Klingon squadron—enters orbit around the black hole TNC 65813 and launches Cochrane aboard a shuttlecraft so he can escape Thorsen. The shuttle is forced into the event horizon, and is supported by the Enterprise until another, far more advanced Federation starship is detected. This other craft picks up the shuttle, and both vessels aid each other in escaping from TNC 65813. [Federation]
2267—Klingons attack a Romulan colony. Rather than begin a war, the two powers begin negotiations. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2268—The Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire enter into an alliance. Romulans receive Klingon ships, and Klingons are given access to cloaking technology. [“The Enterprise Incident”]
2268—The scout Harriet Tubman vanishes in the vicinity of the Crossroad Nebula. [Crossroad]
2268—Work Bee general utility craft are first brought into service for Star Fleet. [“Deep Space Nine” Technical Manual/Starship Spotter]
2268—Enterprise participates in Operation Purloin to seize new Romulan cloaking device. First UFP contact with Tholians (although Vulcan apparently had previous contacts) [“The Enterprise Incident”/FASA/“The Tholian Web”]
2268—Birth of Boothby [“In the Flesh”/Strange News Worlds V-“Efflorescence”]
2268—Minara becomes a nova. The Vians transport one of the system’s sentient races, the Anjurwan (a race of mute empaths), to the planet Vashnar in the Delta Quadrant. [“The Empath”/Strange New Worlds II—“The Healing Arts”]
2268—Lorne McLaren becomes President of the Federation Council. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2268—The surveyor U.S.S. John Ross makes first contact with intelligent long-chain polymer creatures in the Timrek Nebula. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2268—Neural is established as a Federation protectorate. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2268—The U.S.S. Eagle restores the space-time continuum during the Phaleron-12 incident. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2268—The Temporal Prime Directive is introduced at a meeting of senior officers at Star Fleet Comand. After several days of heated debate, it is accepted as General Order 157. Its official publication is delayed, however. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2268—The U.S.S. Enterprise discovers the volatile area known as The Badlands. Captain James Kirk gives it its name. A Romulan bird of prey is destroyed in the area, as well, pursuing a smuggler carrying sensitive Romulan military information to the Enterprise, for transfer to the Federation. The ship suffers severe radiation effects, complicating the entire incident. [The Badlands, Book 1]
2268—The Polaric Test Ban Treaty is signed, barring any further development of the extremely dangerous polaric ion technology. [“Time and Again”]
2268—The U.S.S. Defiant investigates an attack on the Klingon colony on Traelus II. The crew discovers an unidentified artifact and brings it aboard the ship. Pursued by Tholian spacecraft, the Defiant falls into an interspatial rift and the crew is killed. Subsequent attempts to recover the ship by the U.S.S. Enterprise are unsuccessful. [Interphase/”The Tholian Web”]
End Original series
2269—The Kobax VI crisis occurs when a usurper assassinates the president of Kobax VI, a Federation world near the Klingon Empire, and declares the planet independent of the UFP. After the assassin is uncovered as a Klingon agent, 2 regiments of Star Fleet Marines restore order on the planet and deter a Klingon invasion. [FASA (Modified)]
2269—First contact with the Petraw, as the Enterprise encounters them following the discovery of an ancient and abandoned Kalandan outpost. The Petraw seek to acquire the technology used to send persons and objects over hundreds, perhaps thousands, of light-years through a gateway of some sort. The gateway is destroyed on the outpost, but Captain Kirk briefly travels to the Petraw homeworld, and subsequently uses a second gateway to return to Earth, with the aid of a dissident Petraw officer. [One Small Step/What Lay Beyond-“One Giant Leap”]
2269—Beta Niobe becomes a nova. [“All Our Yesterdays”]
2269—The planet Gullrey plays host to the first Great Starship Race. This event also marks Gullrey’s entry into the Federation. [The Great Starship Race]
2269—Discovery of the planet Delta Canaris IV. First contact is made by Commander Spock of the Enterprise with intelligent life-forms no thicker than a sheet of paper. Subsequently, the Enterprise—with the assistance of a Speaker from the planet Hyla—begins the process of resolving a conflict between the planets Ammdon and Jurnamoria. [The Klingon Gambit/Mutiny on the Enterprise]
2269—An agreement is established with the Midgwins on Elcidar Beta III for Federation aid and relief to their civilization, suffering from malnutrition and plague. [Ghost-Walker]
2269—General Order 157 is finally published, and goes into full effect. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2270—U.S.S. Constitution has first encounter with the Klingon K’t’inga-class heavy battlecruiser. [From the Files of Star Fleet Command; Federation Reference Series, Vol. 2 (Modified)]
2270—U.S.S. Enterprise serves as the test-ship for the T’Pask-Sivek-B’t’kr-K’t’lk Elective Mass-Inversion Apparatus, which promises to revolutionize space travel. Unfortunately, devastating side-effects result in the test being declared a failure. [The Wounded Sky]
2270—After several years, Ambassador Ninties reviews the results of the contest on Signi Beta and awards the colony to the Klingon Empire. [Treaty’s Law (slightly modified)]
2270—Construction is completed on the Federation Central Hospital on Altair IV. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2270—Commander Spock contacts his son, Zar, left in the past of the planet Sarpeidon. He brings Zar forward to the present, using the Guardian of Forever. With Zar’s assistance, the Enterprise, Lexington, and a support squadron prevent a Romulan takeover of the Time Planet. Zar returns to the past. [Yesterday’s Son]
2270—A Klingon farming colony on the planet QI’ Tu’ (aka Signi Beta) is attacked by an alien race called the Narr, who claim that the planet is theirs. The Enterprise, assisted by the Farragut, defends the colony until communication can be established with the Narr, and then Captain James Kirk negotiates an agreement by which the Klingons can retain the colony and asist the Narr with their farming needs. The Klingons, represented by Commander Kor, agree to the arrangement, and in recognition of the heroic actions of Kirk and his crew, as well as the Farragut, establish the holiday known as the Day of Honor. [Treaty’s Law]
2270—Enterprise returns from its 5-year mission. After 5 years of astounding success, Kirk and the top officers of the Enterprise are decorated and given 6 months’ leave. Kirk is then promoted to Rear Admiral and the ship is prepared to undergo a complete refit. Spock and McCoy resign from Star Fleet service. [“Star Trek: The Motion Picture”/”Q2” (Icheb’s report in the “Voyager” episode establishes the year in which the 5-year mission concludes.]
2271—Klingons complete the Kinza D’elma base in territory acquired under the Organian Peace Treaty. [FASA (Modified)]
2271—Initial plans regarding Operation Dixie, a deep-probe intelligence and reconnaissance mission into Imperial Klingon space, are filed with Commanding Admiral Nogura. Nogura approves the tentative proposal. [FASA (Modified)]
2271—Nick Keller is assigned to the U.S.S. Peleliu. [Chainmail]
2271—The Klinzhai alliance agrees to a “Grand Alliance” with the Federation, essentially becoming a collection of Federation member worlds in all but name. Pressure from both Romulan and Klingon encroachment and a nearly identical set of ideals resulted in the merger of the Klinzhai with the much stronger Federation of Planets into the Federation Grand Alliance, making this proclamation: “We, the assembled delegates of the United Federation of Planets and the representatives of the Free Worlds of Klinzhai, in accordance with the principals of Peace and the dictates of mutual respect for all sentient life forms, do hearby pledge our desire to henceforth life in mutual harmony and safety from this day on. We acknowledge the rights of our respective peoples to life, each in accordance with their own social systems, to share in the wealth of scientific and cultural exchange, to support each other in times of need, and never to forget that we are each free beings, capable of the highest ideals and the grandest vision. We claim as our mutual heritage the rights of self determination, freedom from oppression of coercion, the right to pursue personal glory in keeping with our own standards and expectations, the benefits of trust and cooperation, and the end of suspicion and racial bigotry. Thus do we, the assembled representatives of our two governments, henceforth pledge, to ourselves and our posterity, to live together in peace so long as a single sun shall shine in our heavens, secure in the knowledge of our own greatness and with the hope of a secure future tomorrow and fir all tomorrows to come.” [FASA (Modified)]
2271—Dumok’azen, a mineral-rich world on the Romulan/Klingon border, become sthe site of a battle between the two empires. The Klingons claim victory. [Decipher RPG]
2271—First contact is made between the Federation and the Jibetian Confederation when a Jibetian warp ship encounters a far-reaching Federation starship. [The Long Night]
2271—Klingon forces, under the command of Kor, win a great victory over the Romulans in the Battle of Klach D’kel Brakt. [“Blood Oath”/Star Trek Chronology (Revised)]
2271—Cestus III is resettled under the terms of a treaty between the Federation and Gorn Alliance, and the new colony is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2271—The terraforming project at planet Caldos is completed with the installation of weather controls and fusion systems. A Federation colony will subsequently be established on Caldos. [“Sub Rosa”/Star Trek Chronology (Revised)]
2272—In honor of the exploits of the Enterprise under Captain Kirk, the uniform insignia for the Enterprise is adopted as the official symbol for all of Star Fleet. The practice of wearing a separate ship’s insignia on Star Fleet uniforms is abolished. [FASA (Modified); “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Technical Manual (Modified) (If we are to accept the overall dating structure of the Chronology, the date of this event cannot be as the Chronology and TNG Technical Manual suggest.)]
2272—Captain Willard Decker assumes command of the U.S.S. Enterprise. [FASA (Modified); “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”]
2272—First contact with the Legarans. [In the Name of Honor]
2272—Knowledge of Operation Dixie inspires Romulan Sector Intelligence to plan their own deep-probe mission of Romulan capabilities and deployment centers, named Project Grey Ghost. [FASA (Modified)]
2272—Bolian diplomat Vaxx completes negotiations creating the Bolian World Council. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2272—Birth of Demora Sulu [The Captain’s Daughter/”Star Trek: Generations” (Implied)] 2273—First Endeavor-class heavy cruisers commissioned. All but 4 are refits of older heavy cruisers. [Ships of the Star Fleet/Enterprise Evolution Plans]
2273—Betazed is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2273—Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan begins working on a treaty with the Legarans. [“Sarek”]
2273—The “V-ger Incident” brings the Enterprise crew back together under Admiral Kirk’s leadership. Following the successful elimination of the threat to Earth—and the loss of Captain Decker—the Enterprise is recommissioned as the first Enterprise-class heavy cruiser and goes on a new 5-year mission under Kirk’s command. [“Star Trek: The Motion Picture” (based on referents to the original series)]
2273—A Romulan squadron skirts the Neutral Zone and arrives at Ectair, a neutral world within the Federation. The frigate U.S.S. Ardent, also in the area, challenges the Romulans’ presence. The senior Ectairian planetary official personally intervenes and mediates discussions. [FASA (Modified)]
2274—A Star Fleet-sponsored Vulcan science team, accompanied by Commander Spock (on leave from Enterprise), investigates Hellguard, an abandoned Romulan colony world. A Vulcan/Romulan hybrid named Saavik is found and rescued. She is placed in the custody of Spock’s parents. [Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Novelization; The Pandora Principle (Modified)]
2274—The colony ship Artemis, launched toward Septimus Minor, suffers guidance system failure and instead arrives at Tau Cygna V. The settlers are declared lost by the Federation and are forgotten. [“The Ensigns of Command”] 2274—A Star Fleet physicist synthesizes a single Omega molecule. The molecule destabilizes, destroying a classified researchstation in the Lantaru Sector and killing 126 of the Federation’s leading scientists. [“The Omega Directive”]
2274—The 3 Operation Dixie ships, Dixie Queen, Dixie Lady, and Dixie Princess, depart on their planned 5-year mission nearly 2 years ahead of the originally scheduled start date. [FASA (Modified)]
2274—Star Fleet Intelligence dispatches Project Grey Ghost to gather information on the capacities, commitments, and deployment of forces of the Romulan Star Empire. [FASA (Modified)]
2274—Star Fleet begins receiving disquieting intelligence reports concerning the Organians. [FASA (Modified)/Also, many other Trek materials, fan and licensed.]
2274—The Asparax Confederation is formed. It is a loosely-knit coalition of 4 planets in the space between the Federation and Klingon Empire. Territorial limits are established, defining Asparaxian space. [FASA (Modified)]
2274—In the wake of the success of the linear warp drive and the heavy cruiser refit, Star Fleet initiates a large-scale refit and shipbuilding program. Baker-class destroyers are first commissioned, and will eventually replace the Larson-class, which is unsuitable for refit. Saladin, Hermes, and Ptolemy-class vessels are all slated for upgrading. [FASA (Modified)/Fan Background/Speculation]
2274—The planet Vulcan considers secession from the Federation. After considerable debate, the motion to secede is voted down by the Vulcan population. [Spock’s World]
2274—The Belle Terre Expedition leaves Federation space, accompanied by a Star Fleet escort led by the U.S.S. Enterprise. [Wagon Train to the Stars]
2275—Captain Ian Vellacora takes the frigate U.S.S. Arkadelphia into Asparaxian space, indirectly threatening to initiate war between the UFP and Klingon Empire. [FASA (Modified)]
2275—Gibraltar, an unwanted world situated between the UFP and the Romulan Star Empire, becomes one of the most important in the Triangle when the UFP and the Romulans choose it as the site for negotiating a settlement. [FASA (Modified)]
2275—En route to Belle Terre, in the Sagittarius Cluster, the Expedition encounters vessels of two warring alien species, Blood Many and All Kauld. A Kauld attack on the Expedition is repulsed, and the fleet continues on to Belle Terre. [Wagon Train to the Stars]
2275—Two weeks after the Expedition’s arrival at Belle Terre, Commander Spock discovers that one of the planet’s moons contains vast amounts of quasar olivium, which is unstable and is about to cause the moon to explode. In a dramatic move, the Star Fleet personnel and colonists are able to use a small asteroid-sized object to “crack” the moon’s surface and release the pressure, although the resulting flare of olivium from the moon heavily damages one side of Belle Terre, the planet remains habitable. The vast amounts of olivium now accessible, however, make Belle Terre a strategic target for the Blood, Kauld, and other races in the area. [Belle Terre]
2275—The Romulan Imperial Navy begins deploying Winged Defender-class heavy cruisers along the Neutral Zone. [FASA (Modified)]
2275—Birth of Elias Vaughn. [Avatar, Book One]
2275—Operation Dixie begins to show significant results, as limited information on Klingon starships and shipbuilding is relayed back to the Federation. [FASA (Modified)]
2275—Klingons occupy Marram IX, a world within the Triangle. [FASA (Modified)]
2275—Gagarin-class science vessels first commissioned. [Decipher RPG (Modified)]
2275—A Kauld attempt to destroy the Belle Terre colony using a huge laser is thwarted. [The Flaming Arrow]
2275—A group of young Ba’ku decide they wish to follow the ways of the “offlanders”, re-embracing technology, and attempt to take control of the colony. When they fail, the other Ba’ku make the decision to exile them from the colony. The dissidents become the Son’a. [“Star Trek: Insurrection”/Star Trek: The Magazine]
2275—A Kauld attempt to render Belle Terre uninhabitable using a siliconic gel is also thwarted. [Thin Air]
2275—The U.S.S. Peleliu is sent to Belle Terre to relieve the Enterprise on its mission of sector patrol and exploration and colony defense/support. The ship is wrecked soon after its arrival at the colony. The surviving crew, with the assistance of Commander Scott of the Enterprise, use components of the Peleliu, along with pieces of other ships from the Belle Terre expedition, to construct a new starship, which they dub a composite frigate and name Challenger. The Kauld seek aid to prevent the destruction of their homeworld by an energy-draining entity, and the Enterprise and Challenger determine that the object is a cleanup device used by aliens called the Formless. The Kauld homeworld is saved, and hostilities between All Kauld, Blood Many, and the Federation colonists are ended, at least for the time being. The Enterprise departs Belle Terre, bound for Federation space, leaving the Challenger (under the command of Nick Keller) to continue the mission planned for the Peleliu, for at least the next two years. [Challenger]
2275—A bizarre alien ship, looking vaguely Kauld-like, appears in Belle Terre’s system. The Challenger investigates, and when Zane Bonifay disobeys First Officer Shucorian’s orders while on a Blood Plume, this sparks a crisis in relations between the Federation colony and their Blood Many allies. Soon after, a number of other vessels come through the gateway, the descendents of the crews of the Blood and Kauld ships lost 20 years earlier. They declare a mission to confine the various spacegoing races to their homeworlds, for their safety and security. The Challenger and a group of Blood vessels stop the aliens. Keller travels through the gateway to the alien world, and returns after a year of subjective time and 29 hours in the normal universe, leading an exodus from the alternate continuum, and bringing the inhabitants of the alien world back to this universe. [Chainmail/What Lay Beyond-“Exodus”]
2275—The government of Nova Empyrea debates the removal of the Federation astronomy outpost from their planet. The Enterprise ferries Ambassador Mark Rousseau to speak—along with Dr. Leonard McCoy—for keeping the outpost operational. After extensive debate, the Empyrean Council narrowly votes to renew the treaty with the Federation. [The Better Man]
2275—First contact with the Breen. The initial encounter is peaceful, although there are occasional clashes in later years. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2276—After months of cautious negotiations, representatives of the UFP and Gorn Alliance sign the Frontier Accord, limiting military activity in the disputed areas. Peace talks continue on Clanhaven. [FASA (Modified)]
2276—Auto-repair components are added to Ganitriul, the computer system controlling all basic functions on the planet Eerlik and located on Eerlik’s moon. [Fatal Error (Date is estimated)]
2276—Dr. Leonard McCoy and Lieutenant Naraht participate in a Star Fleet Intelligence mission to reestablish contact with deep-cover agent Terise Haleakala-LoBrutto. [The Romulan Way]
2276—After centuries of conflict between two warring races on the planet Sinqay, in Thallonian space, the Thallonians intercede. They move each of the races, the Aeron and Markanians, neither of which had interstellar travel capability, to a separate terraformed planet, in hopes that distance would cool the hostilities. [Cold Wars]
2276—The colony of Europa Nova is first settled by Humans. [Demons of Air and Darkness]
2276—TerraMain Spacedock is completed in Low Earth Orbit. [Starship Spotter]
2276—The Dixie Queen is destroyed within Klingon space. [FASA (Modified)]
2277—First Constitution (II)-class heavy cruisers are commissioned. All are refits of older heavy cruisers. [Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)/Enterprise Evolution Plans (Modified)]
2277—Select Star Fleet vessels participate in Operation Solar Wind IV, a fleet-level training operation designed to test Star Fleet’s ability to respond to and repulse an invasion by Romulan forces. [FASA (Modified)]
2277—Kzin forces attack Tau Ceti. 22 Surya-class frigates are refitted to become the Avenger-class heavy frigates. [Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)/Avenger-Class General Plans (Modified)/Federation Reference Series, Vol. 1 (Modified)]
2277—Enterprise defeats a Kzin task force, effectively ending the Kzinti Incursion. [Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)]
2277—Star Fleet Intelligence’s plan to assist Human colonists on Marram IX, now under Klingon domination, is approved. The plan is code-named Project Minuteman. [FASA (Modified)]
2277—UFP/FWK negotiations are completed, resolving issues of multiple Grand Alliance fleets, currencies, and bureaucracies to merge the nations of the Grand Alliance into a single body, the United Federation of Planets (jerringly referred to by the press as the UFP II). [FASA (Modified)]
2277—First contact with the Inari civilization [Ships of the Star Fleet]
2277—The heavy cruiser Excelsior disappears while on a reconnaissance mission outside Federation territory. [Ships of the Star Fleet]
2278—The Soyuz-class starship U.S.S. Bozeman disappears three weeks after leaving its last starbase port-of-call. [“Cause and Effect”]
2278—Klingon K-22B B’rel-class scout enters service. [FASA (Modified)]
2278—First refits begin on Federation-class dreadnoughts. First Chandley-class heavy frigates and Ariel-class shuttlecarriers are commissioned.
[Starship Design (Modified)/Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)/FASA (Modified)/Enterprise Evolution Plans (Modified)]
2278—The Dixie Princess is destroyed within Klingon space. Project Minuteman begins. [FASA (Modified)]
2278—The Enterprise returns from its 5-year mission. In a virtually unprecedented move, the entire senior staff requests to remain with the Enterprise for another 5 years. In view of the exceptional records of this group of officers, the request is granted, although the Enterprise does spend around 6 months in drydock for refit. [Conjecture (Some resolution of the extra time is necessary if the Chronology’s years are to work.)]
2279—Birth of Mark Jameson [“Too Short a Season”]
2279—The Enterprise begins its third 5-year mission of exploration under James Kirk’s command. [Conjecture]
2279—First Knox-class frigates and Belknap-class strike cruisers are commissioned. [Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)/Federation Reference Series, Vol. 4 (Modified)]
2279—The science vessel U.S.S. Gagarin is attacked and disabled by a Klingon battlecruiser. Although the captain is able to scuttle the ship, she and a number of the crew are captured and taken prisoner. A group of Gagarin crewmembers are held in a prison on the planet Pao’la. [In the Name of Honor]
2279—Diplomatic relations between the Federation and the government of Dekkanar break down. The U.S.S. Enterprise, U.S.S. Vanguard, and U.S.S. Sir Richard are dispatched to evacuate diplomatic personnel. Meanwhile, Captain Kasak sutai-Khornezh steals the prototype remotely-controlled battlecruiser Hakkarl and proceeds to Dekkanar with a hand-picked crew. The results of this incident convince the Dekkan government to renegotiate agreements with the Federation, and the Klingons to abandon development of such remotely-piloted vessels. [Rules of Engagement]
2279—A treaty is signed between the Navot and Paqu groups on Bajor, settling a territorial dispute and establishing a border between the two groups along the river Glyrhond. [“The Storyteller”]
2280—News of the Dixie Princess’ destruction reaches the Dixie Lady. The ship sends a message to Starbase 12, but only a portion of it gets past Klingon jamming. This is the last transmission by an Operation Dixie starship. [FASA (Modified)]
2280—Project Grey Ghost returns and is heralded a complete success. Star Fleet gains important information on the nature, organization, and threat capabilities of the Romulan Star Navy. [FASA (Modified)]
2280—The Kes and Prytt groups on the planet Kesprytt II sever diplomatic relations, entering a period of cold war. [“Attached”]
2281—The Dixie scandal begins to rock Star Fleet. Admiral Morrow replaces Admiral Nogura as Chief of Staff. Many officers retire, are discharged, or are transferred. [FASA (Modified)]
2281—First Ascension-class dreadnoughts and Tikopai-class heavy cruisers are commissioned. [Federation Reference Series, Vol. 3 (Modified)/Ships of the Star Fleet (Modified)/Enterprise Evolution Plans (Modified)]
2282—Birth of Noonien Soong [“Brothers”]
2282—Menahga-class battlecruiser commissioned. [Federation Reference Series, Vol. 3]
2283—The Chandley-class heavy frigate U.S.S. Hanson, operating near the Gorn border, encounters 2 Gorn cruisers boarding a Liberty-class freighter. The Hanson engages the Gorn, and then Star Fleet Marines board Gorn vessels for the first time. [FASA (Modified)]
2283—Taal Tan Offensive takes place. During this incident, the Lexington, Excalibur, and El Dorado defeat a total of 18 Klingon vessels. Also, the Tori, Lafayette, and Wasp defeat the Klingon hunter-killers K’chss and K’utuul. [Ships of the Star Fleet]
2283—A brief clash takes place between the Federation and the Breen. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2283—First Miranda-class cruisers are commissioned. The spaceframe design is borrowed from the Avenger-class heavy frigate refits. [Starship Spotter/Avenger/Miranda-Class General Plans]
2283—Star Fleet and the Thevosians begin work on a top-secret protomatter weapon. [DC Star Trek #49—“The Peacekeeper”]
2283—While on leave at his uncle’s farm in Idaho, RADM James Kirk meets a woman, Antonia. While Kirk is on leave following the Enterprise’s mission, the two will fall in love. [“Star Trek Generations”]
2284—The Battle of Khatanga takes place with the Klingons. [Ships of the Star Fleet, Vol. 2/No. 1]
2284—Enterprise returns from its 5-year mission and is ordered onto rotation as a training vessel. Kirk chooses to take a position as an Academy instructor. Spock is promoted to captain and assumes command of the Enterprise. Pavel Chekov is transferred to the U.S.S. Reliant as executive/science officer. Kirk’s choice is a disappointment to Antonia, and the two separate, to his regret. [Fan and Licensee Consensus/“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”/“Star Trek: The Next Generation” Technical Manual/”Star Trek Generations”]
2284—First Charger-class destroyers are commissioned. [Stardate Magazine (Modified)]
2284—First Constellation-class cruisers are commissioned. [“Constellation-Class Engineering Report 3.01” article in Star Trek: The Magazine]
2284—Estimates indicate that the population of the Triangle has quintupled in the previous 22 years. [FASA (Modified)]
2284—Death of Audrid. Symbiont Dax is transferred to host Torias. [“Babel”]
2285—An investigation board examining records on Operation Dixie concludes that it probably failed because of a Klingon double agent. [FASA (Modified)]
2285—Trill is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2285—Dr. Carol Marcus presents the Project Genesis proposal to the Federation. [“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”]
2285—Death of Torias. After a brief joining with Joran, the symbiont Dax is transferred to host Curzon. [“Equilibrium”/”Rejoined”]
2286—Romulans commission first Nova-class battleships. [FASA (Modified)]
2286—The Reliant discovers Khan on Ceti Alpha V, sparking the “Genesis Incident”. Genesis is detonated in the Mutara Nebula and Spock is killed saving the Enterprise. The ship returns to Earth, where its decommissioning is announced. Sarek tells Kirk of a way to save Spock. Kirk and the top Enterprise officers steal the ship and return to Genesis, where they meet a Klingon bird of prey. The Enterprise is destroyed, the Klingon ship is captured, and Spock’s body is returned to Vulcan, where the fal-tor-pan is performed, reuniting his katra and his body. 2.5 months later, the arrival of an alien probe sparks the “Cetacean Incident”, in which the Enterprise officers go back in time to bring a pair of humpback whales to the 23rd Century, when the species has become extinct, in order that they communicate with the probe. After this success, the crew (except Kirk) are exonerated of their earlier crimes, and Kirk is demoted to captain. The U.S.S. Ti-Ho is formally renamed Enterprise and renumbered NCC-1701-A, and the crew is assigned for another mission. [“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”/“Star Trek III: The Search For Spock”/“Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”/“Star Trek: The Next Generation” Technical Manual/Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise/Paramount Publicity For “Star Trek II” and ST:TNG]
2286—First contact between the Klingons and Cardassians, as ships from each power encounter one another in the Betreka Nebula. The encounter ends in a battle which sparks an 18-year period of hostilities later referred to simply as “the Betreka Nebula Incident”. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2286—The Tralasta clan on Acamar III is almost completely massacred by the Lornack clan. [“The Vengeance Factor”]
2286—First Akyazi-class perimeter action ships are commissioned. [Ships of the Star Fleet, Vol. 2/No. 1]
2286—Development begins on the Mars Defense Perimeter, a network of drones and monitor probes to serve as a line of defense for the inner part of Sol System. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2287—Following a problem-plagued shakedown cruise, the Enterprise is called into service to defuse a hostage situation on Nimbus III. Hijacked by the renegade Vulcan Sybok, the ship is taken beyond the so-called Great Barrier in the direction of the galactic center, in search of what Sybok claims is God. Reaching a planet which Sybok claims is Sha-Ka-Ree, the ship encounters an alien being. Refused transport, the alien becomes hostile, and is destroyed by the Enterprise and a Klingon Bird-of-Prey which had followed the Enterprise. [“Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”/Star Trek Chronology]
2287—Peace negotiations are held at Starbase 49 between diplomatic teams from the Federation and Klingon Empire, at the encouragement of Klingon General Korrd. During this time, Captain Kirk and Commander Sulu participate with Commander Koloth, using information gained from High Councillor Gorkon, on a covert mission into Klingon space to locate secretly-held Star Fleet prisoners. They are able to rescue the Gagarin survivors from the Pao’la prison. To prevent any revelations about the nature of the prison from coming out, the Klingons destroy it, killing hundreds. In political fallout from both the mission and the peace talks, Klingon Chancellor Kesh and several Councillors step down. Gorkon becomes acting Chancellor, pending formal confirmation. [In the Name of Honor]
2287—Karimea severs ties to the Federation, as its political situation degenerates to the brink of civil war. [DC Star Trek #13-15—“The Return of the Worthy”]
2287—Keth (Andorian clan) Idrani is removed from the Kethni Council. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2287—Excelsior-class heavy cruisers first commissioned. [Excelsior/Ingram-Class General Plans/Ships of the Star Fleet/Jackill’s Star Fleet Reference Manual, Vol. 2]
2287—“The Worthy”, explorers from Karimea, are discovered by the Enterprise on Claneia I during an Enterprise mission to test the experimental Lamver Unit, a device to provide access to alternate universes. “The Worthy” have been in suspended animation for over three centuries. Meanwhile, war on Karimea results in the destruction of all life on the planet. The Enterprise returns the Worthy to their homeworld too late to prevent the war. Scientists discover a flaw in the Lamver Unit, and the device is scrapped. [DC Star Trek #13-15—“The Return of the Worthy”]
2287—A Federation delegation headed by Ambassador Ajami enters into secret negotiations with the Nasgul. [DC Star Trek #24—“Target: Mudd”]
2287—Klingons commission first L-24 class battleships. [FASA (Modified)]
2287—First contact with the Tyrion Legion. [DC Star Trek #17-18—“Partners?”]
2287—Civil war begins on Lerik IV. [DC Star Trek #21—“Gods’ Gauntlet”]
2287—Menahga-class redesignated as a heavy destroyer. Mitannic-class battlecruisers, Renner-class corvettes, and Indomitable-class battleships first commissioned. [Federation Reference Series, Vol. 3 (Modified)/Federation Reference Series, Vol. 6 (Modified)/Stardate Magazine (Modified)]
2287—Second contact with the Calligar is made, again by the U.S.S. Enterprise. [The Rift]
2288—Natural disasters devastate Axua, the capital of Lerik IV. After intervention by the Enterprise, advanced aliens reveal themselves as the source of Lerikan religious myths, and as the cause of the natural disasters. [DC Star Trek #20-21—“Gods’ Gauntlet”]
2288—Full diplomatic relations are established between the Federation and the Nasgul. [DC Star Trek #24—“Target: Mudd”]
2288—The Federation colony on the planet Bicea is destroyed by an unknown attacker, leaving no survivors. The starship U.S.S. Sentinel is the first on the scene. On Earth, a political action group called the Vanguard uses this incident to advocate forceful actions against the Klingons, although no evidence suggests they are responsible for the attack. Captain James Kirk, Commander Pavel Chekov, and Commander Hikaru Sulu (in San Francisco as guest lecturers at Star Fleet Academy) are assisted by a team of cadets from the Academy Command School in stopping this group, and exposing their attempts to frame the Klingons for the attack, as well as revealing that the attacker is a “living” entity of sorts. The Enterprise is dispatched to deal with the problem. [Starfleet Academy]
2289—The Federation mediates an end to 2 centuries of hot and cold war in the Tabuk Star System. Tabuk III and Tabuk IV become Federation members. The treaty between the two worlds provides for the cooperative disposal of both planets’ arsenals of weapons of mass destruction. [DC Star Trek #35—“The Tabukan Syndrome”]
2289—Federation negotiator Curzon Dax conducts talks with Klingon representative Kang at the Korvat colony. After some difficult moments, the negotiations are successful, and Kang comes to believe that Curzon, unlike other Federation representatives, does in fact understand the Klingon psyche. [“Blood Oath”/Star Trek Chronology (Revised)]
2289—A trio of Klingon vessels—commanded by Kor, Kang, and Koloth—are sent to stop a band of depredators who are raiding Klingon colonies. The raiders are led by an albino. Most are captured, but the albino escapes. [“Blood Oath”]
2289—A Klingon armada destroys the tribble homeworld as part of a massive effort on the part of the Empire to eradicate the species. [“Trials and Tribbleations”/Last Unicorn RPG]
2290—The Klingon sleeper ship T’Ong is deployed on an extended exploratory mission. [“The Emissary”/Star Trek Chronology]
2290—Captain Hikaru Sulu assumes command of the U.S.S. Excelsior. [Dialog in “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”]
2290—An attempt by the Romulan Star Empire and the Maroan Dominion to disrupt the Tabukan peace process is foiled by the Enterprise and Excelsior. A potential alliance between the Romulans and Maroans falls apart. [DC Star Trek #35-40—“The Tabukan Syndrome”]
2290—An attack is made by rogue Nykus and Anjiri males on the Excelsior and a Star Fleet space station.Eventually, these rogues are recaptured by the dominant females of those species, resolving both Federation and Klingon concerns.. [War Dragons]
2290—First contact with the Zald occurs, as the launch of their first warp-capable vessel, the Lees, is detected by a Centauran freighter en route to Tellar. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2290—The Star Fleet/Thevosian protomatter weapon is placed aboard the starship Pacific for testing, with the Enterprise assigned as observer vessel. The test vessel is seized by rebels against the community of beings known as the Aegis. Gary Seven, representing the Aegis, and the Enterprise counter the rebels. In the process, the Pacific—and the weapon—are destroyed. The weapon program is suspended. [DC Star Trek #49-50—“The Peacekeeper”]
2290—The planets Ramaz III and Landor end a decades-long dispute. [DC Star Trek Special #1—“Blaise of Glory”]
2291—The Klingon observation station that will become the pirate haven Gorkon’s Retreat is established in the Altanis Idrilon System in the Draconis Outback. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2292—The alliance between the Klingon and Romulan Empires collapses. In the wake of this, the two former allies become bitter enemies. [“Reunion”/Star Trek Chronology]
2292—The albino infects the firstborn children of Kor, Kang, and Koloth with a genetic virus, killing them. Kang’s son is Curzon Dax’s godson. Curzon and the three captains take a blood oath to avenge the children’s deaths. [“Blood Oath”]
2293—First confirmed incidence of an anti-intoxicant being used for recreational purposes. [The Starfleet Survival Guide]
2293—Ensign Tuvok is assigned to the U.S.S. Excelsior. [“Flashback”]
2293—The Klingon moon Praxis explodes, crippling Klingon resources and dealing catastrophic damage to the atmosphere of Kronos. Faced with the need to redirect resources away from military endeavors, the Klingons–led by Chancellor Gorkon–sue for peace with the Federation. The Enterprise, with her senior-most officers–James Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy, and Montgomery Scott–due to retire from space duty, is assigned to escort the chancellor’s vessel to Earth. During the voyage, the chancellor is assassinated. Kirk and McCoy are arrested, tried, and convicted of the crime, and are sentenced to permanent exile on Rura Penthe. They are subsequently rescued, and–with the assistance of Captain Sulu and the crew of the Excelsior–expose a conspiracy to derail the peace process at the conference site on Khitomer. All charges are dropped, and a period of detente between the Federation and the Klingon Empire begins. [“Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” (Dialog of Dr. McCoy’s tells us how long he has served aboard the Enterprise (27 years), allowing us to derive the approximate date of this film.)]
2293—Amanda Grayson Sarek dies at the age of 93. [Sarek]
2293—A Romulan plot to disrupt the detente between the Federation and the Klingon Empire is exposed and foiled by Ambassador Sarek and the crew of the Enterprise. The planet Freelan is revealed to be populated by Romulans and the offspring of captured Vulcans. Those Vulcans who wish to return to the Federation are permitted to do so. The others vanish into Romulan society, presumably to live out their lives as Romulans. [Sarek]
2294—The U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) is decommissioned. [”Star Trek Generations”/The Fearful Summons/Speculation]
2294—Space station Deep Space 1 is constructed along the Romulan Neutral Zone. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2294—Fleet Admiral Smillie is succeeded by Fleet Admiral Androvar Drake as Star Fleet Commander. Captain James Kirk, having been approached by a young woman seeking assistance for her homeworld of Chal, falls in love and resigns from Star Fleet. The government of Chal requests, and is given, the Enterprise-A, and the Chal government gives the ship to Kirk, who proceeds to Chal. Drake, enlisting the aid of Captain Sulu, the Excelsior, and the rest of the former Enterprise senior officers, pursues Kirk, whom he charges with acting against the Federation. It is subsequently discovered that Chal was an experimental colony of Klingon/Romulan hybrids developed to survive a feared war with the Federation, resulting in a genetic structure that could retard the aging process. It is also discovered that Drake is a member of the same conspiracy as former Fleet Admiral Cartwright, and intends to sabotage the Federation-Klingon peace process. In the incident’s culminating battle, the Enterprise-A is destroyed (though its crew are all rescued by the Excelsior) and Drake is killed. Chal is saved for its people. Kirk returns to Earth. [The Ashes of Eden (modified per the Star Trek Chronology (Revised))]
2294—Otha becomes independent from the Klingon Empire. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2294—The Falorians, seeking Federation admission, donate a planet in the Besar Star System for colonization, and an expedition led by a nephew of James T. Kirk embarks to set up a colony on the planet, named Sanctuary. Captains Kirk and Scott and Commander Chekov join the expedition as advisors. The colony planet is subsequently revealed to be a staging point for the use of a weapon by the Falorians against the Federation, as an outgrowth of their ancient conflict with the Huanni, who have recently joined the Federation. The threat is averted, and the Federation assists in beginning negotiations between the Huanni and Falorians. The Sanctuary colony project itself is a loss, however. [The Last Roundup]
2294—The U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-B) is commissioned under the command of Captain John Harriman. During a demonstration cruise, the unprepared vessel responds to a distress call from 2 transport ships carrying El-Aurian refugees which are caught in a space-time anomaly. The transports are destroyed, but 47 survivors—including Guinan and Dr. Tolian Soran—are rescued. During this action, Captain James Kirk—aboard as a dignitary—is lost (and believed killed) in action while saving the Enterprise from an energy ribbon surrounding the anomaly. [”Star Trek Generations”/”Star Trek Generations” Novelization/Federation (modified per the Star Trek Chronology (Revised)]
2294—The transport U.S.S. Jenolen–carrying Captain Montgomery Scott–disappears en route to the colony on Norpin V. [“Relics”/ Star Trek Chronology (Revised)]
2295—Captain Spock assumes command of the U.S.S. Intrepid II. Joining him are Commander Uhura as Executive Officer and Dr. McCoy as Chief Medical Officer. [Vulcan’s Forge (conjecture, based on descriptions in the book)]
2295—After 28 years, the Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Star Empire agree to abandon the colony on Nimbus III. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2295—Keth Ucalnath severs all ties with the Andorian government. The remaining members of this clan are by now living on other worlds than Andor itself. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2296—The Ansata of Rutia IV’s western continent are denied independence from the eastern continent, and begin a war for autonomy. [“The High Ground”]
2296—Lieutenant M’Ress, while serving aboard the starship Einstein, is drawn through an artificial space-time gateway on a landing party and lost. [Cold Wars]
2296—A Romulan expedition, allied with the exiled Vulcan Sered, attempts to suborn the Federation outpost on the planet Obsidian. The attempt fails, due largely to actions taken by the outpost’s commander, Captain David Rabin, and Captain Spock. During this mission, Spock begins to embrace his talent for diplomacy, and afterwards decides to leave Star Fleet to join the Vulcan diplomatic service. [Vulcan’s Forge]
2296—Using prototype holodeck technology, the Enterprise-B and Captain Harriman capture the Romulan examiner Rokan the Relentless. [“Shakedown” (Enterprise Logs)/Star Trek: The Novels Timeline]
2296—The Stugg first invite Star Fleet personnel to their homeworld. Dr. Leonard McCoy accompanies the expedition. [Crossover]
2298—First contact with the Nuaran Imperium is made by the U.S.S. Polaris. [Power Hungry]
2298—Tuvok resigns from Star Fleet and attempts the Kohlinar discipline. [“Flashback”]
2298—During a diplomatic mission of the U.S.S. Chesapeake to the Theta Eridani system, after the discovery that the Darvash—a race seeking Federation membership—was suppressing an insurrection from another sentient species not known to be in the system, the landing party is attacked and the ship’s captain killed. The helm officer of the Chesapeake, Lieutenant Tessa Niles, utilized the slingshot effect to send the ship back in time several weeks to attempt to divert their earlier selves and alter history, then return to the present. The results led to a nuclear conflict on Theta Eridani V and forced the Chesapeake (delayed in arrival at the system by a false distress call from the time travelling ship) to engage and destroy its time-travelling “duplicate”. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2298—In the wake of the Darvash Crisis, the Federation Science Council merges its Chronal Assessment Committee and Anomalous Physics Group to become the Department of Temporal Investigations. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2299—The planet Golana is colonized by Bajorans. [“Time’s Orphan”]
2300—The Star Fleet uniform insignia pin is replaced by a communicator built inside a shell identical in shape to the pin. The device quickly becomes known as a commbadge. [U.S.S. Cheyenne Operations Manual]
2301—The Cardassian Union takes control of the planet Ingav. Before the planet can be completely annexed, a group of approximately 2,000 Ingavi flee the planet and travel into the Badlands, discovering and making planetfall on the planet Sindorin. Finding Sindorin very similar to Ingav, the Ingavi build a colony on the planet. [Abyss]
2303—Birth of David Gold. [Fatal Error]
2304—The people of Ktaria VII first achieve warp capability. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2304—Tuvok and T’pel are married. [“Alice”]
2304—A truce ends the Betreka Nebula hostilities between the Klingons and Cardassians. It results in minor concessions from each side, but no actual exchange of resources or territories. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2304—The Napeans first achieve warp capability. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2305—Birth of Jean-Luc Picard [“Conundrum”]
2305—Lieutenant Arex is part of a shuttle expediton that is drawn through a wormhole and lost. [Cold Wars]
2305—Starbase 200 is abandoned after a series of reactor, life-support, and other system failures. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2305—The Grazerites are admitted to the Federation. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2306—Birth of Matthew Dougherty [Star Trek: Insurrection]
2307—Birth of Timicin [“Half a Life”]
2309—Representatives of the Cardassian Union first offer assistance to the planet Bajor. [“Emissary”]
2309—Federation starships first identify the planet Indri VIII. [Star Trek Chronology (Revised)]
2309—The Romulans first encounter the Taurhai Unity. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2310(?)—The Treaty of Algeron is signed between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire. One of its key provisions is that the Federation will not further develop cloaking technology beyond its current state. [“The Pegasus” (This is suggested by dialog in the episode, although the precise date is not made clear.)]
2311—The Tomed Incident occurs, after which the Romulans “disappear” for more than 50 years. The reason for the disappearance is unknown to the Federation. Among the losses during this incident is the Deep Space 1 station. [“The Neutral Zone”/Last Unicorn RPG]
2312—The warp scale is altered so that warp factor 10 is defined as “infinite velocity”. The warp formula is also revised. [“Faster than a Speeding Photon” article in Star Trek: The Magazine]
2312—Qualor II is chosen as the site for a Federation surplus ship depot. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2313—The Taurhai begin attacking worlds on the leading edge of Romulan space. An extended conflict begins. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2313—The Bolians evacuate the population of Uzor IV before its sun collapses. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2314—All adults on the Federation mining colony of Hamlin are killed by the Choraii. The children are kidnapped. [The Children of Hamlin]
2316—Space station Deep Space 2 is constructed in a sector on the rimward edge of the Federation. [Last Unicorn Games]
2319—Development of the multiplex pattern buffer eliminates the already-rare condition of transporter psychosis. [Star Trek Encyclopedia/”Realm of Fear”]
2319—Covert violation of the Prime Directive by Captain Mark Jameson of the U.S.S. Gettysburg leads to 40 years of civil war on Mordan IV. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2320—The Federation recognizes the recently-formed Bolian world government and allows the Bolians formal entry into the Federation. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2320—The Zakdorn complete the Grand Project and settle on their newly-completed artificial homeworld. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2320—The mines on Dytallix B are exhausted and abandoned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2321—Romulan Deresus-class heavy scouts first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2321—An early contact between Humans and Cardassians takes place when a Cardassian vessel crashes on the planet Juhraya. [The Brave and the Bold, Book Two]
2322—Ambassador-class heavy cruisers first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2322—Federation explorers first encounter the Calder System. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2322—The Galor IV colony wins the bid to become a planetary annex of the Daystrom Institute. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2324—Birth of Beverly Crusher [“Conundrum”]
2324—Federastion starships begin the first detailed explorations of the BeTau Sector, and first contact is made with the Pinnaar Domain. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2325—Birth of Devinoni Ral [“The Price”]
2325—The first formal contacts are made between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. The Cardassians rebuff all peaceful overtures. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2325—The Son’a conquer two primitive races–the Tarlac and the Ellora–and integrate them into their culture as a labor class. [“Star Trek: Insurrection”/Star Trek: The Magazine]
2326—A group of Eerlikka called the Pevvni colonize the ninth planet in their star system. [Fatal Error]
2327—A peace summit is held on Vulcan. The Legarans are on hand as observers. Representatives from Cardassia Prime request the opening of trade rights with the Federation. Ambassador Sarek is doubtful, but Ambassador Spock, openly disagreeing, advocates the granting of the request. Meanwhile, when Perrin stumbles onto a Cardassian plot to disrupt the Legaran treaty negotiations in order to leave Legara open for seizure, she is kidnapped. When Perrin is rescued and the plot prevented, the Cardassian government disavows any knowledge of the agents’ actions. Nonetheless, with the Cardassian application for trade rights determined to be a pretense, diplomatic overtures are deferred for an indefinite period. [Wildstorm Star Trek—“Enter the Wolves”]
2328—The Bajoran homeworld is annexed by the Cardassian Union. [“Ensign Ro”]
2328—Space station Deep Space 3 is constructed near the Breen sector of space. [Last Unicorn Games]
2329—Birth of Kestra Troi, first daughter of Ian Andrew and Lwaxana Troi [“Dark Page”]
2329—Duotronic enhancers are first replaced as information storage and processing devices by isolinear optical chips. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2331—Colony established on Boradis III. [“The Emissary”]
2331—The pirate known as the White Wolf begins raiding Federation shipping. He and his crew evade capture by hiding in the highly-dangerous Beta Barritus star system. [Gauntlet]
2331—Cortin Zweller is recruited into Section 31. [Rogue]
2332—Birth of Benjamin Sisko [Star Trek Chronology (Revised)/”Image in the Sand”]
2332—While in the 40 Eridani System, the science vessel U.S.S. Thorne observes a Romulan vessel drop into the star’s gravity well and vanish, leading to an alteration in the timeline. Pursuing the Romulan ship into the past, the Thorne discovers that the Romulans gave warp drive technology to the Andorians 740 years in the past. The Thorne also encounters a time-travelling Romulan vessel from the altered timeline. With the aid of the time-travelling Romulans, the Thorne is able to undue the damage and restore the proper flow of history. This event leads to a meeting between the Tal Shiar and the Department of Temporal Investigations, strengthening the observance of the Temporal Prime Directive on both sides. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2333—Captain Jean-Luc Picard assumes command of the U.S.S. Stargazer. [“Tapestry”]
2333—The Stargazer is ordered to apprehend the White Wolf. They are successful at apprehending him, but when they do, they discover that the pirate’s real identity is that of exobiologist Emil Carradine. Carradine explains that he found a latinum-rich world called Daribund that had a pre-sentient species on it, and became a pirate to draw vessels away from the world and thus preserve the species. Picard recovers the stolen Federation cargo, but allows Carradine to escape. [Gauntlet]
2334—Napea is admitted to the Federation. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2334—Birth of Mackenzie Calhoun [Star Trek: New Frontier – House of Cards (This assumes that a Xenexian year is approximately the same as a Terran year.)]
2334—Birth of William Ross. [The Dominion War Book Two: Call to Arms…]
2334—The starship U.S.S. Carpenter is listed as missing. Debris and the bodies of the crew are found, but the ship is gone. [Strange New Worlds I – “Of Cabbages and Kings”]
2334—Birth of Kathryn Janeway [Endgame]
2335—The android Data is activated at the Omicron Theta Colony. [“Inheritance”]
2335—The Federation science vessel U.S.S. Yosemite becomes the first starship to penetrate the plasma storms within the Badlands. [The Badlands, Book 1]
2335—Birth of William Riker; Birth of Geordi LaForge; Birth of Chakotay [“The Icarus Factor”/“Cause and Effect”/”Tattoo”]
2335—After several decades of sporadic encounters, the Federation makes its first formal diplomatic overtures to the Cardassian Union. The Cardassians are initially ambivalent. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2336—Birth of Deanna Troi [“Conundrum”]
2336—Kestra Troi is killed in an accident shortly after Deanna is born. [“Dark Page”]
2336—The Omicron Theta Colony is destroyed by a Crystalline Entity. [Star Trek Encyclopedia/The Starfleet Survival Guide]
2336—The Sli are discovered by the scout U.S.S. Crockett in the Qizan Qal’at star system. Before contact can be made, the Crockett is destroyed after reporting the arrival of a Klingon warship. [Sins of Commission]
2336—The Alonis people are admitted to the Federation. [Twilight]
2337—The first group of ASRV-type vessel lifeboats are delivered in time to be fitted to the final Renaissance-class starship, the U.S.S. Hokkaido. [“Star Trek: The Next Generation” Technical Manual]
2337—Romulan Theta-class swift couriers first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2337—An unidentified spacecraft carrying an infant shapeshifter of unknown origin is discovered in the Bajoran system’s Denorios Belt. [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—Emissary]
2337—Birth of Natasha Yar [“The Naked Now”/“Legacy”]
2338—The android Data is discovered on a planet in the Omicron Theta System by the U.S.S. Tripoli. [“Datalore”]
2338—The starship Independence is lost and presumed destroyed. [The Romulan Prize]
2339—General Ardelon Tandro of Klaestron IV is killed by rebels. [“Dax”]
2340—Birth of Worf [“The Bonding”]
2340—Birth of Ro Laren [“The Next Phase”]
2340—Nathaniel Taros pursues groundbreaking neurochemistry research on low-gravity species. His study of neuromuscular adaptation meets with no practical success. [“Melora”]
2340—Detailed surveys of Calder II uncover Sakethan Burial Mounds, left by the ancient pre-Romulans during their diaspora from Vulcan.[Last Unicorn RPG]
2340—In the Gamma Quadrant, the planet Yadera Prime is conquered by the Dominion. [“Shadowplay”]
2340—Around this time, increased difficulties with Andorian renegades attract the active attention of Star Fleet Command. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2341—Birth of Jadzia [“Emissary”/“Dax”]
2341—The planets Tsora and Fandre reestablish diplomatic and trade relations. [Tooth and Claw]
2341—Herbert-class cargo carriers first commissioned. [Decipher RPG]
2341—Birth of Julian Bashir [“Distant Voices”]
2341—Alesia Prime is admitted to the Federation. Star Fleet establishes Starbase 315 in orbit of BeTau IV. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2341—Cheyenne-class exploratory cruisers first commissioned. [U.S.S. Cheyenne Operations Manual]
2342—The planet Cabrius Prime is destroyed when its sun supernovas, a rare incident within Federation space. [Wrath of the Prophets]
2342—Birth of Ishara Yar [“Legacy”]
2343—Ian Andrew Troi is killed in action. [“Dark Page”]
2343—The Battle of Chi’tai takes place. With this battle, the Romulans drive off the Taurhai. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2343—Romulan D’virin-class incursion frigates first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2343—Birth of Kira Nerys [“The Maquis, Part I”]
2343—The Federation Science Council sends an archaeological expedition to study the Sakethan Burial Mounds. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2343—The Cardassian freighter Kamal is caught in a plasma storm in the Badlands. All hands are lost, and the freighter is declared lost by Cardassian authorities. Aboard that freighter is the Bajoran Orb of Memory. [Avatar, Book One]
2344—The U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) disappears with all hands after answering a distress call from a Klingon outpost on Narendra III.
There are rumors of survivors, later proven true. Among these survivors is the Tasha Yar from the “war universe”, who had joined the crew during a time-jump brought on by space-time distortions created by the energy from the various weapons used in the battle with four Romulan warbirds. Yar is taken to Romulus. Subsequent to interrogation, her life is spared when a Romulan general offers her life
(and those of other survivors) in return for her consortship. [“Yesterday’s Enterprise”/“Redemption I & II”]
2344—Draa’kon geneticists discover a genome to enhance combat capabilities. It is rejected by their own genetic structure, and they seek out other races that may have genetic structures more receptive. They find such a race on the planet Xhaldia, and seed the planet with an airborne virus to introduce the genome. [Planet X]
2344—The Zakdorn are admitted to the Federation. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2345—Birth of Kurn [“Sins of the Father”]
2345—Birth of Romulan Commander Sela [“Redemption II”]
2345—The albino raider enters hiding on Sakera IV. [“Blood Oath”]
2345—The U.S.S. Stargazer is contacted by the Gorn Alliance, the first contact between the Alliance and the Federation in several decades. [Requiem]
2346—Romulans attack the Klingon outpost on Khitomer. 4,000 Klingons are killed. [“Sins of the Father”/Star Trek Chronology]
2346—Natives of the planet Onorrh develop a cure for the virus Rihehnnia. [DC Star Trek: The Next Generation #9—“The Pay Off”]
2346—In a series of uprisings, the Kazon throw off their enslavement by the Trabe. [”Alliances”]
2346—A permanent archaeological facility is opened on Calder II. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2346—The space station Deep Space 9 (then referred to as Terok Nor) is constructed in orbit around Bajor. [“Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night”]
2346—During the construction of DS9, the Bajoran scientist Dekon Elig creates an aphasia virus, a device to release which is planted on the station as a weapon against the Cardassians. It is not used at the time. [”Babel"/“Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night”]
2346—In the Delta Quadrant, war breaks out between the Talaxians and Haakonians. [“Jetrel”]
2347—The Star Fleet insignia is revised for the first time in over 60 years, altering the background circle to an ellipse and slightly modifying the arrowhead. [Star Trek Chronology]
2347—Cardassian forces, fearing a massive attack will be launched from the planet Setlik III, launch a preemptive strike against the Federation colony there. [Star Trek Chronology (Revised)]
2347—The Federation institutes revised colonization guidelines discouraging the establishment of colonies propagating exclusive ideological, religious, or ethnic identities. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2347—The Enlightened Mind Movement begins to agitate for Betazoid withdrawal from the Federation. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2348—The Purity League, a Human radical political group opposed to interspecies mating, appears on Archaria III. [Double Helix Book 1: Infection]
2348—Birth of Annika Hansen, later known as Seven of Nine. [“The Raven”]
2349—Birth of Wesley Crusher [”Evolution"]
2349—Birth of Salia of Daled IV [“The Dauphin”]
2349—The Romulan Empire begins exploration of the Diodor Sector. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2349—The Great Alaskan Earthquake takes place on Earth. [Q-Space]
2349—“Tasha-2” is executed while trying to escape from Romulus. [“Redemption II”]
2349—Tuvok returns to Star Fleet after an absence of over 50 years. His first assignment is aboard the starship Wyoming. [“Flashback”]
2349—Romulan D’deridex-class heavy warbirds first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2349—Birth of Harry Kim [“Eye of the Needle”]
2350—A colony of North American Indians settles on Dorvan V, ending nearly two centuries of wandering in search of a new home. [“Journey’s
2350—The Belaxalar geostructure builds the first Benzite warp drive. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2350—The civilization on Minos abruptly vanishes. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2351—The Mizar Incident occurs with the Tholians. Federation forces are directed by Admiral Taneko of Bolarus IX, who sacrifices himself to preserve a Federation victory. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2352—Colony on Turkana IV severs all relations with the Federation. Regular contact is cut off. [“Legacy”]
2352—Space station Deep Space 4 is constructed in a sector on the “low-lying” (negative Z-axis) edge of the Federation. [Last Unicorn Games]
2352—Birth of Prynn Tenmei [Twilight]
2352—Terrorists seize the capital of Dulsinaray, take the government hostage, and execute citizens until their demands are met. [Imbalance]
2352—A new era of peace begins between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets, as the formal Treaty of Alliance is signed on Narendra III. [“Way of the Warrior”/Star Trek Chronology (Revised)/Last Unicorn RPG]
2353—The Danteri withdraw from the planet Xenex, ending their occupation of that world. Assisting in the negotiation of that withdrawal is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Stargazer. [Star Trek: New Frontier – House of Cards]
2353—Jack Crusher is killed while serving on the U.S.S. Stargazer. [“True Q”]
2353—Birth of Jeremiah Rossa [“Suddenly Human”]
2353—Tholians attack and nearly destroy a Federation starbase, with the loss of almost all personnel. The only survivor is civilian advisor Kyle Riker. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2353—The planet Rolisa is devoured by the Black Mass. [New Frontier Minipedia]
2354—Birth of Jeremy Aster [“The Bonding”]
2354—The U.S.S. Stargazer visits Chalna. [“Allegiance”/Reunion]
2354—Birth of Taran’atar [Demons of Air and Darkness]
2354—Shinzon of Remus is cloned from a cell sample acquired from Jean-Luc Picard. [“Star Trek Nemesis”]
2354—The research vessel U.S.S. Raven is attacked by the Borg. The Hansen family is assimilated. [“The Raven”/”Dark Frontier”]
2354—T’Pan becomes Director of the Vulcan Science Academy. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2355—The “Battle of Maxia” takes place, in which an unidentified alien spacecraft (later discovered to be a vessel of the Ferengi Alliance) is destroyed by the U.S.S. Stargazer after it attacks the Stargazer without warning. The Stargazer, itself critically damaged, is abandoned. [“The Battle”]
2355—The Romulan frigate V’nitor is lost in the Tullan Reach. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2355—Birth of Jake Sisko [“Move Along Home”]
2355—The Cardassian Galor-class warship is first encountered by Star Fleet forces. [Starship Spotter]
2355—Kira Nerys joins the Bajoran underground, fighting the Cardassians for the liberation of Bajor. [“The Circle”]
2356—A Tarellian spacecraft is destroyed by the Alcyones. [“Haven”]
2356—Talarian forces attack and destroy the colony on Galen IV, during a territorial dispute with the Federation. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2356—The war between the Talaxians and Haakonians is ended when a weapon of mass destruction called a metreon cascade is used against Rinax, a moon in the Talaxian system. Approximately 300,000 Talaxians are killed. [“Jetrel”]
2357—The Gallitep labor camp on Bajor is liberated by the Bajoran Shakaar resistance group. [“Duet”]
2357—First Nebula-class light cruisers and Galaxy-class large exploratory cruisers commissioned. [Starship Spotter/”Star Trek: The NextGeneration” Technical Manual]
2357—Romulan T’rasus-class light starbirds first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2358—The Romulans initiate a series of attacks on Klingon colonies in the Kapor’At Star System. These attacks eventually lead the Klingons to abandon the system. One refugee ship, carrying a group of children, crashes on the planet Selva. [War Drums]
2358—The starship Pegasus is lost. Following the return of the ship’s survivors, including William Riker, there are reports of a mutiny on board. There is no investigation, and the entire incident is classified by Star Fleet. [“The Pegasus”]
2358—Pinaar II requests membership in the Federation. Soon after the request is made, however. The colony world of Kentarr V declares independence, beginning a civil war within the Pinaar Domain. The Federation suspends membership talks, pending the conclusion of the conflict. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2358—Civil war begins in the Pirada Star System, as rebels begin attacks. [“Whispers”]
2359—A bitter civil war ends on Mordan IV. [“Too Short a Season”]
2359—Renegade Andorians wipe out the population of the Andorian/Terran colony on Triangula Delta with an interphasic dilithium bomb. Admiral Wayne Wiltshire and the U.S.S. Luna City suffer serious embarrassment at their hands before finally defeating them in battle on the surface of Triangula Beta II. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2359—Romulan Meret-class incursion cruisers first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2359—Andorian Thris-class research/laboratory vessels are first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2359—The Romulan heavy scout Averek disappears while exploring the Empty Frontier. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2360—The Erewhon-class personnel transport Santa Maria crash-lands on Orelius Minor. Its passengers establish a colony on the planet. [“Paradise”]
2360—The Romulan starbird D’kalam disappears while exploring the Starry Road Nebula. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2360—First contact with the Benzites. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2360—After several years of repeated clashes, Betazoid diplomats establish a truce with the Tholians. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2361—When the U.S.S. Potemkin undertakes a rescue mission at Nervala IV, a transporter accident creates a duplicate of Lieutenant William Riker. This is unknown to the crew, and the second Riker is left behind until recovered by the Enterprise in 2369. [“Second Chances”]
2361—Shinzon is taken from the Romulan scientists who raised him and exiled to Remus. [“Star Trek Nemesis”]
2362—Arteline IV is admitted to the Federation. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2363—Construction of the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) is completed at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in orbit of Sol IV (Mars). [“Star Trek: The Next Generation” Technical Manual]
2363—Gul Darhe’el—The Butcher of Gallitep—dies in his sleep from a massive coleibric hemorrhage. [Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2363—The starship U.S.S. Olympia embarks on a long-range exploration mission beyond Federation space. [“The Sound of Her Voice”]
2363—The Scrapyard is assembled as a sort of “floating marketplace” by a Ferengi merchant named Gurek. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2363—Morgan Lefler disappears on Earth, and is presumed dead in a shuttle accident. In reality, she and a companion go in search of a race known as the Prometheans. [Fire on High]
Begin Next Generation series
2364—Captain Jean-Luc Picard assumes command of the U.S.S. Enterprise. [“Star Trek: The Next Generation” TV Series]
2364—First contact with the Q. [“Encounter at Farpoint”]
2364—A mysterious plague kills over 30,000 people on Archaria III before Dr. Beverly Crusher, aboard the Enterprise, discovers a cure. The virus is found to be artificial, although its creators remain undiscovered. [Double Helix Book 1: Infection]
2364—The planet Tarod IX, a world just on the Federation side of the Romulan Neutral Zone, suffers a devastating Borg attack. [Rogue]
2364—First contact with the Ferengi. [“The Last Outpost”]
2364—Relations are reopened with the Jarada. [“The Big Goodbye”/Demons of Air and Darkness]
2364—A crystalline life-form is discovered on the planet Velara III during a terraforming project. After the life-form is determined to be intelligent, the project is withdrawn and the planet declared off-limits. [“Home Soil”]
2364—In the Delta Quadrant, the Kradin and Vori declare war. [“Nemesis”]
2364—Jadzia enters initiate training on Trill. [“Equlibrium”/”Dax”]
2364—Enterprise Security Chief Tasha Yar is killed on the planet Vagra II. [“Skin of Evil”]
2364—A race of parasitic creatures invades the Federation, taking over humanoid hosts and attempting to suborn Star Fleet Command. The incursion is discovered and eliminated, but a distress call is sent into deep space by the aliens. [“Contagion”]
2364—Reappearance of the Romulans. A series of border incursions is culminated in a confrontation with the Enterprise. Conflict is, for the moment, avoided. [“The Neutral Zone”]
2364—Colony established on New Oregon. [The Children of Hamlin]
2364—The star Epsilon Miranda goes supernova, destroying all life on the fifth planet. [DC Star Trek: The Next Generation #51—“Life Signs”]
2364—Romulans and Barolians enter into trade negotiations. [“Unification I”/Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2365—Quark arrives at space station Terok Nor and opens a bar and gambling facility on the station’s Promenade. [Star Trek Chronology (Revised)]
2365—Odo is given a position as security investigator on station Terok Nor by station commander Gul Dukat. [“Necessary Evil”/”The Wire”]
2365—Captain Phillipa Louvois of the Star Fleet Judge Advocate General’s Office hands down a legal decision establishing that Lt. Commander Data is indeed a sentient being, entitled to full rights and protections as a citizen of the United Federation of Planets. [“Measure of a Man”]
2365—The U.S.S. Yamato is destroyed when an Iconian computer virus triggers a failure of its antimatter containment and related safety systems, leading to a full matter/antimatter explosion. [“Contagion”]
2365—First contact is made with the Cairn by the U.S.S. Okinawa. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2365—Lwaxana Troi is appointed as a Federation ambassador. [Decipher RPG]
2365—First contact with the Borg. [“Q Who?”]
2365—The Romulans engage in the Third Taurhai Offensive. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2365—The Klingon battlecruiser T’Ong, launched over 75 years earlier, is recovered by the Enterprise. [“The Emissary”]
2365—Zek becomes Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance. [Decipher RPG]
2365—A Federation-sponsored Human colony is set up on Selva. [War Drums]
2365—In the face of a pending collision between their home sun and another star, the people of the planet Rhawn, in the Delta Quadrant, launch a vessel called the Traveler, carrying 800 million members of their race in an attempt to escape the expected destruction of the planet. [Shadow]
2366—In response to the Borg threat, Star Fleet begins development of the Defiant-class starship. [“The Search, Part I”]
2366—A cross-racial multiprion plague strikes Terok Nor. A team of Star Fleet officers assists Bajoran and Cardassian physicians in finding a cure. [Double Helix Book 2: Vectors; Double Helix Book 3: Red Sector]
2366—A Husnock warship destroys the Federation colony on Delta Rana IV. The Husnock race is subsequently destroyed by a Douwd in retaliation for the attack. [“The Survivors”]
2366—A Ferengi clan purchases a controlling interest in Onorrh’s offworld export industry. [DC Star Trek: The Next Generation #9—“The Pay Off”]
2366—A Federation NonObservable Team is sent to the planet Makkus. [Restoration]
2366—A treaty is concluded between the Cardassians and the Federation, ending a long conflict. [“The Wounded”]
2366—Ambassador Sarek completes final treaty negotiations with the Legarans, after which he enters permanent retirement. [“Sarek”]
2366—The U.S.S. Harriman is caught in a crossfire between a Klingon and Romulan vessel. Casualties are light, but among them is Science Officer Marsha Kenyon, the wife of CO Norman Kenyon. Following the incident, Kenyon is transferred to command of the U.S.S. Grissom. [Once Burned/Star Trek Novels Timeline]
2366—A small group of mutant Xhaldians are born, affected by the Draa’kon genome. [Planet X]
2366—The Enterprise acquires a simulated Preserver artifact from a Romulan commander. During analysis, a program from the artifact enters and overrides the ship’s computer, bringing the Enterprise to TNC 65813. An attempted computer linkup results in the personality of Adrik Thorsen taking over Lt. Commander Data. Control is subsequently restored, and the ship enters the edge of the black hole. Detecting the Enterprise (NCC-1701) at the event horizon, the Enterprise-D recovers a shuttlecraft from the earlier ship, and the two ships aid each other in escaping from TNC 65813. The shuttlecraft contains Zefram Cochrane and the Companion, who later die aboard the Enterprise. [Federation]
2366—The U.S.S. Cochrane conducts a preliminary, non-intrusive survey of the planet Eloh. [The Romulan Stratagem]
2366—Birth of Alexander, son of Worf [“Reunion”]
2367—A Borg vessel enters Federation space, bound for Earth. A Star Fleet squadron of 40 vessels meets it at Wolf 359. 39 are destroyed. Only a last-ditch effort by the Enterprise and Lt. Commander Data averts the subjugation of the Human race. Among the casualties of the Wolf 359 battle is Jennifer Sisko. [“The Best of Both Worlds”/”Emissary”]
2367—A Borg cube enters the Diodor Sector and assimilates several Romulan colony worlds. When it reaches Prosenna, it is destroyed by race called the Azar. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2367—Captain Morgen leaves Star Fleet service and returns to his homeworld to assume the throne of the Daa’Vit Confederacy. [Reunion]
2367—The planet Lanatos is destroyed in a collision with a rogue comet. With the aid of the Enterprise, both native sentient races are relocated to Beta Diomede IV. [DC Star Trek: The Next Generation #22-24]
2367—Klingon Chancellor K’mpec is murdered. He is succeeded, pending formal approval, by Gowron. [“Reunion”]
2367—Captain Benjamin Maxwell of the U.S.S. Phoenix uses his vessel to make what he claims are preemptive strikes against the Cardassians. He is relieved of his command. Evidence, however, is found that the Cardassians are in fact rearming. [“The Wounded”]
2367—Dujonian’s Hoard is discovered by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and several mercenaries in an alternate space-time continuum on the far side of a pehnomenon known as Hel’s Gate. The gems are supporting a rebellion against a tyrannical species known as the Abinarri, and it is left in the hands of the rebels and their allies, including a former Star Fleet officer. [Dujonian’s Hoard]
2367—The Orion pirate Bardeck Gorales discovers the abandoned Klingon observation station in the Altanis Idrilon System in the Draconis Outback. He claims it as his own and christens it “Gorkon’s Retreat”. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2367—The Federation and Cardassian Union begin negotiations to establish territorial boundaries. [“Journey’s End”]
2367—Death of Curzon. Symbiont Dax is transferred to host Jadzia. [“Dax”]
2367—MIDAS Array is constructed. [Starship Spotter]
2367—First contact with the planet Iyaar. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2367—The Enterprise is invited to the centennial celebration of the Modalan overthrow of the Krisaian regime. Admiral McCoy and Ambassador Spock accompany the ship. During the celebration, it is revealed that the Krisaians’ suppliers of advanced weapons were Ferengi, who attempt to take control of Modala. The attempt is foiled, and the Ferengi withdraw. [“Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Modala Imperative”]
2367—The planet Rhawn is destroyed as another star approaches its sun. The vessel Traveler continues to flee. [Shadow]
2367-2368—Civil war breaks out in the Klingon Empire, amidst challenges to the succession of Gowron to the leadership of the High Council. Captain Picard leads a Federation fleet to the Klingon/Romulan border, reacting to suspicions of Romulan involvement in the war. This fleet turns back a Romulan supply convoy intending to support the Duras family, which is leading the insurrection. Gowron and his supporters are victorious. [“Redemption I & II”]
2368—Ambassador Spock of Vulcan undertakes an unauthorized mission to Romulus upon hearing word of increased Romulan interest in reunification with Vulcan. Captain Picard and Lt. Commander Data of the Enterprise pursue him to Romulus. It is subsequently discovered that the interest was a ruse to cover a Romulan invasion of Vulcan. The Romulan plan is exposed and foiled. Ambassador Spock remains
on Romulus to work with underground Romulan citizen groups which support a true reunification. [“Unification I & II”]
2368—Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan dies at the age of 203. [“Unification I”]
2368—A type-C asteroid impacts on the planet Penthara IV. Although the asteroid strikes an uninhabited continent, there is considerable concern that dust clouds raised by the impact may cause disastrous global cooling. [Star Trek Chronology (Revised)]
2368—Romulan D’valek-class swift warbirds first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2368—The Ktarians begin a takeover attempt of the Federation and Star Fleet, using an electronic game to render its users susceptible to suggestion. The attempt is foiled by Lt. Commander Data of the U.S.S. Enterprise and visiting Star Fleet cadet Wesley Crusher. Federation diplomats lodge a vigorous protest with the Ktarian government, resulting in a government upheaval and new elections on Ktaria VII. A new party advocating closer ties to the Federation takes control in the Ktarian parliament. [“The Game”/Last Unicorn RPG]
2368—The U.S.S. Enterprise is called in to resolve a conflict between Humans and Klingons on Selva. [War Drums]
2368—The Andorian science vessel Gilinir makes first contact with the fungal life-forms of Vecrat IV. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2368—First Danube-class runabout patrol ships are commissioned. [“Paradise”/Star Trek Encyclopedia]
2368—First Nova-class science scouts and Akira-class battlecruisers are commissioned. [Starship Spotter]
2368—A cultural exchange between the Federation and the Children of Tama is established. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2368—The Department of Temporal Investigations begins production on a series of space-time anomaly detectors. The largest of these is the Space-Time Anomaly Detection Array (SADA), orbiting a stable red-dwarf code-named Cassandra. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2368—The U.S.S. Bozeman reappears, apparently having traveled through a warp in the space-time continuum. It is met by the U.S.S. Enterprise, which is escaping from a localized time-loop phenomenon. [“Cause and Effect”]
2368—Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge stops an attempt by the parasite creatures to gain control of the Onglaatu Empire. [DC Star Trek: The Next Generation Annual #3—“The Broken Moon”]
2368—Elim Garak, a member of Cardassia’s Obsidian Order, is politically disgraced with the Cardassian Central Command, and is exiled to station Terok Nor. [“Profit and Loss”]
2368—While engaged in a survey mission of the Badlands, the U.S.S. Enterprise suffers severe effects of tetryon radiation, complicating a dipomatic initiative with the Cardassians being undertaken in conjunction with the survey. [The Badlands, Book 1]
2368—The race inhabiting the planet Ahmista is destroyed by a Promethean weapon. [Fire on High]
2368—The starship Independence is rediscovered near an interstellar ark vessel. Some survivors are discovered within the ark. [The Romulan Prize]
2368—A prototype Romulan warbird is captured by alien ambimorphs. [The Romulan Prize]
2368—The Federation opens full diplomatic contact with the Sli, ending a Ferengi monopoly on Sli contact. [Sins of Commission]
2369—In a stunning and unexpected move, representatives of the Tholian Assembly propose a truce with the Federation. The Federation agrees, and ambassadors are exchanged, although the Tholians give no reason for the decision. [Decipher RPG]
2369—Captain Montgomery Scott is recovered from the transport U.S.S. Jenolen–found crashed on the surface of a Dyson Sphere–after
spending approximately 75 years as a pattern in the ship’s transporter, which he locked into a diagnostic cycle. [“Relics”]
Begin DS9 series
2369—The Cardassians withdraw from the Bajoran System. The Bajorans request Federation aid in rebuilding their world. A Star Fleet team led by Commander Benjamin Sisko is sent to a Cardassian/ Bajoran-constructed space station–originally called Terok Nor and renamed Deep Space 9–in orbit about Bajor to oversee its repair and administration. An artifically-created stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant is discovered in the Denorios Belt near Bajor, and the station is moved to the mouth of the wormhole, in expectation of the site becoming a major nexus of activity. [“Emissary” (“Deep Space Nine”)]
2369—Benzar is admitted to the Federation. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2369—The planet Eloh invites representatives from the Federation and the Romulan Empire to discuss options for the planet joining one body. After several days of discussions and “sales pitches”, the Elohsians choose to seek alliance with the Romulans. [The Romulan Stratagem]
2369—The aphasia device on Deep Space 9 is accidentally triggered by Chief of Operations O’Brien while he is repairing a food replicator. [“Babel”]
2369—The U.S.S. Grissom is assigned to escort a diplomatic team to oversee peace talks between two races on the planets Anzibar II and Anzibar IV (the Carvargna and Dufaux, respectively). The diplomatic team is Captain Kenyon’s brother and daughter. The mission ends in disaster, when both Byron and Stephanie Kenyon are killed by the Dufaux. Afterward, Kenyon involves the Grissom directly in the conflict, joining a Carvargna fleet in attacking and destroying the Dufaux fleet. The Carvargna then bombard Anzibar IV. The Dufaux surrender, and their leader is put on trial, but when he tries to attack Captain Kenyon, he is killed by First Officer Mackenzie Calhoun. Kenyon then kills himself. Calhoun resigns from Star Fleet. [Once Burned/Star Trek Novels Timeline]
2369—The Ktarian parliament opens negotiations with the Federation, seeking membership. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2369—The Vulcan Isolationist Movement begins an attempt to reassemble the Stone of Gol. [“Gambit”]
2369—Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek convenes a major conference on Deep Space Nine to discuss business opportunities in the Gamma Quadrant. [“The Nagus”]
2369—The DTI authorizes the science vessel U.S.S. Crick to go back in time and “rescue” the DNA of the Alpha Centauran white thendra, a wormlike bird that went extinct at the beginning of the Centauran industrial age. The species is successfully recovered and reintroduced into the planet’s ecosystem. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2369—The cross-racial multiprion plague strikes the Romulan ruling family. Ambassador Spock and Admiral Leonard McCoy discover the last survivor of that family, held prisoner on the Pojjan homeworld, recover him, and are able, along with Beverly Crusher, to synthesize a cure to the plague. [Double Helix Book 3: Red Sector]
2369—The U.S.S. Valkyrie is lost with all hands during an engagement with the Borg in the Uridi’si System. Among the casualties is Ruriko Tenmei, dispatched from the U.S.S. T’Plana-Hath, when the Borg, fleeing from the area, opens a transwarp conduit and the Valkyrie follows it in. [Twilight/Lesser Evil]
2369—Kai Opaka is reported killed during an excursion in the Gamma Quadrant. In reality, her injuries are repaired by microbes on a penal planetoid, but the microbes will operate only in that environment, trapping Opaka there. [“Battle Lines”]
2369—The clerics of Boreth create a clone of Kahless, who becomes emperor of the Klingon Empire and serves as its spiritual leader, while political power remains in the hands of Gowron and the High Council. [“Rightful Heir”]
2369—The starship U.S.S. Hera, commanded by Silva LaForge, is lost. [“Interface”]
2370—Federation/Cardassian Treaty and Jankata Accord – Signed between the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union which prohibited either group of traveling into another quadrant with the goal of territorial expansion and established a de-militarized zone between the two powers resulting in the exchange of colonies who fell on the wrong side of the line.
2370—An abortive coup on Bajor threatens the Federation’s position there. The coup fails when Cardassian involvement is revealed. [“The Homecoming”/“The Circle”/“The Siege”]
2370—Birth of Kes [“Elogium”/”Twisted”]
2370—Noted terraformer Gideon Seyetik is killed during an experiment involving the use of protomatter to successfully reignite a dead star, Epsilon 119. [“Second Sight”]
2370—Admiral Nechayev seeks out Calhoun, and brings him back into Star Fleet, serving on a series of special assignments. [OnceBurned/Star Trek Novels Timeline]
2370—The Stone of Gol is recovered by the Vulcan government. The existence of the Vulcan Isoltaionist Movement as a terrorist faction is revealed. [“Gambit”]
2370—First Thucydides-class timeships are commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2370—The starship Pegasus is discovered in the Devolin System. It is learned that the ship carried an illegal, experimental cloaking device that operated via the phasing of matter. This device led to failures which killed much of the crew and contributed to the vessel’s loss. [“The Pegasus”]
End of Next Generation series
2370—While the starships Enterprise and Darwin conduct a follow-up exploration of the Dyson Sphere discovered a year earlier, a neutron star is detected on a collision course with the Sphere. Last minute maneuvering by the Sphere causes the neutron star to miss, but the Sphere then contracts to the quantum level and vanishes from the universe as we know it. The crew of the Darwin are trapped inside and lost. [Dyson Sphere]
2370—In the Gamma Quadrant, the T-Rogoran race is conquered by the Dominion. [“Sanctuary”]
2370—First Sovereign-class heavy cruiser is commissioned. [Starship Spotter]
2370—The Romulan swift warbird Imparatex is lost during routine patrol along the Klingon border. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2370—The Federation and Cardassian Union complete an extended series of negotiations setting the final boundaries of their respective territories. A demilitarized zone is established along the border. As a footnote to this, an agreement is established allowing the American Indian colonists on Dorvan V to remain on the planet, provided that they give up Federation citizenship and accept Cardassian jurisdiction. All sides agree to these terms. Some Federation colonists, however, dissatisfied with the new treaty and believing themselves abandoned by the Federation government, form an underground terrorist group calling itself the Maquis. The Cardassian agent Seska infiltrates the Maquis to gather intelligence data for the Cardassian Central Command. [“Journey’s End”/Star Trek Chronology (Revised)/The Badlands, Book 2 (Modified)]
2370—Vair (homeworld of the Cairn) is admitted to the Federation. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2370—The Paradan civil war ends. Peace talks take place on Deep Space 9. [“Whispers”]
2370—Kor, Koloth, and Kang locate the albino on Sakera IV. They are joined by Jadzia Dax on a strike against the albino’s stronghold. During the attack, Koloth and Kang are killed, but the albino too is killed, fulfilling the blood oath. [“Blood Oath”]
2370—A Romulan attack on a Klingon cruiser in the Gamma Quadrant fuels tensions between the Klingons and Cardassians, whom the Klingons believe to be the attackers. Personnel from Deep Space 9 reveal the Romulan involvement, defusing a potential Klingon-Cardassian war. [“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Hearts and Minds”]
2370—A summit is arranged between Federation and Gorn representatives to begin a new round of contacts. The summit is placed at risk by a challenge from fringe groups hostile to the idea of renewed contact with the Federation. The Enterprise and Captain Picard are dispatched to assist in the negotiations, due to Picard’s earlier contact with the Gorn. [Requiem]
2370—While on a survey mission, the science vessel Equinox is transported to the Delta Quadrant. Within weeks, almost half the crew is lost, and the ship begins a harrowing journey home. ["Equinox, Part I”]
2370—Vedek Winn is elected kai on Bajor. [“The Collaborator”]
2370—First Intrepid-class cruiser is commissioned. [Starship Spotter]
2370—Formal relations are opened between the Federation and the Dragon Empire. [Dragon’s Honor]
2370—The second Malkus Artifact is discovered by a Bajoran terrorist, who attempts to use it to disrupt a project to convert a section of a Bajoran moon to arable land and establish a farming colony. The artifact is recovered by Kira Nerys of Deep Space 9 and Declan Keogh of the starship Odyssey. [The Brave and the Bold, Book One]
2370—First contact with the Jem’Hadar. The soldiers of the Dominion capture Benjamin Sisko, Jake Sisko, Quark, and Nog while they are on a camping trip in the Gamma Quadrant. Several Alpha Quadrant vessels and the New Bajor colony are destroyed, as the Jem’Hadar demand that traffic through the wormhole ceases. The starship Odyssey, accompanied by the runabouts Mekong and Orinoco, travels through the wormhole to investigate the situation. Sisko and company are rescued, but the Odyssey is destroyed in a Jem’Hadar attack. [“The Jem’Hadar”]
2371—The Star Fleet insignia is revised, altering the background ellipse to a slotted bar and again modifying the arrowhead. [”Star Trek Generations”/”Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”/”Star Trek: Voyager”]
2371—A Star Fleet task force consisting of the starships Enterprise, Oraidhe, and Marignano encounters and destroys an intellivore which had been responsible for the destruction of many civilizations in an area near the rift between the Orion and Sagittarius Arms of the galaxy. The action is not without cost, however, as there are casualties on all three ships, including the loss of the entire crew of the Oraidhe. [Intellivore]
2371—The U.S.S. Voyager (NCC-74656) is launched under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway. [“Caretaker”]
2371—At Commander Sisko’s request, the experimental starship U.S.S. Defiant is assigned to Deep Space Nine. A new treaty with the Romulans establishes that they will loan Star Fleet a cloaking device for defensive use against the Dominion. The device is installed aboard the Defiant. [“The Search, Part I”]
2371—A doomsday cult seizes alien technology and fiires a probe into the Ntignano star, creating a singularity and threatening the entire system, including an inhabited planet. Thanks to the assistance of the Tsorans, the inhabited Ntignano planet is evacuated before it is destroyed. [Tooth and Claw]
2371—A member of the Maquis discovers the third Malkus Artifact in the Demilitarized Zone, and uses it to attempt to destroy the Cardassian colony on the planet Nramia, as well as the ecosystem of the planet Slaybis IV. Officers of the starships Hood and Voyager, as well as other Maquis members, are able to recover the artifact and prevent any further damage. [The Brave and the Bold, Book Two]
2371— The cross-racial multiprion plague strikes a planet in the Demilitarized Zone. Maquis teams run medical supplies, and a Star Fleet team from the U.S.S. Ghandi assists. During the mission, Lieutenant Thomas Riker defects to the Maquis. [Double Helix Book 4: Quarantine]
Begin Voyager Series
2371—Searching for a missing Maquis vessel, the U.S.S. Voyager enters the Badlands near the Cardassian border, where a spatial displacement wave hurls the ship (as well as its Maquis quarry) 70,000 light-years away, into the Delta Quadrant. First contact is made with the Kazon, Ocampa, and Talaxian races. The Maquis vessel is destroyed, and both crews combine aboard the Voyager, which begins its search for a way home. Immediately prior to its encounter with the wave, Voyager transmits data from an analysis of unusual tetryon radiation, suggesting that a prototype Romulan artificial quantum singularity power source may be orbiting the Badlands, causing the radiation effects. [”Caretaker” (“Voyager”)/The Badlands, Book 2]
2371—A Star Fleet task force led by the Enterprise defeats the second incursion by the Furies near Brundage Station. A shuttlecraft piloted by Lieutenant Sam Redbay activates an exposive that closes the spatial rift the Furies are using to travel from the Delta to the Alpha Quadrant. [Star Trek: Invasion – The Soldiers of Fear]
2371—Ambassador Spock and a group of his followers are captured on the colony world of Constanthus. A rescue mission by the Enterprise is successful, and Spock, Leonard McCoy, and Montgomery Scott are briefly reunited. Spock then returns to Romulus to continue his efforts toward reunification. [Crossover]
2371—Voyager makes first contact with the Vidiians. [“Phage”]
2371—Responding to a distress call from the Amargosa Observatory, the Enterprise rescues Dr. Tolian Soran, who is attempting to return to the space-time anomaly he calls the Nexus. Soran escapes from the Enterprise and uses a probe to destroy Amargosa, attempting to alter the course of the Nexus. In league with the Duras sisters–Lursa and B’Etor–Soran kidnaps Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge. They travel to the Veridian System aboard the Duras sisters’ Bird of Prey, with the Enterprise following. LaForge is returned, and Captain Picard attempts to negotiate with Soran to prevent him from destroying Veridian. Meanwhile, the Enterprise is critically damaged in battle with the Bird of Prey, and executes an emergency saucer separation and planetfall. Initially unsuccessful in his negotiations, Picard is drawn into the Nexus and meets James Kirk (who had been similarly pulled in 76 years earlier). Kirk agrees to assist Picard in an attempt to stop Soran. The attempt is successful, but Kirk is killed. The Enterprise, too, is declared a loss, though casualties are light. The Enterprise survivors are picked up and returned to Earth. [”Star Trek Generations”]
2371—Romulan Vereleus-class dreadnoughts first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2371—The U.S.S. Olympia is destroyed while investigating a Class L planet in the Rutharian Sector. [“The Sound of Her Voice”]
2371—Talks take place between the Federation and Jibetian Confederacy regarding a potential alliance and/or the Confederacy joining the Federation; During this time, the legendary lost Jibetian vessel Nibix is found and recovered. [The Long Night]
2371—A group of the Unclean, the race that originally defeated and exiled the Furies, stages an attack near Deep Space Nine. They are destroyed by a task force near the station, aided by the Defiant and the wormhole aliens, which eliminate a temporal affect of a battle fought five millennia earlier. [Time’s Enemy]
2371—The Federation Medical Council announces that year’s nominees for the prestigious Carrington Award. Among the nominees is Dr. Julian Bashir. The winner turns out to be Dr. Henri Roget of the Central Hospital of Altair IV. [“Prophet Motive”]
2371—In the Delta Quadrant, the Voyager encounters the Furies’ homeworld. They are planning a new invasion of the Alpha Quadrant, using a moon-sized device to create a wormhole large enough to bring the entire planet through. Lieutenants Torres and Redbay damage the equipment on the moon, resulting in the wormhole going somewhere else, sending the Furies’ planet much farther from Federation and Klingon space, indefinitely abating the threat. [The Final Fury]
2371—The Cardassian Obsidian Order and the Romulan Tal Shiar manipulate their respective empires into launching a large-scale assault on the Founders’ homeworld. The battle fleet is lured into a trap and is decimated by Jem’Hadar warships, at least temporarily removing both the Romulans and Cardassians as threats to the Founders. [”Improbable Cause”/”The Die is Cast”]
2371—The Voyager ends a war between the Akerian Empire and the inhabitants of Veruna IV, in the process revealing that both races are offshoots of a common ancestor-race known as the K’shikkaa which had colonized Akeras and Veruna IV. [The Murdered Sun]
2371—Ensign Seska, aboard Voyager, provides information about Federation technology to the Kazon-Nistrim sect. When this is discovered, she flees Voyager and finds refuge with Kazon-Nistrim First Maje Kullah. [“State of Flux”]
2371—Shakaar Edon is elected to the office of First Minister of Bajor. [“Shakaar”/”Crossfire”]
2371—The Voyager discovers a colony of Humans on a planet formerly controlled by a race known as the Briori. Also found at the colony are a group of Humans in cryogenic freeze, revealed to be Humans who had disappeared from Earth, including aviator Amelia Earhart. [“The 37s”]
2372—A plague sweeps across Bajor, brought to the planet by Tetrarch Varis Sul, who acquires replicators on the black market with contaminated organic supplies. A cure for the plague is developed by Julian Bashir and Jadzia Dax of Deep Space Nine. [Wrath of the Prophets]
2372—A civilian uprising topples the military government of Cardassia. The Klingon Empire, fearing a Dominion infiltration behind the action, invades the Cardassian Empire. The Federation Council condemns the invasion, and in response, the Klingon Empire withdraws from the Khitomer Accords and breaks off diplomatic relations with the Federation. Under Federation pressure, however, the Klingons halt their invasion, although they refuse to relinquish control over several captured colonies. Lt. Commander Worf, at the request of Captain Benjamin Sisko, transfers to Deep Space 9 during the crisis to act as a liaison with the Klingons. He remains at the station as Strategic Operations Officer. [”The Way of the Warrior”]
2372—Taking advantage of the redirection of Klingon Defense Force resources toward Cardassia, a rebel faction among the al’Hmatti stages a coup d’état and retakes the planet. The rebels then appeal to the Federation for aid. The Federation begins an investigation. [Diplomatic Implausibility]
2372—The Deep Space 9 runabout Rubicon makes a forced landing on Bopak III in the Gamma Quadrant. A group of renegade Jem’Hadar soldiers enlists the aid of Julian Bashir and Miles O’Brien in an unsuccessful attempt to free them from their genetic adiction to the drug ketracel-white. [“Hippocratic Oath”]
2372—Nog becomes the first Ferengi to enroll in Star Fleet Academy. [“Little Green Men”]
2372—An expedition consisting of Lt. Commander Dax, Lt. Commander Worf, and Kor recovers the long-missing bat’leth used by Kahless. Subsequently deciding the Klingon Empire is not yet ready for what the bat’leth represents as a symbol, they beam it into space and claim not to have located it. [”The Sword of Kahless”]
2372—The Cataati people are assimilated by the Borg. Only a few thousand individuals escape. [“Day of Honor”]
2372—The Andorian science vessel Shraa’jath conducts groudbreaking experiments regarding the existence of subspace life. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2372—The U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) is launched under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Except for Lt. Commander Worf, all of the senior staff from the Enterprise-D are assigned to the newest Enterprise. [“Star Trek: First Contact”]
2372—Using fear of Dominion infiltration of the Federation government, Admiral Leyton of Star Fleet Command attempts a military takeover of the Federation. The attempt is thwarted by Captain Sisko of Deep Space Nine, who is temporarily on assignment to Star Fleet Security at the time. [”Homefront”/”Paradise Lost”]
2372—Lieutenant Thomas Paris of the starship Voyager becomes the first Human to exceed Eugene’s Limit (Warp 10) during transwarp experiments. The bizarre effects of exceeding this boundary make it clear that the transwarp drive used in the experiment is far from safe as a mode of propulsion. [”Threshold”]
2372—Personnel from the Voyager discover a Cardassian missile which had been swept into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, and prevent it from destroying Rakosa V, a nearby inhabited planet. [“Dreadnought”]
2372—The Ferengi Alliance acquires the Bajoran Orb of Wisdom on the black market, and offer it for auction on the open market. The Bajorans are outraged that the Ferengi will not sell it directly back to them, and freeze all Ferengi economic activity within their star system. The Ferengi respond by blockading the system. Relations deteriorate until war is declared between Ferenginar and Bajor, following the destruction of a Ferengi vessel. Captain Sisko and officers of Deep Space Nine are able to intercede and create a situation allowing both sides to back away from hostilities, leading to an agreement under which the Ferengi will sell the orb to Bajor. Circumstances return to normal soon afterward. [The 34th Rule]
2372—Deep Space 9 Security Officer Eddington is revealed to be a Maquis operative. He eludes custody by fleeing from the station, in the process stealing 12 industrial replicators intended for delivery to the Cardassians. [“For the Cause”]
2372—On a small planetoid in the Gamma Quadrant, former Bajoran Kai Opaka is able to broker an end to the fighting amongst factions of prisoners consigned to the planetoid. The unified population comes to be known as the Sen Ennis. Soon afterward, an alien vessel piloted by a being named Raiq from a race calling themselves the Ascendants lands on the planetoid, revealing a breach in the satellite system that aids in the confinement of the prisoners. In return for the Sen Ennis’ help in her recovery, Raiq eliminates the mechanism that restricts the prisoners to the planetoid, freeing them. [Rising Son]
2372—Birth of Naomi Wildman [“Deadlock”]
2372—Dominion scientists discover the remains of an Iconian gateway on Vandros IV, in the Gamma Quadrant. Dominion research on the gateway is disrupted when a group of renegade Jem’Hadar capture the site. Vorta agents of the Dominion enlist the aid of Captain Sisko and the Defiant to destroy the gateway, and Sisko agrees to counter the threat of a functional gateway to both the Dominion and the Federation. [“To the Death”]
2372-2373—The Kazon-Nistrim sect overwhelms and temporarily captures the U.S.S. Voyager, stranding most of the crew on a primitive planet. Through the actions of Ensign Suder, the ship’s holographic Doctor, and Lieutenant Paris, as well as the assistance of a Talaxian squadron, Voyager is retaken and the crew rescued. The ship continues its journey homeward. [“Basics, Part I-II”]
2373—A Star Fleet team headed by Captain Sisko travels to the Klingon homeworld to follow up on the suspicion that Chancellor Gowron is a changeling. Instead, it is revealed that the changeling has taken the form of General Martok. In the wake of the discovery of Dominion manipulation, Gowron agrees to a cease-fire with the Federation. [“Apocalypse Rising”]
2373—The investigation of the taD situation is deferred after the Klingons re-take the planet and the Federation and Klingon Empire re-ally. [Diplomatic Implausibility]
2373—The Voyager reaches the edge of the Nekrit Expanse. [“Fair Trade”]
2373—The lost Bajoran city of B’Hala is located by Captain Sisko. [“Rapture”]
2373—Captain Sisko and the crew of the Defiant encounter the people known in legend as the Mist, who live in an alternate continuum slightly out-of-phase with normal space-time. A rebel faction of the Mist briefly seize Deep Space Nine, but the station is recovered and the rebel faction defeated. [The Mist]
2373—Pursuing Michael Eddington, Captain Sisko realizes that Eddington perceives himself as a hero and Sisko as a villain. To capture Eddington, therefore, Sisko poisons the atmosphere of a Maquis colony, and threatens to do the same to every maquis planet in the Demilitarized Zone. To stop Sisko from doing this, Eddington surrenders. [“For the Uniform”]
2373—The starship U.S.S. Slayton is destroyed by a Romulan warbird near the Chiaros star system in the Geminus Gulf. [Rogue]
2373—The people of Chiaros IV vote to pursue an alliance with the Romulan Empire, instead of the Federation. Unbeknownst to the Chiarosan people, however, a Romulan facility in their system, studying/utilizing a singularity, is destroyed by the starship Enterprise, which had been sent to the planet to ensure that the referendum proceeds in an orderly fashion. [Rogue]
2373—The Voyager encounters the First Federation vessel Fesarius in the Delta Quadrant, including its pilot, Balok, and former Star Fleet Lieutenant David Bailey. [Strange New Worlds I – “Ambassador-at-Large”]
2373—Within the Nekrit Expanse, the Voyager’s crew encounters a community of former Borg, separated from the Collective and now living as individuals. [“Unity”]
2373—After Garak receives a distress call from Enabran Tain, he and Worf investigate. They are captured by the Jem’Hadar and taken to a prison asteroid, where they find Tain, the real General Martok, and Julian Bashir, who had been captured and replaced by a changeling some weeks previously. Tain dies, but Worf, Garak, Bashhir, and Martok escape. At Deep Space Nine, the personnel prepare for a Dominion attack. The Klingons reinstate the alliance with the Federation, and the Romulans join in forming a defense fleet. The faux-Bashir attempts to destroy the Bajoran sun, but is instead killed. It turns out that no Dominion attack will come that day. [“In Purgatory’s Shadow”/”By Inferno’s Light”]
2373—Doctor Bashir is revealed to be genetically enhanced, the result of an illegal procedure performed on him as a child. An arrangement with Star Fleet allows him to remain in the service. [“Dr. Bashir, I Presume?”]
2373—After a Borg attack on Earth is repulsed by a Star Fleet task force, a small Borg craft escapes from the exploding cube-ship and travels back in time to attempt to prevent First Contact by destroying Zefram Cochrane’s warp ship in 2063. The Enterprise-E pursues and destroys the Borg, and assists Cochrane in repairing his damaged warp ship and making the test flight. The involvement of Enterprise personnel is kept secret, and history is unaware of the influence of persons from the future. [“Star Trek: First Contact”]
2373—The Miradorn sign a nonaggression pact with the Dominion. [“Call to Arms”]
2373—The Thallonian Empire, in Sector 221-G, collapses. In order to reconnoiter the area and establish a Federation presence in the now chaotic sector, Star Fleet assigns the heavy cruiser U.S.S. Excalibur, just completing refit following the battle with the Borg, to that sector on an open-ended mission. The Excalibur is placed under the command of Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. [Star Trek: New Frontier – House of Cards]
2373—Acting on information from the Voyager prior to its disappearance, the Defiant locates the artificial quantum singularity orbiting the Badlands, and uses a Romulan folded-space transporter to send the object out of the area and away from any sector where it might cause further damage. [The Badlands, Book 2]
2373—Captain Sisko places a minefield just outside the wormhole to prevent the Dominion from sending more ships through. A Dominion/Cardassian fleet seizes Deep Space Nine, and war begins with the Dominion. [“A Time to Stand”]
2373—The monarch of the Pinaar Domain requests Federation aid in negotiations with the Kentarrans. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2373—The government of the planet Nelkar is overthrown and replaced with a new, more benevolent, regime. [Star Trek: New Frontier – End Game]
2373—The planet Thallon is destroyed, and is revealed to have been serving as the “egg” for a huge creature strongly resembling the mythical Great Bird of the Galaxy, which vanishes shortly after emerging from the debris of the planet. [Star Trek: New Frontier – End Game]
2373—The planet Galion, home to several Maquis settlements, is devastated by a Dominion Fleet. [The Dominion War Book 1: Behind Enemy Lines]
2373—The starship Excalibur makes the first direct Federation contact with the race known as the Prometheans. [Fire on High]
2373-2374—The Voyager approaches Borg space, and discover that the Borg are combating an invasion of aliens from an alternate continuum called Species 8472. The Borg, incredibly, are losing their conflict with Species 8472. In order to secure safe passage through Borg space, Captain Janeway strikes a deal giving them technology to combat Species 8472. The Borg attempt to assimilate Voyager while Janeway is aboard a Borg cube, compelling Chakotay to abort the deal. The ship and crew, including Janeway, escape, with one Borg—Seven of Nine, a Human assimilated as a child—still aboard. The decision is made to sever Seven of Nine’s link with the Collective. She stays on Voyager as a member of the crew. [“Scorpion I-II”]
2374—Kes undergoes a transformation into a being of energy, leaving Voyager to journey on a different plane of existence. As a “parting gift”, she uses her newfound powers to send the ship 10,000 light years closer to home. [“The Gift”]
2374—The Romulans engage in the Fifth Taurhai Offensive. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2374—One of the Defiant’s missions is the destruction of a Dominion sensor array, through which the Dominion and Cardassians had been tracking Star Fleet ship movements. [“Behind the Lines”]
2374—The Great Link is infected with a genetically-engineered virus developed by Section 31. [“The Changing Face of Evil”]
2374—Andorian Atlira-class escorts first commissioned. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2374—Some 5 months after it was taken, Deep Space Nine is recaptured by a Federation fleet. The minefield is destroyed by the Dominion, but Sisko persuades the wormhole aliens to intercede and prevent the Dominion reinforcements fleet from traveling through the wormhole. [“Sacrifice of Angels”]
2374—The Dominion and Cardassians attempt to construct an artificial wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant in Cardassian space, using technologies and methods developed by the Trill Enrak Grof. An undercover team led by Captain Picard successfully destroys the wormhole complex, ending the attempt. [The Dominion War Book Three: Tunnel Through the Stars]
2374—The race known as the Lumalit attacks an asteroid settlement of the Iscoy. In the confusion, Captain Janeway is separated from the Voyager, which she believes destroyed, and joins the crew of an Omian warranter vessel. She warns the crew of the Lumalit threat, and eventually aids the Omians and Iscoy—with the help of Voyager, which had not been destroyed, after all—in forcing back a Lumalit invasion of that area of space. Following the engagement, and in the wake of a change in Omian government, Janeway reyurns to the Voyager. [Fire Ship/Star Trek Novels Timeline]
2374—The Qavok attack the Lekk home system, increasing the long-standing level of conflict between the two races. [Death of a Neutron Star]
2374—Worf and Jadzia Dax are married. [“You Are Cordially Invited”]
2374—First contact with the Son’a. [Last Unicorn RPG]
2374—The Evora achieve interstellar travel capability. [“Star Trek: Insurrection”]
2374—The Voyager passes through Krenim space. [“The Year of Hell”, Part I-II]
2374—The Voyager encounters an alien communications network stretching nearly to the Alpha Quadrant, and uses it to send a message to Star Fleet. The message, including the Holographic Doctor’s program, reaches the tactical cruiser U.S.S. Prometheus, which has been captured by Romulans while on acceptance trials. Voyager’s EMH and the one from the Prometheus retake that ship, and Voyager’s EMH returns to that ship. However, Star Fleet is now aware that Voyager and its crew are still alive. Voyager, meanwhile, has made first contact with a race called the Hirogen. [“Message in a Bottle”]
2374—The Enterprise brings Betazoid scientist Lem Faal to the Galactic Barrier at the galaxy’s edge to conduct experiments on methods of breaching that barrier.The initial experiments are successful, but reveal that the Barrier was in fact a protective wall erected by the Q Continuum to keep a hostile energy being out of the galaxy. Q, assisted by the Calamarain, is able to seal the breach and keep the energy being at bay, but the experiements are discontinued. [“The Q Continuum” Trilogy]
2374—The Hirogen subsequently capture Voyager for several weeks, forcing the crew to play out an endless series of holodeck scenarios emphasizing hunting and combat. Finally escaping, Captain Janeway is able to negotiate a settlemnt through which the Hirogen release the ship. [“The Killing Game”, Part I-II]
2374—The Draa’kon attempt to kidnap the mutants they had created, but the Enterprise, with the aid of the X-Men, a group of mutants from an alternate universe, repulses and captures the Draa’kon. The Enterprise crew and X-Men are also able to help the Xhaldians begin to repair a societal rift between the mutants and the rest of the planet’s population. [Planet X]
2374—Benthan scientists test a prototype spacecraft that uses a coaxial warp drive propulsion system. [“Vis à Vis”]
2374—Voyager detects the Omega particle, and ultimately destroys its source. [“The Omega Directive”]
2374 In an effort to safely speed resupply to the front lines and war ravaged areas far faster and without damaging space, Federation scientists attempt to adapt Borg transwarp conduit technology to create high speed “spacelanes”. The spacelane project, which had been overseen by Dr Dlewn Lisodo of Ka’Tula, in conjunction with Hugh of the Free Borg. In the proposal, Dr Dlewn demonstrated how, under laboratory conditions, a stable transwarp conduit could be built, made safe for travel, and would last for an estimated 2,500 years at the sizes needed for starships to pass through. Given funding and official go-ahead and the Starfleet cruiser USS Narsel to complete a conduit and test it, Dr Dlewn Set to work to create a conduit between Ka’Tula and Starbase 241. After completing the conduit and establishing it with first probes and then a trip through by the Narsel, the experiment was declared a success by Dr Dlewn. On the 5th pass through the conduit while doing a full sensor sweep, the conduit closed, later thought to have ruptured into subspace. The ship and all hands disappeared without a trace and were declared dead. The project is suspended indefinitely.
2374—Betazed is captured by Dominion and Cardassian invasion forces. The space station Sentok Nor is constructed in orbit around the planet. [“In the Pale Moonlight”/The Battle of Betazed]
2374—Captain Sisko attempts to draw the Romulans into the alliance using manufactured evidence of a Dominion plan to invade the Romulan Empire. Romulan Senator Vreenak determines that the evidence is false, but after his shuttle leaves Deep Space Nine, it is destroyed by a Cardassian explosive placed aboard by Garak. Accusing the Cardassians of assassinating the senator, the Romulans join the war aganst the Dominion. [“In the Pale Moonlight”]
2374—The long-prophesied Reckoning begins, as a pah-wraith and a Prophet begin to battle on Deep Space Nine, using the bodies of Jake Sisko and Kira. When the battle seems likely to heavily damage the station, Kai Winn sets off a radiation burst to drive the energy beings out, thus deferring the Reckoning, with unknown consequences. [“The Reckoning”]
2374—After many delays, Farpoint Station on Deneb IV is completed and activated. [Millennium, Book I: The Fall of Terok Nor]
2374—The starship Valiant, manned by a crew of cadets from Red Squad, is destroyed attempting to cripple a Dominion battleship. [“Valiant”]
2374—The long-fabled Red Orbs of Jalbador are discovered, but mindful of the ancient Bajoran writings, Captain Sisko and Major Kira keep them apart and ultimately place them into the hands of Prylar Obanak at the Cirran monastery on Bajor. [Millennium, Book I: The Fall of Terok Nor, and Book III: Inferno]
2374—An alien seeking revenge against Voyager and its crew for their role in the Borg’s assimilation of his homeworld introduces the crew to the quantum slipstream drive. Although his vengeance is thwarted and the crew attempt to utilize the slipstream, it proves unstable and cannot be used for any sustained flight, although the Voyager does jump another 10,000 light years closer to home. [“Hope and Fear”]
2374—Beginning a counter-offensive against the Dominion and Cardassia, Captain Sisko leads a task force in an attack on the Chin’toka System. While the attack is successful, back on Deep Space Nine, Jadzia Dax is attacked by a pagh wraith using Gul Dukat’s body. Jadzia dies, but Bashir is able to save the Dax symbiont, which is to be taken back to Trill. En route to Trill, an emergency arises which forces the Dax symbiont to be joined with Ezri Tigan, the assistant counselor of the starship Destiny. Once joined, Ezri Dax seeks out Captain Sisko, and eventually transfers to Deep Space Nine as station counselor. [“The Tears of the Prophets”/”Image in the Sand”/”Shadows and Symbols”/”Second Star to the Right…” (The Lives of Dax)]
2375—A Star Fleet squadron, including the Enterprise and Saber-class vessels Tulwar, Katana, and Scimitar, accompanied by the Defiant, spearheads the move to retake Betazed. A risky telepathic attack strategy, derived from the knowledge of the Betazoid serial-killer Hent Tevren, is utilized to immobilize the Jem’Hadar troops, while a strike team destroys the Sentok Nor station, and the planet is freed, although at the cost of over a thousand Betazoid telepaths. [The Battle of Betazed]
2375—The Romulans establish a military presence in the Bajoran system. [“Image in the Sand”]
2375—Voyager first encounters the Maalon. [“Night”]
2375—Reviewing the logs of the USS Narsil, Sethis of the Vulcan Science Academy notices certain anomalies in the sensor logs. After a series of incredibly daunting mathematical proofs, he succeeds in proving that the Narsil’s own sensor sweep, in combination with their specific warp bubble configuration and shield frequency actually caused a resonance feedback loop within the conduit causing it to rupture. He proves that the accident was a freak occurrence that had a mathematical probability of being duplicated intentionally of one in several billion, and that being duplicated unintentionally had a probability approaching zero. Suggesting several safety protocols, mostly to do with what not to do with sensors while inside the conduit, he confirmes Dr. Dlewn’s theory as sound, his research vetted by the members of the Vulcan Science Academy at large.
2375—The USS Ares is given the mission to open and fix a stable transwarp conduit between Ka’Tula and Starbase 241. The USS Ares is successful is creating, testing, and confirming the establishment of a stable transwarp conduit.

2375—The Voyager crew designs and constructs the shuttlecraft Delta Flyer. [“Extreme Risk”]
2375—Assisting and coordinating the efforts of several different races, including the Qavok, Lekk, and Xorm, the Voyager is able to deflect the course of a neutron star and prevent it from destroying any inhabited star systems. [Death of a Neutron Star]
2375—Voyager encounters a training facility used by Species 8472 to prepare to invade Earth. Peaceful communication is established, and the first steps in convincing the aliens that the Federation means them no harm are taken. [“In the Flesh”]
2375—Voyager passes through Devore space. [“Counterpoint”]
2375—The Founders are infected with a previously-unknown ailment, endangering their entire race. [“Treachery, Faith, and the Great River”]
2375—Dahar Master Kor apparently dies while commanding a Bird of Prey and holding off ten Jem’Hadar ships, thus enabling the IKS Rotarran, with Worf and Martok aboard, to escape pursuit. [“Once More Unto the Breach”]
2375—The Borg Collective attempts to convince Seven of Nine to rejoin them, but is unsuccessful, as Seven has developed too much individuality. She is rescued by the Voyager crew. [“Dark Frontier”]
2375—An archaeological dig is begun at a Zalkatian site on Beta Lankal. [The Brave and the Bold, Book Two]
2375—The Evora are invited to become a Federation protectorate. [“Star Trek: Insurrection”]
2375—The Breen enter into an alliance with the Dominion. [“Strange Bedfellows”]
2375—Another one of the hundred Changeling infants (like Odo) is found. Unlike Odo, he is not comfortable living among “solids”. [“Chimera”]
2375—Stable Transwarp Conduit technology is improved when the science vessel USS Three Feathers stumbles upon a specific shield frequency and warp bubble ratio that eases the entrance to and exit from the conduit While traveling from Starbase 241 to Ka’Tula. This advancement prompts the Federation Council to begin limited deployment of STWC’s (Stable TransWarp Conduit) around key materials production facilities deep within Federation space.
2375—The Federation, spurred by losses in the Dominion War, chooses to ally with the Son’a. At their request, arrangements begin to move the Ba’ku, a small population of 600 persons on a planet within the Briar Patch. The Ba’ku are not consulted, and the operation proceeds to move them against their will and without their knowledge. Captain Picard learns of the deception, and stops it. During this incident, it is learned that the Son’a are actually an offshoot of the Ba’ku. [“Star Trek: Insurrection”]
2375—A “think tank” discovers a cure for the Vidiian phage. [“Think Tank”]
2375—The Breen launch a devastating attack on San Francisco, on Earth. [“The Changing Face of Evil”]
2375—Voyager engages in a cultural exchange with the Kadi race. [“Someone to Watch Over Me”]
2375—Klingon Chancellor Gowron is killed by Worf in a battle for leadership of the High Council. Worf immediately relinquishes the title of Chancellor to Martok. [“Tacking into the Wind”]
2375—The U.S.S. Defiant is destroyed by Breen forces. Several weeks later, the U.S.S. Sao Paulo is reassigned to Deep Space 9, and a special dispensation is granted to allow Captain Sisko to rename the ship Defiant. [“The Changing Face of Evil”/“The Dogs of War”]
2375—Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek appoints Rom as his successor. [“The Dogs of War”]
2375—The Cardassians, rebelling against the brutal practices of the Dominion, attempt to sever their alliance with the Founders. By the time the alliance is broken, over 800 million Cardassians are killed by Dominion forces. [“What You Leave Behind”]
2375—The Federation, Klingons, and Romulans launch a final assault against Cardassia. The assault almost fails, but the tide shifts when the Cardassian military turns against the Founders. During the assault, Odo reaches the Founder leader, and links with her, curing her of the shapeshifter disease. This helps her understand that the Founders could in fact live in peace with the solids, and she orders all Dominion forces to surrender, thus ending the Dominion War. [“What You Leave Behind”]
2375—Odo returns to the Great Link and brings the cure to the disease. [“What You Leave Behind”]
2375—STWC built from Andoria to Vulcan. Two weeks later STWC built from Andoria to Sol.
2375—Gul Dukat and Kai Winn nearly succeed in freeing the Pah-wraiths from the fire caves on Bajor, but are stopped by Captain Sisko. Winn is killed, and Dukat is trapped with the pah-wraiths and believed destroyed. Sisko leaves the realm of linear existence and joins with the Prophets. Kira Nerys succeeds Sisko as commander of Deep Space Nine. [“What You Leave Behind”]
2375—End DS9 series
2375—The starship Independence is destroyed inside Thallonian space by a Romulan task force under Commander Sela. Its survivors, including Commander William Riker, are rescued by the U.S.S. Excalibur. Riker remains in acting command of the Excalibur as Captain Calhoun leaves the ship on an undercover mission. Meanwhile, Thallonian General Gerrid Thul prepares a final assault on the Federation using his multiprion virus, but is thwarted by Captains Calhoun and Picard. Calhoun the returns to the Excalibur, and Picard and Riker to the Enterprise. [Double Helix Book 5: Double or Nothing; Star Trek: The Novels Timeline]
2375—The Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire begin systematically conquering and claiming systems for their respective uses.
2375—The Federation reacquires the worlds traded to the Cardassians in the Federation/Cardassian Treaty and Jankata Accords of 2370, which re-drew the Federation & Cardassian borders to create a demilitarized zone. This takes place in a conference between Federation Senator Dander of Tellar and Jagul Goinn of Cardassian Home Fleet, the largest and leading Cardassian faction of the Cardassian Government that is trying to coalesce from the chaos following the Dominion War. The Federation absorbs the former demilitarized zone into itself, effectively taking back the worlds they had given to the Cardassians and keeping the worlds they had gained. In exchange, they agree to provide a “stabilizing force” in Cardassian space for the next 10 years, or until asked to leave by the yet-to-be-established Cardassian Government. Additionally, the Cardassians agreed to relinquish their claims on several worlds held by the Klingons and Cardassians that they had no realistic chance of retaking anyway, allowing the Federation to smooth things over and maintain their allied state with the Klingons and Romulans.
2375—The Voyager assists the Rhawnian vessel Traveler to survive the energy and plasma wave from the collision of their homesun with another star. The Voyager crew gives the Traveler crew the coordinates of a planet approximately a two-year journey away that could serve well as a new homeworld. [Shadow]
2375—Sol to Starbase 74 STWC, Starbase 74 to Draylon STWC, Starbase 74 to Trill STWC corridor established.

2375—Worf enters service as a Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire.
2375-2376—The Equinox is found by the U.S.S. Voyager. By this time, the Equinox crew has abandoned most Star Fleet principles, and is even killing aliens to use a chemical substance in their bodies to enhance the ship’s warp drive. The ship, and subsequently Voyager, come under attack by the aliens, and eventually the Equinox is destroyed. The surviving crewmembers join the Voyager and continue homeward. [“Equinox”]
2376—Getting 2 shipyards functional again, the Cardassians are able to complete the construction of 7 Galors and 3 Keldans, beginning new construction on additional ships to begin replenishing their fleets. No one realizes that these are upgraded Dominion designs at the time of their launch.
2376—Suspecting Romulan treachery, among other concerns, the Klingons redeploy the majority of their forces back to their home territories following the conclusion of the Dominion War, leaving approximately 10% of their units behind as an occupation force.
2376—The Klingon reduction in force and the unanticipated upgrade of the new ships of the Cardassian Forces have resulted in the loss of some of the worlds that the Klingon had claimed from the Cardassians as spoils of war, and resulting in a stalemate of forces. The Klingons maintain their right of conquest as victors in the conflict. The Cardassians appeal to the Federation to help them to recover their lost worlds from the Klingons, however the Federation does not chosen to directly act in this matter as they believe that to do so would strongly erode their relations with the Klingon Empire. Instead they work for a diplomatic solution, with all sides agreeing that no further conquering will take place, and the status quo will be maintained in the Cardassian territories for now.

2376—The Federation re-visits the al’Hmatti petition for aid, and sends Ambassador Worf aboard the IKS Gorkon to resolve the situation, if possible. Worf’s solution is to set up a Klingon as ceremonial emperor (upon the death of the al’Hmatti emperor), while giving the true control and power to the al’Hmatti. Both the Federation and Klingon governments accept this, ending the situation. [Diplomatic Implausibility]
2376—An additional Cardassian shipyard goes online, finishing hulls on 4 Galors and 2 Keldans. The other yards produce at the rate of 4 Galor(D)s and 2 Keldan(D)s per year. Multiple raids from Klingon forces are beaten back from all 3 shipyards by Cardassian forces. The Cardassians have inferior technology, but have heavily defended these sensitive installations. While there is damage sustained on both sides, no significant losses are reported by either combatant, and the yards are never offline for more than 3 days at most.
2376—In response to perceived predations by the species inhabiting Gemworld, an alien intelligence from another dimension attempts to destroy the artificial world. Actions by the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise prevent the destruction, and the rebuilding of the damaged ecosystem begins. [Gemworld]
2376—The U.S.S. Excalibur is destroyed by a computer virus created by the Thallonian Gerrid Thul. Captain Calhoun is presumed killed. [DarkAllies/Requiem/Renaissance/Restoration]
2376—Repeated failure to complete a STWC between Bajor and Trill (the longest so far attempted) indicate a failure in the theory of how the STWC works, and possibly indicating a limit to the technology. Rather than risk lives and materials, scientific research into this extremely promising technology is commissioned and funded by the UFP Council.
2376—The Voyager encounters the last survivors of the ancient Vaadwaur civilization in stasis pods on their homeworld. They are revived, and escape into a series of subspace corridors. [“Dragon’s Teeth”]
2376—The colony of New Bajor is resettled, and the new colony is admitted to the Federation. [Star Trek: Star Charts]
2376—A group of Pevvni purists sabotage the computer Ganitriul with a virus, sending the planet Eerlik into chaos until the damage is repaired by the crew of the U.S.S. Da Vinci. [Fatal Error]
2376—Scouts for Section 31 discover an abandoned Jem’Hadar hatchery on the planet Sindorin. They send Dr. Ethan Locken and a team on a mission to determine if the Jem’Hadar, could be “adjusted” so that, once grown, they would be loyal to the Federation. Soon after the team reaches the planet, they cease reporting back. [Abyss]
2376—The Constitution Class U.S.S. Defiant, lost over a century earlier, reappears in Tholian space. The U.S.S. Da Vinci is sent to attempt to salvage the ship. The Da Vinci’s onboard team from the Star Fleet Corps of Engineers discovers that the artifact found on Traelus II is a Tholian web generator, revealing that the Tholians had attacked the Klingon colony. Repulsing attempts to destroy the Defiant—and the evidence—by a squadron of Tholian vessels, the Da Vinci crew are able to recover the Defiant and bring the ship back to Earth. [Interphase]
2376—A rogue squadron of Jem’Hadar attack ships assaults Deep Space Nine and destroys the U.S.S. Aldebaran, raising fears of a new conflict with the Dominion. The dispatch of a squadron to the Gamma Qadrant, in response to the attack, is canceled after a Jem’Hadar soldier arrives on the station after the attack, on a mission from Odo. He will serve as an observer aboard the station. [Avatar]
2376—2 new classes of vessel, the Aerie Class Fighter Carrier, each carrying 82 Cavalier Class Fighters, and the Guardian Class Heavy Explorer/Battleship (originally called an “Assault Explorer”) are deployed to DS9. The new classes were sponsored by Federation Senator Oell of Andoria and funding was achieved only after a brutal committee battle and a close vote. As a result of these delays, the vessel finished construction too late to enter the Dominion War, but were used extensively during chaotic aftermath. Of the original 12 carriers ordered, 9 were never started, and only the 3 that were already under construction were finished and launched; The USS Audacity, The USS Hurricane, and the USS Nimitz. Only 3 of the original 12 Guardian class were constructed as well, as escorts for the carriers; the USS Guardian, the USS Sentinel, and the USS Warden. They have been most recently deployed to Romulus to assist with the evacuation efforts underway there, and were pivotal in preventing the destruction of the Federation fleet there. After the battle at Romulus proved the effectiveness and power projection capabilities of the class, the Senate agreed to fund an additional 3 carriers, with possibly the remaining 6 to be build at a later date. The ships are under construction at this time.
2376—The Enterprise discovers the Cardassian freighter Kamal in the Badlands, and recovers the Orb of Memory, which it returs to Bajor. [Avatar, Book One]
2376—Commander Elias Vaughn transfers to Deep Space Nine as the station’s executive officer. [Avatar, Book Two]
2376—A Dominion shipyard, referred to in communiqués as “the prize” and believed to be destroyed during the war, is found repaired and relatively functional and in the hands of the Marques. The Carrier Wasp is available and dispatched immediately from DS9 to the area with only half of her pilots onboard, the remainder having not arrived yet, and no escort vessels. The Wasp sustains heavy damage from a variety of vessels in the area who ambushed her, the few surviving crew managing to prevent the ship from exploding and securing an area with minimal life support to hole-up in until help can arrive. The USS Guardian arrives with fighter elements onboard (who were awaiting deploy aboard the USS Nimitz upon its arrival at DS9). A fleet of three Klingon cruisers and 2 Romulan warbirds are already there and a standoff is in progress between all the various arrayed forces. The Allies negotiate and in exchange for a promise to share the technology with the Klingons and Romulans, they agree to fight alongside the Guardian and leave the facility in Starfleet’s hands. Together they dispatch four Maquis built Dominion cruisers, fighting off 2 dozen Maquis frigates, beating back 2 Breen cruisers, and rescuing the USS Wasp. The area is secured with the arrival of the USS Nimitz, along with the rest of its fighter compliment and security fleet.
2376—The Voyager discovers the Ares 4 command module inside a graviton ellipse, and recovers Lt. John Kelly’s last logs and data. [“One Small Step”]
2376—The Empok Nor station is moved to the Bajor system. Several of its fusion reactors are cannibalized to replace those on Deep Space 9 damaged during the Jem’Hadar attack. [Cold Fusion]
2376—Dr. Locken successfully modifies the Jem’Hadar matrix on Sindorin, and creates a strain of Jem’Hadar loyal to him. He plans to use them to create a new empire of his own. Section 31 recruits Julian Bashir, Ezri Dax, Ro Laren, and Taran’atar to stop Locken. After gathering forces from among the Ingavi on Sindorin, they are able to defeat Locken. The Jem’Hadar, however, gain independence and attack their human creators. [Abyss]
2376—Working on the Pathfinder Project at Star Fleet Headquarters, Lieutenant Reginald Barclay develops a method which allows Star Fleet to successfully make contact with the Voyager. [“Pathfinder”]
2376—Elizabeth Shelby is promoted to captain and assigned to command the U.S.S. Exeter. On one of her first missions, the Exeter prevents a biological attack by the planet Corinder on the neighboring world of Makkus, and Makkus seeks Federation membership. [Restoration]
2376—Six months after the Excalibur’s destruction, a new Galaxy-class starship is commissioned and named Excalibur. Captain Calhoun is discovered to have been alive on the planet Yakaba, from where he escapes. He is given command of the new Excalibur, reuniting many of his former crew. Shelby is given command of the starship Trident, after leaving command of the Exeter. [Restoration]
2376—Both Lieutenants Arex and M’Ress return to normal space, and soon rejoin Star Fleet and are assigned to the U.S.S. Trident under Captain Shelby. [Cold Wars]
2376—A subspace communications array is deployed on the Gamma Quadrant side of the Bajoran wormhole, replacing the array lost during the Dominion War. [Demons of Air and Darkness]
2376—The Petraw discover the network of Iconian gateways, and determine how to activate them. They switch on the network and, posing as the ancient Iconians, contact the major powers in known space and offer the gateway technology to the highest bidder. [Doors into Chaos]
2376—The planet Armus IX, newly consolidated into a global coalition government, is stricken by a virulent disease brought by aliens. [Doors into Chaos]
2376—Uncertain relations between the Deltans and Carreons degenerate into near warfare. Each world prepares a squadron of vessels to attack the other, and Star Fleet sends in a squadron of their own, led by the Enterprise, to maintain the peace. [Doors into Chaos]
2376—The colony world of Europa Nova abruptly begins suffering from exposure to theta radiation emanating from some kind of antimatter waste pouring out from an unknown point of origin (later determined to be a gateway). The colony signals for help when it becomes clear that the radiation will reach lethal levels in only a few days. Personnel and vessels from Deep Space Nine respond to the distress signal. When a gateway is found allowing passage to the Jaradan homeworld, special permission is sought and received from the Jaradans to allow a certain number of Europani refugees to transfer to their world temporarily. Kira Nerys and Taran’atar travel through a gateway to the Delta Quadrant, locate the Malon export vessel dumping antimatter waste into a gateway, and stop it from doing so. Attempting to return to Deep Space Nine, Kira enters another gateway. Taran’atar, meanwhile, is able to return to the station. [Demons of Air and Darkness]
2376—In the Delta Quadrant, as it approaches a particularly hazardous region of space, Voyager encounters a series of gateways, which open and transport over 60 vessels into the space immediately surrounding the ship. Voyager shepherds a number of the vessels through the hazardous region. On the far side, as gateways begin to close, Janeway goes through one to attempt to locate some answers, and discovers Q, who ultimately aids the other ships in getting back where they came from and Voyager through the hazardous area of space. [No Man’s Land]
2376—The opening of two gateways on Aeron and Markania allows the Markanians to attack and assassinate all but one of the Aeron ruling family. The Excalibur and Trident are dispatched to attempt to deal with the situation before the Aerons can use the gateway technology to counterattack. After a series of tense negotiations, and the death of the Markanian warlord who had masterminded the initial attack, matters are brought to a tentative resolution. [Cold Wars]
2376—A group of ships is assigned to contact and investigate the alleged Iconians. Enterprise is among them. En route to the group’s staging point, Enterprise is sent to the Gorn Alliance to ask them to send a representative, along with other major powers of the galaxy. Still posing as iconians, the Petraw initially open communications with, and then subsequently attack, the ships in the combined group. The group is also joined by a ship dragged through a gateway from the far side of the galaxy, which is seeking a way home. During the conflict, Captain Picard travels through a gateway. He arrives on an Iconian outpost world, and meets a group of Iconians monitoring gateway activity. They direct him to a world on which there is a device that will enable shutdown of all the gateways. Picard locates the device, with remote relays that must be set into fourteen key gateways. Returning to the Enterprise, Picard organizes the dispatch of ships to each of the gateways, and in a cooperative action, the gateways are shut down, ending the crisis. The Petraw are told to remove themselves from known space. [Doors into Chaos/What Lay Beyond-“The Other Side”]
2376—With the dissolution of the Federation/Cardassian treaty, which was principally responsible for the dissention of the peoples of the worlds given over to the Cardassians and therefore caused the creation of the Maquis, a general amnesty is issued for all Maquis members who aren’t specifically being sought for war crimes. Prior Star Fleet Maquis personnel are welcomed back at their former ranks, thus providing an immediate gain of experienced, trained personnel that are sorely needed due to war losses. While some conflict is expected as these individuals reintegrated back into Federation society, and especially into Star Fleet, feelings are stronger than anticipated in these matters and it does not go as smoothly as hoped for.
2376—Following the transfer of the colonists from the Jaradan homeworld to Torona IV and the shutdown of the Iconian Gateways, diplomatic relations break down between the Jarada and the Federation. [Twilight]
2376—Ground blasting for a Dominion War memorial on the planet Narendra III unearths the final Malkus Artifact, which contains the disembodied life-force of Malkus the Mighty. Utilizing several persons who were exposed to the artifacts previously and were susceptible to his control, Malkus gathers the four artifacts in an attempt to regain power. Aided by an ancient (and long-lived) Zalkatian named Aidulac, Ambassadors Spock and Worf, Admiral Leonard McCoy, Captain Rovbert DeSoto, Kira Nerys, and several other officers—including the crews of the Enterprise and IKS Gorkon in planetary orbit—are able to thwart Malkus’ plan and render the artifacts inert, after which they are returned again to the Rector Institute…under heightened security. [The Brave and the Bold, Book Two]
2376—The U.S.S. Defiant is sent on an extended reconnaissance and survey mission into the Gamma Quadrant. Multiple contacts with new civilizations include the Vahni Vahltupali; the alien Inamuri, accessed through an interspatial rift created by the Prentara; the D’Naali and Nyazen races (and the alien “cathedral” artifact in a disputed area of space between them); and the warring Yrythny and Cheka species. [Mission Gamma: Twilight/This Gray Spirit/Cathedral/Lesser Evil]
2376—Formal talks are reopened on the subject of Bajor’s entry into the Federation, as well as a separate series of agreements with Cardassia. The talks with Cardassia falter, at First Minister Shakaar’s direction, but the membership agreeents are reached. Just before the agreement can be signed, however, Shakaar is assassinated by a member of the Trill dlegation on Deep Space 9. The actual entry of Bajor into the Federation is placed on hold, and an immediate investigation is begun. It is revealed that Shakaar had been occupied by one of the parasitic aliens of the species that previously tried to infiltrate Star Fleet Command, and is engaged in a conflict with the Trill symbionts. A Star Fleet vessel, the Gryphon, is sent to Trill to continue the investigation, but it is determined that one of its officers is also occupied by a parasite alien, and the ship is stopped before it can do any damage. [Cathedral/Lesser Evil]
2376—In the Gamma Quadrant, a team from the trading vesel Even Odds discovers the mechanism that releases the legendary, and long dormant, Eav’oq species. As a part of the release process, a region of space, including the Idran System, has rotated, moving planets, stars, and many other objects within the extent of the affected space. [Rising Son]
2376—En route back to the wormhole to return to the Alpha Quadrant, the Defiant discovers that the Idran System has moved. While beginning to investigate that, it encounters a Jem’Hadar vessel, piloted by another clone of the Vorta Weyoun. Among its passengers are Jake Sisko and Kai Opaka. [Lesser Evil/Rising Son]
2377—The crew of the Voyager assist a group of Borg drones who can reach an area of the Collective known as Unimatrix Zero stage a rebellion against the rest of the Borg. Unimatrix Zero is eventually destroyed, but the Collective is compromised. [“Unimatrix Zero”]
2377—Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres wed aboard Voyager. [“Drive”]
2377—Thomas Riker found in Cardassian POW camp. Malnourished and suffering from various abuses inflicted over the years, he is nursed back to health and returned to Earth to convalesce. He is approached by Star Fleet Intelligence Admiral Birch, officially given his full pardon for his exploits in the Marquis and offered a position within its ranks as deputy commander of Cardassian Sector Operations and a promotion to Commander. He accepts.
2377—B’Elanna Torres is discovered to be pregnant. The child will be one-quarter Klingon. [“Lineage”]
2377—The remains of the Friendship One probe are discovered by the Voyager on the devastated world of Uxal VI. The Voyager crew helps the survivors of the planet’s ruined civilization begin to correct their planet’s environmental damage and make the planet more habitable once again. [“Friendship One”]
2377—The U.S.S. Voyager discovers a Borg transwarp hub inside a nebula, one of six such hubs in the galaxy. At the same time, the ship is visited by Admiral Kathryn Janeway, who has traveled back in time from the year 2403 with advanced technology designed to counter the Borg. Admiral Janeway and Captain Janeway develop a plan to attack the Borg. The plan, involving the insertion of a computer virus into the Collective, destroys the Borg central nexus and the Queen. At the same time, the Voyager destroys the transwarp hub and connected conduit systems, using advanced transphasic torpedoes. Voyager itself, however, is able to use a conduit (and a Borg sphere) to return to Earth, before that conduit is destroyed, returning home after almost seven years in the Delta Quadrant. [“Endgame”]
2377—Birth of Miral Paris, daughter of Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres. [“Endgame”]
End Voyager series
2378— Sethis of the Vulcan Science Academy announces a theoretical breakthrough on the STWC issue. He dumbs-down the mathematics as much as he can, and eventually a small handful of subspace physicists understand and vet the theory. In essence, there are subspace walls that interfere with STWC establishment making some of them short term, and some of them impossible. They are constantly shifting and changing as the galaxy rotates relative to the TW subspace domain, and care must be taken when conduits are created. In his presentation to the UFP Council Committee on STWC he said, “Without creating the STWC’s that are in place already and the accident that caused the loss of the USS Narsel it would not have been possible to arrive at this knowledge.” He also went on to say that all conduits that had been put up would have to be taken down and replaced before there was an accident, but that the new ones should be much safer and stable. Immediate discontinuation of the Conduit Network was ordered.
2378—Work to scan out precision STWC beginning and ending points is begun.
2379—William T. Riker and Deanna Troi are married. En route to Betazed, the Enterprise crew discover another Soong android, called B-4, on Kolarus III. [“Star Trek Nemesis”]
2379—In a surprising coup, the Romulan Senate and Praetor are assassinated. The new Praetor, Shinzon of Remus, requests to meet with a Federation envoy, and the Enterprise is diverted from its trip to Betazed and dispatched to Romulus. Upon arrival, it is discovered that Shinzon is actually a Human, a clone of Captain Picard, and he intends the destruction of both Picard and Earth. The Enterprise engages Shinzon’s vessel in battle, and is nearly destroyed, but is aided by a pair of Romulan vessels whose commanders oppose Shinzon. Shinzon attempts to activate a thalaron radiation weapon, but Lt. Commander Data destroys it and Shinzon’s vessel, at the cost of his own life. The Enterprise is towed back to Earth for repairs. [“Star Trek Nemesis”]
2379—William Riker is promoted to the rank of Captain and assigned as commanding officer of the U.S.S. Titan. Doctor Beverly Crusher is reassigned to Star Fleet Medical. Enterprise’s new executive officer is Commander Martin Madden. [“Star Trek Nemesis”]
2379—The Klingons are ill prepared for the opportunity presented to them when the Romulan Praetor and the majority of the Romulan Imperial Senate are killed (see the movie Star Trek: Nemesis for full details) and Chancellor Martok does not agree with the action, seeing it as dishonorable. However the council overwhelmingly argues to attack the Romulans in their moment of weakness “just as they would do to us”. The Klingons launch across their borders into Romulan space with all the ships they could hastily assemble, capturing 12 systems. Heavy fighting follows with several systems changing hands a few times. When peace is finally negotiated (through Federation arbitrators) 10 of these systems remained in Klingon hands.
2379 – 2382—Upset with the Federation “betrayal” for “siding with the Romulans” following the Klingon incursion of 2371, the more warlike and vocal of the Klingon influential begin to call for a war with the Federation. These few form the core of Cha’vurrl (Way of Honor) movement, and steadily gain strength to become a major political force within the Empire. Relations with the Federation deteriorate as the Cha’vurrl gain in popularity.
2380—Sethis is awarded the Cochrane Award for his work on the STWC solution.
2380-2382 Over this 2 year period all of the formerly existing STWC’s are put back in place.
2382— Chancellor Kur’gek comes to power in the Klingon Empire. Taking the reins of the Empire in 2382 following a dual with Chancellor Martok (and killing him), Kur’gek is a war hero of the Dominion War and a champion of the Cha’vurrl ideals. In his commencement speech, Kur’gek is quoted, “The natural state of the warrior is combat. We are a race of warriors, therefore the natural state of our race is war. When Klingons stray onto the path of peace we deny our nature, we deny that which makes us Klingon. We shall return to the way of the true warrior, and the essence of the warrior race.”
2383—Klingon ambassadors approached Federation representatives to discuss the possibility of a joint assault on the Romulan Star Empire and the remnants of the Cardassian Union, beginning the consolidation of the Alpha Quadrant between the “two great powers” of the Quadrant. The Federation, declines.
2383 – 2387—At the beginning of his rule, Kur’gek holds a tenuous grip on power, but consolidates his power considerably through family entanglements, bribes, assignations, scapegoats, marriages, individual advancement, and every other trick in the book. By the time of the Romulan incursion Kur’gek has an almost unanimous lock on his council, over 60% of the populace are counted among the Cah’vurrl Loyalists, and his followers are fanatical.
2383—STWC created between Denobula and Tellar, Tellar and Sol.
2384—STWC created between Starbase 74 and Coridan, Coridan and Risa.
2385—Commander Worf resigns his ambassadorship and returns to Starfleet. He is promoted to Captain and assumes command of DS9.
2385—STWC created between Coridan and Rigel, Rigel and Regulus.
2386—The Cardassians file a formal grievance with the Federation asking for support in policing their territories. The Cardassians are dealing with an enormous black market issue supported by active piracy, Ferengi and Orion profiteering, and increasing aggression from the Klingons in the area. Additionally, the Breen are beginning to put military pressure on the fledgling government forcing them to defend their border. They simply don’t have the ships to handle the situation, and are requesting the Federation’s help to prevent exploitation and help them to curb the activities of the pirates, Ferengi, and Klingons until their forces have been replenished to a point where they can take over these duties themselves. The Federation Council agree, seeing an opportunity to create strong relations with a powerful neighbor and a chance to shut down the illegal activities that are beginning to spill over into Federation territories. As relations deteriorate with the Klingon Empire, the Federation is less concerned with supporting the Empire’s interests in the Cardassian Territories, which prevented them from taking such an active role in the past.
2386—Admiral Koderman is given orders to form a peacekeeping force and deploy to Cardassian space with all due haste. A crash ship refit program is enacted to create the fleet needed to support this effort, and the ranks of Star Fleet are scraped to come up with the personnel to man the fleets, many of these receiving promotions well ahead of normal advancement cycles.
2386—STWC built from Cardassia to Bajor, Bajor to Trill, at last completing link to Federation STWC network.
2386—Admiral Janeway retires. Commander Chakotay, at Janeway’s request, is skinned and turned into a throw rug for her living room. No one attends his funeral.
2386—Crime and piracy are down throughout Cardassian space after the arrival of Admiral Koderman’s forces. Disquieting reports of how this is achieved begin to be received at Koderman’s command HQ. Most unsettling is the quiet approval of the methods used by the Cardassian liaison assigned to Koderman. An investigation of the entire command structure is launched.
2387—A record number of courts martial hearings take place within Starfleet. Many of these are former Maquis personnel, and the majority of the influx is from the rapidly advanced personnel in Admiral Koderman’s command. Charges range from incompetence to mass murder (from orbital bombardment). Courts martial rates return to normal after the first group of personnel is evaluated and positioned to suitable positions within the Fleet.
2387—Spock travels to the Hobus star (in binary orbit with the Romulan star) in an experimental ship in an attempt to halt the Hobus star from going supernova and is never heard from again.
2387—Hobus star goes supernova, Romulus and Remus will be destroyed within 7 months.
2387—2 days after the Hobus star supernovas, at the request of the Romulans and with the strongest possible backing by the Vulcans, the Federation launches a strong relief effort to the Romulus/Remus homeworlds. Ships are sent to help evacuate the population, biosphere, works of art and cultural treasures, and other essentials that can be rescued before the Hobus supernova reaches and destroys these worlds. All of the Starfleet assault ship and transport fleet, 10% of the Federation transport fleet, and a contingent of 25 cruisers are sent to the Romulans aid. The ships assemble and arrive at Romulus within 1 month of the Romulan request, approximately five and a half months before the arrival of the supernova.
2387—An emergency STWC is established between Sol and Bolarus, even though it is considered risky. This STWC is essential to moving ships rapidly to the area to support the Romulas evacuation. A permanent corridor is eventually calculated, along with one from Bolaris to Starbase 241. A long range experimental STWC is created and successful linking Nimbus to Starbase 105, though it tests the limits of the theory.
2387—The Romulans begin evacuating their government, VIP’s, etc to establish a new seat of government on Romii, a system far enough away to avoid negative effects from the Hobus supernova, yet only half a day (12 hours) away at Warp 7. This allows most transports to make a trip a day with refugees and materials. Based on the amount that can be hauled on average, the turnaround time on average, and the time available, the Romulans estimate that they require the continuous use of approximately 220,000 vessels to complete the evacuation of Romulus, and another 170,000 vessels to evacuate Remus. Realizing that it’s simply not possible to accomplish much in the way of evacuation, All underground complexes, mines, etc begin rapid conversion into emergency shelters and new shelters are constructed as rapidly as possible. They are supplies as best they can be using all available foodstuffs and every available replicator. Even so, only a third of the population of Romulas can be saved when the supernova arrives. Ironically, the much more heavily Remus will be able to save nearly 60% of its population. The question of how long the populations can hold out underground before being resettled remains unknown. Lotteries are held to determine which families enter the shelters.
2387—Alerted by their intelligence operatives, the Klingons begin to quietly mass along the shared Romulan border, using cloaking technology and natural features to keep their forces hidden. Simultaneously, they refit many older and mothballed ships with transponders mimicking the vessels they moved towards Romulan space, and these ships are moved about in Klingon space, simulating normal operations of the Klingon fleet. Discrepancies are noticed, both by the Federation and Romulans, but the meaning was isn’t realized immediately.
2387—Klingons launch a full assault across the Romulan boarder two and a half months after the Hobus star supernovas, overwhelming border defenses and driving deeply into Romulan territory. Fully 50% of all Klingon forces are committed to this attack, with 20% of remaining forces in reserve along the Romulan boarder, 10% in their Cardassian territories, leaving only 20% of forces to take care of the rest of the Empire’s needs. It is an all out, all or nothing attack. Within 3 days of launching, forces begin arriving in the Romulus/Remus system and attack any ship they see, including the transport ships of the Federation, Vulcans, and many other worlds. Romulan forces, assisted with a light contingent of Federation capital ships, most notably the 3 Federation carriers, fight the Klingons to a standstill allowing the remaining non-combat vessels to flee, but only after losing roughly one third of all transport ships.
2387—The Romulan Ambassador to the Federation, , accompanied by Federation representative from Vulcan, , speaks directly to the Federation council requesting the Federations further assistance in the evacuation of their homeworlds, and a military alliance to help them repel the Klingons from their borders and restore the balance of power within the quadrant. Among promises of friendship and long lasting peace resulting from much stronger relations with the Romulans, the Ambassador mentions the threat that a Klingon Empire who has consolidated Romulan space represents to the Federation and that they cannot afford to allow this to happen for their own best interests. The ambassador’s comments reflect the issues that the council had already been debating. The Vulcans call in every favor they have, pull every string, and through their full weight behind the Ambassador’s request. The Federation president, Al Dente, agrees to take the matter seriously and will get back to the Ambassador with a response with “all due haste”. After 2 weeks of bitter debate nothing has been firmly decided yet regarding an alliance against the Klingons, but a commitment of Starfleet vessels to protect the unarmed ships and to assist with the evacuation of the planet passes unamiously.
2387—With tension rising along the Klingon/Federation boarder following the Klingon’s surprise invasion of Romulan space and declaration of war, Starfleet deploys additional strength to Starbase 34, Starbase 234, Starbase 133, Deep Space K-7, Starbase 82, Boradis, Starbase 105, Starbase 117, Starbase 123, and Starbase 152. While not ideal defensive positions, these do represent significant “Strikeback” positions should the Klingons declare war on the Federation.

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